I Control My Boss Ch. 01

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My name is Jenn Brite, I’m a Housekeeping Manager at Mt. Sin Hospital in New York City, and I’m gay. The person I report to is Marisol Ramirez. Mari is a 40ish Hispanic woman who claims to be straight; she’s married to a man named Bob, but recently has been flirting with me shamelessly. All of this is in private of course.

The other day I was wearing a fairly low cut blouse under a jacket. We were putting the finishing touches on a project that I was delivering to hospital Administration in two days. Since the door was closed, the heat was on and there are no windows in her office, I took the jacket off. You should have seen her eyes widen when I sat in front of her again.

Since we were working late she asked me if I wanted a drink. I said “Sure”. She asked me to get two cokes and ice cubes out of the refrig. There was a mirror in on the wall behind the refrig, she knew it and I knew it. I would normally bend at the knee to bend to get the cans out of the refrig, but I wanted to see her reaction when I bent over. As I expected her eyes were fixed on my cleavage.

Mari got two glasses out and then reached into her desk drawer and took out a bottle of Southern Comfort 100 Proof. She lifted the bottle, implying she was asking if I cared to partake, I said, “Hell Yes”. She poured two fingers into my glass and then hers. I poured the soda and ice into the glasses. I got up and reached across the desk to hand her the glass, giving her a good look down my blouse. I’ve been told that my 36DD’s are spectacular to behold, and based on Mari’s reaction, she agreed.

It was apparent that the work on our project was over for the day. We sat there talking about administration. As we talked I placed the cold glass in my cleavage commenting on how hot it was in the office. Mari suddenly excused herself to use the bathroom. I figured that I had about 5 minutes so I reached behind myself and unsnapped the hook to my bra. I then pulled my left arm through my sleeve. Sliding my hand into my blouse I slid the bra strap over my shoulder and off my arm. I threaded my left arm back into the sleeve. Reaching into the blouse to my right shoulder I slipped the strap down and over my elbow. Opening the button at the sleeve, I reach up to the elbow fished for the strap and pulled the bra Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort out. I put my bra into my purse that was on the floor at my feet. When I finished with that I took out my cell phone and activated the video cam and secured the phone on a shelf behind some items with the cam facing her desk. I had just sat down and refilled my drink and Mari’s and place a small amount of GHB. When Mari returned to the office, I was buttoning the button on my right sleeve.

As an aside, I got the GHB from a male pharmaceutical representative, who wanted $50. $40 if he could see my tits. I told him I would let him see and touch my tits but the cost would be $20. He thought about it and agreed. Men are so easy.

When Mari sat at her desk and looked at me I heard her gasp. You see the material of my blouse was a light tan and my areolas are dark and now visible and very noticeable through the material. I have half dollar size areola with the now very hard nipples dead center of the areola.

“You need to catch up!” I said pointing to her glass. She downed the drink and made herself another one.

“If you’re that warm, you could take off you blouse too! We’re both women and I wouldn’t mind.” said Mari with a big smile.

“I would have but I didn’t know if there was someone in the outer office.” I said. With that I untucked the blouse from my skirt and pulled it over my head leaving me topless. I folded it and place it in top of my purse. “Now it’s your turn.” I said.

Mari looked me squarely in the eyes trying to determine if I was serious. This was a serious decision. After all I was her subordinate employee. She could be fired just for suggesting that I be topless. But, by her removing an article of clothing, she could be brought up on charges.

“Jenn, if I get in trouble…” Marisol started. I got up and walked behind her desk and turned her chair toward me. Bending over her, making sure my tits brushed up against her I whispered into her ear asking “How could you get in trouble?” as I pulled her blue silk blouse from the waist of her skirt. Starting to unbutton the top button, she pushed my hand away and continued herself. As she unbuttoned her blouse, I hiked up my skirt just Yenimahalle Rus Escort above my knees and sat on her desk facing her.

Mari slowly unbuttoned her blouse exposing a shear black lace bra that was concealing a pair of the most beautiful 36C breasts with nearly black nickel sized areola and dime sized nipples dead center of each breast. Completely removing the blouse and folding it neatly and placing it in the confer behind her. Mari looked me up and down before reaching back unsnapping the clasp of the bra and bending forward she let the bra fall off. She was nervous sitting in her chair. “No one except my husband and doctor have seen my breasts since high school.” she remarked.

“Wow Mari, I would have never guessed how gorgeous you are topless. It’s about time you showed those puppies off!” I commented.

“I could say the same about you, because you’re gorgeous.” she said.

“How far do you want to go?” I asked.

Mari thought about it for a minute. She stood up and approached me. Reaching out with her right hand she caressed my cheek and pulled me close for a kiss. It was just a peck on the lips. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” she said.

I reciprocated with a kiss of my own but when our lips met, my tongue parted her lips, with no resistance, and met hers. Our tongues danced with each other’s in a passionate kiss. I could feel her desire.

My hands caressed her shoulders as we kissed. Our breasts pressed against one another’s as I pulled her close. She kissed back hungrily. She broke our embrace and reached her hands behind herself to her waist releasing the clip and pulling down the zipper on her skirt down. She turned away from me and wiggled her ass out of the skirt pulling it slowly down to her feet. “Does this answer you question?” she asked. I guess the alcohol and the GHB were kicking in.

Marisol has a great ass. As she bent over to reach for the skirt, I got to my knees behind her caressing and kissing each cheek. Mari bent over further and placed her feet further apart. I caressed each leg and as my hand got to the top of her legs near her pussy I could feel the heat and the moisture. She was very wet already. I reached up to her hips and hooked my fingers, on each side, under the band of her thong pulling it down over her ass to the floor. She stepped out resuming her previous stance. I had her completely nude now.

Marisol spread her legs as far as she could and grabbed hold of each ankle giving me full access to asshole and vagina. She was actually dripping on the floor. I ran my fingers over her pussy down the midline from her clit to her vagina.

“Wow you’re so wet!” I said quietly.

“Yes, it’s why I can’t get sexually excited in public or around any staff.” She explained and continuing, “It’s also why I always wear dresses and skirts with no hose or stockings. I usually wear panties, I put the thong on in the ladies room before…why did I tell you that?”

I smiled because I knew it was the GHB kicking in. “Do you like your ass fucked?” I asked as I used her own juices to lubricate her rosebud.

“I never had it…ooohhh!!” She exclaimed as I inserted my thumb as far as I could into her asshole. Simultaneously, I inserted the middle finger of the same hand into her love tunnel. God she was wet! I started rocking back and forth between inserting my thumb deep into her ass and my middle finger deep into her pussy. Mari was moaning more each time I inserted into her ass and after a few minutes of this I felt both the sphincter and the walls of her vagina contracting together. She was having an orgasm and suddenly there was a gush of cum from her pussy over my hand and onto the floor. She didn’t squirt, she gushed in a clear fluid. Since the room was rather warm the smell of sex permeated the room quickly.

Marisol collapsed back onto my hand. Mari had a small Loveseat in her office so I removed my fingers and helped her get to it. While she was recovering I looked around the office for something I could use to clean up the floor behind the desk. Nothing!! Then I remembered a linen cart in the Secretary’s Office. Part of the report I was giving had to do with unifying linen cart setup with a show and tell. I slowly opened the door. No one around, good! The problem was the linen cart was in the Secretary’s Office, about 30 steps away and I was completely topless.

I needed to get at least 2 bundles of towels and a soiled linen bag. I could either put my blouse back on, which meant soiling it or going into the Secretary’s office topless. The lights were off, I’ll take a chance. I quickly moved into the Secretary’s office, passed the door to the hallway, pulled open the flap of the linen cart and grabbed two bundles of towels and a bag. I had one in each hand and I started back to Marisol’s office.

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