I Cheated On My Gay Partner Ch. 01

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I have been in a relationship with Billy for almost 2 years now. The last time I had sex with anybody else was just before we met. It was with a man called Jimmy and we did it in the back of his car in the night club car park after it closed. At odd times, I would remember that experience, but I was blissfully happy with Billy and we had bought a home together and had settled down to ‘married’ life. However, things were about to change. I was 27 years old with normal build, Billy a little older that I at 39 years and a little over weight, but having light colour skin.

Billy and I were at a union conference in the north of England. He was a union delegate and attended the different workshops and I would sit about in the bar and at times would walk about town just to keep myself interested. This particular day Billy was at a workshop and I was sitting at a bar table just minding my own business when someone shouted my name.

“Joe – Joe Ramell” the voice said.

I turned my head and this man walked up to me with a smile, as he got near to where I was sitting I recognized him, it was Jimmy, the man that fucked me in the back of his car some 2 years ago.

We spoke a little and I invited him to sit with me. I looked at my watch and noted that Billy would be an hour before his workshop ended. As we talked, I realized that I had not told Billy about Jimmy. I didn’t think it necessary because it was a one-night stand, although a good satisfying one. Jimmy was living in the south and up here as a delegate from his union branch. He also had a partner and they were swingers and at time had 3somes which kept there sex life exciting. We never mentioned the back seat fuck we had. I told him about Billy and we were living together. After more talk, I discovered that he was staying in the same hotel as Billy and I, but just one floor up.

Jimmy asks if I required more drink, yes, I said I will have a coffee because I’ve had enough beer for now. He went to the bar while I pondered the memories of that night in Jimmy’s car, and the way he ‘filled me up’ with that cock of his. I also remembered that I looked out for him for some İzmir Travesti time after, hoping to get another good fucking but I never found him. I stopped searching when Billy and I started a relationship. Jimmy came back from the bar saying sorry but its closed till 7pm. He enquired if I had a coffee machine in the room. I said we did and I felt safe in inviting him to share coffee with me. As we walked to my room I kept thinking that I must not let this get out of hand because I can tell he might like to fuck me again, and more to the point I would like him to fuck me again. I suppressed such thoughts not wanting to cheat on my partner.

We got to the room and I un-lock the door inviting Jimmy in. I went over to the coffee machine to switch on the water heater; I heard the door close with a ‘click’ sound as the door was locked. I thought ‘have I gone too far – in letting Jimmy in’. As I placed the kettle of water onto the hot ring, I felt Jimmy’s arms wrap around my chest. He whispered it’s been a long time since that night in the car park. I said nothing and carried on putting the coffee into the cups. He slowly pulled our bodies together and I could feel his bulge pressing against my arse. He said again ‘do you remember often – that night, because I do’. I told him I do very often, but I am Billy’s now.

“I can feel your breathing, its quick and shallow” as he nudged his nose in my right ear.

“I can’t do this” I said

“Your head is saying no – but your body is saying yes” he grinned while putting his tongue into my right ear.

“Can you remember what you said when I pulled out of you – Can you” he said loudly.

I knew what I said, but I didn’t want to say it. He slid his hands down over my bulge and squeezed.

“I knew you would be hard for me down there. Now – tell me what you said when I pulled my cock out of you in the back of my car that time” he whispered.

“I have never felt so full” I croaked.

“Yes – that is exactly what you said to me” he said has he rubbed his hardness into my arse.

I turned round with my head down looking at the floor. He held my face in Konya Travesti his hands and kissed my forehead. I involuntary rubbed my crutch onto his and looked up into his eyes. He could see that the fight to resist him was all but over. He slowly brought his face to mine; we kissed lightly, then passionately. We rubbed our bodies together as our tongues darted into our mouths.

He looked at his watch saying “We have 20 minutes before Billy is back”

We broke our embrace and hurriedly un-dressed. My heart was thumping with excitement and fear that we might be caught. Jimmy was first on the bed, sitting up in a kneeling position. I now could see his body in the full light of the room which I could not see that dark night in the back of his car. His skin was a little on the dark side for a European, his body hair was dark and thick around his groin and tapering away at his belly button. He was in good shape for a 43-year-old man.

I got the tube JY jelly that Billy uses on me from the draw cabinet and got on the bed in the same position as Jimmy, but facing him. I look at his cock, his beautiful stiff shining cock with a full foreskin, the head was part exposed, pre-cum oozing out and running down his shaft. I grabbed his cock and slowly worked the foreskin up and down; Jimmy put his hands on my shoulder saying ‘that’s hot’. My memories of that night in the car park came flooding back. I opened the jell tube with my right hand, held the base of this marvellous thick 7″ cock in my left hand and squeezed the jell on. I put plenty on because this cock, that is about to fuck me is longer and a little thicker than Billy’s. As I applied the jell I looked into Jimmy’s eyes saying

“Billy is expecting to make love with me when he returns from the meeting, so don’t cum inside me – will you, he will know if you do”

Jimmy reached out grabbing my face with his hands and French kissed me. I put the jell down and wiped my hands on a towel. Jimmy then ordered me to lay on my back. He got off the bed and stood on the floor at the end of the bed. He then grabbed my legs and pulled me towards me so my legs were hanging Antalya Travesti in the air and my bum on the edge of the bed. He then got a pillow putting it under my arse with a towel over, not wanting to risk leave any stains.

“I have waited a long time for this” he croaked.

Holding my right leg with his left arm and positioned his cock with his right hand, I felt his knob end touching my anus. Then I felt it slip in, slowly. God – this was hot, I realised what I had missed, a cock that can fill me up. His cock slid all the way in, I could feel it bottom out as his balls rested on my bum.

“Joe – I’m going to wank you off and we are going to cum together” he said.

Joe grabbed my cock with his right hand and started to work it, at first, slowly in time with his thrusts and we looked into our eyes, I could see his determination to give me a day to remember. Jimmy started to sweat; I could see the wetness on his chest as he worked his massive tool in and out of me while at the same time wanked my cock. I grabbed his thighs and pulled him into me in rhythm with his actions.

“Ooo Jimmy – cum – cum inside me” I blurted.

“Ooo Joe – are you’re sure you want it inside you” he said.

“Yes – yes I do – shoot it up me” I croaked.

“I’m on my way – here it cums” he gasped.

Suddenly Jimmy trusted in and stopped. He started to cum at the same time I began with my first shot of spunk, which landed on my right cheek, the second on my chest ending with a small shot into my belly button.

We both stopped, we were panting, and we looked into our eyes. Jimmy said that was great and I would like to do it again. I told him that I did not realize how much I missed his cock and I would like to do it again. I looked at my watch, Billy will be here in 5 minutes you had better go now and I must get a shower before he’s back. Jimmy dressed quickly and went through the door. I got into the shower and worked my arse hole to remove the spunk that Jimmy had give me, it was a lot, far more that Billy gives me. Then I heard the door open and in came Billy.

“That’s nice of you to shower for me – I just fancy a good fuck” Billy said.

I told him I won’t be long as I struggled to clean myself and noticing bruising on my thighs which I will have to find an excuse in case Billy saw it, and I was thinking ‘that was a close call’ I must be more careful next time.

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