Husband’s Birthday Surprise

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My husband Larry’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to give him a really sexy surprise. Everything was arranged; the dinner, the hotel room, and of course, the sex.

I put on my sexiest dress, thigh highs and high heels with the intent of getting him worked up over dinner. It had the desired effect and when I slipped off my shoe and ran my foot up his thigh and to his crotch, I could feel the raging hard on straining through his pants. I asked him if he wanted dessert at the table or in the room. He couldn’t pay the bill fast enough and we headed upstairs.

When we got into the elevator, I stroked him through his pants and whispered into his ear all the things I was going to do to him once we got into the room. When we reached the room he fumbled to get the key card in. Once inside the room we were kissing and groping each other like teenagers. Clothes were quickly dispensed with, except for my thigh highs and heels. We lay on the bed licking and stroking. I moved down between his legs and started sucking his cock. I knew he was ready for some more serious action, but this was all he was getting for now. I gave him a thorough licking and sucking, until I knew he was ready to come. I stopped short of letting him explode and licked my way back up his body, kissing him deeply, and said, “There’s much more fun in store.” I pulled out a dark silk scarf and used it to blindfold him. A minute later there was a knock at the door. The rest of his surprise had arrived.

As I got up, I made sure to tell him that I was answering the door completely naked. I heard him groan as I opened the door and let Derek in. Larry and I had talked about having a threesome several times, but I didn’t think he’d arrange it, so I took charge. I also knew that he was curious what it would be like for him to be with another man. I searched the personal ads and found a bi-sexual man who sounded interesting and I contacted him. Derek and I met for drinks a few times and we discussed what I had in mind. I told him it was going to be a surprise for Larry but it was pretty much anything goes.

When Derek entered the room, I put my fingers to his lips to indicate that he should remain silent. I undressed him and was happy with what I saw under his clothes. I knew both Larry and I would enjoy exploring his body. I told Larry that the rest of his surprise had arrived and I was getting it ready. I dropped to my knees and started to suck Derek. When he was good and hard, I again put my fingers to his lips, but told him, loud enough for Larry to hear, that I wanted him suck Larry’s cock with me.

Larry now knew that there was another İstanbul Escort person in the room with us, but I’m sure he imagined it was another woman. We both started to suck and lick Larry, sometimes two tongues on him at one time, and other times taking turns to deep throat him. He moaned and fucked the mouth of whoever was sucking him. I was getting turned on by how much he was enjoying this. He lasted longer than I thought he would before he unloaded into Derek’s mouth. He lay on the bed, exhausted and I again went to kiss him. I asked him. “Would you like to meet your birthday surprise?” The “yes” was out of his mouth almost before I finished the question.

When I removed the blindfold and he saw Derek, a big smile crossed his face. Then I informed him that Derek is the one who made him come and swallowed it. “Hot damn” were the only words that came out of his mouth. Then he told me that he wanted to watch me and Derek together. That was fine with me, since I was turned on watching Larry’s excitement. Derek went to work on my nipples. He was tweaking, rolling and gently nibbling on them. My pussy was getting wet from the work I was doing. My hand was on Derek’s cock, giving him a good stroking. Larry was stroking my clit and sliding a couple of fingers into my pussy. Between him and Derek I was ready to explode. I let out a loud moan as these two amazing men gave me the best orgasm I had ever had. I’m sure the people in the room next to us heard me. I fucked Larry’s hand hard as I rode out the waves of ecstasy that rolled through my body. I looked down at Larry and saw the excitement in his eyes. My eyes traveled down his body and saw that his cock was hard again and I asked him if he was ready for another surprise. He grabbed my tits, pulled my nipples said “Hell yeah.”

I told him that I was about to make one of his fantasies come true. Then I asked Derek to lay on the bed as I climbed on his cock. He felt so good inside me. I told Larry it was time for him to get in my ass while Derek fucked my pussy. He couldn’t move fast enough. I knew he had always wanted me to take two cocks at one time. We had watched it in several porn movies and it never failed to make him hard as a rock and ready to fuck. He asked me if I had brought any lube. I told him where to get it and he quickly grabbed it, lubing my ass as well as his cock. We had done anal a few times, so he knew to take thing slowly at first and once I opened up he could speed up. The feel of Derek in my pussy and Larry starting into my ass made me open faster than normal. When Larry was fully into my ass, I heard him say, “Fuck this is İstanbul Escort Bayan good. I can feel his dick in you.” Both men were working my tits and pumping both my holes. I never imagined it could feel this good. I had the first of several orgasms while these two amazing men gave me a thorough fucking.

I told them it was time to switch. Larry lay on his back and I climbed on top of him. I leaned down and told him that he was about to live out another fantasy. Derek was going to fuck his ass while I fucked him. All he could do was groan. He was ready. Derek got behind us and pushed Larry’s legs up and worked his ass first with his fingers to loosen him up, then put the head of his cock at the opening and eased into him. I looked down at Larry. His eyes were closed, a smile on his face as he moaned with delight. I looked over my shoulder so I could watch Derek enter my husband’s ass.

I had no idea how hot it would make me to watch my husband get fucked by a man. I drenched Larry’s cock with my juice. I was surprised how long Larry was able to last because I knew what Derek’s cock felt like inside of me and I’m sure his ass was tighter than my pussy. I could feel Larry grow tighter in my pussy, which I knew meant he was about to come. I climbed off him and took his cock in my mouth so I could be the one to swallow this time. It also gave me a great view of him getting fucked since I had positioned myself facing Derek. I watched him work my husband’s tight ass and swallowed up every drop as Larry shot into my mouth. Apparently the sight of this pushed Derek to his limit and he groaned that he was ready to come. I knelt in front of him and told him to shoot onto my tits. He eagerly did as I asked. When he was done, I made sure to suck him clean, then went up to Larry and kissed him so he could taste Derek in my mouth. Then I put my tits over his mouth and he licked Derek’s come off my tits, which was an amazing sensation in itself.

I was surprised at how hot and wet I still was. I suggested that we take a shower and get cleaned up. The shower was larger than normal, but it was still a tight fit for the three of us to be in together. It was fine since it meant that everyone’s body was rubbing against each other. We took turns toweling each other off, returning to the bed after we were done. As I lay sandwiched between these two men, I asked Larry if his fantasy had been fulfilled. He told me that half of it had. I asked him what was missing and he said that he hadn’t been able to suck or fuck Derek yet. Derek was ready to go and was happy with the suggestion. Larry lay on his back while Escort İstanbul Derek straddled his face and I worked on sucking his cock.

I positioned myself so I could watch the two of them. Larry eagerly took Derek into his mouth and worked his cock like an expert. He had one hand massing Derek’s balls and another kneading his ass. He was enjoying every bit of it, which got me hot. I moved up and straddled his cock again, riding him and bringing myself to an incredible orgasm again. I had never come this much in one day and it was all because I was watching my husband getting fucked and sucked by another man.

Larry told Derek he needed to fuck him before he came. He wanted Derek on all fours so he could watch his cock sliding into him. I knelt next to Larry and together we worked Derek’s ass, rubbing and inserting fingers. I love a tight ass on a man and working on Derek was exciting. When Larry was ready I applied the lube to Derek’s ass and to Larry’s cock. He was rock hard and I wanted to watch him fuck Derek. I held Derek’s ass cheeks apart as Larry slid into him. I could see the look of sheer pleasure of Larry’s face as he slid deeper and deeper in. I heard him moan, then he said “Oh damn. It’s so tight and feels so good.” I knew how much he loved to fuck my ass, but the look on his face was different. I wasn’t angry at all. Instead I got even more turned on seeing much he was enjoying himself. He must have been doing something right because Derek was groaning, stroking his cock and pushing back to meet Larry’s thrusts and take as much of his cock as he could. I needed attention, and fast. I lay down under Derek in the sixty nine position. He went to work licking my pussy while I sucked his cock. He was harder than before. He was enjoying having my husband in his ass.

I grabbed the balls of each man in a free hand and massaged them while I kept working Derek. From this position I could see Larry’s cock sliding in and out of Derek. The sight of them and the attention Derek’s tongue was paying to my pussy were enough to send me into another mind blowing orgasm. I heard Derek moan that he was about to come and Larry said the same a second later. I asked them both to come on my face. They both positioned themselves above me and shot their loads on my face, tongue and tits. The taste of their combined come was sensational and I came again as I felt these two incredibly sexy men proceed to lick the come off of me.

We lay intertwined exploring each other’s bodies. I was hoping there would be more activities to come. I told Larry I had one last surprise for him. I presented him with a package and he grinned as he opened it. He pulled out the strap on that I had purchased for us. I asked both men if they were interested in being fucked by me. They were arguing about who was going to take it first. I told them there would be plenty of time and I could take turns fucking them both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32