Huddling for Heat

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I shivered under my covers.

Outside, the wind howled and the trees bent and the rain poured relentlessly. I buried my face in my pillow. My roommate and I were the only two students on the ground floor, and Maddie was long asleep. I knew she would never let something as silly as a little rain bother her.

The sky let out a roar and even through the curtains, the room grew a little brighter just for a moment and the shadows on the wall grew long and jagged. I dove under my pillow and tried to pull it over my head. I wanted to crawl under the bed, but I didn’t think I was able to climb down by myself. The next roar was even louder and deeper. It made gooseflesh crawl all over my tiny, scarred body. I hugged myself and shut my eyes as hard as I could to banish the brightness. Something creaked out in the storm. I tried to dig a little hole in the mattress to hide in. I wanted to kick and punch and run, but all I managed was to flail and to cry and to scream.

“Shh,” the voice was calm.

Something warm and soft pressed down on one of my stumps. I stopped struggling abruptly.

“I’m sorry,” I squeaked. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I don’t mind,” Maddie slowly lifted the pillow.

Her voice was nearly lost beneath thunder and a brief flash lit Maddie’s face, her large, brown eyes, and her own stump, dark against my alabaster skin. I couldn’t stifle another scream as the sound of thunder went through me.

“Oh god, look at you trembling like that,” Maddie shook her head. “Scoot over.”


“Scoot over. I’ll join you.”

I performed an awkward shuffle. None of my limbs was much use even when they weren’t shaking madly, but Maddie didn’t seem to mind much. Both of us had only little nubs for arms that ended well above where we had no elbows, but while my leg stumps were just as short, Maddie still had both of her knees and was only missing her feet. She laid her upper body down on my bed and swung one of her legs, uselessly hitting the side of the mattress in the process.

“Woops. Give me a second.”

I thought about protesting, but Maddie’s nightgown shone by the light of another flash of lightning and once more, I dove into my pillow for safety.

Maddie tried again and, with a guttural grunt, managed to find purchase on the sheets. She thrust with the knee that had remained on the floor, jumped, and turned. For a second, the nightgown and both of her leg stumps swung merrily through the air, before she rolled over onto her stomach, and the two of us suddenly lay side by side. Maddie slid her legs beneath the covers and I could feel warmth and silk and skin. I turned my head carefully to the side. Maddie gave me a bright smile.

“Hi,” she said and brushed my golden locks with her stump. “Getting warmer?”

“Y-yeah, thanks.”

“These nighties they give us really are terrible,” Maddie spoke softly. “It feels like I’m wearing nothing bursa otele gelen escort at all.”


My leg stumps felt warm and tingly where they rested against Maddie’s firm thighs.

“You don’t like stormy weather?”

“N-no. Not since…” I didn’t like to finish this thought.

Not since that time.

When the streets were wet.

When the whole world spun.

When the gorge came closer and closer.

We never talked about the accident.

“It’s fine,” Maddie inched closer. “I’m here.”

The silks were slippery. I felt her bust spilling out to the side, big and soft like pillows. I laughed nervously as her black curls fell across my shoulder. It tickled. Maddie’s face was close enough to smell the toothpaste on her breath. Our noses touched, then our foreheads. Maddie presence rapidly drove away the cold.

“Let’s see if we can’t find a little distraction for you,” she pressed her lips against my cheek.

That tickled as well.

“What are you doing?” I was blushing now. She drew back. As I spoke, my eyes never left those lips of hers, dark and full and always smiling.

“You don’t like it?” Now her lips brushed my ear. “I could stop.”

A tingling sensation went down my spine and I bit down on my own lips. Maddie bit down on my lobe. I shuddered. I could still hear the rain outside, but it was a little farther away now.

“No,” I said quickly.

“You’re so pretty,” Maddie smushed my face with her little stumps. “So strong and brave and beautiful. I guess that’s why everyone’s always looking at you, why I am always looking at you.”

“What are you talking about?” I pulled away.

Maddie was the one everyone was looking at, I was sure of it. She was the one walking around on proper prosthetic legs while I was strapped into my little chair, pushed from class to class, talked over and forgotten. I was the one who hid from bad weather.

“I’m talking about you, silly. Sometimes, I don’t know if I can keep going, you know. Life… doesn’t always seem fair, but when I look at you, I know I can do it because I see you do it every day. Hey! What are you trying to do? Dig your way through that pillow of yours?” Maddie laughed.

“Stop saying those things,” I mumbled into the pillow.

“Aww, you’re cute when you squirm like that,” she whispered into my ear.

I tried to push her away, but all I managed was to bump her cheek quite harmlessly.

“Y-you are… cute,” I retorted weakly.

“Oh, I know.”

Her dark skin was almost blue in the moon’s faint light. She came closer. I let her. Her tongue parted my lips. I let it. I tasted her. Warm and wet and minty. Maddie’s tongue was dancing, leading, and all I wanted was to follow. When she drew back, I whimpered and shook my head, but Maddie only laughed. Saliva trickled down both of our chins and escort bayan moisture gathered between my stumpy legs.

“I want you,” another whisper, but Maddie’s words drowned out the storm entirely.

I couldn’t speak or think or breathe, but I could feel myself nod frantically. Maddie stroked my hair, her eyes gleaming.

“Get on your back.”

My body responded by itself. I struggled and flailed and thrust my hips, until I managed to roll over, my teeth gritted with determination.

“Good job.”

I knew I was beaming. In a single, fluid motion, Maddie swung her leg over my body, before basically collapsing on top of me. We were both panting. Our lilac silks slid across each other, her toned stomach was pressed against mine, soft and flabby, and her large breasts enveloped what little I had. We kissed. I tried to hold her, to rise up into her, but my stumps kept slipping, as I thrust my tongue as deep as I could, explored her, took in her smell. Caught between her thighs, my loins were burning now, my own juices seeping through the panties.

Maddie was the one to pull away again, leaving me to crane my neck, lips puckered greedily. She only shook her head and shuffled down along my body just a little.


I thrust my pelvis impotently. She calmly took a strap of my nightgown in her mouth and moved it to the side, then the other. She gripped the front with her teeth and I held my breath as she pulled down. The cold hit my bare tits like a bucket of ice water. I gasped, my chest was heaving, my tiny nipples rigid. Maddie stuck out her tongue. The tip felt hot against the tender, pink circles. She played with them, licking and smelling and biting down not very hard at all. I squirmed as she tickled and teased, but all I could do for Maddie was run my stumps through her hair.

By the time she let off, I was sweating all over. My panties were soaked and every touch sent spasm through what was left of my limbs.

“I think we can do without these nighties.”

I agreed, a lot and often, but it turned out to be quite a bit easier said than done.

Even with, Maddie’s help, I couldn’t really sit up, so we focused on her instead, or rather she did, while I watched from below, painfully longing for a way to rip the clothes from her dusky curves, before throwing her onto the bed and making her spread.

Maddie struggled into a sitting position and carefully began to move her gown up. Inch by inch, she grabbed a fold between her stumps, pulled, and held it in her mouth. Grab, pull, bite, over and over again. It might have been tedious or exhausting for Maddie, but to me, it was the show of a lifetime. Slowly, the silky curtain was lifted to reveal a pair of cotton panties on a big round bottom, white and loose fabric against firm, dark flesh. Then came the stomach, abs gleaming in the moonlight, followed by a thump as heavy breasts mudanya escort were set free. Maddie dropped her gown carelessly and immediately went for me.

She let me kiss her tits and suck them and try and fondle her as best I could. I wanted to taste everything to touch and to play, and when we kissed again, I sank into it, lost to the world and to the storm that was so very far away now.

“You wanna try something?”

I nodded. I wanted to try everything.

Maddie sat up on my stomach and shuffled around until she managed to turn so that she was facing away from me. She rose onto her knees and waddled backward. I looked up smiling and tried to grab her bottom. Only when she began to lower herself on top of me, did my little stumps reach. Her thighs were to either side of my face. I dug into her butt, hugging it, kissing it. Maddie’s panties were almost as wet as mine. I smelled them, kissed the wet patch, licked her lips through the cotton.

She moaned softly. In the distance, the sky roared. I felt her pull at my panties. Something warm and fleshy slid in. My labia parted eagerly and natural lubricant eased the stump’s entry. Maddie was playful, teasing. She didn’t go too fast or too far and the agony was beautiful.

I couldn’t bear to take all and give nothing back. As I lay shivering with sensation, I pushed up Maddie’s panties with my nose and kissed her. In a flash of lightning, I saw her, glistening droplets trickling from black pubes. Down here, she tasted sour, but it didn’t matter. I breathed in her smell and felt her thighs tense. I licked her carefully at first. Maddie moaned a little louder and I grew a little braver. I plunged my tongue into her womanhood, felt the folds and the bumps and lapped up her juices greedily.

Maddie went deeper. I wanted to take her into me, to thrust onto her stump and with all my strength, I hammered against the mattress.

Something stirred inside me. Maddie’s movements grew jerky and sudden, she seemed as tense as I felt. Every time I licked, every time she thrust, waves of pleasure shot through me. From my stiff nipples to my sensitive stumps, to my racing heart, the feeling got stronger and stronger with every second, like a muscle deep within I had never used before, suddenly strained to the absolute breaking point. I tried to hold it back, to keep going, to stop myself from screaming.

I couldn’t.

We screamed at the same time. I thrust to an explosive release, my limbs thrashing uncontrollably. Maddie’s insides tightened around my tongue. I pulled out and a gush of warm liquid squirted all over my face.

My head fell back down into the pillow. I was wet and could hardly catch my breath, but I was warm and I was comfortable. I didn’t think like my limbs would have moved even if I wanted them too and my eyelids were heavy.

“Thank you,” I said to a darkening room.

I could make out movement.

“You were amazing,” Maddie’s voice was close.

I tasted her again. I felt myself drifting off. She nestled her body against me, skin warming skin.

“Let’s…” she pulled the blanket over us both. “… do this…” she lay her head down on my chest. “again.”

I slept under my covers.

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