Hubby Allows Wife to be Forced Ch. 02

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Lying in bed I find it difficult to sleep. I am still quite shocked by Joyce’s enthusiasm but accept that it is quite a turn on for me and fulfils my long held fantasies. So why am I so upset? Going over tonight’s events again I find my penis hardening. Howard can control us both now and for some reason my cock finds this both exciting and stimulating.

When Joyce gets back into bed I feign sleep and again she makes no attempt to wake me. I notice she’s lying on her stomach and wonder why. It’s not the way she usually sleeps. I pretend to turn in my sleep “accidently” catching a hand on her rump and feel her jump a little. Her bottom is red hot. She’s obviously had a sound spanking from Howard. I expect she’s enjoyed that. Jude and Howard are off home tomorrow morning. He’s given her his leaving present.

The next morning I’m awake early. Joyce is already out of bed and I can hear the sound of loud snoring from Howard coming out of the guest room. I’m curious to find out if Jude and Joyce are downstairs and what they might be saying to each other so I slip into my dressing gown go down to listen in. Sure enough I can hear their voices in the kitchen so I sit close to the hatch we use for passing food through into our dining room.

“I’m dreadfully sorry Jude. How much did you see?” Joyce is saying.

“It’s okay Joyce. I’m fine with it. I always knew Howard was going to cheat on me from the day we met. His sex drive is so much stronger than mine. He’s been on a mission to fuck you ever since that first day. Nothing’s been said but I could tell Sunday morning he’d got what he wanted. To be frank I’m grateful for the rest. He never bothers me when he’s got a new conquest. He’s very inventive. He’ll find a way of seeing you regularly now. Hey, don’t cry, hears a tissue. Let me give you a hug.”

“Sorry, it’s such a relief that you know and are okay about it. You won’t say anything to my Terry will you?”

“Course not, unless you want me to. We had a little chat while you were dancing. He admitted he likes watching you dance with other men and told me he’d like to see you go further. And then last night…” Jude breaks off, there’s a pause in the conversation.

“When you saw us together? What happened? I need to know, please?” Joyce says, her voice louder.

“I think you should know. I almost tripped over him. He was sitting on the stairs in the dark watching you. I think he was masturbating.” Jude says.

“What?” Joyce says sounding shocked. “I’ll be having a word with him after you’ve gone. That’s no way for a grown man to behave.”

“My advice is to keep it quiet that you know. See if he brings it up. Don’t you see? Unless I’m much mistaken he’s a voyeur. Watching meets his sexual needs. It means you can still see Howard or other men without any repercussions. Have fun with him, he’ll love it. I bet you could get him wearing panties without much difficulty. Men like him are submissive. They like to experience their femininity. It’ll change your relationship, give you more control. Part of him wants to be treated like a little boy, or even a little girl.”

“Do you really think so? I might just give that a try. Thank you, it’s so good to have someone to talk to about it who doesn’t judge me.” Joyce says.

“Here’s my email address. Let me know how you get on. I’d better get back upstairs and start packing. We all have our secrets. I’ve got one or two women friends I go and see when Howard’s working away. They give me a different kind of loving to Howard. You won’t say anything will you?” Jude says.

“Of course not. Let’s share our secrets but not pass them on. I’ve got an email address Terry doesn’t know about. I’ll look forward to more revelations about your interesting sex life; and Howard’s. Information is power isn’t it?” Joyce says.

“Too right it is, but I’ll never use what I know to do you down, you understand that don’t you?” Jude says.

I move away from the hatch and head off to get my shower trying to process what’s been said. Jude’s pretty much hit the nail on the head though I’m not sure it’s what I wanted to hear about myself. On the positive side she may have done me a favour with Joyce. Do I want her to control me? Maybe that’s exactly what I want.

Later when they are all ready to go home the atmosphere is very relaxed. I notice that Jude and Joyce kiss each other warmly on the lips. Howard tries the same with Joyce but she turns her head slightly at the last minute. He dives in a second time from the other side and the same thing happens. Jude, who is tall and slender like a gazelle, bends her head and kisses my cheek. All of us are aware of my new status within the family but nothing is said.

“By the way my firm has a lot of business in this area. It should bring me down to Watford on a fairly regular and frequent basis. Perhaps I’ll pop in when I’m working in the town.” Howard announces. Jude and Joyce exchange glances and smile.

“You don’t want to be stuck in a cheap hotel when we’ve got a spare room you could gaziemir escort use Howard. Have you a date for your next visit?” Joyce says, showing no sign of embarrassment.

“Oh, er thanks. That’d be great. I think it’s in two weeks time. I’ll ring and let you know, okay?”

After they’ve set off Joyce and I settle down to our usual routines. I go out and buy a paper finding Joyce chatting on the phone to one of her friends on my return. We are both exhausted and I drop off to sleep reading the paper in the afternoon waking later on to find that Joyce has done the same. I sit and watch her chest rising and falling and think to myself that I love her more than ever now. We decide to send out for pizza instead of our usual Sunday evening meal and retire to bed early. I kiss her once we’re under the bedclothes and she puts her hand on the top of my head and pushes down. I enjoy licking and sucking on her pussy thinking back to her weekend of sex. She orgasms loudly, thrashing about in the bed with abandon.

I remember the nasty conversation she had with Howard on Saturday night and decide not to try to fuck her. Surprised, she turns towards me.

“Are you okay sweetie?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I like the taste of your cunt tonight. It seems a bit different.” I’m sure most of his spunk will by now have been absorbed into her body but there is a definite taste and smell to show where Howard’s cock has been.

“Yes dear, it must be that new feminine spray I’ve been using down there.” She reaches for my erect cock and begins to stroke it slowly. “You like the taste do you?”

“Yes, darling”

“So you approve? Can I keep on squirting myself with it?”

“Yes, darling. Please keep squirting it up your lovely cunt.” She’s increasing the pace of her stroking and I’m loving it.

“Your cunt seems a bit different in other ways too.”

“Do you like my bigger cunt?”

“Yes darling, I love it. It really suits you. Will it stay that size now do you think?”

“I hope so sweetie. You see, I like having a big cunt too.” She begins to slow down the stroking.

“Terry, I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the absolute truth.”

“Go on. I’ll do my best.”

“Have you ever tried on a pair of my panties?”

“Yes. I’m sorry. Truth be known I expect lots of husbands have done the same.”

“No need to be sorry. I have no problem with it. How many times?”

“Not that often. Maybe between ten and twenty times, probably nearer twenty, over the years. I’m trying to be as honest as I can. Keep stroking darling, I love your hand on my willy.” She nods.

“So you like the feel of panties around your cock and balls do you sweetie?”

“Yes, but why are you asking?” I know the answer but have to pretend I don’t. She begins to speed up the stroking.

“I can’t tell you exactly why but I’ve decided to put you into panties from now on. I think you’ll enjoy it and I know I will. Tomorrow I’ll buy you some suitable pairs in my lunch hour. Choose a pair of mine from my panty drawer tomorrow after your shower and wear them for work. Try to find the pair you wore last time when I was out of the house. You’ll do that for me won’t you sweetie?” As she asks the question, sperm shoots out of my cock all over the bed. Some of it lands on her bare stomach and between her tits. It takes me a while to recover from one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had but I look at her and nod my head temporarily lost for words.

“It’s obvious you’re looking forward to wearing panties. You’ll lick all that spunk off me won’t you young Terry.”

“Yes, Mummy.” I don’t know what made me say that to my wife of ten years. It signalled the start of our new relationship.

“Slip off your trousers for me sweetie. I want to see which pair you put on today. It’s warm in here this evening so you can leave them off around the house.” I’m warm from just wearing a thin T shirt so I realise she’s turned the central heating up. I adjust the blinds in the living room so no-one can look in.

It’s now Wednesday, I’ve had three days of panty wearing but still have difficulty controlling my erections. Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon. Joyce has become more demanding since Sunday. I’ve never minded sharing the household chores with her but suddenly she’s heaped more responsibility on my shoulders. She’s taken a lot more phone calls than usual so I assume Howard’s been ringing her frequently giving her less time for jobs around the house. As soon as I finish filling the dishwasher she has another job for me. I’ve jumped to it each time and found it quite a turn on. But something’s making me take my time pulling down my trousers. Maybe because I know she’s checking up on me.

“Did you hear what I said Terry? Remove the trousers. It’s not that hard is it? See, I can show my panties quicker than you can.” She’s wearing a skirt and pulls it up above her waist.

“Do you like these I’m wearing?”

“Yes ma’am.” I undo güzelbahçe escort my belt and pull the clothing down around my ankles, stepping out of them.

“You like the girly pink ones don’t you dear? Tell you what, let’s do a swap. Mine are a bit damp though. You don’t mind do you?” She drops them to her ankles, then sits down on the settee kicking them towards me. “Take a sniff if you want.”

I pick up the shocking pink panties, lift them to my nose and draw in a deep breath, give a sigh and, slipping off my own pair, pull her’s up my legs. They fit me perfectly. I’ve never been a knicker sniffer but these last few days, well; I’m learning to like lots of new things.

“What’s got you going darling? It’s okay, as you know I’m not the jealous type.”

“I just had a long phone conversation with a good friend. He’s such a foul mouthed so and so. It was fucking this and fucking that, every other word and when he used the ‘C’ word I got a bit flushy down there. You know how it is.”

“The ‘C’ word?”

“Yes, sweetie. Cunt. He loves that word.”

“Oh, that. You like it if I say it when we’re in bed together don’t you darling?”

“Yes, I do. I love our little chats about my cunt. Whilst we’re on the subject, now that I have a bigger cunt I don’t want you putting your little cock into it anymore. You know what they say about square pegs into round holes don’t you?”

“Yes, darling.”

“So you’ll keep your peepee out of my big round hole won’t you sweetie.”

“Anything you say Mummy. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy too.”

“I’m pleased to hear you say that because there’s something else I’d like to try. I think you might grow to like it in time. Tomorrow night I want you to get over my knee for a bare bottom spanking. It’s okay, you’ve done nothing wrong. Once a month I want to do what’s known as a maintenance spanking. Just really a reminder of what will happen if you’re a bad boy. If you are really good about it this first time I might give you a treat.”

“I can be weak Mummy, sometimes it’s not what you do but what you don’t do that makes you bad. I deserve a spanking but I’ll try to be a good boy for you in future.”

I’m happy to agree to the spanking due to my guilt over Saturday night. Joyce thankfully doesn’t pick up on my hint and ask awkward questions.

“That’s nice dear, I’m enjoying being your mummy. I like the way you’re behaving. Do you like me taking a bit more control?

“Yes Mummy, it’s keeping my little cock nice and hard all the time.”

“Good, but keep your hands out of your panties; unless I’m supervising of course. I’ll know straight away if you’ve been playing with yourself.”

“Mummy? Can I ask for something?”

“What is it?”

“I’d like you to give me some “supervision” later tonight when we’re in bed together. We could chat about your cunt again and I could lick and suck it for you.”

“Not tonight sonny boy, I need you to be in the right frame of mind for tomorrow’s spanking. But the licking and sucking sounds fine. You enjoy that don’t you?”

“Yes Mummy”.

Later, just before bed, Joyce spends a long time on the phone in another room. It’s got to be Howard again judging by how red in the face she is afterwards. She’s stripping off her clothes as she enters the bedroom. I notice she’s already taken her panties off downstairs.

“Lie on your back on the bed young Terry. Put this pillow under your head, that’s it. She straddles me and slowly lowers her cunt down onto my face. My nose fits inside and my mouth is also covered. Luckily I manage to take a deep breath before her wet and dripping twat engulfs me. We’ve never tried this before and I struggle at first to move my tongue into the right places. She can easily take some of the weight off me and does so eventually allowing me to find and suck her clit. It’s not for my benefit, she’s enjoying rubbing herself all over my face in her excitement but I manage a few hasty breathes as she does so. There’s a steady stream of expletives issuing from her mouth. I reflect that this must be Howard’s influence as her vocabulary has been extended considerably. Her orgasm arrives in double quick time as she screams loud enough to wake the neighbours. Then she climbs off me and flops down beside me on the bed.

“Phew, that was terrific. We must try it again. Now sonny boy, crawl down the bed and give me a long, slow, gentle licking with that talented tongue of yours. You can try to get your nose inside too. It felt so nice when I was on top. It’s a pity it’s not bigger still but I’m not complaining.” Joyce begins to giggle and pretty soon she’s laughing.

“Yes, Mummy.”

I get down between her legs and start my task. She’s more relaxed and happier than I’ve seen her in a long time. I feel a flush of happiness run right through my own body. Howard’s a complete bastard I know but, so far, we’ve benefitted a lot from him coming back into our lives.

The next day at breakfast Joyce izmir masaj salonları casually drops into the conversation that Howard is staying over next Thursday night. I search her face for any sign of embarrassment and there isn’t any. She knows I am aware that he’s coming here to fuck her. I’ve not mentioned their Sunday night fucking and my silence tells her all she needs to know. We are playing a game of pretend with each other. I quite like this game. It gives here opportunities to tease me and I’m enjoying playing along.

I already know about his visit having just read an email from him;

‘Hi Terry,

Just thought I’d mention that I’ll be over next Thursday to fuck your ever loving wifey again. She’s been pestering me for more cock ever since I left your house. I expect you’ll keep this email in your wallet to look at when you need a wank at work. You’ll give us plenty of time together to restore that satisfied smile to her face won’t you wimp? I know it’s what pathetic wankers like you want for their wives. Do as you’re told or I’ll let Joyce know all about how you watched me force her and did fuck all about it. You fucking pervert.

From your wife’s current lover. Ha Ha.’

I nod noncommittally when she makes the announcement. She’s watching me closely for any response to the news but I keep my face blank.

“You don’t mind if he begins staying over every few weeks do you sweetie? He has his faults but he’s a good dancer, he’s nice and muscular and I think he’s rather good looking in a rough country boy kind of way.”

“Yeah, he’s okay in small doses. I’m looking forward to his visit actually.”

“Why’s that dear?”

“Oh, I dunno, he seems to liven the place up. And I know you enjoy having him visit don’t you darling.”

“Yes, I love dancing with him. You’re not getting jealous are you dear?”

“What? Jealous of Howard? Don’t be silly darling, like I said I’m looking forward to his visit.”

“So you’ll be okay if I try to get him to stay Friday night as well so we can go to that hotel for a meal again?”

“Of course dear, you can try, but he’ll probably want to get back to Jude. They’re newlyweds aren’t they? You know what that means.”

“Oh yes, he’s out on the road a lot. She’ll be keen for him to fuck her won’t she? She was telling me last weekend that he’s quite well endowed.”

“She will indeed. You should have a fair idea of the size of his cock. I saw you dancing up close Saturday night.”

“You’re quite right darling, I enjoyed the feel of his large member pressing hard against my stomach. She’s a lucky girl.” Joyce is teasing me again and I’m enjoying her daring words.

“You’ve danced with a few men over the years. How did his bulge shape up to the others?”

“More than twice the size of yours, sonny boy. You enjoy me talking about the size of cocks don’t you? I sometimes imagine you with a cock in your mouth.” She reaches over to touch my penis. “This is turning you on isn’t it son?”

“Yes Mummy.”

“You’re not ready for anything like that yet so put it out of your mind. But you’d prefer yours to be bigger wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mummy.”

“That’s not possible I’m afraid. Now run along off to work like a good boy. I’ll see you tonight. Can you make dinner?”

“Yes, Mummy, see you later.” She gives me a quick peck on the cheek and off I go.

That night we are both thinking about what is coming. Joyce waits until 10pm then we go up upstairs. She puts on her sexiest lingerie then sits on the bed expectantly.

“Strip off. I want you completely naked. Okay, now lie across my legs. I want your fat bottom higher than the rest of your body. That’s fine. You can touch the floor with your hands if you want. Each time I slap your backside I want you to say ‘Thank you Mummy’. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mummy.”

I hadn’t realised what a strong forehand Joyce has. She’s decided twenty will be sufficient this time but uses all her energy to cause maximum pain. Each slap hurts like hell. She distributes the slaps over every inch of my bottom. The noise each time she slaps is like a pistol shot and I wonder if the neighbours will have worked out what’s going on. I forget about this concern as the slaps rain down and I begin to cry like a baby, my sobs interfering with my ‘thankyou Mummys’. I’m determined to be a good boy but the urge to move my hand to shield my bottom or jump up and try to run off is strong. Joyce calls out the numbers before each slap and when twenty is called I await the last slap with much relief then say;

“Thank you very much Mummy. Can I get off now please?”

“Stay there my sweet boy. I’ll rub in this ointment. It’ll help with the pain.” Her gentle rubbing is soothing and I feel my penis getting larger, the heat from my red rump somehow transferring itself to my loins.

“You’re little cock is stiff dear. They say pain and pleasure are often linked together. I promised you a treat if you were a good boy and I think you’ve earned it. I want you to put that little cock of yours in my dirty hole and fuck me with it?”

“Your dirty hole?”

“Yes, the one with all that dirty smelly shit inside it. You’d like to stick it up there and make it all brown and smelly wouldn’t you, you dirty boy?”

“Yes Mummy, I’d like that. Thank you, I like being your dirty boy.”

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