How I Found Love in Prison Ch. 09

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The remainder of my sentence was both the most loving, and most gruelling. Jake and I developed our relationship well. We were deeply in love, and showed it to each other regularly. Very regularly! I wasn’t unaware of what was to happen though. While my sentence was 6 months, Jake still had 6 years to go with all of his counts, some legitimate and some not.

No, I thought. There’s no way this is going to end with me just leaving him in here. Whatever little contact was allowed with the outside world, I used it to contact my colleagues. They were confused as to my zealous interest in this particular man’s case, but nevertheless helped me to get an appeals process going and a reinvestigation into the evidence.

In the meantime, Jake and I loved each other as much as we could. We had our plans, but we knew it would take time. We knew it would be very hard. But it was worth it. I wanted him forever.

He didn’t always enter me. Over time with so much loving, my bum would eventually pain and he gave me time to heal. But we definitely loved each other in other ways each night, taking each other in our mouth, stroking each other, cuddling, kissing, tickling and having fun together. It was an enchanted time, even though we were in prison. There were many harsh days in prison, but our love grew so strong, none of it truly phased us. As long as we could survive through the day and be in each other’s arms in the end, we were more than grateful.

As the dreaded morning drew closer for when I would be released, we loved each other more and more. We didn’t sleep the whole night on the eve of my release. We just kept loving each other. My bum pained like hell, but I didn’t care. I needed him to know how madly in love Bakırköy Escort I am with him. He is my world. He was in me the whole night. I lost count how many times he erupted, but all his seed had been spent until by morning, his orgasms would release no more than a tiny drop. I was pretty much in the same state. The way his thick strong body rubbed at my thighs as I wrapped my legs around him, was electrifying. As tired and drenched as our love made us, we forced ourselves, we found the energy and kept loving each other again and again. In our passion, I cried the whole night as we made love, and my big, tough, strong Jake, cried as well. They’re going to keep us apart. I won’t know if he’d be okay, if he’d be safe. It was all terribly overwhelming. We kissed long and hard, parting lips only when we absolutely needed to breathe. After hours of skin contact, our arms and thighs began to get sensitive, abraded and red. Eventually the pain exceeded the pleasure, but I didn’t care.

“You just stay in me you hear! Don’t you dare get out of me!” I asserted.

‘Yes baby!” Jake complied. Even his dick was sore from all the friction. But we didn’t care at all. We loved each other till the last second we could, before getting up.

In the morning I grabbed our sheets and folded and kept them for myself. Jake accompanied me as far as he could to the processing centre. I was already well into a depression even before parting with him. We had reached as far as we could go together, he hugged me, “Take care Daniel,” and he looked into my eyes, “We will be together again soon,” he nodded reassuringly, trying to give me some strength.

I hugged him, “Be safe, please,” and I walked away as fast as I Bakırköy Escort Bayan could.

I was free. A friend of mine picked me up in my own car. I dropped him off at his house, stopped and bought groceries, and went home. My friend had thankfully gotten it cleaned. I walked in with my groceries, put the kettle on and just collapsed on the couch. The TV didn’t work yet. I sat in silence, holding the folded sheets of my Jake, rubbing my face in them, breathing in his sweaty beautiful scent. I laid down and cried myself to sleep.

No, this is not the end. After regaining myself, I resolved to work on Jakes case. My colleagues gave me as much information as possible. My credibility at court was tarnished due to my criminal record. They helped me very well.

It wasn’t all helpful though. I couldn’t hide my love for a man to my family and friends. Most of my family disowned me, and I had to change to a church that was more gay-friendly. It was deeply troubling times for me.

After 4 months of hard and frustrating work, we managed to refute most of the charges against my Jake and his sentence was reduced. He now had only 2 years left. Not ideal, but certainly a wonderful victory.

I was allowed to visit Jake only once a month. The next time, I went to break the wonderful news to him. I dressed as softly as I could, using a pale tshirt and loose cotton pants. As I sat in the common prisoner visitation room, I waited excitedly for him. What I saw next however, shocked me to me core.

A guard escorted into the room, and he limped towards me. “Jake?” I greeted perplexed, as I got up and hugged him closely. “What happened?”

“Hey baby,” he greeted. He kissed me lightly Escort Bakırköy and eagerly sat down.

“Well? What’s going on?” I asked.

“It’s nothing baby don’t worry. I just got a bit beat up in the last brawl,” he answered. “I’m not as feared as before. Someone changed me I guess.”

I was not amused. He had a black eye, another bruise peeping out of his shirt on his shoulder, and his ankle made it painful to walk properly.

“Please be careful in there dear, please avoid trouble as much as you can,” I began.

“How have you been? Are you well?” Jake asked.

“Well, I am good. More than good. Today I’m actually quite great,” I teased. “We got your sentence reduced. Most of your charges have been dropped.”

“Really? Wow that’s great!” Jake exclaimed.

“Shh, keep it down!” I asserted silently. “Don’t let anyone inside know, but you now only have 2 years left in prison.”

Jake said nothing. He just got up and grabbed me and held me as tight as he could. Mmm, what a wonderful feeling to be in his arms! He smelt so good. I miss that brutish, beastly smell so much!

“You’re a godsend baby!” he said as he teared.

“It’s still a wait, but, much better than 6 years hey!”

“I can’t wait to be with you again. I want a life with you Daniel!”

I blushed as he said that, my heart pounding again. In front of everyone he kissed me till the guard grabbed his arm. “5 minutes!” he commanded, very unimpressed.

“Please baby, just 2 years. Just survive it okay?” I said.

“I will. Dear I’ll do anything to come home to you. Keep me in your prayers. I love you.”

“I love you”

And our visit was over. I left with a bitter after-taste in my mouth, excited about the reduced sentence, but deeply worried about Jake being alright in there.

As usual at night I teared as I laid in bed, alone, missing his presence. I held our sheets tightly, smelling his brutish scent on it. It’s the only thing that eased my heart and made me sleep.

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