How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 01

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The Cast of Participants

Elliott -a submissive male in his 50’s who is always exploring roles and trying to find one that he would fit into. He resides in Arizona and loves serving men. Is open to exploring new roles

Uncle Richard– is a dominant male in his mid to late 60’s and he resides in California. He has corresponded with Elliott for years as a mentor and advisor. He has Elliott address him as Uncle Richard as a show of respect and so Elliott will view him as an authority figure. Uncle Richard has decades of experience in training males and helping them to accept roles that have been designed for them. He has trained many males and has auctioned them off to raise money for charity or to find a home for them. He has been very successful in this as the males are generally compliant and learn to accept their new roles with his guidance.

Gus- is a male in his 50’s and owns a bar in California. Gus’s bar has an inside area and an outside patio that is also used for Sunday football games as well as special events.

John- is a 30’s something male and is the bar manager and the property manager at the bar. He expects the equipment to work correctly and to always be functional. He treats equipment as property and states it is there for one purpose and that is to serve the customer and to be usable for the customer. He does not believe is property rights thus the property and equipment are treated as such

He is strict with the staff also. He is a representative of the local BDSM community

The Urinal- This will be a male who will experience some difficulty at first do to the volume of the job, lack of experience, self doubt, lack of confidence and subconscious mental resistance. So steps are taken to help with this. When John was told that they may get a male urinal he was glad as they can use him outside and not have to rent a port-a-potty thus saving money plus in cooler weather they can move the urinal inside as they have room for it beside the rest of the urinals in the bathroom.

His experience with male urinals has been positive as he believes that after an initial adjustment period where a urinal will experience self doubt that male urinals will adjust in time to their role. They are movable from outside to inside. Once they accept their role it makes no difference to them. He believes that you treat them as a urinal and expect them to behave, act and accept being a urinal. He feels other benefits are the expense in not renting port-a-potties and that the male urinal does not break down as there are no breakable parts thus no plumbers have to be called. The added expense of water is not needed as the urine is simply recycled thru them thus no flushing or movable parts.

The main functional parts on them are!. the urinal section which escort şişli is the inside of the mouth, 2. the urinal drain which is the throat area,

3. the urine storage area which is the stomach area and

4. the urinal drainage shaft which use to called a penis which is connected to a plastic tube in which the urine flows through to a plastic jug so that the urine can be recycled and poured back through the urinal so that environmentally no urine is put back into the environment

The male urinal is self sufficient as there is nothing to flush as he recycles the urine himself ( actually he has no choice) thus there is no wasted water that regular urinals use when they are flushed.


Uncle Richard and Elliott correspond about the process of creating a male urinal. Uncle Richard says they are not hard to train and create. Elliott says he does not believe that but has little info and no experience in the process. So Uncle Richard dares Elliott to give it a try and says the process is completed in 4-8 days which will include 5 days of training and 1-3 days of OJT (on the job training). So Elliott feeling confident and arrogant agrees as he feels that he can bluff his way through 8 days as most training periods are much longer. Uncle Richard believes the best training subjects are individuals who are naïve and gullible but also respond to positive re-enforcement, verbal encouragement and behavioral modification. He believes they are willing to make a commitment and sign an agreement stating that

So Uncle Richard has Elliott fly to California. Uncle Richard picks him up at the airport and takes him to an adult store to try on urinal funnel gag. They find one that has a decent size funnel on it with a tube that can be shut or opened to allow a steadier flow if necessary. They put it on Elliott. It is sturdy and secure with the gag and tube secured to his mouth. The gag strap was padlocked around the back of his head so it wouldn’t come loose or off. The staff and some customers commented on how normal and natural and at ease Elliott looks wearing it. So Uncle Richard had Elliott pay for it with Richard’s preferred customer discount. Uncle Richard has his trainees pay for some of the equipment as that show commitment and they are more willing to follow through when then have something invested in it. Plus Uncle Richard says it’s the first step toward accepting being a urinal as a urine funnel gag is much use for anything else

The next step is to go to Uncle Richard’s home where Elliott is to strip nude and a collar and leash are put on him for security and safety purposes. Elliott’s clothing is locked into the trunk of Uncle Richards’s car for safe keeping but it is explained to brad that he won’t need any clothing escort nişantaşı as urinals don’t need clothing. Uncle Richard explains that the training is done in simple steps so the trainee experiences success as people who are successful in doing something are more willing to continue in that process.

Next Uncle Richard produces the 4-8 day training agreement which explains each day’s step by step process. Elliott is told to simply sign the document as he doesn’t need to read it so he obediently signs the agreement

The next document is a property title and again Elliott is instructed to sign it which he obediently does. Uncle Richard explains that this is necessary as being a urinal Elliott will not be able to make any decisions and so by signing the property title he becomes Uncle Richards’s property so he can make those decisions for him

The next form is an informed consent which states that basically Elliott understands his training and the process and agrees he is not impaired or being forced to sign the form. He understands that decisions will be made in his best interests and that he understands this accepts this and gives his consent that all steps be used to help him become a urinal. He is told to sign the informed consent which he does

Uncle Richard signs all 3 forms as the owner and caretaker. He has a friend sign them later as a witness

The rest of day 1 was spent with Elliott wearing the urine funnel gag and Uncle Richard pouring water into the funnel so brad would urinate through the tube on his drainage shaft and into a urine jug. When full the urine jug was mixed with 75% water and 25% urine and poured back into the urine funnel for Elliott to process again. It was diluted so that Elliott would get use to the taste of urine and see that it wasn’t so bad

He is kept in a cage at night.

Day 2 is more of the same except Elliott’s urine is now only diluted 50% urine 50% water. Plus on day 1 he only spent a few hours as a urinal. On day 2 he will spend the entire day as a urinal. By the end of the day his urine is mixed 25% water and 75% urine

Day 2 was more difficult for him than day 1.

Day 3 is just as Day 2 except now Elliott’s urine is not diluted at all so he is processing his urine at 100%. Since things are getting more serious his hands are tied to his ankles for security and safety and to help him realize that he is a urinal and doesn’t need to move. Uncle Richard also starts using him as a urinal and to start out he dilutes his urine 50% urine 50% water. As in day 2 water and urine are being poured in him throughout the day so urine is constantly being processed through him so he understands he is a urinal. Uncle Richard is constantly giving him verbal reminders that he is escort mecidiyeköy a urinal

By the end of Day 3 Elliott realizes that this isn’t so easy and he is having difficultly but there is little he can do as the urinal funnel gag is put on him, He is nude 24/7 and wearing a collar and leash all the time for security and safety reasons plus his hands are now tied to his ankles when he is being used as a urinal. Again in the normal progression day 3 is more difficult that day 1 or 2

Day 4 is the same hands tied to ankles, water and urine going into funnel gag. A an added control he is now blindfolded when in use as a urinal Now Uncle Richard no longer dilutes his urine and urinates right into the funnel At the end of the day a gay couple from across the street show up and say their plumbing isn’t working (yeah sure) and ask if they can use Uncle Richards bathroom. He’s a good neighbor and says of course and points them to the male urinal. They both go what seems like forever as if they have been holding there urine all day waiting for this. They compliment Elliott by saying what a good urinal he is. They stay for drinks and use me a few more times and Uncle Richard invites them to stop by tomorrow for drinks as he is having a few friends over It’s the first I knew of that

Again day 4 is harder than the first 3 days. However he is experiencing success at being a urinal perhaps some of that success is due to the fact that he is completely controlled and has little choice. Though he definitely appears to be trying to be a urinal

Day 5 is same as day 4. It is last day of formal training and then will do OJT. Uncle Richard is having a few friends over to watch some Saturday afternoon football, throw horseshoes and barbeque outside. Elliott is taken outside and secured to a urinal post. This is simply a post where he is in a kneeling position. His ankles are secure to the back of the post through an eye ring bolt. The hands are secured behind the post in the same manner. This helps to immobilize the urinal. Additional a strap is placed around the chest and secured around the back of the post and a strap is placed around the forehead and around the back of the post. Of course Elliott is blindfolded as before. Elliott is told to spread his knees apart as this indicates that the urinal is open for use. Uncle Richard explains that urinals don’t move so in early part of becoming a urinal they need to restrain until they adapt to their role. The rest of the day they play horseshoes, watch football, eat and drink. When the need arises they use Elliott as their urinal. Elliott receives compliments on what a good urinal he is and how cost efficient and maintenance free he is. The only thing any one needs to do is empty the urine jug when it is full into the the funnel to recycle it. Uncle Richard says eventually when in private use Elliott will be trained to empty the jug into the funnel himself but when in public use someone else will have to do it

So Elliott has finished his brief 5 day training program. This will be continued in Chapter 2 with On the Job training (OJT)

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