How Does Your Body Feel Right Now?

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Rebecca was a twenty year old red-headed modern-day hippie. She grew up in a strict Catholic household in suburban St. Louis, but as the saying goes, Catholic school made her atheist. Rebecca kept many of the values she grew up with, but could not reconcile with the church’s stances on birth control and homosexuality. Rebecca herself had a birth control implant she got when she was with her ex-boyfriend and she was openly bisexual. She was forced out of the closet at age eighteen when her soccer coach caught her going down on a teammate in the locker room after practice and called her parents.

Her parents tolerated her sexual orientation but were absolutely furious about the sexual activity. They grounded her for two months: the rest of high school. During this time of “senioritis” – the laziness present in high school seniors who already know if they’re going to graduate or where they’re going to college – with no social life to distract her, Rebecca poured her soul into reading queer and feminist literature. She fell in love with the works of the prison-abolitionist, communist, feminist, black lesbian Angela Davis.

This inspired Rebecca to double major in Gender Studies and Film. She hoped to make documentaries about feminism and social justice. Angela Davis also inspired her to become an activist on and off campus. When protests broke out in the nearby city of Ferguson following the shooting of unarmed eighteen year old Mike Brown by a cop, Rebecca headed out with a camcorder to document the protest.

The sexually-liberated young woman dressed for the hot summer weather. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt with a grayscale picture of Angela Davis screen-printed on. The shirt was cut to accentuate her ample 36C breasts. She wore a black pleated mini skirt which looked like a shortened version of her high school uniform. It showed off her long, smooth legs. Underneath, she wore red thong panties but no bra. Since she would be on her feet for hours, she wore comfortable white socks and sneakers.

When Rebecca arrived in Ferguson, the streets were already flooded with bodies and signs. “Hands up, don’t shoot!” shouted members of the crowd while Rebecca stood on the sidewalk and began to film.

She pulled a tall dark-skinned man from the crowd to interview him. “Hi, my name is Rebecca Fraser. May I ask you a question for a university project I’m working on?”

“Nice to meet you, Rebecca. I’m Damian Woods.” He extended a large hand to her, and they shook hands. “As long as you’re not a cop or the mainstream media, I’ll talk to you.”

Rebecca giggled. “Trust me, I’m neither. I’d be marching right alongside you if I weren’t a film student.”

“Great,” Damian smiled.

“How does your body feel right now?”

Damian looked surprised by the seemingly-irrelevant question. “Um, well, I guess… It feels good. You know, I was so angry watching the news. I like to practice boxing when I get angry, so I must’ve been at the punching bags for a good hour. And you know that feeling of relaxation you have about half an hour after working out? I got that in my arms. And my legs have been moving since I’ve been walkin’ for a while. I’m energized.”


“Hey, interesting question you asked. Can I have a copy of the final product?”

“Sure! You can just give me your email address.” Rebecca pulled her cell phone out of her purse and handed it to Damian. Their fingers lingered just a second too long as Damian took the phone from Rebecca’s hand.

Damian fiddled with the touch-screen phone for a minute, then said, “I gave you my phone number too.

A large ruckus drew their attention to the street. A gray-haired man of approximately fifty years had been standing in front of a police car and defied orders to move along.

Rebecca didn’t have a very good shot from the sidewalk, but a crowd of people stood between her and the man. It didn’t help that she was barely taller than five feet. “Damien, could you pick me up on your shoulders so I can catch this on camera?”

Damien blushed at the thought of the sexy girl sitting on his shoulders with her toned legs around him. “Sure.” He bent down to let Rebecca climb on his shoulders.

From here Rebecca had an unobstructed Gaziantep Escort Reklamları view of the scene.

“This is your final warning,” a police officer said. “Move along or I will arrest you.”

The man stood his ground. “Why did you crush Mike Brown’s memorial?”

The police officer reached for his handcuffs, and the man surrendered to law enforcement by holding up his hands.

His partner looked right at me. “Turn off that camera,” he ordered.

“There is no law against filming the police in public,” Rebecca responded, filming the first police officer roughly pull the man’s hands behind his back and handcuffing him.

The crowd began to chant, “Let him go!” The partner, unable to be heard above the roaring crowd, approached Rebecca and attempted to block the scene from her camera with his hands.

When he was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Damian, the partner looked up at Rebecca and shouted loudly, “Turn off that camera now!” His eyes almost immediately drifted from the camera in front of Rebecca’s face down to her round breasts, then further down to her thighs cradling Damian’s neck, and finally back up to the camera.

“I have a first amendment right to film the police in public. Officer, may I have your name and badge number?”

Knowing he was required to offer the information upon request, he said, “I am Officer Matt Johnson, Ferguson PD. My badge number is 66.”

Rebecca stifled a giggle at the Satanic coincidence.

“What, you laughing at me?”

Rebecca took a deep breath to relax her face, then said, “N… No, sir.”

“What is your name? And turn off that camera!”

“Am I being detained?”

“No, you are not being detained.” Rebecca didn’t respond, so Officer Johnson asked again, “What is your name, miss?”

“If I am not being detained, I’m not required to identify myself.”

“And you. Who are you?” Officer Johnson looked down at Damian’s face and Rebecca’s thighs.

Damian said, “If she doesn’t have to identify herself, then I don’t have to identify myself neither.”

Frustrated, Officer Johnson turned to the arresting officer. “Move along. Keep marching or I’ll have to arrest you too,” he shouted to the protesters on the street.

One retorted, “Fuck the police!” and another yelled, “Let him go!” but the crowd moved on, clearing the space between the two officers.

“Brian, we’ve got a couple of street lawyers with a camera,” Officer Johnson informed his partner.

Brian called for backup. Another cop car arrived almost instantly because it seemed the entire Ferguson Police Department was at the protest.

Two more police officers headed toward Rebecca and Damian.

“Move along,” commanded a burly black police officer.

“We’re on the sidewalk, not the street. We don’t have to move,” said Rebecca.

“Well, at least get off of him,” a heavy-set female police officer said. When Rebecca didn’t budge, she added, “I can and will arrest you if you don’t get down.”

Unsure if she was legally required to comply, Rebecca climbed off of Damian, then continued to film the four police officers. In the back of the scene, she recorded Brian leading the defiant middle-aged man to the back seat of his squad car.

“Can you please show your IDs?” asked the female police officer.

“If I’m not being detained, I’m not required to identify myself,” Rebecca asserted.

“I need to know who you are because I have to record this interaction.”

“Call us Unidentified Persons One and Two.”

“What is your name, bitch?” demanded the black police officer.

“What did you just call her?” growled Damian. Rebecca, trying to relax by intentionally breathing deeply, zoomed in on the black police officer’s badge. Badge number 38. She turned to the blond female officer. Badge number 32.

“This is none of your business. You’re not the one with the camera. Move along,” said 38.

“It is my business when somebody calls a lady a bitch!”

32 said to her radio, “Requesting backup. A white female, about twenty years old, with a camera and a black male, about thirty years old, possibly armed.”

“Armed?!” cried Damien. “Look, I don’t have nothing on me. I swear!”

“So you won’t have any problem with them searching you?” asked 32.

“I didn’t say that!”

A total of nine police officers arrived on the scene.

“He’s got a weapon?” asked a tall male cop.

“I’ve got to search him,” stated a mean-looking male cop. “Sir, I’m going to have to search you.” Rebecca zoomed in on him. Badge number 47.

Damien held his arms out with his palms open, and 47 approached him. Damien said nothing but did not resist as 47 frisked Damien and turned his pockets inside-out. The search revealed a pill container.

“What’s in here?” asked 47. He opened it, revealing two blue football-shaped pills.

“That’s my Xanax. I have a prescription,” said Damien.

“Do you have proof of prescription?”

“You can call my doctor or pharmacist. I have both their numbers on my cell phone.”

“So you don’t have proof of prescription on you?”

“No, sir.”

“You need to carry your prescriptions in the original pill bottle. You’re breaking the law.”

Rebecca stood her ground as Officer Johnson, Brian, and 38 attempted to stop her from filming of Damien’s arrest over two pills. “I’ll call you!” Rebecca called to Damien as 47 led him into the squad car.

The female cop turned to Rebecca. “I need to search you now.”

“I do not consent.”

“You have no choice. We just caught your buddy with drugs. That’s probable cause to search you.”

Rebecca made sure to capture the badge number, 32, and then held her arms out to be searched. She started by frisking Rebecca, raising an eyebrow when she noticed Rebecca was braless.

“I need to search your camera,” 32 said. Rebecca reluctantly gave up her camcorder. 32 shut off the camcorder and set it aside.

Next, she searched Rebecca’s camera bag and purse.

Rebecca held her breath, knowing she had a joint in her purse.

“What have we here?” 32 asked.

“M…m…marijuana, ma’am.”

“I’m going to have to arrest you, Ms. Fraser.” She handcuffed Rebecca and led her to the squad car.

It seemed to Rebecca that hours passed in the back seat of the squad car. Then, 32 and her partner 38 entered the vehicle and began to drive off.

“Listen, you seem like a good kid,” said 32. “I really don’t want to arrest you. Think about all you have ahead of you You’re young and beautiful.”

Rebecca sighed. 32 was right. She was young and beautiful indeed, but that’s not what mattered to her. A passionate, intelligent aspiring filmmaker, she knew she had a lot ahead of her. A drug offense could get her financial aid for college cancelled.

“We’ll make the marijuana cigarette disappear if you do something for us.” 32’s voice became husky.

Rebecca was nervous. Was she going to be asked to snitch on her dealer? As much as she valued her education, she wasn’t a snitch. “What do you need me to do?” Her voice trembled as she spoke.

The vehicle pulled to a stop on an empty street. “Have sex with us,” 38 said.

Rebecca gasped. While she was no virgin, she was not a whore either.

38 opened the back door and looked at Rebecca. She couldn’t help but notice his handsome face, rough chocolate skin, and muscular build. She glanced down, and noticed a bulge in his pants. He was hard. And he looked big. Rebecca felt blood rush to her pussy. Although her body wanted to say yes, Rebecca tried to maintain her dignity. She never had sex with strangers, much less on such questionable ethical grounds.

38 slid into the back seat of the cop car and looked at Rebecca.

“This can all go away,” came 32’s voice from the front seat.

Rebecca found herself staring at 38’s cock. Her pussy was definitely hungry for cock. She hadn’t had sex for four months since she broke up with her boyfriend.

“You like what you see?” 38 asked.

Rebecca looked him in the eye. She felt her nipples strain against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. “It won’t hurt anybody. It’s not like you’re being a snitch,” she silently told herself.

38’s face neared Rebecca’s, and he kissed her on the lips. When his tongue poked against her lips, she opened her mouth and returned the kiss.

“Fuck us, and there’s no evidence,” said 38.

“Promise?” asked Rebecca.

“Absolutely,” said 32 and 38 in unison.

38 put his large hands on Rebecca’s shoulders and kissed her passionately. Rebecca moaned into the kiss and turned her body toward the cop. 38 let his hands drift down and he cupped her breasts. His fingers teased at her hard nipples. His hands reached down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up to her armpits, exposing her large, perky tits. Her arms were still handcuffed behind her back, so the shirt would not go up any higher without tearing. He began to knead at her breasts, squeezing them and pushing them up.

“Let’s get out of the car. There’s more room outside.”

Both 38 and 32 exited the car. 32 came to Rebecca’s door and helped her out of the car.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” asked 32, gently pushing Rebecca’s back against the car.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Have you ever been with a man and a woman at the same time?”

“Not at the same time, no.”

32 pinned Rebecca to the side of the car with her body and kissed Rebecca. One hand went for Rebecca’s breast while the other slid down her lean belly. Fingers slid into the waistband of her miniskirt and rubbed her hairy mound through her panties. Rebecca moaned as the cop rubbed her hard clit through the fabric of her panties. The blond cop started to rub Rebecca’s big pussy lips and was pleased to find a wetness in her panties. She used her fingers to push Rebecca’s panties to the side and slid her middle finger inside the wet folds.

“I want some of that slut,” said 38. “Help me put her on the hood of the car.” They lifted Rebecca and laid her face-up on the hood of the car. Her handcuffs pressed against her wrists. 38 stood by her feet and undid his pants and pulled his hard cock out of his boxers. It curved up and its size easily bested her ex-boyfriend’s. 38 slid his naked cock balls-deep in her wet pussy. Rebecca gasped as the head of 38’s cock hit her cervix.

32 had taken her pants off and climbed onto the hood of the car. She knelt down and lowered her big ass to Rebecca’s face. Rebecca stuck her tongue out and licked the cop’s pussy lips as 38 thrust into her tight pussy. Rebecca found that 32’s puffy wet pussy lips tasted delicious.

38 pulled his nightstick off his belt. He removed his thick cock from her pussy and replaced it with the end of the steel baton. Rebecca moaned into 32’s pussy when she felt the cold, narrow, object her pussy. 38 wiggled the rod around, pressing against the walls of her vagina.

“You ever had it in the ass?” 38 asked Rebecca.

“Nuh-uh,” moaned Rebecca as 38 pulled the nightstick out of her cunt and pressed it gently against her bare ass cheeks.

38 spread Rebecca’s cheeks with one hand as his other pushed the baton into her virgin hole. The baton, covered in pussy juice, slid in easily. Rebecca gasped as 38 pushed it in an inch, then pulled partway out, and pushed it in another inch. He worked the nightstick in slowly but relentlessly until the thin stick was a good six inches inside her. 38 then left the baton in Rebecca’s ass as his rock-hard cock pushed into her tight pussy. His cock was much thicker than the nightstick, and she was glad his huge dick was in her pussy rather than her tight ass.

Rebecca’s talented tongue flicked against 32’s clit and worked her into a frenzy. The blond officer rode Rebecca’s mouth as 38 pounded deep into Rebecca’s snatch. “Make my partner cum,” commanded 38. Rebecca swirled her tongue on 32’s clit and drove her to orgasm. “That’s a good slut.”

32 got off of Rebecca and came around behind 38. She took the nightstick from him and started to fuck Rebecca with it.

She barely started when Rebecca screamed, “I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming!” Her already-tight pussy constricted around 38’s thick cock. He hammered Rebecca’s cervix with the head of his dick and spurted hot, wet cum deep inside her. Rebecca felt the thick substance hit her cervix as 38 continued pumping burst after burst of semen inside Rebecca’s snatch.

He pulled his softening member out of Rebecca, and his partner pulled the baton out.

32 took the Ziploc bag containing the joint and threw it on the ground. Then she handed back the camera and purse.

Without saying a word, the two offers got into their car and drove away.

Once the police were out of sight, Rebecca straightened her clothes and began walking.

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