Houseboat Ch. 01 – Breaking the Ice

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Author’s Note: This is part one of a two-part story that explores Casey and Alex’s introduction to hotwifing and group sex.


Casey and Alex pulled into the marina and spotted the rest of the group waiting for them. Alex found a spot and turned the engine off.

“Last chance: you sure you’re okay with this?” Casey asked with genuine care and a hint of excitement in her voice. “It’s not too late. We could say I need the car for the weekend and decided to drop you off.”

Alex smiled and grabbed his fiancée’s hand “I’m sure! This is going to be amazing for both of us! And the guys!”

They had spent the last few months discussing and preparing this trip. Officially it was Alex’s bachelor party; a weekend on a rented house boat sailing from the western marina of Boulder Lake to the southern marina of Heron Lake with his four closest friends. Along the route they would find a spot to anchor for the evenings. The crew included Alex’s friends from college, Sam and Tim, and his lifelong friend James. All four of them had become close friends over the years and each of them was excited for this retreat.

Casey and Alex approached the group with their bags and cooler in tow. The three friends smiled but looked confused.

James looked at his watch then gave Alex a hug “Hey man, only a few minutes late. You’re lucky it’s your bachelor party.” He then looked at Casey and hugged her as well. “And… Casey! We weren’t expecting to see you!”

Alex spoke up before Casey could provide an explanation. “Sorry guys, I thought about telling you ahead of time but I wanted to surprise you with this. Let’s load up the boat and I’ll explain everything before we shove off.” Hugs were shared between the remainder of the group and then everyone began loading the boat.

Soon the group was ready to begin their excursion. The rental company gave them a walkthrough of the boat, providing them with a long list of rules and an overview on driving along the way. The boat they rented wasn’t huge, but it was exactly what they needed for a weekend filled with drinking, fishing, and games. Alex, and now Casey, got the master bedroom of course. Tim and Sam claimed the other bedroom with a queen mattress to share. James would sleep in the loft with a full mattress, or crash on one of the two living room couches if he got too drunk to climb the ladder, which was very possible on this trip.

The kitchen was equipped enough to cook anything but the most involved dinners. It bled into a living room with plenty of space for the couches, a dining table, and a large TV. It also contained one of the two sets of controls for the boat. The living room had lots of windows so the driver could see the surroundings.

The front of the boat had a patio with chairs for fishing and a deck that wrapped entirely around the boat. At the back of the deck was a ladder to the roof which had the second set of controls for driving and another set of chairs for relaxing.

The guide from the rental company closed the tour by giving them their keys and wishing them luck on their trip. Alex walked with him to the door and closed it behind him. After that he walked to one of the bags he had left in the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum.

“Alright fellas” he started as he retrieved five glasses from the kitchen shelf and began filling them each with a double shot of the dark amber rum. “Before we push off I want to explain why my beautiful soon-to-be wife is here with us. It’s no secret to you guys that both of us love sex; you’ve heard some of our crazy stories. But you don’t know just how much Casey loves being fucked. She’s a complete slut.” All three men, unsure of where this was headed, went wide eyed at the accusation. They looked over at Casey who just smiled and winked back.

Alex handed out the glasses of rum as continued. “And that isn’t something that is going away just because we are getting married, nor do I want it to. She wants cocks of any size, any hole. We’ve discussed this between us for a long time now; we want you three to be free to fuck Casey whenever you need. We want to use this trip as a trial run. That means she is ours to use from the time we leave the dock to the time we arrive in Heron Marina. You don’t need to ask permission from either of us before fucking her. You are allowed to cum wherever you want, you don’t need to worry about pregnancy or anything like that. In fact, she likes being filled with cum so you’re encouraged to finish inside one of her holes. gaziantep masaj salonları You must listen to everything Casey says while fucking her. If she says slow down, you slow down. If she says stop, you stop. You can be as rough as you want but I expect you guys to be respectful. This is my fiancée we’re talking about.” Alex looked at Casey and smiled. “Anything else Case?”

Casey smiled at Alex then turned to the boys “Alex makes it seem so formal. Just fuck me like you would your girlfriends, guys. I’m horny all the time so just find me if you want to stuff your cock in me. Don’t be shy, I want to be this boat’s freeuse slut. That’s why I’m here.”

James, Tim, and Sam were sitting in silent disbelief. Finally Tim raised his glass “To Casey!” Alex and Casey looked at each other, both of them filled with excitement. Everyone raised their glass and drank.

Alex put his empty glass on the counter. “Alright crew, let’s set sail!”

Sam threw the anchor overboard as the boat glided into the small cove for the night. The last of the sun was just barely visible on the horizon. Everyone except for Sam had been drinking all day and it was finally time to wind down for the night. The crew set up the space on the front deck with a table and chairs. Tim poured Sam a strong drink and then refreshed the drinks of the rest of the group who were now sitting around the table for card games.

After a few rounds Casey was sufficiently drunk and decided to make her first move. She new she would have to be the one to break the ice if she wanted everyone to be comfortable fucking her. She met eyes with Alex and winked. Alex smiled and nodded in response. Slowly she moved her hand to James’s leg, right above his knee. James made no effort to stop her and continued talking. Emboldened by James’s silent approval, Casey moved her hand to the inside of his leg and began moving it north towards his groin. James got quieter as Casey’s hand moved higher and higher. He was clearly beginning to get flustered. He shifted in his chair. Casey’s hand was about two thirds of the way up on James’s leg when she hit something firm in his shorts; his fully erect cock. She moved up a little further and grasped it in her hand. Casey let out a small gasp; James’s cock was massive, easily nine or ten inches long and quite thick. It was easily the biggest cock she’d ever seen.

Alex, Tim, and Sam were now watching Casey and James thanks to Casey’s gasp. Casey continued to run her hand towards his groin teasing his cock along the way. It twitched at each motion.

“Casey I’m not sure I can… you sure you’re… mmmmm” James’s stammers turned into a moan. Casey was enjoying every second of teasing him. Now that their cover was blown she started rubbing her other hand over his chest while she undid the button and fly of his shorts. James was now practically panting, his cock was twitching at every touch.

“Casey I… my cock… fuuuuck…” James started but Casey shushed him.

“Shhhh James, just let me take care of it for you okay?” She whispered to him. She then removed her bikini top. “Here you can focus on my tits, I know you’re always trying to steal glances at them.”

James blushed but did not look away from Casey’s exposed breasts. Casey reached her hand into his shorts, still amazed at the size of his cock.

“Mmmm I can’t wait to have this stretching me. I bet my pussy is going to feel so tight around it James” Casey said quietly almost to herself. She could feel herself soaking her bikini bottoms at the thought of getting railed by this massive cock. She grabbed his member, barely able to get her entire hand wrapped around it.

James let out a low sustained groan “Noooo fuck fuck fuck… I’m sorry Casey… fuuuuuck” James’s cock spasmed in Casey’s hand as James sprayed the inside of his boxers with cum. Casey watched in awe as James had his first orgasm of the trip in his shorts.

“Shit! I’m sorry! It’s just been a few days since I jerked off.” Casey tugged on James’s cock one last time before removing her hand from his waistband.

“It’s okay James, seriously don’t worry about it. You’ll be filling me with that giant dick in no time!” Casey smiled and stood up. “But now my pussy needs a cock. Alex baby, maybe you can show the boys how I like it.”

Alex stood up and removed his own shorts, releasing his cock which was erect from seeing the effect his fiancée had on his best friend. Casey wasted no time getting on gaziantep masaj salonları escortları her knees and sucking her husband’s cock into her mouth. She moaned in appreciation. After a few strokes she released Alex’s cock.

“Boys, get your cocks out and stroke them for me while Alex fucks me. I want to see them. You too James baby.” The three men all looked at each other, then at Alex, then at Casey. Without saying a word they each removed their shorts. Tim and Sam were fully erect. Tim’s cock was smaller than James’s but still one of the biggest cocks Casey had seen. Sam had an average sized cock. James’s cock was easily the biggest, even in its current half erect state.

Alex guided Casey to stand in front of him at the head of the table. Both of them were horny from the scene that was playing out. Alex bent his wife over the table and slid his cock into her sopping wet but tight pussy. Casey let out a moan. Alex grabbed her hips and started thrusting in and out of her with vigor. Soon he was pounding her as hard as he could to show his friends how rough they could be with his slutty wife. Casey was trying to talk to Alex and her audience in-between her moans.

“Yes baby, harder… show them what a slut I am… I can take it, I need it… yeah stroke your cocks for me… I want you to fill my cunt when Alex is done… I want to be stretched and filled… use me like a slut!” Casey was so aroused at the thought of taking all the cocks in front of her that she could barely think. Her pussy was doing the thinking for her and it ached for cum. Casey was driven by the thought of taking cock after cock, load after load, until she physically couldn’t take anymore. She wanted to be used freely by everyone, treated as nothing more than a cum receptacle.

Alex was still pounding away at her pussy when his cock started to spasm. He pulled his fiancée all the way onto his cock and unleashed this first load of the trip deep into her womb. Casey encouraged him “Yeeeess baby, fill me with cum. Get me nice and wet for your friends.” Alex bucked a little at the last part forcing his cock deeper still into Casey’s pussy.

As soon as Alex removed his cock from her Casey was making moves to take the rest of the cocks. She got on the tabled and laid on her back so her ass hung off one end and her head hung off the other. “Tim, fuck me with that big cock of yours. Sam, let me suck yours. James you can just keep stroking your cock and enjoy the show for now.”

Alex returned to his seat by the table and watched his two friends get into position. Without wasting much time, Tim got between Casey’s legs and guided his thick cock into her already filled pussy. He began slowly working it in and out.

“Yeeeessss…. Stretch my hole Tim baby… feel how nice and wet it is with cum already… how does it feel being the second cock of the day in my pussy?” Casey encouraged.

Tim took a few seconds to process what was happening. “God it’s so wet and open Casey. Holy shit.”

“I bet you… hmph!” Before Casey could encourage Tim further Sam step up and placed his cock in her mouth. Casey smiled and happily began sucking it. Alex watched in awe as his soon-to-be wife took two cocks at once. James was also transfixed on the scene, stroking his cock as he watched.

Tim was now pumping his cock into Casey with strength, each thrust pushed her into Sam’s cock. Sam didn’t have to move a muscle to enjoy his automatic blowjob. Casey was moaning with delight around his cock. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the cocks that were penetrating her holes. Tims cock was stretching her out more than she was used to and she felt extra wet from Alex’s cum. Soon Tim picked up his pace and began grunting signaling his impending orgasm. Casey moved Sam gently away from her head.

“That’s it Tim baby… give me your cum… use my pussy… it’s yours to cum in…” she cooed. The words were enough to push Tim over the edge, he let out a series of moans and released ropes of cum into her pussy. Casey could feel the warmth fill her once again. Tim removed his cock after a few moments and cum leaked out of her used pussy and covered her asshole.

Casey sat up. She was just getting started. “Okay Sam, I know you need to cum next. Come fuck my slutty hole.”

Sam was already close to cumming and didn’t need any encouragement. He quickly walked around the table and drove his cock into Casey’s messy pussy. Well lubed from two loads of cum and stretched masaj salonları gaziantep by Tim’s giant cock, Sam’s cock barely met any resistance when he slid his cock in. What Sam lacked in size he made up for in technique and he quickly found the perfect angle to rub Casey’s g-spot.

“Ooooooh fuck Sam… you’re gonna make me cum… keep going please… fuck my used pussy…” Casey moaned. Sam continued as he was told. This time it was Casey who came. “Fuck Sam! Fuuuuuuck…. Huuuuuuuh huuuuuh huuuuuuh!” Casey moaned as she clenched on Sam’s unrelenting cock. To her surprise she squirted a tiny bit as she did. She was enjoying herself too much to care. All of this was too much for Sam and he pumped a third load deep into Casey’s cunt. The two rode the waves of their orgasms. Casey realized that thus was the first time she’d had more than two loads in her pussy and shivered at the thought. She felt full of cum.

“Jesus Casey” was all Sam could muster as he caught his breath, still inside Alex’s fiancé. He finally removed his cock and sperm once again dribbled out of her pussy. Casey was recovering from her orgasm when James stood up, she barely had time to brace herself before he shoved his massive cock into her. Cum gushed out of the sides of her pussy, displaced by the biggest cock she had ever taken. It coated James’s cock as he sunk it deeper into her. Casey’s eyes rolled up into her head for a second, overwhelmed by the feeling of being stretched to her max. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. Eventually James fit as much of his cock into Casey as he possibly could. He gently began fucking her. It was clear that James was no stranger to dealing with the reality of his size.

“That’s it…. just relax and enjoy it… enjoy it stretching you. Soon it will fill you with even more cum. That’s what you want right?” Casey could only nod, she was still processing the sensation. Slowly Casey’s eyes refocused so she could see the massive cock that was fucking her. She looked over at Alex and saw him staring in equal disbelief. He was stroking his cock. Casey almost came at the sight of her fiance masturbating as she was being fucked by someone else. A moan escaped her lips as James increased his pace. She needed to cum again. She started bucking her hips into James signaling for him to fuck her harder. He obliged. James began fucking his cock into Casey with fervor. Casey continued to grind into the massive cock as she neared orgasm. She looked back over at her fiance and noticed that he had increased the pace of his masturbating as well, subconsciously. He was entranced by the scene. Casey watched him pleasure himself as he watched her taking a massive cock. It was so hot. Her pussy was at its limit. Casey reached her hand to her pussy and rubbed her clit. She could hear herself moaning. Finally her whole body exploded in orgasm. She wrapped her legs around James and pulled him deeper as she once again clenched around the cock inside her. She could feel his cock twitch as it shot even more cum inside her. James moaned as his cock emptied.

Everyone was silent for nearly a minute as they caught their breath and calmed down. Tim and Sam were the first to move as they started to clean up. Alex went to Casey and helped her up off the table. Immediately she felt cum flow out of her pussy and down her leg. The duo started to clean as well but they were shooed away by Tim. They said their goodnights to everyone, everyone thanked Casey for an amazing night, and they retired to the bedroom to get ready to sleep.

A few minutes later Casey and Alex were cuddled up together, naked, in bed. Alex was spooning his fiance when she spoke up.

“Do you feel okay with everything?” She asked.

“Yeah! At first it was a bit difficult to see you with another person but then I saw how much you enjoyed it. And honestly how much they enjoyed it. They were so eager to cum inside you. It was really hot” Casey could tell from his tone that Alex was still horny and started grinding into him. Her pussy was still leaking cum even after cleaning up.

Casey smiled. “I saw you jerking off when James was fucking me.” She turned around and started kissing her fiance. “But you never got to cum” she said with an exaggerated frown. “Let’s fix that.” She said with a smirk before making out with him again. Then she returned to her original position and grabbed Alex’s cock. It was rock hard. She guided it to her slit and he naturally pushed it inside of her. Casey let out a little moan and closed her eyes.

“That’s it baby. Give me one last load before bed to help me sleep.” Alex fucked her more tenderly this time, he ground his cock into her as they spooned. He reached his arm around and played with Casey’s breast causing her to let out another dreamy moan. Still worked up from before, Alex softly moaned and filled his wife with a final load of cum for the night. The couple drifted off to sleep with Alex still inside his fiancée.

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