Hotel Bar Pick-Up

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My two buddies and I had been on a week-long fishing trip and we were staying at a hotel close to the airport for one night ahead of our flight home in the morning. It had been a great week, lots of fishing, whiskey, and bullshit – but no pussy, so I was ready to go if the opportunity presented itself.

We checked in, got clean, and met up at the hotel bar for beers and shots. The bar was quite busy: not exactly a crush, but things were getting loud and the music was pumping. There was a wedding reception going on in one of the banquet rooms, and from our position we could see people going in and out to the bathrooms or whatever. Not bad overall, for what was basically a three-star hotel in a regional shit-hole town. No-one in their right mind would ever go there if they had the choice, but hey, here we were, my buddies and I – the beer was cold, the shots were shots, and life was good, even if there was nothing much to look at.

Just then, these two young sluts walked out of the reception room and headed over in our direction. How did I know they were sluts? It was written all over them. Slut

was wearing a tight cream dress which barely covered her pussy, and she’d squeezed her tits into it as much as she could without them falling out. Her blonde hair was piled up high and she had bright red lip-stick to match her bright red nails. Her white heels were about a million miles high. Good legs, thank Christ, and while she wasn’t exactly slim, she certainly wasn’t fat and her body looked quite nubile. You’d fuck her, I thought, if you’d just spent a week in the mountains with nothing but two guys and some fish.

Her friend, Slut

, was even sluttier, if that was possible. She was a brunette (actually they were both brunette, but Slut

had gone blonde), and she was in a loud red dress as short as her friend’s but somehow even more revealing: tighter, more busty, and more slutty. Her shoes were hilarious – the heels were about a billion miles high. Her face was ok pretty but her body was awesome, in a small-town-slut kind of way, and she knew it. Leggy, slender, good skin, and very fuckable. Both of them had a look which said “cheap pornography magazine”, maybe on purpose, maybe by nature, who knows, who cares.

What was important was that they looked like cheap dirty sluts on a Saturday night and they were coming my way.

I watched them giggle, wobble and stagger towards us as they pushed up to the bar between me and my buddies. Slut

ordered two white wines.

“How come you can’t get free drinks at the wedding?” I said to Slut


“Because Brendan’s dad lost his job and he can’t afford free drinks all night, so we’ve come over here to get all the rich millionaires to buy us drinks”, said Slut

. I guessed Brendan was the groom.

“Now, how did you know that I’m a rich millionaire?” I asked. Actually I am a rich millionaire, so even though she was half drunk her natural female money antennae were working fine.

“I can tell”, said Slut

, “it’s written all over you, and besides, you look like a total bastard, so you must be.”

“You’re right, I am a total bastard. So what are you going to do in return for me buying you drinks?” I asked, with a shit-eating grin. I sat on my bar-stool with my legs wide open so she could have a good look at my cock bulge.

Sure enough, Slut

glanced down straight at my crotch. I love it when a woman does that, it almost always means I can fuck her later if I want. Slut

swiveled her hips and displayed her full rack to me. “Well you never know your luck, champ. Shelley here’s a right load of trouble when she’s had a few wines, aren’t you Shel.”


, who from this point we shall refer to as “Shelley”, smirked and leant forward towards me, exposing even more of her tits, if that was possible. “She can talk”, she said, wafting me with white wine breath, “She’ll do anything for a free drink, and that’s why Brendan’s parents aren’t talking to her!” Shelley burst out laughing, and so did Slut

, the pair of them snickering, winking, and toasting each other, as if they were the only ones in the room who knew they were utter, utter sluts.

My two fishing buddies were appalled, and jealous. Both of them had boring, dumpy wives and were off the leash for the week. Over the next ten minutes both of them tried to pump their own egos with pathetic attempts to get the sluts interested, and both of them failed miserably. I mean Jesus, sluts like these two can tell the difference between talk and action from twenty paces.

It turned out Slut

‘s name was Peggy, and it wasn’t long before the dirty bitch was leaning her body into me between my wide open legs, rubbing herself on me at every chance. I had my hand on her body just above the curve of her right ass cheek and her tits were basically right in my face, as I sat on the bar stool and she got drunk on cheap white wine.

Meanwhile Shelley was sitting across from me on a bar stool and was giving me some very hot looks. She had her legs crossed, her short dress hitched right up her thighs, Eryaman Escort and her left leg was pushed up and rubbing my left leg. I had my left forearm rested on the bar and Shelley was lightly scratching it with her nails, slowly up and down. Shelley was leaning forward at every opportunity, showing me her big tits squashed into her slutty red dress. My cock was getting harder and I made no effort at all to hide it as I downed my beer and ordered another one.

The barman served the beer. I picked it up, Shelley accidentally bumped my arm, and best part of a whole pint of cold lager went splashing all over Peggy’s face and tits. Everyone around us went “oh!” and the three of us, me, Shelley, and Peggy, each said “Jesus!” in a different way. For a second Peggy just stood there, with beer all over her face and chest, and then she and Shelley started laughing as if it was the funniest thing in the world.

“Fucking hell I’m fucking soaked!” shouted Peggy, holding her hands out in front of her. “How am I supposed to go back in there like this,” she said, nodding over towards the reception room.

We got a few napkins from the bartender but it didn’t make much difference, she was a mess.

“Tell you what,” I said, “your dress is okay, it just went all over your face and tits”. Indeed, the beer was running down between her tits and under her dress. It made me want to pull her top down and suck her nipples.

“Why don’t you come up to my room and have a shower to clean up?”

Peggy paused, standing there with beer all over her face and chest. My offer was obviously sleazy, and she didn’t really have much choice, but she still needed a gentle shove to push her over the line.

“It’s right upstairs on the fourth floor. Shelley can come too, just to make sure you’re okay,” I said, standing up. My balls were heavy and beginning to ache.

“Well there’s fuck-all else to do about it,” said Peggy,”so yeah okay, thanks, let’s go.”

Shelley stood up and we all turned to go. As I guided them through the crowd towards the elevators, I made sure to look over my shoulder at my fishing buddies. That’s right, I smirked, two filthy sluts, heading upstairs to my room. Have fun masturbating tonight, suckers, I’ll tell you all about it in the morning.

Now, whenever I’m in a hotel, which is often, I always make a point of setting up my room before I go out, just in case. I fix the lighting low, to set an atmosphere. I get some low-key house music going on the speakers so it sounds cool when I get back, and I make sure the ice-box is full. I figure you never know when you’re going to meet two sluts from a wedding reception at the hotel bar, so you need to be prepared. Yes, my room was a standard room, in a three-star hotel, in a shit-hole dump of a regional town, but whatever – it was cooler than anywhere else these two sluts were going tonight.

“Ooh, this is cool,” said Peggy, “nice and sexy, are you having a party?” Meanwhile Shelley had walked straight over to the mini-bar fridge and was bending over in her heels, her short red dress barely covering her ass, brazenly parading herself like a slut.

“Why don’t you jump in the shower and get cleaned up,” I said to Peggy, “and I’ll fix us some drinks”. Peggy winked at me, blew me a kiss, and stepped into the bathroom. I noticed she closed the door behind her, which was a bit disappointing, but then I figured it was ok because it gave me more leeway with Shelley.

Shelley was still at the mini-bar. “Hey Shelley,” I said, moving towards her. “Let me show you this special drink I found out about a few weeks ago, it’s called an American Beauty, it’s tasty, you’ll love it”.

“Okay cool,” said Shelley. I made the drinks, putting the brandy in her glass and the vermouth and orange in mine (the cheap hotel mini-bar didn’t have all the ingredients for a real American Beauty, but so what). Shelley was standing very close to me, and the tension was electric.

“We have to mix it in each other’s mouths, that’s the rules, so take a big gulp and hold it in your mouth until I kiss you, okay?”, I said, repeating a line I’ve been using since I was sixteen.

Shelley took a big gulp, like a good girl. I sipped some of my glass and leaned forward to kiss her. Our lips met, and she opened her mouth. The brandy, vermouth, and orange mixed with a sting, and Shelley’s tongue met mine like a striking serpent. Putting my glass down, I reached around and grabbed her tight slut ass with both hands. Shelley pushed her tits into me, kissing me wantonly with her arms around my neck, wriggling her slutty body all over me.

I moved her backwards towards the bed, with the intention of fucking her there and then. It was only a few short steps, and as we moved and kissed I pulled her short red dress up over her hips to her waist. One reason I work out a lot is to keep my stomach flat so it’s easy to get my pants off. As we reached the bed I quickly unclipped my pants, and with a downwards shove I had them down around my ankles and Sincan Escort my cock free and ready for sex. A week in the woods without any release meant my cock was rock hard, curving upwards and swaying like a cobra above my full aching balls. I pushed Shelley backwards onto the bed and hooked my left thumb around behind her ass and under her g-string thong. (I knew it would be a g-string, what else would a slut like her be wearing?) I slipped my thumb back down towards her pussy, pulled the thong out of the way, and angled my body, so that as she fell back on the bed I was between her legs with my cockhead pushing into her sex. Shelley was still kissing me hard as she opened and raised her legs for me.

I pressed myself forwards and the thick head of my big hard cock entered her vagina.

“Jesus, you don’t muck around, do you,” she breathed, as I bit the back of her neck, forcing my cock into her, pushing in and easing out as she got lubricated, my cock splitting her tight cunt open, and both my hands spreading her ass cheeks wide, the tips of my fingers pulling her pussy lips open.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out,” I grunted.

“Uh-huh”, she gasped, as I fucked her. She had her arms around my neck and over my shoulders, and her cunt was juicing up so now my cock was about half way into her. Shelley raised her legs high and wide, wrapping her ankles around my waist, pushing her hips up into me to meet my thrusting cock, and started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know how many men she’d fucked in her life but her pussy was tight, one of the best I’ve ever fucked, and as I raked my hard length into her she fucked me back like a rattlesnake, biting my shoulder and humping my cock. I could just see my ass in my room’s full-length mirror, driving and pumping between her white thighs in the soft light, but I couldn’t see anything else so it was like watching two strangers fucking, and for some reason that turned me on and made me fuck her harder.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh ,oh yeah ,oh yeah, oh fuck me, oh yeah” she breathed as I fucked her with her shoes on, her cunt nice and wet now and her tits pressing into my chest. I pulled her back to the edge of the bed so I could get some purchase with my feet, and looped my arms around the backs of her slender thighs, pushing her ankles up over my shoulders, fucking her harder, leaning into her, pushing her down into the bed, slamming my meat into her with loud slaps as my groin met her wet pussy, with one hand behind her neck pulling her hair, exposing her throat, and the other holding her wrist back above her head like she was being raped. She wasn’t exactly fighting me off either, the flexible little slut, humping me with her eyes rolling back half closed and her fingers scratching across my back.

At that point I realised just what a total slut this Shelley really was. I’d only met her half an hour earlier, and it was clear that whatever I wanted to do to her, she’d be right into it. I felt a sudden urge to fuck her in the ass, and fuck her mouth, and really violate her as much as possible, as soon as I could.

At some point while we were fucking I heard the shower switch off, and a bit later the bathroom door opened and Peggy stepped out in a towel.

“Well look at you two, why am I not surprised,” she said, with a smirk. I carried on fucking her friend, who was proving herself to be completely shameless. I started thinking about taking Shelley out onto the balcony and fucking her in public.

“Shelley and I were just getting to know each other better”, I said, between breaths. “How was the shower? Feel like a drink? There’s champagne in the fridge.”

“I’d love a drink”, said Peggy. She opened a half-bottle of champagne and poured herself a glass, then casually sat down on the bed across from me and Shelley while we fucked all the while. I couldn’t believe it, she was watching me and Shelley fuck like we were playing a game of chess or something.

I kept up an even rhythm, pumping steadily into Shelley’s tight pussy, her legs wrapped around my waist again, and my cock slamming into her so our groins met with a slap on each thrust. She was panting and moaning quietly, and then she turned her head to Peggy and said “oh he’s got a big one, I can’t handle it” and then she started spasming, her pussy flexing rapidly against my hard cock and her body tensing up. I started fucking her really hard, really making sure she felt it good, punishing her slut pussy while she orgasmed all over my cock.

I carried on fucking her but she started trying to push me off so I pulled out of her and she rolled away on the bed groaning. I stood up, kicked my pants and shoes off and walked around the side of the bed towards Peggy, my hard cock swaying in the dim light. Peggy put her glass on the floor and opened her mouth, and I shoved my cock in.

She licked and sucked all around my hard cock, holding it with one hand, exploring my length with her tongue and mouth, licking and sucking my balls before returning to the head Etlik Escort and bobbing up and down as she sucked me. I let her blow me for a minute and then I started fucking her face. I had one hand gripping under her chin and the other behind her head, with one foot on the bed, and I forced her to deep throat me, steadily thrusting into her mouth as I pushed her backwards onto the bed, her towel falling away, straddling her with my knees on either side of her head, making her gasp, gurgle, and choke. I humped her face with my hard cock, pumping and fucking her face, making sure she took me down her throat. Every now and then I pulled out, letting her suck and lick my balls, before easing my cock back into her mouth and starting again with the hard fucking. Her lips felt like heaven and she kept her wet mouth tight around my shaft and rolled her tongue around and over my cock head as I fucked her face.

After a minute I glanced over to see what Shelley was doing – she was just sitting on the edge of the bed watching her friend give one of the all-time great blow-jobs. I decided to make her do something useful.

“Hey Shelley”, I said. “Be a good girl and get some bath oil.”

Shelley got up and went into the bathroom, and I pulled out of Peggy’s mouth, stood up, and roughly turned her on to her stomach. I shoved her legs apart with my knees and pulled her hips up and back towards me. Her pussy was shaved bald. I quickly leaned forward, and ran my tongue all over her labia, sucking her mound and tonguing her pussy lips. I lapped at her sex, from her asshole to her clit, up and back, over and over again as Peggy moaned and moved her hips with me, raising her ass higher. I pushed my tongue into her cunt and rubbed her clit with my thumb, her juices on my lips and my face, and her clit swelling up harder.

Shelley came back with a bottle of that scented bath oil you get in hotels.

“That’s all there is”, she said.

“Put it on my cock”, I told her, and she squirted the oil into her hand and rubbed it onto my cock, up and down and all over the head. I thought she was going to suck me but she didn’t. I slapped Peggy’s ass cheek hard, and pulled her hips further up and back. She moved her knees slightly wider and arched her back more, presenting herself to me, ready to fuck. I stepped closer, and pressed the head of my cock into her pussy. The bath oil helped me slip into her, the tightness gripping my cock, my hands on her waist and hips holding her steady. Again putting one foot on the bed, I eased my thick meat into her.

“Oh god”, she said. “Mmph, oooh ,oh jesus, you bastard”. Peggy tossed her head from side to side, her hands bunching up, her arms flat on the bed. I pushed all the way into her, nice and slow, and then started fucking her harder, back and forth, holding her hips as she moaned and groaned, pumping my cock into her with a steady rhythm, my balls swinging, my teeth gritted with sexual violence.

“Ooh you’re so big”, said Peggy, as I started fucking her cunt deeper. My cock was as hard as concrete, pushing into her, splitting her open.

“Oh fuck me, oh yeah, oh fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me, oh yeah”, she moaned. Peggy was rolling her hips, humping me in rhythm, her hands gripping the bedspread and her eyes closed.

“Mmm, oh yeah, that’s good”, I told her. “That’s it, fuck me you dirty slut, fuck my hard cock, fuck me good like Shelley did, fuck my cock.” I moved my left hand around onto her tits and leaned into her, the full length of my hard cock jamming right up deep into her vagina, fucking her good and hard and deep with each thrust.

Meanwhile Shelley was sitting on the edge of the bed again, sipping champagne. Could I get a threesome going?

“Hey Shelley”, I grunted, as I fucked her friend, “why don’t you move round and put your pussy in her face, then she can lick you while I fuck her.”

“What?”, said Shelley.

“Sit in front of her and put your pussy in her face so she can lick you while I’m fucking her”, I hissed, straining with the effort I was putting in to fucking Peggy’s tight pussy. “Make her lick your pussy.”

“Are you up for that Peg?” said Shelley, moving across the bed and positioning herself. It looked like Shelley was up for it, whatever Peggy said.

“Mmm, yeah okay, ohh”, murmured Peggy as I fucked her. Shelley pulled off her g-string, opened her long slender legs and slid forwards on the bed towards us. She still had her high heels on. I grabbed Peggy’s hair and pulled her head up, and Shelley moved forward and wriggled her shaven pussy into Peggy’s face, leaning back on her elbows as Peggy started licking and sucking her pussy.

This was so great – I had a perfect view of the action. Shelley looked me straight in the eyes and winked, then leaned back with her legs spread wide, her short red dress around her waist. Her eyes half closed and she started concentrating on the oral sex her friend was giving her. It quickly became all about one girl getting the other one off, as Peggy licked and sucked Shelley’s pussy and clit, working her head up and down, lightly and firmly tonguing her friend’s cunt, rolling her tongue around Shelley’s clit, toying with it, teasing it, building the pressure, until Shelley’s hips were humping up and down, thrusting and rolling, and she was groaning and moaning, squeezing her own tits and whispering “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah” under her breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32