Hot Ice Skater Ass

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I think professional ice skating is kind of a strange spectator sport. I can appreciate the fact the skaters are incredible athletes, but the glitziness and show biz atmosphere makes it kind of an odd sport to watch. However, I have no problem watching the tight, muscled asses on the male skaters. With their skin-like, form-fitting pants nothing is left to the imagination and I must admit I can actually get a rise in my own trousers focusing on the movements of those glutes. Little did I know I would have personal knowledge of one of those perfect professional butts.

Two friends and I were doing our occasional “pig’s night out.” The three of us had been good friends for sometime and were known to go out and be fairly obnoxious at times. A little too much to drink, working up a sweat dancing at a local club and our trio was ready for just about anything. My one friend, Sam, could be a little friendlier than I wanted. I knew he wanted to have sex with me and I wasn’t the least bit interested. And if he couldn’t have sex with me, he wanted to watch me having sex with someone else and that interested me even less. His voyeurism had gotten in the way of a couple of my past sexual encounters and I hadn’t appreciated it much.

The other friend, Todd, was one incredibly handsome and sexy package. Everyone assumed he and I were lovers, or at least fuck-buddies, but we were just the best of friends. We had both acknowledged a mutual attraction. However, we had never acted on it because we were afraid it would screw up our friendship. The funny thing was, I had no trouble at all having sex with someone while he was in the room doing the same thing with another guy – or just watching what I was doing. When people saw the three of us together they knew trouble was usually close behind.

On this particular night the three of us had way too much to drink and, all being single, started complaining to each other about not having men in our lives. With our inhibitions shot to hell we all agreed to go to a local bath house and see what kind of trouble we could cause. With it being “Buddy Night” at the baths we all got in at a discounted rate. As soon as we hit the locker room it seemed like guys were running for cover. Within a few minutes we spotted several neighborhood guys we knew who were obviously stepping out on their “husbands.” Sam found an empty locker down one row and began to strip down, as Todd and I wandered to the next bank of lockers. I felt totally comfortable dropping my clothes in front of Todd. As usual we were kind of checking each other out and I noticed Todd was already getting hard. We both wrapped towels around our waists and started our stroll around the bath house.

The smell of chlorine and sex permeated the steamy air. It immediately turned me on. Sam was already long gone as Todd and I wandered into the video room. A old Colt video with two muscular specimen having sex was playing on the screen. The soundtrack was running a bit off like an old Japanese Godzilla movie. Over in one dark corner of the room, on a riser, a blond head was bobbing up and down in the lap of etlik eve gelen escort a man old enough to be my father. Other than that the room was empty so we moved on.

As we passed the bunkhouse room a hairy, well-muscled arm reached out and under my towel. The hand wrapped around my stiffening prick and pulled me into the lower bunk. Todd gave me a thumbs up and moved on his way. I found myself laying next to a hunky man who wanted to forego any preliminaries and immediately went to work washing my cock and balls with his tongue. Just as I was really getting into this guy giving me head, Sam stuck his head in my face and asked, “Mind if I watch or join in?”

“For Christ sake, Sam, can’t you get your own man and give the rest of the world a little privacy!” was the only response I could muster. My prick had instantly lost interest in the mouth around it and started going soft. I apologized to the guy with my meat in his mouth and left the bunk – only to be replaced by Sam as I walked away. Shaking my head in disbelief, I headed to the showers. As I rounded the corner I saw the most beautiful, perfectly formed ass heading down the hall in front of me. I kind of laughed to myself as I thought “I’d recognized that ass anywhere.” I put the thought out of my head. What would an internationally known figure skater be doing walking around nude in a local bath house?

I followed the gorgeous ass into the showers and took position under the shower head directly next to him. When he turned my way I realized it really was the professional skater I’d watched perform for years on television, and had private sexual fantasies about for just as long. The look on his face told me he knew he’d been recognized – and that the recognition wasn’t exactly welcomed. I turned away from him as washed the leftover saliva from my hardening cock. At the same time I felt a soapy hand lathering the globes of my ass and slipping in between them to wash my crack. I turned and began returning the favor by washing the skater’s defined, shaved chest. The next thing I knew we were in an embrace soaping down each other’s bodies as our engorged pricks dueled between us. For some reason two thoughts came to my mind. The first was, hey this guy doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him. The second was my surprise at the fact he was about four inches shorter than myself. He seemed much bigger than life with his medal-winning performances on ice. He kind of had to get up on his tip-toes to give me a light kiss on the lips as he asked if I would like to join him in the hot tub.

We rinsed off and went through the glass door into the steamy area of the room-sized hot tub. As we slid into the hot chlorinated water, the door of the nearby sauna opened and Todd bounded out with a beautiful, and extremely well-hung, black guy. The globs of white cum on the ebony skin of Todd’s companion was evidence of their activity in the sauna. They both gave a small wave as they headed toward the showers. My skater’s hand had found its way between my legs and was fondling my balls gölbaşı sınırsız escort when there was a big splash in the tub. Without looking I knew Sam had found me again – with his usual perfect timing. But this time I wasn’t giving up my catch.

“Is that who I think…,” was all Sam got out of his mouth before we got out of the tub and headed out through the steam. I explained to my shower buddy that I needed to take a pee. He told me he had a room, where it was and he hope I would join him there soon. I went down the hall to the bathroom and tried to concentrate on pissing while a major glory hole scene was going on behind me. I almost has some assistance from an arm I brushed away politely, as I tapped the last few drops from my cock. I quickly stopped by the empty shower area to rinse off before I started searching for my new friend.

The maze of hallways revealed a wide array of scenes in full action, from the mass of limbs in the orgy room to a sling-bound older man having a dildo shoved up his ass as an appreciative audience watched. I was surprised to not see Sam as part of the crowd. The grunts and moans of men in sexual frenzy bounced off the flimsy walls of the rent-by-the-hour rooms. I came around a corner to bright white light flowing into the dark hall from one of the rooms. Laid out on a bed of white sheets, in a room walled in mirrors was the ass I dreamt about many a night.

Without even bothering to close the door, I dove onto the bed and rested my pulsating shaft in the deep crack of the skater’s ass. Murmurs of satisfaction emanated from the body under me as I rubbed my cock back and forth in the crevice. I lifted myself up onto my knees and brought my face into contact with the most perfect ass I had ever seem. With my hands, lips and tongue I made love to the white globes. The ass was pushed forcibly against my mouth when my tongue found the pink hole and started lightly teasing it. I rolled my tongue and gently slid it inside the puckering muscle. The body on the bed arched offering me a better angle from which I could eat his ass. I was tempted to start jerking myself off, but knew I would cum much too soon if I did. The hairless asshole pulsated with each movement of my probing tongue.

With mirrors on all the walls of the small room it looked like we were having sex in a room full of men mimicking our actions. I felt lost in a total sexual frenzy. The door to the room was still open. I had no idea who had walked by or who had been watching; nor did I care at all. I was actually having sex with one of my all-time fantasy men and enjoying every minute.

“Fuck me, Fuck me,” was being mumbled into the pillow on the bed. I pulled the skater up by the waist until his ass was positioned high on the bed. I continued to play with his asshole with one hand as I reached to the nearby table for a tube of lube and a foil packet. His totally hot and wet orifice seemed to be pulling at my hand as I tore the condom package open with my teeth. The body in front of me sighed heavily when I extracted cebeci escort bayan my fingers long enough to roll the thin condom down my purple shaft and squeeze the lube into my hand. I quickly coated the condom, then his pink entrance with the slippery liquid. I rose to nearly a standing position and guided my hot cock to the waiting passage. I pushed hard against the fleshy entrance and the entire length of my hard meat popped into the hole. After almost letting out a scream, the skater under me began to pound his ass up against my prick – before I even had the opportunity to begin fucking him. Moans of pleasure came from both of us, mixing with the constant command “fuck me, fuck me.”

With my hands on his waist I plugged the ass all the way in to the right. Then I pulled my cock out until I could just begin to see the head and I would plunge all the way back in to the left. Repeating the movement over and over brought a gasp of sexual ecstasy each time from the person beneath me. I reached between his legs and roughly massaged the hairless balls pulled up tight against his body. Sweat was dripping off both of us and I continued the endless pounding of the beautiful ass. I’d never fucked anyone so hard in my entire life. His head was knocking against one of the mirrors after his body had been forced across the surface of the bed by my repeated plunging. Salt from the sweat of my brow was stinging my eyes. As I reached up to wipe my eyes I looked into the mirrors and saw Todd focused on my meat moving in and out of the tight hole below me. He had both hands wrapped around his own prick and was stroking himself to the rhythm of my fucking. Our eyes met and he smiled. At least it wasn’t Sam getting pleasure out of watching me.

Knowing that Todd was getting off on the scene intensified it all for me. I grabbed the skater’s cock beneath me and began jerking him off as I plugged his asshole harder and harder. As my climax built up inside me every muscle in my body tensed and I could feel my veins bulging under my skin. With a guttural yell it felt as if everything within me was blasting into the condom in the ice skater’s ass. The cock in my hand got harder and started a shower of cum. With each spurt, the ass muscles around my shaft tightened, milking more liquid from me. Todd moved closer to join the frenzy and, without making a sound, sprayed both of us with white hot jizz. One of his hands glided across my smooth wet ass – and then he was gone. My fantasy man never even knew he’d been in the room.

I got up to grab a couple cum rags and kicked the door shut. The famous skater rolled over on his back and pulled me close so he could give me a kiss. I gently wiped his muscled torso with one of the towels and handed it to him to finish cleaning up. After wiping the sex from my body I headed back to the showers after giving one more kiss to the exhausted form on the bed.

Todd was in the shower when I entered the room. He looked at me with a somewhat stunned expression on his handsome face. “That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen or been a part of,” was all he said before sticking his head back under the water.

I was just finishing my own shower when Sam strolled into the tiled room and dropped his towel on the bench. “So guys, have I missed out on anything,” was the predictable remark that spouted from his mouth.

Before I even had a chance to answer, Todd said, “Not a thing, not a thing,” filled his mouth with water and spit it at Sam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32