Hot for Teacher Ch. 07-08

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Chanel Santini

Chapter 7

Michelle stirred in the bed, only to find that sometime during the morning her new lover Kim had already risen and was gone. Sliding out of the sheets, she stared in the mirror of the bedroom vanity. Her bronze naked form adorned only by the silver studded collar Susan had placed there the day before. As she studied the black collar, she noticed the red marks on her neck and breasts. It had been years since she had a “hickey” but there was no doubt about their origin. She remembered Susan sucking her neck while she was restrained.

As she gently rubbed her neck, she heard voices emanating from down the hall. The unmistakable voices of her mistresses Lisa and Susan. She padded down the hallway, her bare feet on the soft plush carpeting. She was becoming accustomed to being nude as Lisa required of her new lesbian in training.

The women were enjoying a cup of coffee at the dining room table when Michelle made her appearance. “Good morning sunshine,” Lisa smiled.

“Where’s Kim,” Michelle asked back as she stretched her arms high over her head, her ample young breasts rising on her chest.

“She opened the salon today,” Susan answered back. “She helps me down at my place on the weekends,” she said as she took a sip of her coffee.

Michelle pondered, “I didn’t know she worked for you.”

“Well, part time. She’s a photographer with her own studio. Does great work actually. Some of her clients are customers of mine. Gets some great personal portraits and event gigs from the women who come into the salon,” Susan answered between sips of her coffee.

“Yea, and you’ve seen her work,” Lisa cut in. She took those pictures of you at the conference.”

A slight chill ran through as Michelle thought about the pictures she had seen from the conference. Her kneeling before Lisa, going down on her, the strapon cock penetrating her vagina. All in vivid detail from the photos. She had no idea who took them. They were the reason Michelle had agreed to meet Kim in the first place. The threat they would be published on the Internet or passed around school.

She was still caught up in her thoughts when Lisa cut in, “Get some breakfast pet. There’s fruit, yogurt in the fridge, and coffee. Eat something. We have a full day planned.”

Sitting down with a cup of yogurt and coffee, Lisa smiled at her young student, “So, Susan tells me you guys had a wonderful night out.”

“Yes mam, we went to her place and had a nice massage and then a great dinner. She bought me a real pretty dress to wear. I had an awesome time,” Michelle beamed looking over at Susan.

“I think you made quite the impression on the waitress,” Susan smirked.

Michelle blushed as she instantly knew what Susan was referring to. In front of a young waitress, perhaps in her mid twenties, Susan had placed her hand over Michelle’s. At first it might have seemed an innocent gesture, but the collar around Michelle’s neck gave an unmistakable signal Michelle belonged to this woman. None of this was lost on the waitress who seemed somewhat fixated on Chel’s neck.

Susan ordered a few drinks for Kim and Chel and by the end of dinner, Michelle had lost any of her former embarrassment if she had been embarrassed at all. As the girl brought the check and Susan signed for it, she leaned over toward Michelle who sensed her. Turning, Michelle knew what she wanted and closed the distance as Susan kissed her on the lips, her tongue teasing, lingering for a second as Susan turned facing the flustered waitress who was clearly taken back.

Michelle had rarely ever demonstrated public affection but here she was in a crowded restaurant letting a woman kiss her full on the lips. Instead of shame, she enjoyed the stares she received as Susan wrapped her arms around her waist as they walked out the door.

“When you’re done, I want you to go downstairs, shower, and then put the restraints on your wrists,” Lisa instructed.

“My ankles too?,” Chel asked.

“No, but select a plug, lube it up and put it in,” Lisa added.

“The same one or bigger,” the young teacher inquired.

“That’s up to you sweetie,” Lisa answered.

Michelle did as directed and washed in the shower in the basement, shampooing her hair, rubbing the soap along her arms, her soft firm stomach, her smooth hairless pussy. Running her fingers through her hair, it felt different with a good twelve inches or more cut by Susan the day before. But she had to admit, she loved her new look.

Drying off, she moved over to table with a variety of toys — dildos, clamps, vibrators. She selected an anal plug a little bigger than the one Lisa had used on her the day before. She spread the lube, gliding it over the soft rubber cone as she parted her cheeks and slid the cool head in until it pulled itself in place.

She reached for the leather restraints and buckled one, then the other into place and took a kneeling position in the room under the chains which hung from the ceiling awaiting her porno indir two mistresses.

Michelle lost track of time as she knelt there, the plug buried up her ass, her nipples erect with excitement. It puzzled her how excited she was — how much she anticipated what might come. While Lisa had whipped her the day before with her flogger and her skin was still smarting from the blows, she now fantasized about her mistress dominating her.

Her pussy tingled at the thought of feeling Lisa’s whip.

Michelle heard the heels of the women’s boots as they met the wooden steps of Susan’s basement. Chel raised her head and was surprised to see the women dressed not in their leather corsets but naked except for the strapon cocks protruding from their slender waist. Lisa who had a smaller flesh colored cock took up a position behind the teacher as she hooked the restraints to a chain and hoisted her arms high above her head, stretching until it forced Michelle to lift off her heels putting her weight on her painted red toes.

Susan had a much more menacing black cock, much bigger than Lisa’s which swung back and forth as she took Michelle’s face in her hands and forced her tongue into Michelle’s yielding mouth. The young brunette sucked on her mistress’s tongue, opening her mouth further, allowing Susan to explore unimpeded.

Susan pulled and twisted at Michelle’s thick nipples as she hung from the chains, her arms held securely in place. Susan bit the girl’s lip, gently at first and then with more pressure but Michelle, though wincing, never uttered a sound.

In the meantime Lisa returned with an assortment of items. Susan backed away, pulling on Chel’s lip, finally letting it go as the girl moved along with her on her toes. Lisa attached one of the alligator clips on her right nipple, then her left as she hung a two ounce weight to a dangle, drawing the nipple sharply down across her breasts.

“We’re going to graduate you today to another ounce baby,” Lisa cooed in her ear as she pulled gently at the weight hanging from her nub. Chel groaned but didn’t cry out as the pain surged through her body.

“You like that baby?” Lisa whispered in her ear. “I love those little nipples. You have such nice breasts with your dark little nipples…and we’re going to stretch those babies out a little.”

“They are nice,” Susan confirmed as she rubbed her finger over the tip of Michelle’s tit, turning slightly white as the blood drained from the nub. “You know…they’d really look stunning with some jewelry. A nice piercing, a little gold hoop, or maybe a stud. Yea, a little gold stud,” Susan chided as she continued to rub the tip of the nipple with her finger. Wetting her finger and then sliding the wet digit over the little cherry.

“You like Kim’s piercings don’t cha’ sweetheart,” Susan went on continuing to taunt Michelle, playing with her nipples, the weights still pulling sharply on both. “I’ve seen you playing with them. They turn you on. You like her piercings,” Susan pressed.

Michelle felt the sting of Lisa’s whip, “Answer her slut,” her other mistress intoned.

“Yes mistress. I love her titties. I love her piercings. They’re pretty,” Michelle cried out as she rose up sharply on her toes.

“Would you like these pierced too?,” Susan inquired, pulling on the little nubs.

Michelle bit her lip. She liked Kim’s piercings, even thought a second about how they would look on her, but she wasn’t prepared to get her nipples pierced.

The whish through the air signaled the impending blow that rippled across her tender thighs as she yelped this time, lifting off her toes momentarily. “Answer her,” Lisa commanded.

She was scared to answer. Her nipples pierced? The leather stung her ass again as the leather braids found their mark. Tears ran down her cheeks as she hung her head. “Yes mistress. If it pleases you I would. I would let you pierce them,” Michelle cried.

“Ummmm,” Susan purred hearing the response she wanted to hear. “Yes, these would look pretty with a little barbell. A gold barbell,” Susan cooed. “You know if you were mine, I’d put my mark on you, right there,” she gloated as she ran her fingers just above Michelle’s shaved twat, biting on the young girl’s ear.

“And then when you were out, ready to come out to all your family and friends, I’d have a tat right here on your lovely neck,” Susan said as she bit lightly on the nape of Michelle’s neck, still adorned with the hickey from previous day’s bout of lovemaking. “Just so everybody would know what a little slut you were – my little lesbian slut.”

Michelle’s body trembled at the thought. While she should have been horrified, she knew she had never felt so excited. The thought of being owned by this woman, being her property, permanently tattooed where everyone could see she was a lesbian slut. The thought both terrified and excited her. She felt her pussy throb at the thought.

Susan sensed how worked up Michelle rokettube was becoming and removed the dangles and weights from her nipples, followed by the clamps themselves. The blood rushed back into the nips which had been extended, pale white against the darkness of her skin.

In the meantime, Lisa removed the slippery plug from her ass with a loud suction as the invader slipped from Chel’s tight ass.

“Are you going to fuck my ass now mistress?,” Michelle queried as she half turned to face Lisa who was fingering her lubed hole.

“Would you like that?” Lisa whispered back.

“Yes mistress. Fuck me, fuck my ass,” Chel begged.

“I think we’re going to have a little DP this morning. You know what DP is angel?” Lisa purred.

Michelle just stared back as Susan cut in, “She’s going to fuck that ass and I’m gonna’ take this pretty little pussy of yours.” Susan ran her fingers over Chel’s twat and then probed in between the wet engorged lips.

Michelle parted her legs encouraging both women to take her. She wanted them. Wanted them as she had never wanted anything before.

Lisa eased the head of her cock into Chel’s back door as Susan replaced her fingers with the large black cock dangling at her waist. It was bigger than anything Michelle had ever fucked as it stretched her cunt.

“Fuck, that’s big,” Michelle groaned as Susan slid more and more of the large black cock between her pussy lips.

“You’ll soon be able to take much bigger,” gloated Susan. All the while Lisa was inching the head of her cock in as it slipped between Chel’s cheeks. Soon both women had their cocks buried in her holes as they pressed their breast against her hot flesh.

Susan again kissed her hard on the lips, exploring her mouth as Michelle opened hers wide, letting the older woman explore at will. Lisa in the meantime was kissing her shoulder, running her tongue, her lips along the left side of her soft subtle neck.

At 5’11”, Michelle was much taller than either woman but the high heeled boots Susan and Lisa wore almost closed that gap. The three women found a rythym as Susan and Lisa moved their cocks in and out of her holes.

“You like that baby, you like that cock in your ass?” Lisa teased as she nibbled on Chel’s ear.

“Oh yes, I love it so much. It feels so good, fuck me, fuck my ass…fuck my pussy,” she chanted as the two lesbian dykes worked her over. With each thrust, she rose up on her toes, settling back on the cocks that explored the depths of her pussy and ass.

Susan massaged Chel’ breasts, teasing her nipples as she continued her soulful kiss, exploring Michelle’s mouth, sucking on her lip.

Susan slipped her cock from Chel’s cunt as she sunk to her knees, depositing her lips to the brunette’s well fucked pussy, wet with her juices. Lisa then pulled the teacher’s face to hers and placed her hungry lips to her mouth. This time it was Michelle who stuck out her tongue, waiting for it to be sucked into Lisa’s greedy mouth.

Susan feasted noisily on Chel’s juicy pussy as Lisa’s hips slapped at Michelle’s ass.

“Fuck, fuck… fuck me. Damn, I’m cumming. I’m gonna’ cum,” Michelle exclaimed as the orgasm built and then ravaged her body. Susan licked the folds of her cunt, pressing her face against her crotch, sucking the hard little clit, as Chel bucked against her face. “Oh shit. That feels so fucking good. Eat me.. Oh eat me, lick my pussy,” Michelle groaned as Lisa moved her cock in and out of Michelle’s ass.

“Ummmm your little pussy is tasty. I love the taste of her little twat,” Susan moaned between licks as she savored the juices of her young novice.

“Fuck me harder Lisa, please fuck me harder,” Chel pleaded as wave after wave shook her to her very core until she sank down almost to her heels, the chain holding her tight, her arms held fast above her head as she shuddered with each thundering wave which climaxed leaving her limp.

Lisa slowly withdrew her member while Susan continued to plant soft kisses on the soft folds of her cunt, licking the moisture which still seeped from her dripping pussy.

“Did you like that angel?,” Lisa whispered in her ear. “You like us both fucking you, taking you?.”

“Oh yes mistress. That was so good. I’ve never been fucked like that before. That was fucking unbelievable,” she sighed almost out of breath.

Lisa reached over and gently released the tension on the chain allowing Michelle’s arms to drop to her side, her feet now flat on the floor as her shoulders drooped, her energy seemingly sucked from her body.

Susan now stood and kissed the girl softly on the lips as Michelle tasted her pussy juices still lingering on Susan’s tongue. “I want you to rest up a bit. Go up stairs and rest,” Susan instructed. “I’ve left some clothes for you on the bed. After you rest, we are going into my salon. I’ve made arrangements for you to spend time with Mickie this afternoon. She’s going to show you how to give massages. seks filmi She’s one of my best girls, you’ll love her,” Susan gloated.

It took all the energy Michelle could muster as she climbed the basement stairs to the upper level. She headed down the hall to her bedroom and sunk down on the bed. The cool sheets embraced her worn body which had never been so thoroughly fucked. As Michelle closed her eyes, letting her body completely relax, she thought about the last three days.

She had been brought to Lisa’s against her will, a devoted teacher, a steady boyfriend for nine years – and now all that seemed so long ago. She wasn’t sure she was a lesbian but she knew one thing for sure — she wasn’t a straight girl any more and would never be content with a life without pussy.

She loved giving herself to the women and she loved licking their pussies, letting them fuck her like she had never been fucked before. Each passing day she knew she was becoming someone different. The Michelle that she used to be was fast becoming just a memory. She didn’t know what the rest of the afternoon had in store, but she knew she would do anything she was asked. At least for the next four days she was Lisa and Susan’s little slut — their little lesbian slut and she loved it.

Chapter 8

It was a short trip to Susan’s Salon and Day Spa where Kim was serving as the manager. Susan introduced Michelle to Mickie, a pretty Japanese lady in her late twenties. Mickie had long black hair and an absolute gorgeous figure but perhaps her most striking features were her sparkling eyes and bright white smile.

Mickie had Chel change into a pair of black staff shorts and a grey shirt with black sneakers. Susan met both before any appointments arrived. “Now this is extremely important, you are to follow Mickie’s directions to the letter. I have two very loyal clients coming in and it will provide you great training but remember there’s a very fine line between consensual and non-consensual touching,” Susan said sternly.

“In both of these appointments my clients know you are interning but it is very important you pay close attention to what Mickie says. Do so, and you’ll learn a lot in the art of pleasuring a woman.” Susan looked very matter of fact and after her words seemed to register, she allowed a smile to cross her face, “Now, I want the two of you to enjoy yourself.”

“You wait here. Mrs. Logan is already prepping in the steam room,” Mickie said as she turned and walked out the door. Michelle studied some of the objects in the room, and reflected on Susan’s comments, when Mickie reappeared several minutes later.

Mickie took Michelle down the hall opening a door to a darkened room, lit by several candles with the soft soothing sound of waves on a shore. There was the distinct smell of sweetness in the air from oils that were warming on the counter.

A woman was laying on a massage table, face down with her head resting in a halo supporting her face, a towel placed at her midsection with what appeared to be a towel with several flat rocks strategically placed across her lower back.

“Vickie, I have Michelle with me and she’s training with us today. Are you comfortable?” Mickie inquired. “Very” came the soft muffled reply.

“Good, then we’ll get started,” Mickie answered.

Mickie raised Vickie’s foot in her hand and began rubbing it, pulling on her toes and pushing on the soles and pads of her foot, all the while instructing Chel on the pressure points. Michelle was directed to emulate Mickie on the other side as she too began rubbing and massaging Mrs. Logan’s foot and lower legs using the warm lotion in slow circular motions.

Mickie kneaded the calves and used her arms to rub the oil in before moving up to her arms and hands. Michelle was instructed to continue to work the woman’s lower legs as Mickie rubbed oil into her back lowering the towel ever so much to gain more and more access to her torso.

“Would you like to flip now and allow us to get the front?” Mickie inquired as the woman flipped over with Mickie strategically holding the towel as to cover her most intimate part — her vagina. No attempt, however was made to cover her large breasts with the pink nipples which capped off the tits.

Michelle’s eyes grew wide as she took in the woman’s chest but immediately directed her attention to her legs and feet. Mickie stood at Vickie’s side as she rubbed scented warm oil into her shoulders, working around her breasts, careful not to actually touch the nipples as she focused up top and then worked to her stomach. She moved her hands to the woman’s hips as she encouraged Michelle to knead the upper thighs.

Michelle was cautious and a little hesitant just how far between her thighs she should wander as she saw Mickie’s fingers now rub over top of the nipples, slowing and ever so subtly drawing the nipples between her fingers bringing a distinct sigh from Mrs. Logan. After a few passes, Mickie told Michelle to leave them as she would finish up.

The young teacher exited the room slightly worked up herself from watching the slow seduction played out in front of her. She began a self directed tour of the spa until she spied Kim and made a dash to her where the two caught up on the day’s activities.

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