Hot Cloak Room Sexcapade

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She walked into the night club with a swagger to her curvy hips her bright red dress thigh high. Her hair was a golden wild nimbus around her head. Those vivid blue eyes were large and sultry with the smoky lids and dark Kohl emphasizing their beauty. Her mouth was designed purely for kissing and to give a man pleasure, those lips perfectly shaped and emphasized in scarlet red. Her smile would melt the frostiest of hearts with its delightful radiance. She tossed her hair with a wild abandon; a restless gesture as she heard the beating of the drums and the strumming of the electric guitars.

Oblivious to anyone, the eyes of the men, the leering stares and lewd remarks, she put her head back with wild abandon and moved her body with pure sensual grace around the dance floor. Closing her eyes she felt the excitement of the music enter her soul it moved from her head to her toes and she was lost in his magic. Her stiletto heels made a clicking sound on the tiled floors and her sexy legs looked so divine with their shape encased in silk. She gyrated and swayed and her mouth was slightly open, the men felt her passion and she was like an erotic goddess.

She possessed a sensuality that made their cocks rigid and the way her body shimmied and shook reminded them that she had to be so damn good in bed. Her sexiness was apparent to all, men and women alike and many of the women stared at her face and body with envy some with desire and they wanted to touch her and make her move exactly the way she was on the dance floor. Their eyes never left her voluptuous form and watched the dress ride up a little higher showing more thigh than she probably hand anticipated. Her breasts were almost overflowing the confines of her decolletage and they were ripe and juicy morsels.

The man sitting in the corner of the room had watched her walk in and continued to stare at her as she danced. He was fascinated by her every move and couldn’t take his eyes off of her. everything about her spoke volumes from that golden hair right down to her lovely elegant feet. Her face was very expressive and so beautiful that his very breath caught in his throat. His cock hadn’t stopped throbbing since she arrived and it was almost aching with his desire for her. He envisioned her stark naked underneath him as he slid his long fingers over her overheated silky skin.

He just couldn’t imagine how it would feel to touch her nipples and those luscious breasts. He imagined licking and sucking those hardened coral peaks and it made him all that much more harder. He wanted this beautiful creature and he felt the fire inside of him ignite as he imagined tasting that supple fragrant skin. He knew he would react like a volcano ready to erupt once he touched her..after that it would be so volatile that he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. Right now he wasn’t thinking rational, his mind was reacting to her curves and that radiant expressive face. He was telling himself that she would probably make love and orgasm exactly the way she danced an all consuming act of incredible eroticism.

The music stopped and everyone in the room watched her movements cease and she opened her eyes and looked around her. It was almost as if she had forgotten where she was as she had been so absorbed in her sensational dancing. She lifted her chin and held her head high like a magnificent queen and started to walk towards the man who was so mesmerized by her. He stood up as she approached his table, not knowing if she was going to join him or walk to the bar. He didn’t give her a chance he almost pounced on the opportunity to have this exotic beauty by his side. He was a relatively tall man with a face that was handsome, sexy eyes and a mustache that almost made her blush as she stared at it and his smiling lips.

She stopped and tilted her head to one side and he wanted to kiss the nape of her soft neck as she exposed it to his gaze. Her scent was intoxicating as he knew it would be and he Ankara travesti gave her a slight bow and asked her to join him. His face must have looked like an eager little boys as she smiled at him and nodded her head in agreement. He pulled out her chair and held it for her as she sat down. Her lush ass was softly rounded and his hands itched to touch it and the curve of her lovely back. His hands shook as he helped push the chair in and he was hard pressed not to feel that sensitized skin beneath his hands. Telling himself rationally to behave yourself and not act like some pubescent teen aged boy.

She looked across at him as she sat down, with such a pretty smile and he felt the heat rush into his face, almost as if she had guessed that he had a very large painful erection right now. Asking her with that deep sexy masculine voice what she would like to drink she said “a chocolate martini, he snapped his fingers for the waiter and ordered it. He was sipping something on the rocks and his eyes bored into hers. She was nonplussed and didn’t say a word only smiling into his. He loved her large soulful eyes they were hauntingly beautiful and so very passionate.

The waiter brought the drink and placed it front of her..his smile was wicked and he said “Lovely lady, you have some moves there you know, very hot.” She gave him one of those femme fatale smiles and the man sitting across from her wanted them only for him..He never felt jealousy and he gloried in men enjoying the beauty of a woman. He felt that stirring inside of him and it made him wonder what the hell was going on with him right now. The waiter walked away with a grin on his face after briefly touching her hand. He watched her put the glass to her lips to sip her chocolate martini and he stared at them with an intensity.

He asked her questions about herself and he was fascinated by everything about her, it had been awhile since he had felt this way about a woman. Her face was animated and full of emotion as she discussed her work and other things about her life. Her glass was empty and he ordered her another. He felt as if time had stood still for him and the second chocolate martini went quicker than the first. He could see the that she was very warm as she started to fan herself as the room was very warm. Looking across at him, she asked about his eyes, what color were they?

She was taking an active interest in him and he felt his chest puff out like a peacock..Her eyes watched his face and the expressions flitting across it as she continued to ask him about himself..Suddenly her fingers moved over his and they turned his hand over to trace his palm..He felt the shiver race up and down his spine as she said “you have a long life line.” Not really knowing what to say she asked if she cold move closer to him and he felt the elation inside. He wanted her to be very near to him, close enough to almost touch, to inhale her alluring scent. Pushing her chair back she stood and stretched and it only drew his attention to those awe inspiring curves and those bountiful breasts that he wanted to touch so badly.

He went to rise to pull out the other chair and she bade him sit, as she gracefully pulled it out and gently sat down. She leaned towards him and that scent drew him to her, like incredible pheromones, enticing and intoxicating. They gazed into one another’s eyes again and this time her hand moved under the table onto his knee and slowly upwards. He almost held his breath in anticipation of her touching his hardness. She didn’t disappoint him and he could feel those long fingernails trace over his upper thigh in soft circular motions. Her eyes had a look of naked passion and he felt the blood almost rush to his head.

She smiled then as those delicate fingers shifted up slightly until they reached their destination..He groaned as she touched him, slowly rubbing her hand over his throbbing cock..her hand found the zipper and she undid it and Konya travesti somehow he was free and she was stroking him up and down. He knew if she kept it up the dam would break and the flood gates would be wide open. He leaned towards her face and her soft sensual lips opened for him to kiss her. Needing no prompting his tongue plunged inside of her mouth and it was her turn to moan as their tongues meshed and dueled.

He moved his hand under the table and stopped her hand from further touching his cock..the pre cum was on the tip and he was only minutes away from erupting. Continuing to kiss she reluctantly withdrew her hand from his lovely member and put her hand back on the table. Their mouths drew apart but not before he took her full bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it..She was feeling the affects of the alcohol and she wanted this man to touch her..slide his long fingers under the table and pull up her dress to feel her wetness. Would he be game to go somewhere so they could give free rein to their desire for each other. Leaning forward she huskily whispered, can we find some place to make out..lets get physical baby.

Her words made him harder and his imagination ran rampant with visions of her dress up and he was taking her over a table or her panties were off and he was giving her oral. He put his cock back in his pants with reluctance but he was more than a little excited right now with her idea. He pushed his chair back and stood up, tall with squared shoulders and lean hips, an arresting figure of a man. She looked at his body and licked her full lips and his cock expanded even more with that provocation. He walked around and pulled her chair back and his hand touched the firmness of her round delightful ass.

They walked towards the back of the nightclub where the cloak room lay in semi darkness and the door was unlocked. She turned to him and showed off her beautiful pearly white teeth as she smiled seductively and said “come on baby, let’s do it, come on inside.” He didn’t need any prompting and followed her inside the room..He turned to lock the door and he drew her body to his with a hunger that was eating away at him..Her body was so beautiful and supple, the skin of her back felt like heaven to the touch with it’s silky softness. The scent of her made him think of an exotic garden filled with fragrant delicious aromatic flowers. His hands moved to her bottom and cupped it’s perfect shape.

She moaned into his mouth as he moved them over and around her sweet derriere.. Finding the zipper of her dress it was undone and slid down over her legs to fall with a slither onto the cold floor. She stepped out of it and his eyes saw her body in the dim light; she was magnificent with her hot curves and those breasts positively over flowing the sexy shelf bra. She was wearing thigh high stockinga, black silk with lace around the tops. An absolute perfect foil for her lustrous thighs. The thong only emphasized her delightful mound and the sheerness showed off her naked smoothness.

He undid his pants and allowed them to drop to the floor, he was glad he went commando as his cock rose high and pointed towards the ceiling..He was so damn hard and he was oozing that pre-cum from the tip of his massive shaft. She looked at him and gasped at the size of his swollen member. He took his shirt off and stood almost naked before her, with the exception of his expensive leather docker shoes and his argyle socks. His intent was clear as he removed her bra and her tits sprung free of their confines..Perfectly shaped and ready for his hands and mouth, their coral tips already hard buds of pure joy.

The table lay directly behind them empty and ready for them to make use of it. He lifted her and placed his mouth upon her softly scented neck. The texture and taste of her skin made him almost crazy with desire. How he loved the way a woman was designed, purely for a man’s pleasure. Placing her high up İzmir travesti on the table she was at a wonderful angle for play and lots of fun. Her legs were open and he was going to enjoy taking that sheer black thong off of her with his teeth. Laying back he watched her face in repose, it was arresting and so very beautiful almost angelical in appearance. Her eyes were large and were full of naughty deliciousness. He leaned down to kiss her navel and he removed her silky thong and her pussy gleamed at him.

She was smooth and her legs opened to reveal her flower and womanly perfection as he moved his mouth closer to her labia. His tongue circled the smoothness and she almost cried out as he tasted her, the scent of a sexy woman with a pearl that was plump and ready for him. She opened to him and he licked and sucked on her rose petal softness. The taste of her so delicious he wanted to devour her completely. She almost screamed out in her ecstasy as he continued to taste and finger her labia and inside of her tight wet honey pot. Her back rose higher as she arched with a gentle grace. She grasped his hair and her legs went around him as he took her to that place, a higher plateau of divine beauty.

She reached that pinnacle with a hot vivid orgasm and writhing over and over as she cried out OMG, YES, YES until she was replete. His mouth was wet with her honey and he kissed his way up her body to suckle her hardened coral buds and she moaned and cried out again. He didn’t want to stop sucking on those nipples but he had to allow that sensual mouth to taste her rich sweetness. He kissed her with a force that rocked them both and her hands found his hardness and he moaned into the cavern of that hot mouth. She moved them over his softness and he groaned as she touched the tip and felt his pre-cum.

He wanted that delicious mouth on him, sucking him as he knew that she would be spectacular at pretty much everything when it came to sex including giving him an amazing blow job. Right now he couldn’t wait, he was at the point of no return and she was wet and ready for him…her pussy swollen with need as his cock was going to explode deep within her. Sensing his need she spread her legs even wider as he was knocking at the door to her hot tight sheath. She bade him enter as she grasped his delightful hard ass and massaged it as he pushed and went inside of her. He gasped as her heat and the wonderful tightness as it surrounded his cock and her muscles tightened around him.

The moved in perfect unison together, up and down and he suckled her nipples as she rode with him. The beautiful sensual woman in the throes of sexual joy, her body pushing against his and he kept going in deeper and deeper..Her tightness only intensifying his passion for her as she seemed to sense what he enjoyed. He was going to cum any minute as it was glorious, he closed his eyes and could feel it happening, the explosion would be mighty as he slapped his balls against her beautiful firm skin. Tensing he knew it was going to happen and he gasped as she slid her fingers around his anus and over his tight ass. Yelling out as he rammed her again with one last powerful stroke “BABY, BABY, BABY” he erupted like a volcano and his sperm was a hot molten liquid as it spewed deeply inside of her.

He lay across her body spent for a moment and rose to kiss those sexy lips one more time before he arose and helped her up off the table. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he pulled her supple naked body against his. Those silk stocking and heels still on and looking might sexy on her. The feel of them against his legs was a very hot sensation and he could feel his cock growing again as she ground her body against his..her wet pussy fragrant and so alluring. The kiss that she gave him sealed the deal, it was so damn erotic and she was practically steaming with that sizzle. Her tongue making him feel a shiver go down his spine; “GOD”she was so beautiful and sexy and he was going to take her again. Perhaps this time with her bent over so he could slap his balls against that hot ass of hers. He grasped it in his hands and kneaded the flesh of those lovely rounded cheeks as the kiss intensified and he almost smiled as she purred in contentment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32