Hot Blonde Student Gets a DP

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NOTE: This is the fourth story in this series about the hot blonde high school student and her sexual fun with the assistant dean of students. The three previous stories are described in the first three paragraphs.


For Jenna Peterson, her senior year in high school was the best one of all, thanks mostly to Brian Hanson, the assistant dean of students. The sexy eighteen year old blonde had avoided possible expulsion by sucking him off, and she enjoyed it as much as he did, partly because he kept his hands off her while she was doing it, which is something none of her boy friends had ever been willing to do. He let her set the pace and truly relish the feel of his cock in her mouth and the taste of his cum, and the blow job she gave him was the most fun of any she had ever done. It was so good that she frigged her clit to an orgasm too, climaxing shortly after swallowing the delicious treat he pumped into her mouth.

The next day she came to his office for more, and he got on his knees and ate her needful pussy, something nobody had ever done before, and brought her to two tremendous orgasms. He followed that by fucking her, safely of course, until she climaxed for the third time that day. Over the next few weeks, this became their pattern, his eating her pussy to at least one orgasm, followed by bringing her to another by fucking.

During their most recent tryst, Jenna experienced yet another fabulous new thrill, when their rendezvous coincided, for the first time, with her being in her menses. As usual, that condition was making her even hornier than usual, and she hoped for something special to relieve her need. She got it. The assistant dean fucked her in the ass while he played with her clit, and her orgasm from that combination may have been the greatest she had ever known, at least up until then.

Jenna expected something new again that day, because Mr. Hanson had instructed her to bring a slender dildo with her, but she didn’t know exactly why. He had always eaten her pussy, except for their first time together and the time she had been in her period. She expected him to do that, which would have been enough to make her eager and excited, and that he would fuck her after her orgasm, but she didn’t know if it would be in her ass or her pussy. She would cum like crazy from his big cock in either place, so she expected to be totally satisfied either way. The reason for the dildo was still a puzzle, but she expected to find out soon, so she was curious rather than concerned. Whatever Mr. Hanson had in mind, she was certain she would enjoy it, the way she had enjoyed everything they had done so far.

To keep their true activities secret, their rendezvous was listed on his calendar as a “conference” and was scheduled for two o’clock. Jenna looked forward to that time all day and, when it was a few minutes before two, she left the English class where she had been pretending to listen, and went to the office of the assistant dean. The door was closed, so she knocked, wanting to keep everything strictly legitimate until she was inside.

“Come in,” was the response.

Jenna did as she was told, and closed the door and looked around the office to see if anybody else was present. Nobody was, so she locked it and started toward the desk, where Mr. Hanson had already gotten to his feet and was walking forward to meet her.

As always, Brian was extremely happy to see Jenna keeping her appointment with him. For one thing, she was a really good looking young woman, with shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes and a beautiful peaches-and-cream complexion. Her breasts were big and totally natural, and he could tell that, as usual, she was not wearing a bra under her light blue jersey. He got up to meet her; they embraced in the middle of the office, and he lifted her short navy blue skirt and thrust his hands through the waistband of her skimpy panties to squeeze the succulent cheeks of her ass. When they kissed, both their mouths were wide open, and their tongues renewed their very cordial relationship. They continued mashing their lips together until Brian broke off the kiss and stepped slightly back to look at the girl who would soon be sharing carnal pleasure with him.

“Hello, Jenna. I’m glad you could make it today.”

“I am too. I’ve been looking forward to getting together again ever since last week.”

“So have I, because I have something else I want to do that I’m sure you’ll like. Did you bring your dildo?”

“Right here.”

Jenna took the toy out of her purse and showed it to the assistant dean. It was rather old and relatively small, and made of soft pink plastic. She never used it any more, since she much preferred real cocks, and had a larger dildo to use when no real ones were available. Jenna was unsure of what would be happening but she was very much looking forward to finding out.

He took it from her hand and looked at it. “Is it clean?”

“I haven’t used it for a while, but I always wash Beylikdüzü escort bayan it and my other one off and keep them in plastic bags in my panty drawer.”

That satisfied the assistant dean, and he took it over to the couch, set it down and returned to Jenna. They embraced again, and shared a long kiss, once more thrusting their tongues into each other’s mouths. The longer he was making her wait, the hornier she was getting, and the more she was wondering about what fun things they would be doing that day.

Whatever they would be, the adventure continued with Mr. Hanson slipping his hands under her tight jersey and carefully lifting it, working it over her big breasts and pulling it off over her head. Unconstrained any more by the tight garment, the luscious globes bounced free, but their freedom lasted only seconds. As usual, the man who would be introducing her to something new took one in either hand and started licking their nipples, which quickly became fully erect.

Whatever else was going to happen, Jenna knew she would be naked while it was going on so, while her breasts were being licked, she scuffed out of her flat shoes and unbuttoned and unzipped her tight skirt. She pushed that garment down around her hips and ass and let it puddle around her feet. Feeling better already, she stepped out of it, did the same with her silky blue panties, and moved both garments out of their way with her bare foot. Mr. Hanson glanced down, saw the skirt and shoes and panties on the floor and raised his head from her breasts.

“Let’s go over to the couch, Jenna.” Once there, he gave her further directions. “Okay, get up here on your knees.”

Brian went over to his desk and removed some condoms and the small bottle of Aqualube from the locked drawer where he kept personal items. On the way back to where Jenna was kneeling, he picked up the dildo and opened the bottle. Knowing how much he would like the feel of her bare skin against his, he also took off his shirt and tossed it on top of the desk.

“Okay, Jenna, reach back and spread your ass cheeks.”

Although quite disappointed, she did what he asked. She still expected to do something new and fun but, more than anything else they might do that day, Jenna wanted to cum from having her pussy eaten. Almost two weeks had passed since she had received that particular sexual thrill. They hadn’t done it their previous time together while she was in her menses, and the eager student was really missing it. Jenna knew she would derive tremendous pleasure from being fucked in the ass, but she would have much preferred having Mr. Hanson eat her pussy first. Until he told her to get on her knees, she had no doubt that the first sexual act to happen between them that day would be his mouth bringing her to an orgasm, hopefully followed by a second one reached the same way.

What little doubt she had about her ass being fucked disappeared when she felt the tip of the plastic bottle inserted into the tiny hole she was holding open. That was followed by a cool gush of the Aqualube; her body shivered in delight from it and her hind quarters squirmed in avid expectation of having the lubricant followed by his big cock. There was more shivering and squirming when she felt his finger penetrating her ass to spread the Aqualube, and still more when she felt a hard object pressing against the well-lubed hole. She cooed happily as it pushed its way inside, until she realized that Mr. Hanson wasn’t kneeling behind her as he had done the last time they got together.

That was when she became aware it was the dildo that was being eased into her ass. Had it not been for the huge waves of pleasure that radiated out from where the plastic toy was burrowing into her, she would have been disappointed. Mr. Hanson’s cock had felt better, but the pink dildo, the second biggest thing that had ever been inside that pleasure hole, was close to feeling as good. Slowly, an inch at a time, the toy was inserted into her until she felt the hard disk that formed the base start to rub against the soft insides of both her ass cheeks. All six inches of the dildo were imbedded in her, and she could feel bliss throbbing through her body from all along its entire length. Jenna nodded her head when asked if it felt good, because it certainly did, even though it was not the most fun she had ever had.

It quickly got better. “Okay, Jenna, now lie on your back with your legs spread.”

A pillow was handed to her so she could place it under her head. The pretty student did as she was directed, rolling over so the couch cushion pressed against her ass and, more importantly, the rubber disk at the base of the dildo. A sudden bolt of pleasure shot through her body, almost as great as when Mr. Hanson’s cock had first penetrated her there. Every time she moved, it was repeated, and Jenna started cooing more loudly from the intense pleasure.

Brian smiled at her response, which was what he had Escort Beyoğlu expected. “I’m glad to see you like that, Jenna, because it’ll get a lot better when we start doing more.”

Immediately, they did start doing more. Brian knelt on the couch between her legs and leaned forward. Knowing what that meant, and glad he was finally going to start eating her pussy, Jenna raised her legs so the assistant dean could duck under them, and they came to rest on his shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her thighs so his hands met on her mons and gazed for the first time in a couple of weeks on Jenna’s beautiful pussy.

As most men who really enjoy mutually pleasurable sex with women, Brian is an admirer of pussies, and the one before his eyes was one of the most beautiful he had ever seen. Jenna is a natural blonde, with milky white skin on her thighs and pussy and sparse pubic hair that is an even lighter blonde than what framed her pretty face. The soft bush did nothing to conceal her rosy pink lips that were swollen with her lust and already blossoming out through her tight slit. Brian only gazed on the lovely sight for a few seconds, because he knew her beauty wasn’t even the most outstanding feature of Jenna’s pussy. He gently spread the sides of that pink slit, and breathed in deeply of the delightful aroma that arose, but he knew that wasn’t the best part either.

After relishing the beauty and the aroma, he started licking some of the loose drops that had spattered on her thighs. Her juices tasted even better than they smelled, and he carefully licked everything from her legs and crotch before starting on one of her soft outer lips. Her juices were ambrosia, among the most delicious flavors he had ever savored, but they weren’t the best part of eating Jenna’s pussy either.

The best part, to Brian, was the incredible sensation of her soft, smooth skin of that lip, like a warm, vibrant satin pillow under his tongue. Her fluffy hair enhanced the texture, as his tongue slowly meandered over the entire surface, until he reached her soft mons and kissed her there. What made it even more delightful was the way her pussy was already fucking up into his face as Jenna moaned in bliss. An even better part of the best part may have been the knowledge that the delightfully spongy texture of her swollen pussy lips would be even better, once his mouth got to them.

To Jenna, the best part by far was the sensation of the assistant dean’s pleasuring tongue as it caressed her sensitive skin, and it was made even better by the plastic cock buried deep in her ass. Every time she moved in response to the first stimulus, the dildo moved too, sending bursts of intense joy all through her body and, the more of them there were, the more she moved. After just a few minutes of having her pussy caressed by the Mr. Hanson’s tongue, she was thrashing wildly and uninhibitedly on the couch. Her cooing had turned entirely to blissful moans and whimpers, and she wanted nothing more than to cum.

Even as he licked the other outer lip, Brian noticed how wild Jenna’s sounds and movements were, and he surmised that it was largely due to the dildo in her ass. By the time he reached her mons the second time, and raised his head to look over her body, he realized she was at the apex of arousal. She couldn’t get any more sexually excited, so he would bring her to one climax and to another one after that. Following her second orgasm, of course, they would fuck.

Jenna’s clit was so swollen it had already pushed its way entirely out from under its protective hood, and he drew the precious morsel into his mouth. While Brian’s lips formed a seal at the base, his tongue fondled the engorged sides and top, and he felt Jenna’s body get even wilder, ramming up against his face as he sucked and licked. She moaned and whimpered at the same tempo as his tongue and cheeks were working.

Abruptly, she cried out in delight as she started cumming. As was her wont, her thighs squeezed the temples of the man who had just brought about that splendid state, and her hands went to the back of his head. Jenna’s pussy continued ramming up into his face, but her hands also held his mouth against her clit, so he couldn’t have gotten away if he had wanted, which he didn’t. The hot blonde’s legs swung from side to side, while Brian clung to her thighs and kept Jenna’s clit securely in his mouth while enjoying the wild ride.

Her state of arousal had been so high that her cumming didn’t last very long. After less than a minute, all her muscles clenched and Jenna rammed her pussy against his face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, she totally relaxed on the couch, with her legs draped loosely over Brian’s shoulders. He took his time, and licked up all the fresh nectar she had just produced. He had no thought of stopping, and intended to eat her pussy until she climaxed again, and hoped to take much longer and make the second one even better for both of them.

Jenna lay, Bomonti escort somewhat relaxed, on the couch, and felt the assistant dean’s tongue starting to caress her outer pussy lips again. She couldn’t really relax very much, because the dildo that was still in her ass was sending pleasure throbbing through her body every time she moved, and his busy tongue was already doing the same from the other direction.

“That was wonderful, Mr. Hanson,” she murmured. “I hope you can do it again, and make it just as good.” After making that suggestion, there was no need for either of them to talk, because the movements of their bodies said everything there was to say.

Especially, there was no need for Brian to talk, and his mouth was too enjoyably busy anyhow. Advancing up the outer lip, his tongue traveled very slowly, and covered the same area over and over. After cumming once already, all of Jenna’s centers of pleasure seemed to be especially sensitive, and she was already squirming under his ministrations. Brian took his time, reveling once again in everything about eating the hot student’s pussy, the aroma, the flavor, its beauty, Jenna’s fervent exclamation of pleasure and, more than anything else, the texture of her lips and skin and sparse pubic hair under his mouth.

When he reached her Mount of Venus, he kissed her there, as was his usual preference, and brought his mouth back to below her dripping pink hole. He tongue gathered and savored all the nectar that had just been produced and started slowly caressing her other outer lip. Once again, after licking her there the same as he had the first lip, he kissed Jenna’s mons when his mouth reached it. Brian raised his head and looked at the way she was thrashing around on the couch from the dildo in her ass and from what his mouth was doing. He really loved having a sexy woman, such as her, cumming in front of him, the way she would soon be doing.

Jenna knew she would cum soon also, and was having more sexual fun then than she had ever had before, even with Mr. Hanson. She was sighing with joy and squirming and, the more she squirmed, the more the dildo in her ass moved around, sending more bolts of pleasure through her body, making her squirm even more. To make it even better, his tongue was sending joy through her body from the other side, elevating her level of pleasure to new heights.

She interrupted her moans and whimpers of bliss to exhort the man who was evoking them. “That’s fantastic,” she murmured. “Please don’t stop!”

Brian had no intention of stopping until he and Jenna had enjoyed another of her orgasms, and he knew she was close to the apex of arousal. His arms were still around her milky-white thighs, so he moved his hands down to spread open her dripping wet slit and press his face even more closely against her pussy. His tongue lapped up all the freshest juices and started probing into the pink hole that had produced them. Jenna’s movements became even more erratic, and her moans became louder. Licking upward on the pink pathway, relishing all the nectar, Brian’s tongue also probed into the adorable hole that had produced them and the swollen inner lips that surrounded his face. He knew she was getting closer to cumming by the second, but he still didn’t want to hurry things.

His tongue reached his goal, Jenna’s adorable, swollen clit, and curled itself around first one side, then the other. With her protective hood completely pushed out of the way, Brian enveloped the little darling in his mouth and started sucking. Once again, he clamped his lips around the base, forming a seal, and his tongue caressed the sides and top. As he continued worshiping Jenna’s clit, her movements became even more frenetic, until she started cumming again.

“Oh, god!” she cried out, as she lost control of most of her muscles.

Once again, her hands and thighs involuntarily seized the head of the man who was providing such exquisite pleasure. Jenna’s legs oscillated, even more wildly that before, and every time she landed back on the couch, the dildo buried inside her ass moved, sending more rockets of delight crashing throughout her body. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she whimpered in time with those explosions.

“AH!” the sexy student howled as she climaxed, ramming he pussy for an ultimate time into the face that was a willing prisoner between her thighs.

After her tremendous orgasm, Jenna relaxed on the couch, but the dildo in her ass was still radiating pleasure, and she could already feel it building up. She also felt the tongue that had brought about her orgasm as it lapped the fresh juices from her legs and all around the pink hole that was its source. Mostly though, she felt nothing but the absolute bliss that inundated her very satisfied body.

Brian was equally satisfied at the way Jenna had cum, and more than satisfied at the flavor of the fresh nectar he was licking from her. However, this time he left the juices that were still inside her love hole. His tongue and all his sensory organs had immensely enjoyed every aspect of Jenna’s pussy, and it would soon be the turn of his stiff cock, and the fluid, although it would have been delicious, would be needed for lubrication. After devouring everything he would allow himself, Brian backed out from under her legs and stood up.

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