Honey, I’m Home!

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Double Penetration

Debra came home early today. Generally that’s OK because we always call each other to let the other know we are on the way and to make plans in case we want to meet in town or need to pick something up from the store on the way home. No big deal.

But before I tell you about that let me talk about my day up to that point.

I was off work this Monday morning because I worked the weekend. Debra had to go to work this morning, though. It would probably be a longish day for her too, because Mondays in the OR tended to have lots of surgeries scheduled. Mondays were generally the longest days.

She got up to get ready at our usual 5:00 AM but I slept in and didn’t even hear her leave the house. I finally woke up a bit before 6:00, probably awakened by the garage door closing as she left. It was raining steadily, a cold November rain. I had been planning to go out and work in my shop building but the damp chill of 36 degrees F, the expected HIGH for the day, left me less than motivated. I took a quick shower and then ate breakfast while I half-heartedly watched a previously recorded TV program. When I finished eating I flipped the TV off without finishing the show. I really didn’t want to watch TV, anyway.

So I washed the breakfast dishes and decided to finish writing a spanking story that I had started months ago and never finished. I booted up the computer, attached the USB drive and opened the story and started reading to remind myself where I was and where the story was headed.

This was one of the kinkier stories with lots of other action besides the spanking and I got hornier and hornier as I wrote. Finally I got to a good stopping place; so I added a few notes to remind me where I thought it might go next, saved it and opened a folder of my favorite porny pictures. I watched the slide show, idly playing with myself when a series came up featuring a woman spanking and then putting a strap on up a guy’s ass.

Hoookay. Let’s see, it’s not quite 10:00 AM. Debra isn’t due home before 3:00 PM at the earliest and more likely around 5:00. With a heavy schedule today there wasn’t much chance that she’d be interested in hanky panky tonight. Why not do a self spanking/masturbation session? With dildos and butt plugs? There wasn’t anything else that I really needed to do today anyway. It sure beats watching TV.

So I went to the closet in the bedroom and got out the “toy box”, placed it on the bed, and started rummaging around in it. I tossed out several different paddles that are well suited to solo play and tossed in a couple of dildos and the bigger butt plug along with a bottle of lube. I was getting ready to close the box and move it off the bed when I spotted the little box with the black lingerie in it. Hmm. Plenty of time, why not? So I took it out too.

This box contains one of Debra’s old garter belts, a satiny bra, and stretchy, lacy panties, as well as a couple pair of stockings to go with the garter belt, all in black; the bra and garter belt have tiny red bows at the front center. Except for the hose, which I’d gotten new from Deb’s stash, these are items that were slated for disposal because they had been replaced with new ones by the time we moved into our new house. During the sorting of what to move and what to toss, they’d gone to the toss pile but I decided to keep them for the heck of it and stashed them with the toys. I had worn them a couple of times while Deb spanked me, long ago. We have a photo in our secret album that proves it. No, don’t bother to ask! No one else ever gets to see it.

So every once in a while I get these items out and put them on for a solo session when I’m feeling especially naughtily sexy, maybe two to three times over the couple of years I’ve had them. It had been at least eight or nine months since I’d last had them out. I’d definitely noticed that I was feeling very sensuous today, sliding my thighs together when I walked through the house while enjoying their soft silkiness and swaying a bit as a result. Why not take this over the top?

So I grabbed a couple of pair of Deb’s black panties out of her underwear drawer to stuff the bra cups with and, after closing the toy box up and moving it back to the closet, carried the selected items along with a hand mirror from the bathroom into the great room, where I planned to start the play.

I grabbed a big bowl out of the pantry and tossed the dildos and butt plug into it and ran it full of hot water. Don’tcha just hate it when the ass toys are cold? Well, I do. Then I went into the spare bedroom and got the dresser mirror and took it to the living room and set it in front of one of the easy chairs so I could watch myself “dress up”. But after a moment’s thought bornova escort I decided to warm my fanny first because I knew it would also “heat” the rest of me up too. So I moved the end table away from the loveseat and threw a soft towel over the arm. One of my favorite ways to do a self spanking is over the well padded arm of our LazyBoy loveseat, my face in the seat cushions, and my feet either on or dangling just above the floor, unless they are kicking up, of course. I can just almost get off grinding into that soft old towel while I use the paddles to light up my ass and upper thighs.

I went and got the mirror from the spot where I had originally placed it and moved it to a position where I could see myself while I was in the spanking position across the arm of the loveseat. I shed my bathrobe and lay across the loveseat’s arm; it took a couple of times getting up and down to get the mirror adjusted properly; and then I was ready. The paddles were all lying just beyond my head on the seat cushions where I could easily reach them.

Selecting the light “warm-up” paddle, really a ruler, and closing my eyes, I started in, slapping away at my own ass, first one side, then the other, then the first, then the other, back and forth. After a few swats I opened my eyes and watched the action. My ass was warming nicely, but the pink wasn’t really showing much so I switched to a larger and slightly heavier paddle. This one burned and I spread its fiery strokes across my nether cheeks and upper thighs spanking hard and fast until I had to stop for a breather.

I took a good look in the mirror and decided my behind was pinking up rather nicely; in fact it was glowing, so I got up, grabbed the hand mirror, and went to the dresser mirror where I could really inspect the results close up by using both mirrors. I was hard as a rock.

I was getting ready to move the mirror back in front of the recliner in the corner but then decided what the heck, might as well go through the whole round of paddles. I’d brought seven different ones from the toy box. Each has a different feel and the combination of all of them in succession really lights me up.

So, back over the arm and starting with the one I ended with, I went through the pile, giving myself twenty good whacks with each. The last one is a little monster and I really laid it on, wondering if I’d be able to take all twenty strokes at the maximum force I could apply. I gritted my teeth and proceeded with it but my feet came off the floor and I was grunting in painful pleasure by the time I finished. I was not able to watch while I used this paddle because the intensity was just too much to keep my eyes open.

My ass was really, really red now. I used the warm up paddle to finish off. It sure feels different once I am thoroughly warmed up. I watched myself wiggle and grind against the towel, opening and closing my thighs as I applied each stroke with that little lightweight ruler. God I was hot!

I got up and moved the mirror back to the starting place and sat down on the chair, feeling the rough nap of the cushion on the blazing skin of my backside. I’d placed the mirror perfectly so I stood and put the garter belt on and sat back down. I picked up the first stocking and rolled it to the toe and, putting my own toes in the resulting pocket, slowly and sensuously rolled it up my leg while I watched the performance in the mirror. Whew! That really makes me hard and horny! I fastened the front tab to the stocking and stood to fasten the back one before sitting back down to do the other one. I rolled it up my leg even more slowly, enjoying the naughty, forbidden sensation of slipping into a woman’s body and psyche. I quickly fastened both tabs and checked to make sure they were all even on both sides before sitting back down. I ran my hands slowly up my now nylon encased legs caressing the underside of my stiff dick with my wrists and open palms as I ran them on up my body and pinched my nipples to tiny erection.

The bra. I swear I don’t know how she does it but Deb can fasten and unfasten hers by reaching behind her. Not I! I have to wrap the thing around me below the nipples and fasten it in front before rotating it around to its proper position and putting my arms through the shoulder straps. She is a rather full B cup so I put a pair of her black panties in each cup to make it appear full. This bra is perfect for this because the top of the cups are high enough to hide the fact that there aren’t really any boobs in there.

I looked ridiculous, of course. I have moderate chest hair and belly hair, not to mention the belly itself, and the hair on my legs was visible through bostanlı escort the sheer black hose. I don’t care. I feel sexy as hell. I’m a horny lesbian! All I need is a pussy to dive into, tongue first. HOT DAMN! Come sit on my face, woman! Then we’ll ravage each other with our strap-ons!

I stretched out on the chair in front of the mirror and played with my huge, sensitive “clit” for a little while. Hot!

The panties? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t put them on. This day, Yeah! On the one hand the paddles don’t carry much sting through them, but on the other, it is fun to pull them down to the tops of my stockings and spank, then to my knees where they make me feel like I’ve been restrained, to my ankles, where I give them a twist before putting both feet through both leg holes to feel even more restrained. I have to kick my legs together as I spank with the panties at my ankles! The panties are big enough and the elastic tight enough to contain my erection if I push it to one side so it doesn’t poke through the waistband.

Enough wool gathering! I stood and pulled the panties on, turning to check myself out in the mirror. Then I grabbed it and moved it back to the spanking spot. It was easier to set it up properly this time because I could still see the impression in the carpet. Mirror, mirror on the floor, who d’you think’s the biggest whore?

I took a moment to exchange the warm water in the bowl of ass toys for some fresh hot water. They had absorbed a lot of the heat and cooled the water to nearly lukewarm and it would be a while before I got to them and I wanted them to be warm enough to really feel the warmth when I pushed them into my blazing hot ass. And I didn’t want to have to stop to get them ready later. I also got the large bath sheet and washcloth that I had forgotten when I brought the toys in here. I moved the bowl to the floor near the loveseat so they’d be handy whenever I did get to them and spread the bath sheet on the floor nearby. I also dropped the lube, a big book, and the hand mirror nearby.

Then, draping myself most artistically over the love seat’s arm, I selected the heaviest paddle and started in on my panty covered buns, while I watched the action in the mirror. It wasn’t long before I was ready to pull the panties down. First stop, near the tops of the hose. Back across the arm – “lap”. Selecting paddles as they struck my fancy, I gave myself twenty to fifty firm strokes with each selection I made until it was time to lower the panties to the next level, the knees. I didn’t spend too much time with them in this position, though; but instead moved pretty quickly to the panties at the ankles.

I took a moment to hobble over to the kitchen sink with them at my ankles, enjoying the hindrance having them binding my ankles caused, and got a drink of water before going back to the end of the love seat. I watched most of it in the mirror. My ass and the backs of my upper thighs were a deep shade of crimson.

Step out of one side of the panties, take a twist in them and back over the foot that was still through them, and then add the other foot through the same hole. My ankles were held close together as long as I kept the panties in place. I went back over the arm. I wished I could tie my wrists, too, but then I wouldn’t be able to use the paddles. I did wrap one of the other stockings around my wrists and savor the feeling for a few moments before dropping it and grabbing a paddle at random, without even looking.

I went through all the paddles again, watching myself as I lifted my legs, knees bent, and rocked myself over the love seat’s arm, thrusting against that soft old towel. I was HOT and excited. I stopped just short of blasting into the towel, stood, slipped a foot out of the restraining panties and, leaving them on the other ankle, walked into the master bathroom where there are mirrors on two walls around the garden tub. I strutted back and forth in front of them, pausing to examine my mottled red behind now and then.

Back to the great room. I turned the mirror to face the bath sheet spread out on the floor and readjusted the angle of the mirror so I’d be able to see, grabbed the light ruler, then lay down on my back on the bath sheet. I spread my thighs and, cupping my balls in one hand to protect them from stray strokes, started gently spanking the insides and fronts of my thighs with the ruler. The area is tender and it doesn’t take much to put on a nice tingly glow. I put a couple of clips on my nipples and carefully put the bra back in place so I wouldn’t dislodge them.

I moved to my knees and forearms, ass in the air, and took a moment to prop the hand mirror buca escort against the big book so that I could see my back end through it and the big mirror, nicely presented for my viewing pleasure. I was so horny! Taking the smaller of the realistic cock dildos from the still very warm water I dried it and lubed both it and my ass, rinsing the lube off my hand in the bowl of water so I could handle the dildo easily.

I placed the head of that rubber cock against my slippery opening and put firm but gentle pressure on it. The tight little sphincter resisted at first but I bore my bowel down on it and it slid in, in one long slippery stroke. My eyes, previously watching in the mirror, drifted shut in bliss as I reached for my dick with my free hand. Oooooohhhh! There was a jolt of pure pleasure as it slid past my prostate. I slid the rubber cock in and out in long slow stokes all the while bearing down on it while fireworks went off in my head. I stopped to keep from cumming before I was ready and just let the dildo rest deeply in my bottom, only reaching up to push it back when it would start to slowly slide out.

Finally I opened my eyes and watched as I slid it in and out three or four times before removing it and putting it aside. Back over the “lap” of the loveseat for another round of paddles, really whacking away until I couldn’t take any more and then back to the floor on my back again. I reached into the bowl and took out that big butt plug.

The large dildo has about the same diameter as the widest part of the butt plug and I still hadn’t decided whether I would use it or not. I have to take my time and be careful when inserting the plug, though it goes in with patience. If I don’t have too much trouble with the plug then the dildo is possible but it is something I only use when I’m well relaxed and want to feel that huge stretching sensation. “Size queen” days, I call them. Not often. But I always get it ready, just in case.

So, back on the floor, I lubed the plug, brought my knees way up and re-lubed that now relaxed bung hole, sliding a finger deeply into myself and bumping it against my prostate, my other hand lightly holding my dick. Ahhhh—hhh—aaah. Enough! Wash the lube off the hand, dry it and grab that short, fat, little bastard and push it against my asshole. I can tell this is going to be a challenge on this particular day. I pushed it up as far as I could comfortably get it, held it for a few seconds, then slowly backed off a bit. Pause, push to the limit again, pause, back off and repeat. And repeat. It went just a tiny bit further each time and I felt yielded and vulnerable as it stretched my rear entrance to its max each time, making me feel violated in the nastiest, most wonderful way. Finally it hung right on the cusp between being sucked in or squirting back out. I held it firmly and gently rocked it back and forth, enjoying the little stretch as the very fattest part passed through and having to prevent it from going all the way in either direction. Then, with a huge moan, I let go of it and let my hungry ass slurp it fully inside. The slightest stimulation of my super hard dick would have caused instant orgasm so I just lay there and let the feeling subside a bit before putting my feet back on the floor.

Finally, I grabbed the hand mirror, stood, tipping the big mirror up in the process, turned and bent to admire my accomplishment. The base of the butt plug was tight against my rear end. I could squeeze my cheeks together and cause it to disappear from sight. When I’d relax them again, it would reappear with a sticky suction cup sound because the base would fold against itself with each squeeze and then pop open when I relaxed.

I strutted around the house, relishing the feeling of fullness, occasionally touching my exquisitely sensitive cock. I went into the bathroom and stepped into the tub, watching myself in the mirror as I deliberately sat on the cold edge of the tub and rocked against the pressure of the butt plug; my inner thighs were a still a delicate shade of pink above the lacy black tops of the hose. Ah, no big dildo today, just one more round of paddles (oh how I wish I could swing the riding crop) and then I’m going to have an earth shaking orgasm with that fat butt plug pressing against my prostate. If I pump the muscles down there when I get close it’ll probably launch my semen into orbit.

So I walked back to the love seat’s patiently waiting lap and placed myself across it. Ooops! Forgot the mirror-a quick adjustment and I was ready. I started with the lightest one again and worked my way through, not counting strokes this time, but rather going by the way it felt. I went back to a couple, making this a fairly long session.

I had just gotten back to the one that is my favorite when I’m well and thoroughly spanked and was just about ready for a huge orgasm when I heard the back door open and Debra announced, “Honey, I’m home! Sorry I didn’t call but my cell phone battery died when I hit send. Where are y…?”

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