Holly’s Party

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I had been waiting impatiently for Holly’s party. The evening finally arrived and it was time to go. I just could not wait to get there mainly to catch up with Jessica again I had not seen her for a while and it is fair to say I miss her a lot.

I parked up outside Holly’s apartment building, picked up her gift and got out of the car and walked up the stairs feeling somewhat nervous I arrived at her door.

I could hear music and laughter this made the nerves intensify, got no idea why I was nervous. I rang the bell and she quickly answered.

“Sugar! wow how great to see you.” Holly beamed.

“Happy birthday darling.” I replied giving her a big hug.

She ushered me in and took me over to her bar, she was looking hot her blonde hair tied up, a animal print tube dress that stopped just before her knees, and strapless stunning.

She made me a drink gave me a kiss and a hug and continued mingling with her guests she was having a great time.

I sipped my drink and looked around and there she was Jessica over the opposite end of the room with her big red hair, I could see she was wearing a long tight black skirt that went down to her ankles just revealing her heels.

Her bare middle followed by a black short sleeved boob tube. She was talking to two men and holding her glass against her tits she is stunning.

I was just about to walk over when there was a tug on my shirt.

“hay honeybee!” It was Candy, my little Candy standing there.

Wearing a short tasselled mini skirt, and fishnet boob tube with a black bikini top underneath, she looked like she was up for some serious mischief.

“Why hi there sweetie your looking good tonight, how you doing?” I asked.

“Gee thanks I am really good. By the way thank you for the other night I really needed it, you are a lovely man to know.” She complimented.

“Hey no problem sweetie you are welcome any time you want.” I replied.

“Aww thanks my honeybee, now let me introduce you to a couple of friends of mine.”

She grabbed my arm and took me over to two girls. Both Ebony and very alike, both dressed in the same type dresses.

“Girls this is my Sugar, say hello.” Candy said excitedly.

“Hi Sugar I am Diana and this is Toni Jade.”

“Hi Sugar.” Toni gestured in a South American accent, Diana had a African accent, and I must say they were hot their dresses were deep plunge front very short, their tits were big and the dresses just about covered them.

They both had long thick curly hair, I asked if they were related and they said no. Which made me feel a bit of a fool being as their accents were different.

“Sugar? that sure is a strange name for a man.” Toni questioned.

“Just a nickname Toni, just a nickname. I replied.

While chatting to them I looked over in Jessica’s direction and she was still standing talking to the two men, she turned her head and saw me, she gave a wave and blew a kiss over to me.

She then put her hand on one of the men’s arms and stroked it still looking at me. I guessed it was a gesture being as I was standing there surrounded by three ebony cuties.

I continued chatting with Candy and her friends, and I must say they were quite a handful, but I was loving their attention. Candy could not keep her hands off them and they loved it.

I began getting horny thoughts about the three of them together now that is something I would love to see, and yes join in as well.

“So Sugar we hear you been looking after our Candy doll.” Diana asked.

“Well yes Diana she is a great lady.” I replied.

“yes and she also told us you fuck good.” commented Toni.

“Oh right, well I am not going to blow my trumpet ladies, but if Candy enjoyed herself then that’s good.” was all I could say.

My eyes were wandering all over their bodies, and I noticed they were both very touchy feely towards each other, and what with Candy they were pushing my lust buttons badly.

As Diana turned to put her glass down I caught a glimpse of her nipple as her dress slipped off slightly, she did not seem bothered.

It was as though she wanted me to see what she had and being as the plunge of their dresses stopped just past their belly buttons there really was not a lot left to see.

“A caring man wow that’s got be a first Diana.” replied Toni.

“Oh leave him be Toni you are a naughty girl.” Candy answered.

“Well Sugar maybe you can come and have some fun with us sometime.” Commented Toni.

you think you could deal with us?” Diana asked.

“Well Diana let me get back to you on that one, give me your number and I will call you.” again its all I could think of. They were turning me into a gibbering wreck!

With that I needed to find Holly, I left the three hot-ties and began to mingle, there were not to many people they were all Holly’s closest friends, I finally found her and took her over and got her another drink.

We chatted for a while Bayan Eskort and she mentioned about the two men Jessica was with, they were Andre and Mac, she then mentioned that Jessica had, had a threesome with them. And Holly mentioned she had as well.

I got a sudden lump in my throat no idea why, I mean I should not be jelious I mean lets face it I’ve had Candy in my bed twice, and will probably be arranging something with Diana and Toni.

I shrugged it off and then was not prepared for what came out of Holly’s mouth, to say it knocked me for six was a under statement.

“You know Sugar, the time I’ve known you I haven’t fucked you yet.”

Shit! I thought, we had, had a threesome with Jessica but I guessed that did not count. but she was right and I would not say no to her.

“So Holly my darling Holly what do you suggest we do about it?” I asked looking at her tits, her nipples poking through her dress.

“Come with me.” she said taking my hand and dragging me away from the bar. She walked me to a bedroom still holding my hand. We walked in and she closed the door and leant against it.

“Here we are Sugar, come here and fuck me.”

I walked up to her smiled and kissed her she took my tongue and wrapped her arms around me we kissed hotly our tongues teasing each other outside of our mouths. I put my hands on Holly’s hips and pulled her lower end against me.

I went down and kissed her neck, she moaned in pleasure as I worked my way onto her bare shoulders, Holly’s hands went down my back and then to my jeans and she began to undo me as we kissed again.

“Fuck I want you bad” she whispered to me through our kiss. She found my cock and began to stroke it slowly up and down. I pulled up her dress slightly and found her and began to stroke her gently teasing her pussy.

“Oh fuck hmm hmm I love your touch Sugar hmm hmm.”

She began to quicken on my cock as I became more rampant on her. There was a sudden knock on the door we were leaning against.

“Holly are you in there?” came a female voice.

“Yes fuck off I’m busy.” Holly shouted back.

“Come on come on fuck me now!” Holly demanded.

I hooked her right leg up and took my cock and teased her pussy sliding it in and out slowly she was tight and felt so good. I began to pump her slowly the feel of her lips on my cock felt so good as I took her tongue in my mouth.

“Awww fuck yes hmm you feel so good ooh yes hmm.” Holly responded.

I continued to fuck her up against the door as she pulled her dress off her tits, and I kissed each one as I pumped into her.

“Aww fuck Sugar harder oh fuck me harder!” Holly demanded.

I lifted her other leg and carried her over to the bed, I laid her on her back and continued our fuck. She wrapped her legs around my waist pushing me into her.

I took her tits again as she threw her arms back on the bed. Her nipples were hard and as I thrust into her I sucked each one in turn.

I took her tongue again and we kissed hotly with her horny moans blowing into my mouth, Holly wriggled a bit and managed to get her legs onto my shoulders, her heels stabbing me in my upper back, they felt really hot as they banged into me in time to my thrusts.

“Oh fuck Holly I want to cum” I whispered to her.

“No not yet hold it in oh fuck, oh fuck yes pump me baby oh yes oh fuck yes.” She replied in a rampant tone.

I pulled out of her and laid down she got on top and began to slide herself up and down I pulled her dress down and lifted the bottom of it up and out of the way so I could take her clit with my hand, this made her ride me quicker.

She rubbed her tits and kissed them as I then began to thrust up into her, she went up onto her heels and took me up and down her tits in her hands cupping them and rubbing them.

“Aww your cock feels so good oh fuck me oh yes oh shit yes.”

She began to play with her hair running her hands through it, watching her ride me made me suddenly think about Jessica, I began thinking about fucking her while fucking Holly.

I needed to cum so bad and began to fuck Holly harder, she fell forwards and I pumped her hot pussy fast at first but then slowed as I was loving the feel of her and thinking about Jessica on my cock but taking Holly’s tits in my mouth.

“Oh fuck Sugar I’m cumin oh fuck yes yes fuck me harder oh harder yes yes cum baby cum in me! aww aww aww fuck yes yes yes cum baby yes yes yes oh oh fuck yes!”

She screamed out as she came on me with that I let all I had go into her “Oh fuck Holly oh fuck.” I yelled as I came.

Holly laid on top of me and we laid there for around ten minutes, we got up and composed and straightened ourselves out, and returned to the party.

I went to the bar and got myself another drink. There was a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and there was Jessica.

“Hay honey you take a long time to come and see me.” She said.

“Sweetie you looked busy I didn’t want to butt in.” I replied.

“Silly you I would have dropped them like a shot if you had come over. So did Holly enjoy her present from you just now?” Jessica questioned.

“Well yes but it just happened, she asked me and took me, why do you ask?” I questioned.

“No reason its okay she told me she was going to fuck you tonight, and well why do you think I never came over to you?” explained Jessica.

“Oh I see, and there was me hoping to spend my time with you tonight, I have been waiting for tonight for days so that I could see you, and look at you beautiful, and looking hot.” I said in a flustered tone.

“Tell you what why don’t we leave here in a bit and you can take me home, I mean as long as you have the energy for me.” She said laughing.

“Oh don’t worry about that I got energy for you Jessica.”

Jessica smiled at me and kissed me, and walked off to talk to another woman. This was turning into a crazy night, I had been propositioned by two hot ebony’s I had fucked the birthday girl, now Jessica wanted her fill this was just turning into a lust feast!.

Looking around there was plenty going on, the music was good, Candy was chatting up a man, Holly had her tongue down another’s throat.

Diana and Toni vanished into a bedroom, Jessica was busy talking to a tall Blonde, no idea who she was but she was sexy as hell.

This party had all the makings of a orgy, but then the business they were all in it would not have surprised me. I then saw Holly take the man she was snogging into another bedroom, she sure was in a rampant mood.

I suddenly had a idea of going into the room where Diana and Toni went, being as Jessica was now sitting on the sofa with the blonde and was stroking the blondes leg.

The two men Jessica was talking to had their own agenda’s with two other women, shit and here I was standing here on my own! with that I walked to the room where Diana and Toni went.

I opened the door slowly and stuck my head round and there they were, but they were not doing anything other than re adjusting their dresses. Diana saw me peeping round the door and smiled.

“Oh Toni someone has to come see us.” Diana said.

“Sugar you come here to late, you should have come before, but Come on in Sugar and tell us about it.” Toni replied.

I walked in and closed the door, I could not be getting into anything as Jessica would want to be leaving soon, as tempting as it was and boy it was tempting. I explained the situation to them both and left the room.

On walking out Jessica came over and explained she had a change of plan, in the fact that Carol the woman she was speaking too had invited her back to her place, she kissed me and then left with this Carol woman. “Fuck.” I said to myself.

Diana and Toni came out of the room and went to the bar to get drinks. I went over and joined them both and asked who the man was that Candy had got hold of, they said his name was Philip. I made sure that he was ok being as I felt Candy was quite a vulnerable woman.

They reassured me that she would be ok with him. We carried on talking for a bit and they had to leave. This party was beginning to die down and all of a sudden everyone was busy.

I decided to leave myself Holly still had not reappeared, Jessica had left, Candy was getting fucked somewhere, those frisky two had left.

I then suddenly noticed a woman over in the far corner sitting on her own and looking over at me, I picked up my drink and walked over.

Her name was Megan, long black hair sexy lips big tits and she was slim. She was wearing a short skirt and a jacket done up with two buttons and just about holding her tits in.

She had long legs with a pair of black stiletto ankle boots, she looked about early forty’s and my cock began to get that sexual ache.

“I have been watching you most of the evening, you sure are a busy man.” She said. Her voice was seductive and very sexy.

“Yes Megan it has been a interesting night. So who are you, and you here with anyone?” I asked in a somewhat lusty voice.

“Well as you can see I am here with no one, I was but he has gone off with the birthday girl, I am not bothered though, as you probably have noticed this is a select club we all do what we want with whoever we want.” Megan replied in a care free tone and looking at me up and down.

“Well yes Megan I had noticed that I am surprised everyone went into rooms I had a feeling it would all kick off out here.” I replied.

“Well it would not be the first time, I have not seen you at any of our get together s before this must be new to you.” Megan asked.

“You’re not wrong there, I have only known Holly for a few months.”

“So what are your plans for the rest of this evening?” Megan asked.

“Well I was about to leave, until I saw you.” I replied.

“Oh ok, so how about we put our meeting to good use then, I am sure there is space somewhere in this apartment we could go, and you can fuck me.” Megan said in a tone of pure lust.

With that she got out of the chair and off we went. Holly’s apartment is not small and we found a small room that had a TV and a leather sofa, there were cushions everywhere and there was a long coffee table in front of the sofa. . It looked like a small room where you would go to cut yourself off from all the troubles in the world.

We walked in and closed the door, I sat down on the sofa and Megan stood in front of me, she cupped her tits and squeezed them together. She un did the buttons and slipped her jacket off.

She was totally naked under her jacket, no bra no top. Her tits were magnificent 36dd’s and all natural. She un zipped her skirt and wriggled it off her hips and let it drop to the floor.

“So you like? now how about you strip off for me?” She asked.

I stood up and stripped, we faced each other and Megan walked up to me and offered one of her tits to my mouth. I kissed it eagerly taking the nipple and teased it with my tongue. I began to rub her pussy while taking her tit.

“Wow you sure have the touch Mr.” She responded.

She felt strange, not her body but her manner very authoritative. I went onto her other tit squeezing them together as I then felt her hand go onto my cock, she squeezed it tight and began to wank me off. Even that felt like she was giving the orders.

“Hmm quite a good size, no wonder they all want it, so come on then fuck me, I am waiting for you.” She said as she turned us around and she sat on the sofa. I leant forwards resting my hands on the back of the sofa and Megan guided me in, fuck she was wet.

I began to fuck her she kissed my chest as I went. Her lips felt great as she then sucked on my nipple I quickened my fuck she wanted it hard I could tell.

“Deeper oh go in deeper, oh yes that’s better oh wow that is much better.”

She cupped her tits as I thrust my cock into her, her leg hung over the arm of the sofa and she began to rub her clit, her hand working it hard.

“Get my bag I need something.” She ordered. I came out of her and picked her bag up and handed it to her, she opened it and pulled out a dildo and began to suck and lick it, “what was she doing?” I said to myself.

“Mmmm sixty nine me and fuck me with this.” she said handing it to me. She got off the sofa and laid on the table, I climbed on top of her and wriggled my cock into her mouth she grabbed at it with her lips, I began to take her with the dildo.

Her mouth felt incredible as her lips went up and down on my cock. I began to fuck her harder with the dildo and she began to cum.

“Wow oh fuck yes quicker, I’m cumin fuck me with it go on do me. Oh yes oh yes oh my oh yes, lick me as well oh yes oh my!”

She went back on my cock as she came, I pulled out the dildo and took her with my mouth I felt her tits suddenly go around my cock and I began to tit fuck her as I licked her out. Fuck I had never done it like this before!

I carried on fucking her tits but I wanted her pussy again, I stopped and got off and stood at the end of the table where her head was hoping she would change her position, but she just laid there, rubbing her tits.

“Come on fuck them again I want your cock in my tits.” she demanded.

So with that I leant over her holding onto each side of the table and took her tits. They felt good but I wanted her pussy so I carried on for a few minutes and came off.

I needed to fuck her “Let me fuck you Megan.” I pleaded.

She got off the table and threw me on the sofa and sat on me reverse cowgirl. This was a weird fuck, she bounced up and down on me playing with her tits, and I massaged her sexy back.

“Oh fuck he never does me like this, oh my oh fuck yes! oh my oh harder please oh you feel so good oh my.” Megan panted out as she rode me.

I wanted to shoot into her as I pumped into her, I pulled her back and rubbed her tits as I fucked her. This was it I could not wait anymore.

“I want to cum Megan fuck I want to cum.” I mumbled as I kissed the back of her shoulders.

“Oh yes cum like this oh yes when you are ready oh yes oh yes I can feel you yes let it go I want it I want it give it to me aww yes aww yes yes yes yes! oh my yes ahhhh ahhh your cumin yes!” she screamed out as I shot my load into her. We slowed our pace and came to a stop.

We laid on the sofa for a bit, and Megan then got up and dressed, I followed suit. We went back into the main front room and had a drink, it was so quiet everyone must be asleep I thought, they all had, had their fun.

Megan and me chatted for a bit and she told me she was the owner of the club where Holly worked, and asked me if I would be interested in working for her as a Escort, it seemed my Megan fuck was a interview. I told her I would think about it, she gave me her card and told me to ring her.

Well that was Holly’s birthday party a strange night but a fun night, it is just a shame I never got my hands on Jessica, but at least I got to fuck the birthday girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32