Holly Ch. 03

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This story follows directly from Chapters 1 and 2 of the series, which you may wish to read first in order to make sense of the background.


I woke the following morning with a stiffening cock pressed against Holly’s buttocks as she lay sleeping in my arms. I held her there for a while, fondling her naked breasts as my cock nestled between her cheeks.

Holly slowly began to awaken. She sighed and pushed herself into my body, grinding her buttocks against my cock, before turning to me with a lascivious look on her face and saying “I dreamt that I had been ravished by a gorgeous sexy man and now I’ve woken up and found it wasn’t a dream after all!”

“That’s a coincidence, because I dreamt about making wild passionate love to a hot sexy lady and I woke up to find it was all true,” I replied.

“Not sure I was very ladylike,” she said “I’m more of a slut who would like you to ram that big stiff cock up my arse and fuck the shit out of me!”

“Are you enough of a lady to enjoy some foreplay first,” I replied.

“Yes please, does that make me your Gaziantep Escort İlanları ladyslut?”

“A ladyslut sounds great,” I said as I gently rolled her over and positioned her face down on the bed.

I pulled the cheeks of her arse apart to expose the puckered brown rosebud at the entrance to her arsehole. Gently licking her up the full length of her crack a couple of times, I moved my hand underneath in order to rub her clit before pushing my tongue into her rosebud and tasting the pungent mixture of bodily fluids that lay at her back door.

With one hand on her clit and the other spreading her cheeks to facilitate access, I thrust my tongue deeper into her hole. Holly moaned with pleasure and pushed back allowing me maximum access to her arsehole.

“Oh God, that’s wonderful, nobody’s ever done that to me. I love being a dirty horny slut and you’re pushing all the right buttons,” she exclaimed, grinding herself into me as we both became more aroused.

We carried on like this for several minutes with Holly becoming more and more active as she ground herself against me and my cock becoming harder and her cunt wetter.

“Oh fuck YEEES!” Holly screamed in ecstasy as she flooded my hand with another orgasm. I caught as much as I could in my hand and licked it from my fingers as I pulled back and prepared to penetrate her.

“Does my lovely ladyslut Holly want my big stiff cock up her sexy arse?” I teased, rubbing it along the crack and resting it against the entrance.

“Oh God yes, fuck me up the shitter like the dirty horny bitch that I am,” she said, obviously enjoying the dirty talk.

“Do you want me to ram my stiff hard throbbing cock right up your shithole as far as it will go and pump in and out until I fill you with my cum.”

“Yes, yes, yes give me all you’ve got. I’m a slutty little whore who loves cock in all my holes.”

I lined up with her hole and pushed the head of my cock into her, slowly overcoming the resistance of her sphincter. Once inside I grabbed Holly’s hips and drove in as hard as I could, causing her to gasp with a mixture of pleasure and pain as my cock filled her rectum.

With my whole cock inside her, I slowly pulled it all the way out and teased her by rubbing it around the outside of her rosebud before thrusting back into her as hard as I could.

Again and again I went all the way in and all the way out, each time causing her arsehole to gape slightly wider. Holly was loving the reaming and after about ten minutes I felt her body spasm and she sprayed my balls and thighs with another squirting orgasm.

By this time, I was getting close to my own climax and keeping my cock inside her, I started fucking her more quickly. Holly joined in, pushing back into me in time with my thrusts until I couldn’t hold back any longer and deposited a full load deep into her bowel.

I held her close to me as my cock slowly softened inside her. As it slid out of her ravished gaping hole, she quickly went down on me and sucked the juices from my cock while making eye contact with a lustful look.

Eventually she lifted her head and said “That feels so bad but so good, I just love being a dirty horny slut.”

She moved up and gave me a passionate kiss and we held each other while sharing the taste of our combined bodily fluids.

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