Holly and Sarah

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It happened in October. I’d been dating Holly for just over a month by that point. We had met on a night out and hit it off immediately. Things were going pretty well – I didn’t necessarily think our relationship would last in the long-term, but she was fun to be around and we always had a good time together.

Holly was hot – so hot in fact that a few of my friends had made jokes that they didn’t know what she was doing with a guy like me. I kept myself in good shape, but there was no doubt that I’d lucked out with her. She had impeccable bone structure in her face, gorgeous brown hair that fell to her shoulders, and piercing blue eyes that made me putty in her hands every time she looked at me. She had a great body too, with a shapely bum and nice, perky breasts.

Not to mention the sex – it was unquestionably the best I’d ever had. Holly and I had first slept together after our second date, and we now seemed incapable of being together for long before we ended up fucking. I’m not ashamed to say that Holly called the shots in the bedroom, but she knew exactly what she was doing, and I already loved nothing more than our steamy sex sessions.

Sex was definitely on my mind that Friday night. Holly had dragged me round to her friend Sophie’s house, ostensibly to introduce me to her closest friends, although it felt much more like she was showing off that she was in a relationship. For all I liked her a lot, Holly was clearly Queen Bee of the group and wanted her friends to know it. I wasn’t that interested in getting to know them and longed for the drinking and chatting to stop so Holly and I could head upstairs to bed.

Her friends were pleasant enough. Sophie didn’t seem that interested in me, but laughed and joked her way through the evening and made sure things weren’t awkward. Lauren was quieter but made more of an effort to chat. By midnight, both of them were pretty drunk and I hoped I wouldn’t have to wait too long for some alone time with Holly.

And then there was Sarah. Unbeknownst to Holly, Sarah and I had already got to know each other very intimately, but I wanted to keep the details of our encounter a secret from my now girlfriend, and I knew Sarah felt the same way.

We had both been at a party, about a year earlier, for our mutual friend Chelsey’s birthday (Chelsey and I had also hooked up before, but that’s another story). Sarah and I hadn’t met before this, but it didn’t take long before we noticed each other and struck up conversation.

Sarah came across as very shy when we first met, but she had nothing to be shy about. She looked really hot – her tight black dress barely covered her fit arse and showed off her gorgeous figure and long, smooth legs perfectly. Her brown hair cascaded in gentle curls down to her chest, and she had a very cute smile. I had instantly wanted her, and it became clear that she felt the same way.

The party was in a hall that had been hired out for the evening – it was packed with people and starting to get very hot and sweaty, especially as people drank more. I took Sarah by the hand and led her to a small storeroom in the corner. As soon as the door closed behind us, we wasted no time in making out lustfully.

As our tongues mashed together, I reached round and lifted Sarah’s very short dress up before kneading her arse. Before long, she stepped back from our making out and began unbuckling my jeans. Within no time at all they were around my ankles and Sarah was on her knees licking my very erect cock.

She sucked me like a pro for a couple of minutes, but I knew we didn’t have long – noise was coming from the other side of the door and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to fuck Sarah. I pulled her up onto her feet and motioned to a stack of chairs. Sarah read my mind and rested her front on the chairs, sticking her bum out ready for me to take her.

I took my cock, which was now soaking wet, and began to guide it into Sarah’s pussy, but she stopped me, grabbing it and turning her head round to whisper to me, “Fuck my arse.”

I should have been surprised by this, but lust had taken over and I needed no encouragement. Eagerly placing my cock at the entrance to Sarah’s back passage, I gently eased myself into her arse. She tensed up as I did so, but relaxed as I worked it into her. Before long, my whole length was buried in her behind.

I could have cum there and then, and it took everything I had to stop myself. After pausing for a moment, I began pulling my cock out of Sarah’s arse before shoving back in again. She moaned loudly and was clearly in some discomfort, but we were soon going at a pace that relaxed her and she murmured in pleasure. I reached round to strum her clit whilst we fucked – she was soaking wet and getting wetter still.

And in an instant, it was all over. The incredible tightness of Sarah’s bum got too much for me and I began shooting streams of cum deep inside her. Seconds later, Sarah came hard too. We waited for a moment before I pulled out of her and we readjusted our escort clothes. We had been in the storeroom for no more than fifteen minutes, but every one of them had been amazing.

I didn’t see Sarah again after that until I started dating Holly. In truth, I had been a little disappointed that we hadn’t swapped numbers and tried to hook up again, but I had put the whole experience down to a drunken dalliance.

Yet now, here Sarah was, sitting on the sofa next to Holly, my new girlfriend and her best friend. I must say that more than a few impure thoughts about our encounter crossed my mind as I looked at her that evening, but given how well things were going with Holly, it never seriously occurred to me that we might rekindle our lust for each other.

In any case, Sarah had made me promise we’d keep the events of a year ago secret from Holly. We set eyes on each other again after Holly and I had been together for a couple of weeks – I was leaving Holly’s house as Sarah was arriving.

We were surprised to see each other. Sarah seemed especially nervous and, checking that Holly wasn’t in earshot, she whispered to me, “Please don’t tell her about us. She knows I hooked up with a guy at that party but she has no idea that it was you. She won’t take it well.”

Whilst I thought her reaction was a little over the top – I hadn’t even met Holly when Sarah I had got together – I had no desire to ruin what I had with Holly so promised Sarah I wouldn’t say anything. To be fair to Sarah, Holly absolutely was the jealous type and I didn’t imagine she would be relaxed at hearing that her boyfriend had once anally fucked her best friend. Given how dominant Holly was in their friendship group, I could understand Sarah’s concern. She looked relieved and we didn’t mention it again.

That hadn’t stopped us shooting each other a few nervous glances as we sat and drank on that evening at Sophie’s house – no doubt there was still some bubbling sexual tension between us, but my mind was on the fantastic sex I knew I’d be having with Holly once we got to go upstairs.

To my relief, Sophie announced at about 1am that she was too drunk and tired to stay up, and we all took this as our cue to get up and go to bed. Lauren, Sophie and Sarah trundled wearily up to bed, leaving me and Holly alone in the living room.

I turned to her on the sofa and she pulled me in for a deep, sensual kiss, grabbing the back of my head to pull me in closer.

“Tired?” I asked sarcastically as we finished kissing.

“Not for what I have in mind,” she replied, grinning broadly.

And with that, I took her hand and we made our way up to our bedroom. Sophie lived in a big house, and I was delighted that mine and Holly’s room was situated away from most of the other rooms upstairs – with that and the drunken state of her friends, I knew we wouldn’t have to be quiet.

No sooner had we entered the dimly lit room and we were taking each other’s clothes off – within seconds they were in a pile on the floor. We stood there completely naked. I looked at Holly and drank in the sight of her fit body, my cock already hard as steel.

Holly smiled at me and took my hand, pulling me towards the bed before pushing me down onto it – as usual, she was taking control. She stood at the foot of the bed and leaned over to take my cock in her hand.

“I know you’ve been wanting this all evening,” she purred. “I think you deserve a reward for being so patient.”

And with that, she began wanking me hard, starring at me all the while with a lustful glint in her eye. I looked back at her and thought again how much it turned me on to be with such a sexually confident woman.

She continued with her expert handjob for a couple more minutes, not once breaking her gaze into my eyes. Even in my drunken state, I knew I couldn’t keep this going for long and wanted to make sure we fucked before I was spent. I sat up, kissed Holly and pulled both of us further back on the bed before motioning for her to mount me.

“Eager boy,” Holly whispered as she straddled me and lined my cock up with her pussy, groaning as my shaft entered her.

I sat up slightly with my head on the pillow to watch the show that was about to commence right in front of me. I loved it when Holly rode me – I could last longer in this position, even though she was such a pro at going cowgirl.

I wasn’t disappointed. Holly placed her hands on my chest and began pushing herself up along my shaft before dropping back down. Within seconds, she was already going at quite a pace, her boobs bouncing up and down as she moaned loudly. My cock was quickly getting slick with the wetness of her pussy.

I placed my hands on Holly’s thighs and stroked her as she rode me hard. Our eyes met again and we exchanged smiles before she pushed me back onto my pillow and we fucked harder still.

This continued for a couple more minutes, until I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye. With Holly starring upwards, clearly close to an orgasm, I turned my head to the corner of the room near the door where I noticed movement. We hadn’t turned the lights on, so the only light came from the street lamps outside, but I could see enough to notice that we weren’t alone anymore – someone was standing near the door, resting against the wall.

My mind swirling with alcohol and sex, I didn’t react to this at first and instead tried to look more closely, all the while thrusting my cock up to meet Holly’s pussy. Thankfully, she didn’t notice at first how distracted I now was.

And sure enough, as I looked closer, I saw to my surprise that it was Sarah. And more than that: I could tell that Sarah had stripped down to her bra and knickers, and it looked like she was touching herself as she watched us.

My girlfriend’s best friend – a very hot girl I’d once hooked up with myself – was masturbating whilst watching us fuck. It took everything I could muster not to cum there and then. I didn’t know if Sarah could tell that I’d seen her, but I kept watching her, all the while fucking Holly.

Holly, who still had no idea what was going on at the other side of the room, rode me until her orgasm hit. She came hard before bending down to kiss me.

“You ok, baby?” she asked, “Ready for another go?”

“Sure,” I said, not entirely convincingly, as I glanced towards Sarah.

This time her eyes met mine and she knew I’d seen her, but she didn’t let up and kept frigging herself.

Holly sat back upright and resumed our fucking in earnest, heading towards a second orgasm in succession. I didn’t know where to look, but my eyes kept darting towards Sarah.

Holly noticed.

“Eyes on the prize,” she said with a smile, turning my head back towards her.

I did my best, and focused on her for another minute or so, but I couldn’t get the thought of Sarah out of my head and had to look again.

Holly stopped.

“What is up with you tonight?” she asked crossly.

And with that she got off me, looking unimpressed and leaving me just seconds away from cumming. At first, she didn’t notice our visitor but then Sarah moved, presumably to try and leave, and Holly saw her.

“Sarah!” she cried out, “What are you doing?”

Sarah froze by the door, standing there in just her underwear. Holly turned a lamp on and, for a moment, the three of us were still and just looked at each other, assessing the situation.

“I’m sorry,” Sarah said softly, still clearly pretty tipsy, “I thought I left my bag in here so I came to try and get it.”

I didn’t believe her, and Holly didn’t look like she did either.

“Were you watching us?” she asked Sarah, now sounding a little calmer.

“Ummm…” Sarah didn’t know what to say.

“You were, you naughty girl!” Holly interjected, looking more like she was enjoying the situation. “And did you like what you saw?”

Now she was teasing Sarah. I felt like I ought to say something, but I couldn’t do it. I was transfixed at the sight of my naked girlfriend and her nearly naked friend talking like this.

“I…I…” Sarah mumbled, “I did.”

Holly smiled. I had no idea where she was going with this, but she was clearly in control of whatever happened next. Silence fell as she planned her next move.

Eventually, standing up off the bed, she beckoned Sarah over to a chair next to the bed. Her friend, saying nothing, obliged and sat down.

“Now, Sarah, my poor man here was about to cum, but you interrupted us, and we can’t leave him like that, can we?” Holly asked rhetorically.

And with that, she moved back towards me and took my cock in her hand. I was hard as a rock and couldn’t believe what was about to happen. Sarah sat open-mouthed only a metre or so away from us and watched intently as Holly bent her head down and began nibbling and kissing around my crotch. She clearly knew how close I was to cumming and wanted to put on a performance for Sarah before I did.

I was in heaven when, after what felt like an hour of teasing, Holly began licking the whole length of my shaft before slipping it into her mouth and sucking me gently. I was careful to keep my eyes fixed on her, but I longed to look back at Sarah, who I could see from the corner of my eye was rubbing herself through her lacy black knickers.

Reading my mind, Holly took my cock out of her mouth for a moment.

“It’s ok, babe, you can look,” she said, before resuming the blowjob.

I didn’t need a second invitation and turned to watch Sarah. She had the look of a woman possessed as she starred back at me, captivated by the sight of me of Holly on the bed. As Holly sucked me harder, Sarah removed her bra, freeing a pair of shapely breasts, and slipped her panties down her long, smooth legs. Looking straight at me and Holly, she penetrated herself with one hand and resumed rubbing her clit with the other.

The sight of this gorgeous woman fingering her beautiful, clean shaven pussy, combined with the sensation of my amazing girlfriend sucking me off finally sent me over the edge, and I began shooting ropes of cum into Holly’s waiting mouth.

She moaned as I fired my load into her, before removing her mouth from my cock and very obviously swallowing it all. I hoped beyond all hope that this wouldn’t be the end of proceedings, but I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Holly and I both turned to Sarah, who had stopped masturbating but looked absolutely desperate to cum herself.

“Enjoy the show?” Holly asked with a smirk.

Sarah nodded silently, shifting awkwardly in the chair.

“Good,” Holly replied. “And don’t worry: there’s plenty more where that came from.”

I was delighted to hear it, though I knew it’d be several minutes at least before I could perform again. I needn’t have worried – Holly had a plan.

“My turn,” she announced, sitting up on the bed in anticipation of some oral action of her own.

I got up, ready to switch positions with Holly, but, as I was about to start licking her out, Sarah blurted out, “Let me do it.”

At first, I thought I must have heard her wrong, and no doubt Holly did too, but when she said it again, we both sat up on the bed and turned to look at Sarah, who had stood up from the chair.

“Please, I want to,” she said softly.

I thought I was dreaming, and I hoped and prayed that Holly would acquiesce and make this the greatest night of my life. I turned back to her. She looked shocked and just stared back at Sarah’s naked form, standing just inches away from her. I watched her processing Sarah’s request and I wanted to jump for joy when a gentle smile appeared across her face.

“Ok,” she said softly.

Sarah smiled back. I shuffled out of the way, not wanting to do anything to impede what I knew would be an incredible sight. Holly moved back and propped her head up on a pillow. I sat down in the chair. And Sarah got onto the bed and nervously moved towards Holly. We were ready.

I could feel my heart throbbing with anticipation as I sat back in the chair to watch the performance that was about to begin on the bed in front of me. And I longed to be able to join in, just as soon as the effect of my previous orgasm had subsided.

Sarah softly took Holly’s thighs in her hands and began sensually rubbing her tongue down the inside of her legs, moving closer and closer to her pussy, without touching it. Holly purred in anticipation, but I knew she wouldn’t want to be teased for long.

And sure enough, after a couple of minutes of Sarah’s toying with her, Holly reached out to touch the top of Sarah’s head and guide it towards her pussy. Sarah obliged, moving further forward and licking Holly’s slit from bottom to top. Holly gasped loudly and pulled Sarah closer. Already I could feel my cock beginning to stir, so incredible was the sight.

Sarah lovingly lapped at Holly’s pussy for what felt like hours. I watched, almost hypnotised by what was going on just inches away from me, stopping only to pinch myself that what I was watching was real. Despite my mind being addled with alcohol and lust, I was alert enough to enjoy fully the sight of my girlfriend and her best friend entwined in the throes of sex.

Holly hadn’t cum yet, but I could tell she was close. She turned her head to look at me and smiled, but she was soon overcome by Sarah and threw her head back on the pillow, writhing as her friend ran her tongue all over her pussy and clit. Holly’s moans grew louder, though I was confident that Lauren and Sophie would be sound asleep by now, and my cock started to get erect again.

I was wanking myself furiously by the time Holly’s first orgasm hit. She looked over to me again as her body rose up of the bed and she cried out in pleasure before falling back down. But Sarah wasn’t done and did not let up at all, her head still buried between Holly’s legs. She knew exactly what she was doing and was clearly giving a masterclass in eating pussy – one that I hoped I would be able to replicate.

With Sarah still busy licking her pussy, Holly beckoned me over to the bed. I got on it and positioned myself next to her. I leaned in and kissed her deeply, but the attention she was getting from Sarah was again too much and pulled away from me and came again.

Sarah again showed no sign of stopping and continued feasting on her friend. I couldn’t quite believe that Sarah, with whom I’d shared a very intimate encounter a year earlier, was so enthusiastically loving another woman. Her own lithe figure was well and truly on display, and I thought about fucking her from behind whilst she ate my girlfriend, but I didn’t want to push it too far with Holly at this stage, and instead admired Sarah up close.

Holly was cursing loudly as orgasm after orgasm hit her. I joined in, kneading and licking Holly’s boobs, which intensified her reaction. Finally, after more climaxes than I could count, Sarah stopped and brought her head up from Holly’s pussy, her face wet with its juices and still with the look of a woman possessed by sex. Holly sat up on the bed, still panting heavily, and we all paused for a moment.

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