His Plaything Pt. 02

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I felt his saliva in my mouth, both fueling my humiliation and the desire to serve him completely! I was utterly his and had no desire to be anything else!

Five minutes ago, he entered my hotel room as we had arranged. I was naked and kneeling, waiting for this stranger to take ownership of my body and “force” me to serve him.

Now here I was, handcuffed and my face covered in my saliva and my mouth full of his!

“Continue!” The command was like a dinner bell for me as I leaned forward and took his thick throbbing member back in my mouth. I pushed forward, his cock invading my throat until my nose pushed into his shirt trimmed pubes.

“Ughhhhhh…” he moaned as I bottomed out on his cock and slowly pulled back, swiping my tongue side to side.

“Good faggot.” He moaned as I repeated the process again and again. My speed increasing with his breathing. His cock was increasingly hard, yet the spongy head felt good each time it slipped into my throat. I began to taste the salty sweet flavor of his pre-cum, telling me allI needed to know.

I maintained eye contact with my temporary Master, savoring the expression of pleasure on his face. My throat enjoying the invasion of his manhood while my own locked dick throbbed inside its steel prison.

“Stop!” He commanded as I came up for air.

“What do you want faggot?” He asked me, holding my gaze.

“I want your load Sir! I want you to fill my throat with your hot cum. Make me gag on your beautiful cock Sir.” I responded in my sluttiest cocksucker voice.

He placed his left hand on my cheek, lightly rubbing it. I melted at the touch, but could not stop thinking about the big, veiny, saliva soaked cock inches from my hungry mouth.

I did not see his other hand coming as the slap caught me across the other cheek! The strike dazed me and I let out a startled yelp. He merely laughed.

“What are you?” He asked me just like before.

“I’m your cocksucker Sir.” I answered, “Your cocksucking faggot.”

“That’s right bitch, so why aren’t you sucking my cock?” He asked amused.

I again throated his cock with eagerness that only a faggot like me understands. My life, my purpose for being and my only thought was the hard cock plunging in and out of my throat as he began to fuck my mouth hard.

I struggled to breath which again caused him to chuckle. mecidiyeköy escort He again spit hard in my face, filling my right eye.

“Twaankk yoo surrh!” I attempted to say in between assaults on my throat.

“You can thank me later whore, with that pussy of yours.” he said as he picked up speed.

His breath was coming in short grunts now as he began to swell in my throat.

“Take it bitch! Don’t loose any!” He grunted as he slipped over the edge and buried his cock deep in my throat.

I felt his cock spasm as he shot one, two, three, four shots of cum I’m my throat! He pulled out, shooting another on my tongue and as he cleared my gasping mouth, his last blast caught me on the nose and upper lip!

I sat there momentarily catching my breath and realized his cock was still dripping cum. I quickly swallowed what was in my mouth and leaned forward, licking a glob of cum from the head of his cock before it dripped. I then sucked his still hard tool clean, thanking him for his giant load.

“You clumsy faggot!” He barked, “You missed some he said and slapped my hard across the face again! “Clean it up bitch!” He demanded.

I leaned over to lick the dripped cum from the carpet as he slapped my smooth ass hard, the loud “Thwack!” Echoing around the room. I yelped as he again struck my now reddening ass.

“You’ll pay for that carelessness bitch!” He barked at me.

I licked the hotel carpet clean as he walked over to the bed and sat down. He watched me as I crawled around in my knees looking for any more spilled cum.

Having found none, I shuffled over to him on my knees and knelt submissively in front of him.

He was going through my wallet and pulled some of my cash out before tossing the wallet in the corner and putting the money on the bed.

“Turn around faggot and stand up!” He commanded.

I turned, my back to him and stood, expecting his powerful hand to again slap me. Instead, he spread my smoothly shaved ass open and inspected my hole. His fingers lightly rubbing against my hole.

“What is this?” He asked.

“My pussy Sir.” I responded.

“What is it?” He asked again louder.

“Your pissy Sir!” I replied, correcting myself.

“Your fucking right it’s my pussy!” He stated. “It’s my fucking cum dump!”

He silently removed my handcuffs taksim escort and gave me direction.

Put on those shorts and go get your Master something to drink.” He ordered. “I like good whisky he added and slapped my ass again to emphasize his point.

I slipped the shorts on. They were a thin and short pair of jogging shorts that barely reached the bottom of my ass. They were normally worn over a vase layer. The single white layer was nearly see-thru and would allow anyone to clearly see what was inside them!

“Go to the liquor store across the street and get me my whisky.” He ordered.

I put on my shoes and looked around for my shirt, but was quickly corrected.

“That’s all you need faggot, go!” He barked.

I remembered the cum on my mouth and nose. “Can I clean up first Master?” I pleaded.

“Fuck no you can’t clean up faggot!” He replied. “In fact, I know the clerk at the store, you are to tell him that it’s cum on your face when you are there. If you don’t, I will send you back and have you find and tell two more people!”

“Yes Master.” I replied, realizing I would not be able to avoid his task.

He walked to the door, his large cock swinging as he walked. He opened the door and I quickly stepped out. The door closed behind me and I heard the deadbolt latch. I was fucked!

I walked down the hall towards the elevators, my heart racing and realized my chastity cage was not only swinging in front of me and pushing out in the shorts, but in the light was clearly visible thru the thin material!

Fortunately the elevator was empty and I hit the button for the lobby. I tried to plan my route to avoid exposure. The elevator stopped and the door opened! The lobby was empty and the clerk did not seem to notice my exit.

I walked out into the cool night, feeling the drying cum on my face! I hurried to the crosswalk and my luck ran out. Two college age guys were waiting to cross the same way!

They whispered to each other before one looked at me and said, “Where you going fag?”

“The liquor store.” I said, hanging my head in humiliation.

They laughed and said I must be making some guy very happy!

The light changed and I hurried across ahead of them and crossed the parking lot to the liquor store, my caged cock swinging as I walked!

I wondered if they had levent escort seen my cum painted face as I entered the store.

The clerk looked up at me and started to say something but stopped and laughed! My face was burning in humiliation as I went to the back of the store and selected a bottle.

My humiliation was overwhelming as I stepped up to the counter. The clerk rang up the bottle and looked me in the eye and gave me the total. I handed him the cash with shaky hands and he took the money staring at me. He made no effort to move or open the register. I could see him studying my cum painted face.

“It’s cum, from the man I just blew.” I said preventing him from asking.

“What’s that on your dick?” He asked instead.

“My chastity cage Sir.” I responded in a shaky voice.

“Shit boy, your a real homo aren’t you?” He asked.

I did not answer, waiting for my change. He just stood there.

“Yes Sir.” I replied, “I’m a cock sucking homo.”

He laughed and put the bill in the drawer, closing it. “Then you don’t get change fag!”

This $25 bottle had just cost me a $50 bill! I took the bottle and walked out, hurrying back to the hotel.

I got up to the room without running into anyone else fortunately. I tried to open the door, but it was still locked. I knocked.

“Who is it?” Master replied.

“It’s me.” I stated.

“Who is it?” He repeated, forcing me to answer.

“It’s your faggot Master.” I replied.

“I can’t hear you.” He said.

I gave up trying and played his game. “It’s me Master, your faggot!” I shouted.

“What do you want faggot?” He asked.

All pretense and shame were gone now, my cock again throbbing painfully hard in its cage, I summoned my courage and shouted, “I want your cock Master! I want you to fuck me!” I yelled.

I heard the deadbolt open and Master opened the door. He was naked and his hard cook stood at attention. I heard other doors open to get a look at the faggot in the hallway.

Master took the bottle and told me to hand him my shorts. I gave him the bottle and standing in the hallway, now with an audience, I pulled off the shorts and d them over.

Master thrust an ice bucket into my hands and said, “Get me some ice bitch!” Before slamming the door closed!

I looked around, seeing a couple standing in their doorway between me and the ice machine. I started down the hall and as I walked past the couple the woman laughed at me. “Look at that little locked up dick!” She said as she laughed.

I got the ice and headed back down the hall.

To be continued…

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