His Friend’s Mom Pt. 05

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Deb and Dan continued to see each other for the next few months. Guilt, though it hit her hard in the beginning, eventually gave way to justification and before she knew it, she was comfortable with the lies. Her husband, Scott, seemed very much unaware of the affair and in some ways reaped the benefits as she made extra efforts to be the wife he wanted her to be.

For the first time in many years Scott was treated to regular blow jobs and long massages. He chalked the change up to… Well, he really didn’t know what to think but he certainly wasn’t going to complain. He even reciprocated and for the first time in many years they were having marathon sex sessions including 69 and anal. He was in heaven, while Deb was mostly relieved.

For her part, Deb looked at the sex with her husband as just a step above the normal vanilla. Marathon sessions, for Scott, meant maybe 45 minutes, while the regular sessions with Dan usually went 3 – 4 hours. She tried not to compare the two but that was difficult. The justification, for her, was that Scott was very happy and Dan was very happy and she found herself mostly happy some of the time.

There was that nagging sense of guilt though. She tried not to think about the ramifications of being discovered. She really chose not to think much at all.

She and Dan had slipped into a fairly regular pattern of meeting at his apartment on Tuesdays. Brittney’s dance class had ended so once again Deb had the whole day free. She missed having the little girl to fuss over but loved having regular time with her young lover. Her routine on Tuesdays was to have breakfast with her husband and kiss him goodbye as he left for work. Then she would carefully dress in a hot little number, put on a long coat and drive over to Dan’s place. She loved to play it up for him and they often role played in a number of different ways.

One particular time, after about four months, she surprised him by showing up at his apartment late in the evening. Her husband was out of town so that night she dressed in a see-through chemise, nylons held in place with garters, a miniscule panty and stiletto heels all covered with a long trench coat, and drove over to his place. She knew he would be sleeping after having been on duty all day but somehow she knew he wouldn’t mind the interruption.

His Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort windows were dark as she parked and used her key to enter the building. Her heels clicked on the steps as she climbed. She knocked confidently and waited for him to come to the door. Wiping the sleep from his eyes, he opened the door, dressed in his robe, and grinned at her. Without a word he pulled her into his arms and kissed her mumbling softly, “I should go brush my teeth, baby.”

With that he turned and retreated to the bathroom. A bit put out that her plans were somewhat changed, she took off her coat and sat on the couch in the dark room. Dan returned soon after and called out to her. Deb quietly said, “I’m here. Come find me.”

Dan made his way over to her voice and sat on the couch beside her just as she reached to switch on the lamp. The soft glow exposed her to him and he gasped as he took in the spectacle. The purple chemise did little to hide her beautiful body from him and the way she crossed her legs at an angle stirred a longing in him so powerful that his cock sprang to attention. He leaned in to kiss her but she stopped him with an upraised hand, “First things first, mister. I always get the money upfront.” She said with a coy smile.

Startled at first, he caught on and walked to the bedroom for his wallet. Offering her a wad of cash, he sat back down, hoping it was enough. He loved how she made things new and fun and this new role was as sexy as he had ever experienced.

Deb made a show of counting the money and then said in a low voice, “This will do as a down payment.” Then she welcomed him into her arms and began to tease his lips with her tongue. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. I want you so much I just couldn’t wait anymore.” She whispered.

Groaning loudly, Dan buried his face in her cleavage and began to slowly unclasp and unfasten all the various parts of her clothing. Her nylons felt so silky and sexy that he kept those on but he unlaced her chemise and slipped it down off of her body, exposing all the deliciousness that he could never get enough of. He knelt on the floor as he stripped her bare, slowly removing her heels, her panties and garters after the chemise. Keeping his hands on her silk covered thighs, he pushed her legs further apart and leaned in to lick the folds between her thighs and her body. The taste was part sweat and part mystery. Her skin gave off a fragrance and taste that was unique from any other woman he had ever experienced. She was literally intoxicating to him and he felt drunk on her with every touch of his tongue and lips.

Deb relaxed against the plush couch and gave herself over to him completely. So many times he had knelt between her legs, licking, kissing and sucking on her tender flesh, but she never tired of it. His devotion to her pleasure was overwhelming at times but still she couldn’t get enough. Almost in a worshipful state, he buried his face in her sex, inhaling deeply and lapping at the sweet folds. The moisture built as she moved her hips in response and he buried his hands in her, not wanting to waste a moment in separation.

Soon he felt her cum while pressed against his mouth. He gathered her moisture on his tongue with his nose pressed hard against her clit. Her movement slowed as her breathing returned to normal. Sweetly he kissed her inner thighs as he slowly pulled her stockings down her legs. Having her completely naked before him was pure joy.

“Deb, come with me,” he said softly as he stood and offered his hand.

Moving into the bedroom, Deb stopped to greet his fish by name. She was completely comfortable in his place as she had been there so many times over the previous months. The large windows that faced the front of the building looked over a lovely park across the street. Mature trees hung over walking paths that were very busy during the day but quiet at night. Many times as they lay together on his bed, Deb would look out the windows at the old trees and let their movement lull her to sleep after their lovemaking.

Dan took her by the hand and dropping his robe, he led her over to the bed. Deb pulled him toward the windows though and of course he obeyed. He would do anything to please her. They stood together at the large windows, naked and bold. Deb knelt to take his hard cock in her mouth, filling the back of her throat with his throbbing head. She bobbed up and down, pleasuring him just as he had pleasured her. Finally he placed his hands firmly on her head and stopped her movement. Slowly she released his cock from her mouth and moved to her feet in front of him.

Again he tried to move her toward the bed but Deb turned and faced the window, leaning into it and spreading her legs apart. Her ass angled like that almost made him cum on the spot but he contained it and moved up behind her. Deb’s hands supporting her weight against the window and Dan pushing up against her from behind, he entered her and began to fuck her deeply. She encouraged the movement, pushing back against him as she watched the trees sway in the breeze. A dim light illuminated their fucking in the window for anyone who passed by, but neither cared. They were lost in their own little world and making love was all that mattered.

With a loud groan Dan released his cum inside of her. As his cock softened and slipped out of her, he pressed up against her, plastering her body against the window. Anyone looking up would see her breasts flattened and spread against the glass and his arms circling her waist. Softly they laughed, wondering if anyone was watching in the dark. Again, they didn’t worry about it or care. They just focused on the moment and on their pleasure.

Eventually the couple moved to the bed and cuddled for a while. Deb knew he needed his sleep though and slipped out of bed as he quietly snored. She only put on the trench coat for the drive home and hoped she didn’t get pulled over.

Deb pulled into the garage at close to 1:00 am. She walked through the dark to the kitchen and got a bottle of water before heading up the stairs. As she moved to the steps, unbuttoning her coat and beginning to let it fall, a light suddenly illuminated the dark living room. Startled and frightened, Deb quickly turned around. Too late she realized that she was displaying her nakedness but then breathed a sigh of relief. Her relief was short-lived, however.

In a straight chair sat her husband. Scott held a bottle of Heineken in one hand and his jacket lay on his lap. He looked her up and down slowly and said, “Why are you naked under the coat?”

She stammered for a moment but remained silent. Somehow she knew he didn’t really expect an answer.

“I had an interesting experience tonight.” He said, his voice deep and scratchy. “I went for a walk in a beautiful park and you wouldn’t believe what I saw.”

Tears filled Deb’s eyes as she struggled with what to say. The hurt and anger on his face spoke volumes and Deb sank to the floor in a heap.

Part 6 to follow

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