His Daughter’s Best Friend is His Best Friend’s Daughter

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“I’m engaged!” Amanda shouted as she opened the door, too excited to even wait until she gathered her parents together.

Liz and Jack Hayes had been sitting on the sofa watching television when their daughter burst in with the news. Both stood with big smiles on their faces. It wasn’t as much of a surprise as Amanda made it sound. They had all been expecting it for several weeks.

Amanda naturally went first to her mother with her left ring finger extended to show off the respectable diamond engagement ring. Her mother gave it a perfunctory glance before wrapping her arms around her daughter and hugging tightly.

“Oh, congratulations, honey,” Liz said excitedly. She had seen the ring weeks ago when David, the now fiancé, had shown it to her and Jack in a very loose method of asking for their daughter’s hand. Of course, Amanda had had no idea.

She then went to her father, who went through a similar congratulatory embrace. “Congrats, sweetie.”

Looking over his daughter’s shoulder, Jack noticed the strikingly beautiful young woman (of course, not as much as Amanda) that had accompanied his daughter. He knew immediately it was Robin Reynolds, Amanda’s best friend since fifth grade. Robin’s father, Bill Reynolds, was also Jack’s best friend, although Hayes had not seen the man or his daughter in some time since they moved across town. Jack had heard through his own daughter that Bill had fallen on some hard times and was not treating his family very well. He had frequently toyed with the idea of contacting Reynolds to find out what was going on, but he had always been hesitant. Bill could be a very difficult person when he was down, and things had been so good for Jack and his family in recent years that he hadn’t wanted to be dragged down.

When his daughter let go, Jack stepped over to Robin, who had a big grin on her flawless face. He couldn’t help but stare into the young woman’s big blue eyes, but it was only to be less obvious about gawking over her big, round breasts. She had certainly sprouted a pair since he had last seen her.

“. . . sit and tell us all about it,” Liz was saying.

The four took seats around the living room, and fortunately for Jack, Robin sat directly across from him, crossing her legs. Her short skirt revealed to him a considerable amount of toned thigh, and he did his best not to stare, or at least, be caught. He listened with half an ear to his daughter tell about the romantic evening David had executed to ask her to marry him, but it was all the attention Jack could give what with Robin’s thighs, her low-cut dress that revealed the tops of two very well-rounded breasts, not to mention her alluring face and eyes and short blonde hair.

Jack was a regular guy. He loved his wife, had never cheated on her, but he was not without his fantasies, and he loved to look at women, discreetly, of course. Liz always thought that for a man, he was strangely always willing to accompany her to the mall. But while his wife shopped, Jack loved to watch all the women, particularly in the summer time when any and all manners of dress would be available for his viewing pleasure. Up until a few minutes ago, he always thought that his daughter was the most gorgeous creature on Earth. Yes, he’d had some fantasies about her, but that’s all that they were. But now, seeing Robin again . . .

“I think this calls for a toast,” Jack interrupted, not knowing where in the story they were. “We don’t have Champagne, but I think wine will suffice.”

“Good idea, dear,” Liz commended as Amanda resumed her story.

Jack arose and went into the kitchen. Fortunately, he arrived in time to fix himself before his erection became too obvious. He was nearly startled when Robin followed him, and he wondered with embarrassment if she had seen him moving his cock around.

“Let me give you a hand,” Robin offered provocatively. “I’ve heard the story already.”

Her tone of voice had Jack’s dirty mind entertaining uses for her hand that he knew she wasn’t referring to. Instead, she knew where they kept the wine glasses and reached into the cabinet for four. She really had to stretch to grab them and Jack was right here watching as the hem of her dress rose nearly to the bottom of her ass cheeks. He felt a drop of pre-cum escape his dick head, and thought he needed to add gorgeous rear to the list of incredible attributes Robin possessed.

“So, how’s your family?” Jack asked.

Robin always had a beguiling smile on her face, even during the most extreme moments of adversity, so when she responded, “Oh, their fine,” that was not necessarily accurate. But to those who knew her well, her mesmerizing eyes told the true story. When her alluring smile was genuine, the eyes echoed the sincerity, unlike now, where the smile could bend a man’s will, but the eyes reflected sadness.

“Uh-huh,” Jack said in a tone that let her know he knew. “I heard your dad had fallen on hard times.”

“Oh, you know him,” Robin said lyrically as if that was an answer in and of itself. “The fact is, I’ve been so busy with school. Graduation Ankara travesti is just around the corner, so I haven’t been home much lately.”

This told Jack that she probably hadn’t been home all year, if then. Jack had always liked Robin, even way before she grew into this absolutely unbelievably incredible-looking creature. There was a time during their younger days when she spent so much time here with Amanda that he and Liz used to joke with her that they were her surrogate parents. Of course, even then they’d heard stories that things were not as they should have been in the Reynolds household, even though he’d never gotten any sense of it from Bill either through attitude or direct word.

“I’m sensing there’s more to it than that,” Jack noted. “And if you ever want to talk, you know Liz and/or I are always here for you.”

“Really, everything is fine. I’m sorry to have stayed away for so long, but now that I’m going to be Amanda’s maid of honor, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.”

“And I would have no complaints about that,” Jack said, almost flirtatiously.

This time, her smile was real, her voice whispery and taunting. “Nor would I.”

And naturally, Jack’s mind ran away with that one.

* * *

With college only three hours away, not surprisingly, Robin and Amanda decided to drive back that afternoon. It was mostly at Robin’s insistence under the guise of having a lot of school work to do. When Robin visited the bathroom before they left, even Amanda admitted to her parents she found it unusual. But their daughter vowed to try to find out.

“My, my, she really turned into a little hotty,” Liz remarked after the girls were gone.

Jack raised his eyebrows over his wife’s comment. That was not quite how he would have expected her to phrase her observation. He wondered if it was because she might have observed him ogling over their daughter’s best friend. He merely returned a single, expressionless nod.

A couple of weeks later, Liz Hayes had planned to go out of town for the weekend with three of her girlfriends on one of their periodic shopping sprees. Before leaving, she told her husband, jokingly, “No strange women in the house.”

“Just ones I know?” he teased back.


And they both laughed as she departed. Little did she know . . .

Jack was looking forward to having some time alone to just lounge around, maybe go to the local mall, watch the ladies and then come home, possibly watch a little porn. He and his wife had a good sex life, she was always ready for it, rarely turned him down, but it was always the same, not real adventurous: a lot of passionate kissing, heavy petting, a little oral, and a straightforward fuck usually in the old missionary position. Liz just liked to keep it familiar. Jack had no reason to complain, so when he had the opportunity, he enjoyed watching the kind of porn that fed his fantasies: threesomes, group, different positions, even swinging.

He returned from the mall after lunch, disappointed that there had not been very much to see. As he reached for his hidden stash of porno DVDs, the phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number displayed on the caller ID, but answered it anyway. “Hello?”

“Mr. Hayes?” the sexy, whispery female voice asked.

“Yes?” Jack replied, intrigued by the sound.

“It’s Robin.”

Jack immediately turned on his friendly charm. “Hi, Robin, how are you?”

“Well, I was wondering,” she paused to nervously clear her throat.

Suddenly, he realized that the whisper was not one of sultriness, but rather to probably avoid being overheard. “Robin, what is it?” Jack asked with some concern.

“I was wondering if I could come over?” There was a hesitance in her voice.

“Well, of course, you can. You know you’re always welcomed here.”

“Thanks.” Another ahem. “Well, uh, the thing is, uh . . . I, uh, I don’t—”

“You need me to pick you up?” Jack asked, concern mounting.

“Would that be a problem?”

“No, of course not. Is everything okay? Are you in trouble?”

“I’m fine. I’ll explain later.”

“Okay. Where are you?”

Robin gave him the address.

If he was correct, it was only a few blocks from her family’s home. “I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

* * *

During the drive, Jack called Liz and told her what was going on. She was only partially surprised. Apparently, she had spoken to Amanda this morning and their daughter had mentioned that Robin had been “summoned” home. Apparently, that had not gone well, as underscored by the fact that she was not able to drive herself. Liz commended her husband for agreeing to help Amanda’s friend and asked that he keep her posted. She would contact their daughter to apprise her of the situation.

Not only could Robin be relied upon to present herself with her trademark smile, but she also dressed exquisitely. Today was no exception, and Jack now noticed that since her body had developed so voluptuously, she chose her attire to highlight her attributes. Her skirt was Konya travesti a tad shorter than he would have thought tasteful, but who was he to complain. Likewise, her top, though not strictly a tank top, was cut similarly and showed considerable cleavage; again more than what might be considered respectable, but under the circumstances, nothing he would raise an objection to. At least, she did not look slutty.

Robin attempted to be cheery as she slid into the passenger seat not bothering to reduce the amount of thigh she was showing as the seat pulled up her hem. “Thanks so much for coming to get me,” she offered, the eyes again taking away what the smile tendered.

“What’s going on, sweetie,” Jack asked softly, fatherly.

“Oh, just a squabble,” Robin explained in that sing-song voice she used to make nothing into an answer.

“Robin,” Jack said turning toward her to let her know he wasn’t buying it. But the vision before him of this scared-looking, beautiful young girl, thighs and boobs he could make a meal out of, deep blue eyes that could launch a thousand ships—all that aside—his heart melted and his tone softened. “I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but it’s your business and I’m not going to press it. But if you want to talk, you know you can.”

She merely nodded.

At that moment, Jack’s cell rang. The caller ID told him it was his wife, but he didn’t let on to Robin. “Excuse me, I need to take this.”

“Did you get her yet?” Liz asked without preamble.


“Did she say anything?”

“Not really.”

“Okay, well, I know you can’t talk, just listen. Amanda said she doesn’t know why Robin had to go home, but the fact that she asked you to pick her up probably means her father took her car away. Apparently, he threatened to do that before because the family needed the money. Jack, just take care of her. Let her stay at the house. Amanda said she’d come home as soon as possible, but that probably wouldn’t be until tomorrow, and then, not until late afternoon. I can try to get home earlier.”

“No need for that. I’ll take care of it.”


Robin hadn’t said any more by the time they arrived home. She merely sat there looking alluring.

However, once inside, he realized he was home alone with his daughter’s hot looking friend. Suddenly, he was nervous; not that he would do anything. It was just the thought of it.

“Where’s Mrs. Hayes?” Robin asked.

“She went away for the weekend with her girlfriends.”

“Oh, yeah, I seem to remember Amanda mentioning something about that. Are you sure it’s okay for me to be here? I mean, just you and me. Alone.”

His mind was already taking the ball and running with the imagined inference in her statement. “Does that make you uncomfortable?”

“No way,” Robin said, her tone again speaking suggestive volumes his mind.

“Okay, well, are you hungry? Have you eaten?”

“No, I haven’t eaten, and I guess, now that you mention it, I am kind of hungry.”

“I can make you something to eat.”

“You don’t have to do that. I can fix myself something.”

“Then help yourself to anything.”

Not sure what to do with himself, Jack sat on the sofa, picked up a magazine and thumbed through it. There were a couple of articles he attempted to read, but Robin’s presence was filling the air with an electric charge that created static interference with his concentration. All he could do was use the periodical to hide behind while stealing glances at her while she prepared her lunch. “May I sit in there with you to eat?” Robin called out from the kitchen?

“Of course.” Who was he to deny her anything.

Jack was sitting on one end of the sofa. He expected her to sit at the other end, but when she sat next to him allowing only a few inches between them, he didn’t know how he felt about that. And of course she showed no concern about her skirt or top and what they showed. A part of him wanted to believe she was just comfortable around him, but another part felt there was more to it than that.

“This spaghetti is delicious,” Robin commented. “Did Mrs. Hayes make it?”

“Actually, I did.”

“That’s right. I forgot you were a really good cook. Oops.” At that moment, some marinara sauce dripped down her lip to her chin. She attempted to catch it before it rolled off her chin onto her breasts, but with her hands full, could not.

Jack reached over and slowly ran his forefinger up from Robin’s chin to her lower lip scooping it onto his finger. In a surprise move, she opened her mouth and sucked his finger in, rolling her tongue around it, lapping up the sauce and sending his cock on an express launch. A dreamy looked adorned her beautiful face as she went back down on his finger as though it was a tiny penis. When she pulled back he quickly removed his finger.

“Thanks,” she cooed. “Maybe I should have sat at the table.” Arising, she headed into the dining area.

Jack was certain his mind was once again messing with him until he glanced down to the section of the sofa İzmir travesti where Robin had been sitting and saw moisture on the leather surface where her pussy would have been. He turned his head quickly toward the dining table to make certain she couldn’t see him, then just as rapidly bent over for a sniff. It had a decidedly feminine aroma. So, that excited her as much as him. In a positively twisted impulse, he licked it up, but much as he would have liked to imagine otherwise, all he tasted was leather. Still, he felt a drip of pre-cum ooze out of his cock.

Fixing his cock before standing, then shaking his head at the childishness of his action, Jack went into the kitchen to grab a Pepsi.

“Did you make this sauce from scratch?” Robin asked.

“I did.”

“It’s excellent. At my house, we would have just gotten sauce from a jar.”

“Well, some of those are good too. We use it when we don’t have time to make it fresh.”

“You do a lot of things we don’t do at home,” Robin bemoaned.

“Such as?” Jack wanted to get her talking, but kept his question general allowing her to go in any direction she wanted.

She shrugged. “The love and affection you show Amanda.”

“You don’t get that?”

“Just the opposite. If I had come home unexpectedly as she did a couple of weeks ago, the first question out of anyone’s mouth would have been, ‘what are you doing here?’ and not in a very welcoming tone.”

“Is that what happened this trip?”

“No,” Robin said, her eyes widening. “I was summoned.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means my father took my car away to sell because they need the money. He’s been working at one of those mega home stores making half of what he used to. I mean, I can understand that, but we only have a few more weeks of school. Couldn’t it have waited?”

Jack wanted to say not if they were desperate, but instead said, “Was he going to get you back to school?”

With a shrug, Robin answered, “I don’t know. We never got that far before it turned into the usual argument. I told him I understood that the family needed the money, which I truly do. I asked if he could wait until school was over, or at least until I could make other arrangements. I mean, I’m graduating tops in my class in Physical Therapy. I’ve already got a job lined up. But instead, he accused me of being selfish. Always thinking only of myself. Then it evolved into how I always had to spend money on expensive clothes when everyone else dressed in rags. And then that I dressed in trashy clothes that made me look cheap and whorish.”

Jack was amazed, not only to hear what his friend Bill would say about his own daughter, but also that throughout her story, Robin maintained her lovely smile. Still, the watery eyes told the truth about how she felt. Jack really felt sorry for the poor girl.

“I mean,” Robin resumed, now standing, “does this look cheap?”

Even though as he had previously noticed, the skirt was a bit short and the top a tad low, she looked . . . exposed. But not cheap. Besides, he’d spent enough time at the mall to know it was how females her age dressed. “Of course not.”

“I should be used to him saying such things,” Robin said, the smile waning, a tear now ready to ease down her perfectly made up face. “But I’m not.”

Jack couldn’t help but stand and take her in his arms to comfort her. She did not resist, and instead wrapped her arms around him hugging tightly. He could not feel her heaving as one did when crying, but what he was aware of was her large breasts pressed firmly against his chest, her hard nipples particularly making themselves known. In addition, her arms were around his lower back and she pulled him to her mashing is erection against her lower abdomen. He was at a loss as to whether or not to pull back. However, her grip was firm, causing him to wonder if the contact was intentional. He did his best to prevent his cock from pulsing, as it so often had a mind of its own to do when hard, but there was no denying it felt good.

“I can’t remember when the last time I had a good hug was,” Robin commented. “Thanks.” But she still didn’t let go. In fact, she seemed to be attempting to imperceptibly lift herself on tip toes to rub herself against his cock, or at least to raise her inner section to meet his rod.

A mental tug-o-war raged inside Jack’s head. Robin was his daughter’s best friend. It was wrong to let this continue. But his “other” head not only found it enjoyable, it was craving more. Out of phony indecision, Jack did not move, but rather tilted his head down and saw her bulbous breasts being pushed out of the top of her shirt from being mashed against his chest. His couldn’t help his cock pulsing from that. He thought he heard a moan escape her lips.

“Okay,” Jack said, finally breaking the embrace. “Let’s get you settled in the guest room.”

“I didn’t have time to grab my overnight bag.”

“No problem. I’m sure Amanda has left enough stuff behind that you can find something to wear.” Jack escorted her to the guest bedroom. “Help yourself to anything you need.” He then returned to the kitchen, having never gotten the Pepsi. This time, he reached for a beer as thoughts about the next 24 hours or so alone with this gorgeous creature were making him tense and he rolled his shoulders around to relieve the tautness.

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