His Big Brown Eyes

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I had never felt this turned on by just and instant messenger conversation before. He could work sexual innuendos into normal conversation like it was an art form. I could feel that my thong was saturated with my juices and my nipples were so hard that they were jutting out like little pebbles from my breasts. I couldn’t understand how it was possible that we had known each other since high school and had not realized the mutual attraction we felt for each other sooner, before we were both married to other people.

I had lost track of him years ago as one does. You get busy with your day to day life and you don’t realize or hear that one of your classmate’s moves away, enlists and goes off to parts unknown, etc. Thanks to a social networking website we had reconnected with each other and had been exchanging niceties for a few months when he asked for me if I had an instant messaging screen name and that is when it all changed.

GIJOE227: How do I know that this is even you?

Rockergrl: Rockergirl has invited you to view their web cam, click yes to accept and begin viewing.

Now do you believe me?

I asked if he was able to see my face on his screen. Shortly I received another message from him.

GIJOE227: GIJOE227 has invited you to view their web cam, click yes to accept and begin viewing.

Hello there.

I could see his face before me; he looked so much more mature since the last time that I had seen him. He was no longer a skinny kid, he was all man now. His head was shaved bare, and it made his eyes far more noticeable. He has the sexiest eyes I have ever seen, he draws me in and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. He gave me a wink and I began to melt on the inside. I was putty in his hands. I knew what this was going to lead to. I know how wrong it was, but I could not have stopped myself, even if the house was on fire. I wanted him, more that I have ever wanted any other man. It was so exciting and scary.

I watched his face a few minutes longer and saw him take a sip of his beer. I felt like a school girl when the object of their crush pays attention to them, all giddy and nervous. The odd part was back in the day Beylikdüzü escort I never had a crush on him. I wonder how that was possible now, but if I could go back in time, I would have more than a crush on him, I’d have to call it more of an obsession.

He admitted that he had checked out the year book and wonder why he had never made a move on me either but then admitted that he had been very shy back then. The next part of our conversation would indicate that he was long over his shyness. We had continued the innuendos thorough the conversation and had gotten around to discussing “downloading your hard drive into your palm pilot” and “pressing CTRL, ALT and DEL”.

GIJOE227: mmm…this conversation is making me so hard.

Rockergrl: I know my nipples are so hard and my panties are soaked.

GIJOE227: You know I am sitting her topless and you are not that really doesn’t seem fair.

With that he gave me one of those looks that made me melt like butter on hot bread and before I knew what hit me, before I really thought about what I was doing, off went my shirt. I was not wearing a bra so my bare breasts were exposed to him. I unconsciously began playing with my nipples.

GIJOE227: you are so hot…mmmm wishing I could suck on your nipples.

Rockergrl: mmm this is making me so wet.

GIJOE227: How do I know that you are really getting wet?

This man was good, believe me he was good. Well to quote the movie Jerry Maguire, “He had me at Hello, He had me at Hello.” I slid one of my hands down the waistband of my pants until I reached my drenched pussy I paused for a second rubbing my hard clitoris. I dipped my fingers into my juices coating them and after removing my hand from my pants, I held the fingers up to my webcam, displaying the wetness on them.

GIJOE227: mmmm you are making me so hard.

I then licked my juices off of my fingers so that I could type. I enjoyed the taste, on the sweet side.

Rockergrl: How do I know that?

I figured that two could play that game. Suddenly his camera was showing a view of the ceiling and within moments he was seated back on his sofa, his pants Beyoğlu escort bayan were open and his hard cock was peeking out at me, the way he had it positioned all I could see was the head, but that was all in the positioning as I was soon to find out.

GIJOE227: Say hello to my little friend, you probably will need a microscope to find it.

Rockergrl: I can see it just fine, looks yummy.

GIJOE227: you need to show me yours

I sat my laptop on the coffee table and slid my warm ups down my thighs to the floor. I then shimmied out of my thong. I ran and got a towel and for a few he was treated to a view of the couch. When I returned I spread the towel on the recliner and then sat on it. I reclined and slid myself forward, to get my dripping wet pussy closer to the camera and spread my legs. I used one hand to part the lips of my bald pussy, exposing my hard clit to him on the camera.

GIJOE227: mmmm that looks delicious I just want to dive in face first and lick it. Play with yourself, cum

For me.

Rockergrl: surprised by anything?

GIJOE227: the completely bald was a nice surprise I was not expecting that

I smiled to myself after reading that. I loved myself smooth and bare, it as nicer to touch and I had a habit of spending quality time with myself frequently. I noticed that he was stroking himself as I was playing with my clit, I was seeing more of his hard cock and in the process he had shifted his position and more of it was visible to me.

Rockergrl: your cock is not small

GIJOE227: Its only 8 inches and it’s about as thick around as the cardboard tube in a roll of toilet paper.

Rockergrl: you realize then that you are bigger than average, right?

GIJOE227: isn’t average more like 10 inches?

Rockergrl: I think that you watch too much porn.

GIJOE227: Well I do but what do you mean?

Rockergrl: average size is 5 to 7 inches in length, you are above average, not sure of thickness but I’d guess

That is bigger than average also, or at least most of my experience.

I did not for one second believe that he did not realize that he Escort Bomonti had larger than average cock, I think he was looking to hear it from me and I gave him what he wanted. I had recently had an argument about averages sizes with my husband and had looked up the statistics on it, so I had those facts right in the old memory banks.

GIJOE227: How do you know this?

Rockergrl: I am well read.

GIJOE227: Nerd

Rockergrl: Thanks for the compliment.

GIJOE227: Hold on a second.

Rockergrl: Ok

I saw him set the laptop down and then I saw him on the move with it; he was walking through his house. The picture jostled a bit and I could see the bath tub behind him. He pulled his shorts down and I had a view of his boxer briefs. He turned around and shook his butt on camera.

Rockergrl: Nice cute butt.

GIJOE227: Thank you, cum for me; I want us to cum together.

He took his boxer briefs off and stood sideways to the camera, and at this point I was able to get an eyeful of exactly how large he really was. His cock jutted out proudly from him, thick, hard and long. I would love to get a chance to ride that monster. I decided to tell him that I liked what I saw.

Rockergrl: Back in high school when you were just a skinny kid how did you hide that thing? If the girls

knew about that they would have been all over you.

GIJOE227: No one excited me this much back then.

Rockergrl: mmm I would love to suck that or ride it…

GIJOE227: mmm I would love that…damn you are so wet

Rockergrl: mmm I am so close

GIJOE227: Me too, stick your fingers in your pussy pretend that it’s me fucking you

Rockergrl: mmm… cum all over my tits…

I was working my clit furiously and thrusting my fingers in and out of my dripping cunt. I was not going to last much longer. He was rubbing his shaft and touching his ass with his other hand. As I started to convulse on my own fingers, I saw thick ropes of cum spray half way across the room as we came together. I had not seen a guy cum that hard in a long time and I found it thrilling.

We then ended our conversation, as it had been getting very, very late. We had been playing with each other for about three hours as it was, and time often flies quickly when you are having fun. We agreed that we both wanted to keep going with this, and that it was to be our dirt little secret. I shut down my laptop and went to bed and dreamt of his big brown sexy eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32