Hijabi and the Poker Game

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Thank you to Tahrima Begum. A fantastic writing partner. Please check out her stories. This is a follow up story to Maintenance Man story.

* * * * *

The next morning Khadijah woke up to find George was not there. She was disappointed and for a moment thought she had dreamt last night. After all the sex had been out of this world, it couldn’t be real, but she knew it was thanks to her aching and sore body. She let out an exasperated sigh as she wondered why he didn’t stay.

She thought about calling him but did not want to seem desperate, despite her horny state and need for that hard infidel cock. She had a long shower and brought herself to orgasm multiple times as she thought about George from the night before. During the day she began to feel more and more upset as she thought about George.

George was watching Khadijah and he was still playing his games with her. Khadijah was a toy that he wanted to use and he did not want her to feel comfortable. It was in the evening when George knocked on her door.

Khadijah had been waiting for George all day and had given up hope on him when she heard a knock at the door. She rushed to the door to open it and found George waiting for her. He walked in not waiting to be invited. He had a sense of entitlement about him.

Khadijah did not correct him or say anything about him leaving but instead submissively followed him. George sat down by the kitchen as though he was not fucking her to heaven just last night.

She was struggling to compose herself and unsure of what to say about how she felt. She could feel George’s lustful eyes on her body as he eyeballed her body from head to toe.

“Change into something that will interest me. I will wait.” George demands. Khadijah turns to walk away but all of a sudden stops. She was wearing a black lace underwear set. She was sure it would ‘interest’ him without the need to change into anything else.

She lifted her abaya over her head, revealing her underwear to George.

“Is this more to your liking?” She asks as she walks over to him.

She drops to her knees as she reaches him. She begins to do undo the button on his slacks and lowers his zip. She pulls his cock out of the fly of his boxers and begins to lick his hard cock up and down. She has been craving this fat monster all day.

She is taking it deep down her throat as she sucks like her life depends on it. Her gagging and choking on his cock reverberates around the kitchen as she pleases George. He grabs her by the hijab tearing it as he throat fucks her.

“You fucking horny slut. Take my fat cock,” George groans as he forces her to take more of his cock.

Khadijah struggles to take it all as she concentrates on relaxing her jaw. George begins to bob her head back and forth on his cock. Each time pushing it deeper and deeper down her throat. She gags on his cock as he hits the back of her throat. Tears are streaming down her face and her saliva is dripping down her mouth. She looks like the hot mess she is.

George thrusts hard against her as he climaxes shooting his sperm down her throat. She does her best to keep up with the flow and swallow as much as she can. Khadijah loves seeing the feeling of sucking his cock.

He pulls his cock out of Khadijah and she savors the taste of his cum. She uses a finger to scoop up the excess cum that is dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin.

“I am not done with you,” George says as he looks down at her.

He lifts her up and bends her over the breakfast bar. He grabs her panties, twisting the around his palm before giving them a firm tug and tearing them from her body. Khadijah feels them snap against her body and she takes a deep sharp inhale. He brings the panties up to his nose and inhales deeply.

“Your panties are so wet and warm. Your cunt is dripping for cock. You are one horny slut.” The shaming only adds to her arousal.

Khadijah is beyond embarrassment and simply needs to be fucked but she does not expect him to be hard so soon after she sucked his cock dry.

George dips two fingers into a slab of butter on a plate. Khadijah watches as he fingers the butter and scoops it up with 2 fingers. He kicks her legs apart and presses her head down into the bar. He roughly inserts his two butter covered fingers into her ass, lubing it up for him.

“Uhhh. What are you doing?” Khadijah grunts at this unexpected intrusion. George begins to lube his own cock with the butter and rests his fat cock at the puckered entrance of her asshole.

“Just relax and you will enjoy it. You are my slut and you will learn to obey me.” George tells her as he begins to assert his dominance.

George grunts as he forces his fat inside her tight asshole. Her ring is tight and the butter has not done enough to ease the entry. George grunts and pulls the hijab back tight on her head as he forces his fat cock past the tight anal ring.

“Ya Allahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Screams Khadijah as she finds her asshole invaded by the fat infidel cock. This was beyond simple, anal was a taboo escort tanıtımları and sinful thing in Islam yet here she was taking an infidels white cock. There was a sense of powerlessness Khadijah felt around George, she was a slave to her carnal desires and she could not say no to George.

Khadijah is so tight and it feels like he is in a vice but he continues to move his cock in and out of her tight ass. The friction only seems to drive him on to own her.

“Your ass feels so good. You are tighter than a fucking virgin,” George grunts as he continues to fuck her ass despite the friction.

George begins to find her ass gives way and his cock moves more easily in and out of her ass. Her body is adjusting to his cock and he begins to feel a greater sense of ownership over her. Khadijah is now beginning to even enjoy this ass fucking after the initial painful entry. She holds on to the end of the breakfast bar as George begins to fuck her with sheer force. Their bodies are covered in sweat from the effort of the fucking. George slaps her fat ass with every thrust as he begins to enjoy the fucking.

“I am cumming. I am fucking cumming in your tight virgin Muslim ass,” George croaks as he feels that tension release.

“Yessssss. Cum in my Muslim ass, my Infidel lover,” Khadijah moans.

Despite it feeling good, Khadijah is unable to climax from the anal experience.

George collapses on top of her as they both gather their breath. A short time later, they gather themselves and they take a seat in the living room.

“On the weekends I usually play cards with an old army buddy. I was thinking you could play host.” George asked Khadijah but it was more of a demand than a question. George wanted to show Khadijah off to his friend. He could not believe he was fucking this horny, sexy hijabi. She could not refuse as she wanted to please her man but she was also interested in knowing more about George and wanted to meet his friends.

George had met Henry when they both served in the army in their younger years. They had always stayed in touch over the years and now enjoyed a weekly meet up to play cards. Henry was divorced and George was widowed so the card game took on another meaning as it helped them cope with the loneliness of old age.

Khadijah wore her navy abaya and hijab for the card game. She had made some snacks but refused to let George have beer or any alcohol in her apartment. It was the only rule she was not willing to break. Henry was short and fat but said everything with a smile which made Khadijah feel at ease. He seemed harmless and she wanted to make a good impression on him.

Henry put a small case on the desk and opened it to reveal their chips and cards. Henry began to divide the chips and shuffle the cards. Khadijah brought over some drinks as they set up the game. They were a selection of juices and fizzy pop as she stuck by her no alcohol rule. While Khadijah bent forward to put down the drink for Henry he slapped her ass gently.

“Thank you. George you have found a good one here. What is she doing with you?” Henry beamed and they both laughed.

Khadijah looked over at George and he could sense she was uncomfortable at the slap on her ass but he nodded to say it was ok.

“This could do with some rum,” Henry said loudly as he took a sip of his coke.

“No alcohol allowed in this apartment. The lady makes the rules.” George quickly explained. Henry seemed to accept this and did not make another comment

She excused herself and walked towards the kitchen so they could enjoy the game.

“Hey, why don’t you come and sit with us and play?” Henry asked.

Khadijah felt uncomfortable as she did not like the idea of gambling as it was against her faith.

“No, I am fine. I will wait here and you can shout me if you need anything.” Khadijah said as she went to sit at the breakfast bar.

This prompted George to get up and walk towards Khadijah.

They were out of earshot of Henry.

“You should play. It is rude otherwise. I want you to get to know my friends.” George whispered in her ear.

“He slapped my ass. Was that not rude?” Khadijah retorted a little louder than expected and Henry chuckled at hearing her say it.

“That is just his way and don’t act the prude. I have done much worse to your ass at this bar,” George replied cheekily trying to break this prudish wall Khadijah was putting up.

“I am not a prude,” Khadijah responded with defiance.

“I know. You are a ball of sexual energy. You can’t let lil ol’ Henry think you are some prude. He won’t be able to handle the real sexual queen that you are,” George reassures her.

Khadijah feels a sexual energy buzzing through her at his words. George kisses her on the cheek and he moves back to his seat. Khadijah gathers herself and joins them sitting next to George on the sofa. Henry is sat on the other sofa next to them.

“It is a $500 buy in,” Henry tells Khadijah.

“She is good for it, deal her in.” George gaziantep escort telefonları quickly interjects which makes Khadijah feel more comfortable. Khadijah feels guilty about gambling but she soon forgets it as she receives her first cards.

George immediately announces he is out as soon as he reads his cards. He turns them over and throws them on the table.

Khadijah is unsure of what she is doing and asks George for advice. George has a look at her cards and tells her she has a good hand. He begins to explain the rules and what the different combinations mean. Khadijah immediately gives away that she has a good hand but instead of folding, Henry continues add to the pot. He wants her to enjoy the winning feeling.

Khadijah is ecstatic when they both reveal their cards and she has won. She scoops her pile of chips from the middle of the table. This occurs a further two times and Khadijah forgets her concerns about gambling as she begins to enjoy the game.

Henry loses his $500 and wants to put in another $500. George tells him to do a forfeit to be allowed back in the game and he sings YMCA.

The next hand George is out early once more. Khadijah finds it odd that George never seems to play into the game beyond the initial hand but she puts it down to his bad luck. Khadijah has two pairs of king and queens and she is feeling confident. The pot begins to build to the point that they both go all in. Khadijah is giddy at the prospect of another big win. Henry seems more quietly confident this time and he has a devious smile.

Khadijah reveals her cards but Henry has a straight flush and Khadijah cannot believe it as he scoops up the chips from the middle.

“Can I play again?” Asks Khadijah as all her chips disappear.

“Well, you will need to do a forfeit.” George tells Khadijah.

Khadijah is addicted to the game and the thrill of winning. She wants to feel that rush again.

“What do you want me to sing?” Asks Khadijah eagerly.

“The forfeit is not always a song. It depends on what Henry decides.” George says ominously.

She looks over at Henry and he has a cheeky grin.

“I think we should bring a little heat to the game. The forfeit is, you must strip down to your underwear.” Henry takes Khadijah by surprise and she is left open mouthed with shock.

She looks towards George for support. George looks ready to intervene and Khadijah is pleased that he will defend her.

“I think we should all strip down to our underwear to make the forfeit fair,” George says and winks at Khadijah. She now feels trapped; she does not want to revert to being a prude. She has never felt this way about anyone before; she would be willing to do anything to please George.

Henry quickly stands up and begins to strip out of his clothes and throw them over the side of the sofa. George is more controlled as he slowly removes his clothes, folding them up and placing them on the side.

They both look over at Khadijah and await her response. Khadijah is nervous and unsure but they have made her mind up for her. She cannot back out now.

She begins to remove the clips from her hijab and slowly removes it. She shakes her hair as it is free from its confines. She stands up as they feast on her with their eyes. She can feel the hunger from the two of them and she is already a little moist at the idea of stripping in front of this stranger, Henry.

Khadijah was hesitant as she opened the buttons from the front of her abaya but she began to grow in confidence and even felt idolized by these two men hanging on her every movement. She pulled the abaya apart after unbuttoning it and she watched as their eyes grow with even more lust. They were practically salivating at the sight of her in just her underwear.

Khadijah loved to dress like a slut under her pious clothes and even today she was wearing a string bikini set underneath her clothes. The bikini bottoms tied together at the sides and the bikini top was tied at the back and from her neck. The bikini could barely contain her large tits that were straining against the covering.

“Oh, wow.” mouthed Henry as the sight blew him away. He expected some mundane underwear which would be fitting with the religious woman he saw when he first entered the apartment. He asked her to play in an attempt to tease her as he knew Muslims were forbidden from gambling and he only asked for her to strip as he liked the idea of George’s new religious girlfriend squirming in discomfort. He never expected her to go through with it and he never expected the sight in front of him. The sight of her in such slutty garments had his erection ready to burst. He was already creating a wet spot on his boxers.

Khadijah enjoyed the power she had over these men and even deliberately turned around before taking her seat so they could see her fat ass cheeks which the G string bikini did nothing to cover.

“Are you happy with the forfeit and can we now deal the cards?” Khadijah asked as a confidence gaziantep escort bayan telefonları began to soar through her.

She even crossed her legs to give Henry a better view of her legs as she was enjoying the way Henry was eyeing her body. She looked over at George and he gave her a smile of approval at this new confidence.

Henry was about to deal the cards out but then paused as he looked over at George and Khadijah.

“I think we should play for forfeits after every hand to add a little spice to the game. The winner picks who does the forfeit.” Henry offered and Khadijah could see a look of intrigue on George’s face.

“I think that is a great idea. I might have to think up some more embarrassing songs.” George joked with Henry. She felt compelled to go along with it and nodded her agreement.

She was dealt a bad hand in the game and quickly folded.

George and Henry did not seem too confident with their hands and there was not much in the pot before they called. Henry won to Khadijah’s disappointment and his eyes immediately turned to Khadijah. She knew he would pick her for the forfeit.

“I want a kiss from Khadijah,” Henry asked. She looked over at George almost begging him to intervene but he took it as her asking for permission on whether he wanted her to do this. He nodded his head and she reluctantly got up to walk towards Henry.

He was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he watched her walk over. Her breasts swaying as she walked across the floor. Henry wanted so much more than a kiss but he had to be careful. George seemed to be happy enough to show off his new girlfriend and he hoped if he played his cards right he would get much more.

She bent down and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before she got back up.

“That is not a kiss. You can do better than that,” George quickly spoke before Khadijah could return to her seat. He began to stand up and walk over towards Khadijah.

He walked over to Khadijah grabbing the globes of her ass and pulling her into him. He kissed her on the lips thrusting his tongue inside of her. Khadijah kissed him back with the same force and rubbed her crotch against his hard cock. Being almost naked in the presence of two hard and horny men in a sexually charged atmosphere was making her so horny and she knew her bikini was a wet mess already. George began to tease her asshole over the string of the bikini as she humped against his hard cock. The kiss lasted a few minutes as their tongues fought for dominance. Henry licked his lips and squeezed his cock as he enjoyed the show.

George then broke off the kiss as they both tried to gather their breath.

“I want you to straddle him and kiss him like this. That is the forfeit.” George said in a commanding manner. Khadijah’s eyes were glazed over as she struggled to contain her lust. She looked down at Henry and he had this eager smile on his lips as George’s words were not lost on him.

Khadijah slowly and nervously began to straddle Henry. Henry was a little too eager and grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down hard against his cock.

“Yaaaaa Allahhhhhhh.” She moaned as she buried her weight against this hard little monster. She began to grind against him subconsciously as she found herself enveloped by this lust filled haze.

She looked down hungrily at him and swallowed the saliva in her mouth. Henry forcefully pulled her head in for a kiss but it did not take much for her to give in and swallow his tongue.

They were now swapping saliva as their tongues enveloped each other. Khadijah found her arousal build as she began to sway her hips against Henry’s hard cock. Henry did not waste much time and quickly grabbed the fat globes of her ass. She did not protest or break off the kiss. Henry had a quick glance at George and he winked at him. This was all the permission Henry needed. He began to tease her asshole like George did and this seemed to elicit moans from her. Henry had never encountered such a sexual slut before and he almost did not know what to do with her.

He had his eyes on one thing all evening and now he wanted his hands on her breasts. He slowly and nervously moved his hands up to her breasts. There was no protest or objection so he began to grope them over the bikini. Instead of stopping Khadijah began to grind against him even harder.

He could sense her orgasm building and he bit the bullet. He untied the bikini from the back releasing her tits and began to grope them more freely. He felt her nipples and began to pinch and twist them. They were so stiff and begging to be tortured in this way.

He then felt Khadijah break off the kiss.

“Yaaaaaaaaaaa Alllaaahhhhhhhhhhhh,” Khadijah let off an almighty howl as she came with a powerful orgasm.

Khadijah tried to stand up but was a little unsteady on her feet after her orgasm and fell back into Henry who grabbed her by the tits, fondling them as she tried to gather herself. Henry slipped a hand between her legs and groped her pussy through the g-string bikini. George chuckled at this.

She managed to get up and walked back to her seat with her naked tits swaying from side to side. It was only once she returned to her seat that she realized her bra was undone. She tied it up as they resumed the game. She looked back at Henry’s crotch and it was completely soaked from her excretions. Subconsciously she licked her lips at the sight of his soaked crotch.

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