High School Boyfriend

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There was a thud and the door sprang open with a jolt. I pulled aside the stiff scissor gate and slipped through the narrow opening. It was an old elevator in an old building that had not been renovated in decades. Usually the elevator had given me comfort with its steady old-fashioned mechanics, but today it felt like a rickety wooden rollercoaster — unpredictable and haphazard. I spotted her door. My name had been taken off, finally. The last evidence of our brief failed experiment eradicated. Looks like Alexis had gotten something done for once, I thought slightly mockingly.

Really I had nothing to be nervous about. I was the one who had won the break-up. I know it’s wrong to think that and I know that nobody wins a break-up, but still: everybody thinks about that stuff after they split. Firstly, I had the moral advantage of being the vulnerable and sensitive one; a victim of her moody domineering and unexplained absences. Anyone hearing how things had been between us would have exclaimed: “oh, that is a terrible thing to do to another person! You deserve better!” And a lot people had said that to me, over cups of coffee and bowls of snacks on my living room table. Even my mom who usually never commented my relationships called me after she learned that I was about to leave Alexis and expressed her support. Alexis had played her role — the role of an asshole — until the very last minute. Not answering my calls, sending passive-aggressive and short replies, not holding her part of agreements until it was absolutely unavoidable. That’s how committed she was.

Yes, I had the moral victory and I had the material victory as well. I was moving into a new city, I had a new exciting job that looked great on paper, and I was seeing someone else. This someone was a kind, responsible, sweet person — and a person of my own age too. And what did Alexis have? Her crappy apartment with its leaky faucets and mold-stained bathroom tiles and paper-thin walls that let every pathetic domestic squabble and broken pipe and poor choice of music leak through. Her severely obese diabetic cat whose breath smelled like an infected wound. Her job at the record store that, from what I understood, was approaching charity work by now. I heard from a mutual friend that the place was going down and the owner couldn’t afford to pay employees their wages. How Alexis managed her rent these days I did not know.

Alexis did love that store though. That’s probably why she still showed up whenever help was needed. I had to give that to her, she did have that sweeter side to her as well. She was like a cactus: hard and prickly on the outside, full of sweet flowing juices on the inside. That’s what I used to think when we first met anyways. I could see her now with my eyes, arranging the vinyls, unpacking merchandise, mopping the floor. She was wearing that Dream Theater tour shirt and counterfeit Converse sneakers her sister bought her every year from Thailand.

But now I was getting sentimental. She probably worked for the old man because she just had nowhere else to go and she was too dumb to find a new job. She never thought things ahead. Never saved money, never was able to imagine things that weren’t right in front of her face. No ambition, no drive. In her late thirties, still living the life of a broke undergrad.

I rang the bell several times. It took her forever to answer the door. When I saw her face she had that nonchalant expression, as if she had forgotten all about our appointment. “Oh yeah, the lamp. Come in.” I closed the door behind me. I felt like I had reached the final level. I had arrived at the main villain’s lair.

“I’m kinda surprised that you’re here. You never liked that lamp.”

“Well, it won’t really suit my new apartment but I have a friend who would like to have it.”

“That makes sense.”

“I’m glad it’s still here.”

“You know me. I keep around all kind of junk. Still have my first girlfriend’s sandwich grill and sushi set. And I don’t even like grilled sandwich or sushi.”

I walked behind her across the living room. Alexis was wearing a mismatch pajama with a kimono-type robe, on her feet were old slippers. She was make-up free, her hair was wrapped carelessly in a scarf. Clearly she didn’t care I was coming or how I was going to see her. For her it really was just an old acquaintance coming to pick up a worthless piece of furniture. I felt oddly insulted and disappointed. I was afraid Alexis would pay attention to my appearance and think that I did care.

But also, there was something about her walk. Smooth, confident, intimidating. Like a lioness, or a tiger approaching its prey. That could not be hidden under the unflattering clothes. My eyes wandered bursa evi olan escort at her swinging hips and I was mesmerized for a while.

We were now in the bedroom. I greeted Titan, the diabetic cat. She was affectionate as always, with no reservation or judgment. She pushed her head against my knee eagerly, begging for attention. I wasn’t sure if she recognized me or if I was just another person coming in. Titan made no distinctions and was generous with her love. Unlike her mistress, I might add.

“She smells better.”

“What?” Alexis was going through a box in her in closet.

“Her breath smells better.”

“Yeah. Vet pulled out the bad teeth. Got money from my gran for Christmas. Cost a shitload too, I mean what a fucking rip off. I was kinda waiting the fat hairy turd to just die so I wouldn’t have to pay for it, but I guess not.”

Alexis always spoke crudely of Titan and often scared her guests with this banter. But I knew the aging feline meant the world to her. She had been in pain knowing she didn’t have the money to get the rotting teeth fixed, as if the teeth had been in her own mouth.

Soon I was standing with the lamp in my hand, feeling slightly stupid. The thing was ugly and plain; something I had bought for my first apartment after mom took me to Ikea and promised to pay the bill. I became aware of the room around me. I gave a quick glance at the unmade bed. Has she been having sex? Does it smell like sex in here?

“So, I hear you have a new job.”

“Oh, yeah. Junior financial coordinator. I mean it’s not my dream position but it’s a company that’s been on my radar for a long time. Could lead to something else. I mean I wanna work in the environmental division, they do a lot of work with renewable energy research. Kinda relates to my thesis which was about carbon emissions in the textile manufacturing industry.”

“Cool. Good for you.”

Alexis seemed bored. Her eyes gleamed drowsily. I got alarmed. I noticed the familiar urge to please her re-emerging inside me. My head was frantically searching for topics that might interest her. But Alexis was clearly waiting for me to leave so she could get on with whatever she had been doing. She might not be at a great place in her life, but she was certainly over me. And why wouldn’t she be? She was an interesting person, she didn’t need the things that I needed to feel herself important or validated. She didn’t need anything or anyone. She was a hunter, always looking for the next source of excitement and pleasure. And I was yesterday’s meal, a carcass with dry flesh stuck to the ribcage, leftovers not worth chewing.

“So are you seeing anyone?”

I blurted out the question. Now her eyes sharpened as she looked at me.

“No. What makes you think I am?”

“I don’t know.”

“You are seeing someone.”

“Umm, yes. I am. Her name is Michelle. But everyone calls her Mitch.”

“She’s a cutie pie. Joey showed me her picture.”

“She is a very sweet person.”

“I know the type. Loose jeans, a trendy cap, charming tomboy attitude, loves to brag about what she likes to do to her girl. Turns into a limp veggie in the sack.”

“Excuse me?”

Alexis smiled. Now her eyes were fully alert, glistening like the blades of a clean knife. I saw hunger, wakened by the topic and my embarrassment. My body trembled. It was like the old times — we went from 0 to 100 in a split second.

“Just saying how it is. No need to get upset.”

“I’m not upset. But you’re just jealous. She’s 100% better than you in the sack, for your information. She’s caring, she’s kind, she knows how to give the other person space.”

I was surprised and embarrassed by my outburst. Alexis laughed, her white teeth showing.

“Yeah, that’s what you’ve always loved, space. You can’t even get your cunt wet without someone holding your hand and telling you what to do. She might make a good little pet girlfriend and a cuddly sleep-over buddy but let’s face it: you’re never gonna get fucked again.”

I felt her spit on my face as she talked. I threw the lamp in the corner and lifted my hand in an attempt to slap her. But she grabbed me and started kissing my lips. I took a step back to release myself.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I shouted.

But my feet stayed where they were.

She grabbed me again and forced me to the bed. Before I realized what was happening she had strapped my hands on the bed frame and placed a gag on my mouth. Was I that helpless, really? As I struggled to release myself she pulled up my shirt revealing my full breasts.

“Looks like someone’s not wearing a bra”, she said in a soft cooing tone and ran her altıparmak escort hands over my bare nipples that had immediately turned hard against the cold air and her teasing touch. She squeezed my sensitive nip between her thumb and index finger. Humiliated, I tried to cuss at her but the gag muffled my voice.

Then Alexis started opening my jeans. She pulled them off easily along with my underwear. She tossed them on the floor carelessly. She was impatient. I was left completely exposed, my shirt pulled to my neck and my pants gone. The only thing I was wearing were my pink Hello Kitty ankle socks. I was out of breath with fury and desperation. I could feel my thighs tingling and my clit pulsing with confused anticipation, wondering what my crazy sex-craved ex would do next. Was she gonna eat me, fuck me, slap me? With her you never knew. The rollercoaster feeling I had in the elevator was back, only now it was stronger and mixed with my arousal and anger.

But to my surprise Alexis got off the bed and left the room without a word, leaving me lying there naked, alone, still trying to protest. I heard noises in the other room. The TV was on. It was football. Tired, I fell flat on the mattress. In my struggle I had kicked the blanket on the floor. I looked around the room as my pulse started to go down. Titan the cat jumped on the bed, it’s fluffy luxurious tail brushing against the skin on my side and making me shiver. Realizing she wasn’t going to get a cuddle from me, she jumped off the bed and ran out the door following her mistress. I heard Alexis talking to the cat in a gentle tone and the sound of dry pellets hitting the food bowl. Then, the sound of a microwave humming. The bitch was making herself dinner, I realized. How long was she going to keep me there, I wondered and closed my eyes in futile frustration. The arousal I had felt a minute before was gone and I was dry as a bone once again.

Then, after about ten minutes or so, Alexis returned to the bedroom.

“Sorry babe, I had to eat something. You arrived just when I was about to make dinner. Naughty girl.”

I couldn’t answer her, with the gag in my mouth. Alexis smiled charmingly. She stripped off her pajama bottoms but left on her kimono. She lifted the robe just so I could catch a glimpse of her perfect round ass. Then she took a chair and sat next to me, eyeing my body and letting her hand run along my thighs and stomach as I lay there defenselessly.

“Look at those thighs, those tits, those nips. And my, quite the garden you got there. Guess you didn’t have time to shave. Does your new cuddle buddy like it that way? Or does she even go down there?”

Alexis brushed her fingers briefly against my pubic hair and drew circles around my bellybutton. I was squirming with frustration. Whatever she wanted to do with me, she might as well do it right away and get it over with.

Alexis leaned back on the chair and lifted her legs on the edge of the bed, spreading herself so that I could see her naked clean-shaved pussy. It was gorgeous. You could almost smell it. I twitched with arousal at the sight.

“You’re so fucking delicious that I gotta get the steam off so I can concentrate. I’m just imagining all the things I’m gonna do to your body and how you can’t do a damn thing about it.”

She was already slick with fluid. She began to pleasure herself while staring at my body. All I could do was watch while my own vagina was slowly getting wet from the torture. I wanted her to touch me, I wanted to taste her fingers. I wanted anything but this, being tied up and hearing my ex-girlfriend’s sighs as she played with her pussy right in front of my eyes as if I wasn’t even in the room.

Finally she came with a sharp moan. This was just the warm up for her. She put her legs down and let out a pleased sigh. She reached over between my slightly parted legs and slid her fingers up and down my cunt.

“You’re already wet you dirty little bitch. Guess I should have known you’re still thirsty for my pussy. Now, little girly. Let’s talk about your life a little bit. Let’s talk about your dating history, to be specific. Do you remember your high school boyfriend?”

My heart jumped and there was a sharp nudge in my clit, followed by more fluids filling up.

“I thought so. How about your college boyfriend?”

I squirmed on the bed restlessly.

“I’m sure you remember them both. The other one is kind and gentle and the other one is rough and experimental. And you love them both. Guess what, they’re both here.”

Alexis took out two dildos that I recognized instantly. The other one was about five inches long, rubbery and flesh-toned with a shape that imitated gemlik escort a real penis (this had always grossed me out). The other one was large, at least 12 inches, stiff, black, and monstrous. She sure kept old junk around, just like she said.

“Yeah, you’re in trouble now”, Alexis cooed, almost whispering, rubbing the faux cocks against my stomach and my face. I squeezed my legs together in protest but at the same time I was burning to surrender myself which I soon did. All Alexis needed to do was to gently touch my thigh.

As the smaller dildo entered me I felt myself relax. My pussy was wet and ready and the toy slipped in easily. As I began to pant and moan Alexis increased her pace. I listened to her talk, flustered with shame and arousal.

“What would your little puppy girlfriend say if she saw you know? How about your mom and dad? Having some big lesbo shoving a fake cock into your cunt while you moan like a bitch in heat on filthy bed sheets?”

It was the bigger toy that send me to the edge. Alexis felt no mercy, holding me down with her hand and pumping the toy in and out of my wet hole. Thin walls, I remembered. The neighbors were no doubt hearing it all. I moaned, I screamed. I squirted on the bed like a volcano. But I didn’t cum. Alexis hadn’t touched my clit, which was swollen and aching to be caressed. Obviously ready to move on, Alexis tossed the toy aside and buried her face between my legs, spreading me open with her hands and catching the leftovers from the squirts and the fluids. I moaned, hoping she would suck my clit which I knew she was excellent at, but she dodged it on purpose. She got up, reached over and undid my gag.

“You want me to eat your clit?”

“Yes mommy, please eat my clit.”

“I’m not your fucking mommy.”

“Sorry! Please eat my clit, ma’am.”

“Not that either.”

“Please eat my clit, mistress.”

“Not gonna touch your filthy swollen clit with my mouth.”

She was cruel, just like I remembered. I tried to sound pitiful and arched my back pleadingly.

“I’m gonna ride your face and if you make me come like a good girl I’m gonna let you cum too. Maybe.”

With that she moved over and sat spread-eagled over my face. I could feel her warm juicy cunt pressing against my face, and for a moment I could barely breath with her intoxicating scent and taste invading my senses. She purposefully spread herself all over me before she settled with her clit at the mouth’s reach. I started licking and sucking her eagerly, and soon we found our rhythm. She rode my mouth and tongue till she finally erupted into a loud orgasm, and I could feel her muscles contracting against my face as this happened. I was in her orgasm, it felt to me. It drove me crazy as I still ached for my own release as well.

Alexis was clearly sluggish after her second climax. I was wet and sore, waiting for attention and relief. Alexis left the bed and came back with a hitachi vibrator. That lazy bitch, I thought to myself. I was ready to cum at the slightest touch and she still wouldn’t bother to do the work. But of course I kept quiet, afraid that I would make her mad and she would not let me orgasm.

“Now it’s time for your little reward. And mine too I guess.”

She put on the vibrator, pressing it against my thigh playfully. I was not in the mood for games, not after this torture.

“Are you angry, little one? Don’t be. You’re gonna cum so many times. You’re gonna cum ’till you cry.”

I was gonna say something but then Alexis placed the vibrating head against my pussy. It sent jolts through my body. What happened next I remember only vaguely. I had multiple orgasms that were released from my body like storms. The first peaks were the ones that had piled up during my prolonged arousal, the last ones were squeezed out of me mercilessly by the unbearably intense stimulation from the toy and the hand that was holding it. My mind was flooded with erotic images that all mended into one big wave of lust. It was so intense I almost passed out. Afterwards I lay on the bed exhausted and dehydrated, my pussy sore and my brain soaked in endorphins.

It took me a while to get back to the room where I was in. Alexis had released me from my bonds as quickly as she had wrapped me into them. She was back in the kitchen, and I heard the TV again. Titan was napping blissfully on the chair by the window. As I walked past the kitchen I could only see Alexis’ back but somehow she knew I was there.

“Get your stupid lamp and get the fuck out of here. Oh, and take your boyfriends with you too, I don’t need them anymore.”

On my way out of the building I threw the two boyfriends in the trash along with the Ikea lamp. I walked to my car with quick steps wondering if Alexis was on her balcony peering over me like a cheetah on a high tree branch. It was beginning to rain as I turned on my engine and drove off into the traffic.

And that was the last time I saw Alexis, my beautiful, deranged, dirty, lazy, intelligent, infuriating ex.

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