High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 16

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We arrived at my place safely and I took on the part of chauffeur opening the rear door and offering my hand to assist both from the back seat.

Kay’s nipples were totally erect and I assumed Francine’s were just a hard. I closed the door and followed the two of them as they made their way to the lobby arm in arm.

“Let me get the door.” I said being the complete gentleman.

They stepped into the elevator and turned to face me as I entered. The door glided closed behind me and I reached to my side and pressed twelve.

“I’m really going to enjoy this aren’t I?” I asked.

Kay and Francine smiled and replied in unison. “Absolutely.” Some how I knew I wasn’t the only one that was absolutely going to enjoy this.”

The elevator slowly came to a stop and when the door opened I took a couple steps back then acting like the doorman at some very expensive hotel I motioned with my hand toward the door to my unit.

“This way ladies.” I whispered.

I followed them down the hall carefully comparing asses. Kay’s moved seductively side so side while Francine’s kind of slithered along with her raven colored pony tail swinging side to side.

I would have liked to run in front and compare breasts walking backwards in front of them but we reached the door to my condo before I could get the nerve.

They parted each taking a spot on either side of the door while I unlocked and pushed it open. I stepped inside and turned around. Kay and Francine were still standing in the hall and as I invited them in they roll around the door jam and together stepped inside.

Kay announced. “We’ll just be a minute or two.” As they scampered off down the hall to my bed room.

I closed the door and turned the dead bolt. Walking to the entry of the hall I spoke out. “Anyone interested in drink?” I asked.

Francine replied. “We’re good but get one for yourself.”

I went in the kitchen and mixed myself a strong rum and coke. Taking a gulp I refilled it to the top with just rum.

“Sit down and make yourself comfortable.” Kay said from the bed room.

I’d been smiling widely for so long my cheeks actually hurt and I was certain my cheeks would continue to pain me for the next couple hours.

“So what were you two talking about while I was throwing horse shoes earlier?” I asked to the two unseen minx in my bed room.

Kay replied first. “A little of this and a little of that.” Which told me nothing.

I heard a giggle then Francine added. “We were comparing notes Allen.”

That gave me a little more insight into what had them smiling and giggling so much.

They had been talking about making love with me. Comparing notes on how I’d please each of them and probably on how they’d pleased me.

“You sitting down Allen?” Kay asked.

“Yes I am.” I replied.

“Close your eyes baby.” Francine told me.

“Okay got them closed.” I said.

I heard them approaching from the bed room and promised myself to keep my eyes closed until they permitted me to open them.

I heard them enter then move to my right.

“Okay.” One sexy voice said.

“Open your eyes.” The other sexy voice added.

I slowly opened my eyes. Standing before me shoulder to shoulder were the two most seductive forms I’d ever had the pleasure of gazing upon.

Kay was wearing a sheer black baby doll the soft fullness of her breasts showing clearly through the nearly see through fabric. While Francine wore a more form-fitting black lace teddy it’s fabric firmly snapped under her loins.

Neither wore shoes but both had sexy colored toe nails and matching fingernails.

Kay’s hair was perfectly teased around her beautiful glowing face while Francine’s hair now released from it’s pony tail was some what fanned out and kind of wild looking.

They both had applied lovely pink glistening almost glittering lip gloss.

Kay held up one finger and said. “If you make a move to get off that sofa Francine and I will stop instantly what we’re doing and leave immediately.” She warned.

I smiled and replied. “Wild horses couldn’t drag me off this sofa.”

Francine smiled knowing how hard it was going to be for me and I was certain what was about to unfold before me would be well worth the effort I’d have to make.

I hadn’t noticed but Francine was holding the stereo remote in her hand. She pressed a button and the room was filled with soft jazz. She tossed the remote to the sofa next to me and grinned. I knew she was recalling the last time she’d heard jazz in this room and the incredible time we’d shared together.

Kay was visibly aroused her exhibitionist tendencies about to be treated to a spectacle that even she couldn’t have imagined earlier in the day.

They slowly turned to face each other. Francine was first to move her soft delicate hands sliding up to gently cups Kay’s breasts through the shear fabric of her baby doll. Instinctively Kay tilted her head she arched her back pressing her lush full erzurum escort breasts firmly into Francine’s palms.

Kay’s nipples already erect pressed at the shear fabric as Francine covered them with her soft hands. My cock involuntarily began to swell in my pants. I knew before long it would be pulsing underneath begging to be touched by both of these sexy vixens.

Francine’s skillfully hands continued to caress the full firmness lifting cupping and caressing every part with her delicate hands. Her fingers occasionally tweaking pinching and rolling Kay’s taut nipples.

It was obvious Kay enjoyed the softer delicate touch of another woman moaning and cooing with delight.

Francine slowly moved her hands down to Kay’s waist the drew her closer. Their lovely faces only inches apart. Passion filled eyes staring into one another. Kay circled Francine’s waist then slid her hands up her lovers back. Pressing lightly Kay parted her lips the tip of her pink tongue extended inviting a first kiss.

My covered cock swelled as I watched intently. Their lips barely touched. Shimmering soft lips that almost appeared to spark passionately as they kissed. Francine offered her tongue which was quickly accepted by her lover. Sucking gently on the tip as her hands began to explore the soft flesh on Francine’s back.

Francine reacted to the soft caresses by moving her hands between and again lightly massaged Kay’s lovely breasts. Her fingernails slid up and hooked over the top of Kay’s shear baby doll drawing the material down over her heaving soft breasts.

Kay slid her fingers up into Francine’s hair and lifted it back at her temples. Her delicate fingers holding raven colored hair back so I could see better. Her soft hands guided Francine’s lips to the smooth flesh above her breasts. Francine kissed very lightly as Kay moved her lips over the heaving mounds of pleasure.

I wondered if I was permitted to speak. “Lick the very top of her cleavage Fran.” I said. Kay looked toward me and smiled happy that I was offering a suggestion that we both knew drove her crazy.

Francine’s tongue darted from between glittery lips and licked the spot I’d suggested. Kay moaned softly.

Encouraged by her moan Francine moved down to kiss the soft full spheres being offered to her sensual lips. Her tongue circled one areola softly licking the tiny goose bumps that rose in the pink flesh surrounding her hard nipples. Kay cooed softly as her lover pleasured her flesh but avoided the taut point in the middle. Lifting her lips from Kay’s quivering flesh she glanced up into Kay’s eyes which even I could see from a distance were moist and sparkling with complete passion.

Francine returned to her quest with the enthusiasm of a young lover kissing and licking the soft flesh and the sensual bumps but this time she moved her lips to circle Kay’s hard nipple suckling on the taut flesh and occasionally nipping at it with her teeth.

Kay’s deep sensuous moan acknowledged that Francine was lifting her to then next level of arousal.

Francine gave both tight nipples the absolute attention they commanded and paused between nipples to kiss and lick the soft warm cleavage between Kay’s breasts.

“God she’s driving me insane.” Kay whispered to us both.

My cock was now pulsing in my pants and I wanted to expose it so my two vixens could see the affect their sensual lovemaking was having on me.

Francine released the shear fabric of Kay’s baby doll but it remained firmly tucked beneath the twin orbs of heaving tit flesh. Her nipples now shimmering with Francine’s saliva begging for more attention.

But her lover was on a mission and her goal rested between Kay’s firm shapely thighs. Her lips and tongue teased quivering flesh through shear black fabric as she slowly kissed her way down until she was able to kneel before Kay’s steamy loins. Kay’s hands had slipped from Francine’s hair and moved up to lift and cup her incredible tits Thumbs and fore fingers slowly tweaking the moist peaks of pleasure at their center.

Delicate fingers hooked the tiny straps then slid the equally shear thong from Kay’s body. As she drew it to her feet Francine leaned forward and inhaled deeply drawing the sweet perfume of Kay’s loins into her nostrils.

She turned her head toward me and whispered. “I love the smell of moist pussy.”

Kay’s knees buckled just a little as her beautiful raven haired lover extended her tongue and licked the smooth swollen lips of her vulva.

“She tastes wonderful.” Francine said. Her hands slid up the back of Kay’s legs drawing her hips toward Francine’s full pouty lips and moist tongue.

“Lick it again please.” Kay urged.

Francine’s tongue slid along the moist flesh then lingered flicking at the hard nub of Kay’s clit.

“Hmmmmmmm…” Kay moaned her hands lacing into Francine’s wavy raven tresses.

Francine slowly lifted Kay’s leg placing her sexy foot on the edge of the table. I could gaze eskişehir escort lustfully at the swollen lips and moist folds beyond from my vantage point across the coffee table.

“Eat that sweet pussy.” I whispered.

Francine began licking sucking nibbling on Kay’s quivering pussy.

Kay’s fingers urged Francine to even deeper licks pulling on the raven locks bringing her moist loins tightly against her lovers face.

Francine’s mouth was in constant motion moving from pink hot flesh to swollen lips and finally to the rock hard nub of Kay’s clit.

Kay moaned softly over and over as her new lover brought her closer and closer to oral satisfaction.

Francine slowly drew two fingers up the inside of Kay’s long shapely thighs. Both dipped between swollen lips into the moist folds of sensitive fuck flesh. I leaned forward wanting to see better. My raging hard on trapped between my thigh and my abdomen.

Francine’s fingers withdrew. Slippery and shimmering with Kay’s juices. Then they both disappeared again. Kay’s groaned hard as one long sexy finger slipped back inside her quivering pussy and the other pierced her sphincter.

As her skillful digits massaged the searing hot fuck flesh Francine’s tongue lashed out at Kay’s pulsing clit. Again and again her pink tongue flicked at the tiny hard clit.

Kay’s knees buckled again as Francine’s oral skills drove her to the ultimate of sexual pleasure. Her orgasm slammed into her body and my mature red haired minx instantly became a quivering mass of climatic gelatin.

Her lovely breasts tipped with rock hard nipples heaved up and down as Kay gasped for oxygen. Her legs turned to mush and she nearly collapsed on top of Francine’s beautiful soft body.

Francine continued licking and sucking Kay’s clit as she slowly slid from the Everest of pleasure. Her fingers slipped from the raven tresses and rested on Francine’s shoulders then slid up to lift cup and tweak her own lovely full breasts.

“Oh my god!” Kay exclaimed after she’d caught her breath.

“Incredible.” I uttered.

Francine finally mercifully released her oral lock on Kay’s loins holding the swollen hood surrounding Kay’s clit open so I could view the erect bright red protuberance she’d works so diligently upon with her pink tongue.

I made a quick mental note that I’d have to ask Francine to give my circumcision scar the same kind of treatment some time soon.

Francine slipped her fingers from Kay’s loins and looked up at her sexually satisfied lover’s eyes.

“I’ve never……” Kay whispered then reached down and lifted Francine to her feet.

“felt anything so incredible.” Kay finished just before she pulled Francine’s mouth to hers.

Their tongues lashed out a one another. Shimmering lips crushed together. Fingers hands and soft lovely bodies pressed tightly together.

Kay’s hand slipped between Francine’s thighs. The snap of her teddy opened with a resounding pop.

Francine responded by lifting Kay’s shear baby doll up and over her head.

She looked at me and grinned then tossed the sexy garment at my face. Kay’s skillful fingers slowly moved up and then peeled Francine’s lace teddy down over her lush creamy white tits, her flaring sexy hips and down the length of her shapely legs. It fell to the floor a puddle of lace around her feet.

Now totally naked their lovely bodies were there for my lustful inspection. Kay’s breasts slightly larger then Francine’s rested softly against her lover’s belly. The perfect hard nipples pressing into the soft flesh just below Francine’s milky tits. Kay lowered her mouth as her raven haired lover lifted one erect nipple toward glimmering lips.

Kay’s hands slipped behind and pressed Francine’s chest firmly against her soft mouth. Francine feeling the wonderful oral caress arched her back and cooed softly. “They’re so sensitive.”

Hearing that Kay began slowly kissing and suckling both perfectly round areola and hard erect nipples being offered to her by the raven haired vixen before her.

Now it was Francine’s turn to lace long sexy fingers into beautiful red tresses urging Kay on with delicate pulls of her sexy locks.

Francine looked toward me and with misty passionate eyes whispered. “Her lips are so soft.”

“I know.” I quickly responded.

Kay let one taut pink nipple slip from her oral grasp and looked into Francine’s eyes. “He knows because I suck his incredible cock every chance I get.”

Francine guided her lover’s lips back to their task then whispered. “I can’t wait to suck his big beautiful cock again.”

For a moment I thought the three of us were going to fast forward to our own incredible three some but Francine dashed my hopes when she added. “But first I wanna make love with you Kay.”

I leaned back into the sofa not the least bit disappointed knowing my time would come soon enough. But my raging erection needed relief it needed to be slowly stroked gaziantep escort and pleasured. I moved one hand to its throbbing shaft and began sliding it up and down the length teasing it through my shorts.

Kay’s hands grasped Francine’s wrists. “Lay down.” She whispered.

Francine slowly reclined on the plush carpet her feet extended toward the table and her lovely round breasts pointing straight up at the ceiling. Her long sexy fingernails slid up across a flat belly and onto those milky orbs of pleasure. Thumbs and fore fingers pinching the taut erect points that tipped her beautiful tits.

Kay took a step or two forward straddling her reclined lover at the shoulders. For a moment I thought she was going to bend at the waist and settle her steamy wet swollen pussy onto Francine’s mouth.

But instead Kay slowly turned around to face me. Her passionate eyes stared lustfully into mine. Her hands slipped up over her full ripe tits to lift each one showing me the erect tight nipples. Her tongue extended then licked one then the other giving them a shimmering gleam of hot wet saliva.

She slowly bent at the knees bringing her soft round ass down against Francine’s hands which were still pleasuring her milky tits. Her hands released full breasts and moved to her reclined lover’s thighs.

As she began bending at the waist she smiled and whispered. “Watch me pleasure her.”

Even in the heat of their lovemaking Kay’s exhibitionist tendencies came forth. She wanted to be sure I would be able to watch every move she made while she pleasured Francine. She wanted me to be staring at her sexy face while she gave her raven haired lover oral pleasures equal to those she’d just received.

I was a more than willing audience.

Kay lowered her lips to Francine’s pubic mound. The milky flesh twitched as Kay’s lips first touched. Kissing licking and dragging her teeth across the soft flesh. Francine began moaning softly even before the mature minx had even touched her most sensitive part.

Kay slid both hands in over Francine’s thighs pressing them apart more then moved her fingers up to spread the soft lips of her vulva open exposing pink fuck flesh beyond.

“Look how beautiful it is.” Kay said to me.

Francine mean while began playing with Kay’s ass from behind kneading the soft fleshy mounds and occasionally dipping a long sexy finger between the searing hot lips of Kay’s fuck tunnel.

Kay dipped her head and gave the exposed pink clit before her a quick lick. “Look how it quivers when I lick it.” Kay spoke softly.

Francine slid her hands to Kay’s hips and pulled them down bringing the wet swollen pussy with-in inches of her mouth.

Kay moaned feeling her lover’s hot breath on her own quivering flesh.

Her lust over came her and she dropped her mouth to the soft pink folds of Francine’s twitching pussy.

“Yes!” Francine exclaimed

Kay’s tongue slipped between swollen lips and massaged the searing hot folds of flesh inside.

“Oh god yes!” Francine screamed.

Kay’s chin pressed into the throbbing clit as her lips and tongue fucked her raven haired lovers pulsing pussy.

Francine lifted her legs and pressed her sexy feet against the coffee table. It began to slide toward me and I quickly stopped it’s movement with my own feet.

I sat there staring lustfully at the two vixens coupled together in an incredible sixty nine of lesbian passion. Their soft moans and groans interrupted only occasionally by Kay’s sexy request for me to pay particular attention to another of her awesome oral techniques.

My hand continued stroking the rock hard cock buried beneath my shorts.

Kay looked up from her task and asked. “Do you see how I tongue fuck her sweet pussy?”

I shook my head as she dipped her wet tongue into equally wet fuck flesh.

Lifting her head again Kay whispered. “Don’t you wish you were fucking this hot little pussy right now?”

I shook my head faster this time.

Kay returned her mouth to the quivering fuck tunnel and began moving in and out more rapidly.

Francine groaned soulfully as her mature lesbian lover massaged every inch of wet flesh she could reach with her sexy tongue.

Even though I couldn’t see I knew Francine was giving Kay’s sweet fuck tube the same incredible treatment. I thought for a moment about getting up to see but resisted the urge wanting to continue watching Kay’s skillful mouth pleasure her lover’s loins.

Kay’s lips tongue and teeth worked Francine’s pussy into a twitching quivering swollen frenzy. Francine screamed. “Keep going I’m gonna cum soon.”

Obviously Kay didn’t want that just yet. She lifted her mouth from the hot little pussy and looking up into my eyes she whispered. “Take your cock out so I can see it.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and in an instant my shorts and briefs were around my ankles. My raging hard on standing at attention before the two vixens reclined in front of me.

“I wanna see his cock!” Francine said.

As Kay returned her mouth to the dripping wet pussy below she whispered. “Jerk it.”

My hand slowly began sliding up and down the rock hard shaft.

“Let me see him jerk it!” Francine begged.

Kay was busy tongue fucking Francine’s hot box as I stroked my pulsing cock.

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