Hide and Seek Ch. 04

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Okay. I have to admit I messed up the age thing…I mean, Jake’s in my eyes old enough to drink, but that’s because I’m German and we’re allowed into clubs and for drinking with 18. sorry for that.

I will no longer promise to do the next part faster because it seems to make me unreliable 😉 The first part this time can be seen as a kind of…sequel. It is there to make up for the lost time. At least a bit. Enough babbling. Enjoy!


“Ughh…” Panting, heavy breathing.

“You okay?” Skin on skin. My lips all over his back. I feel like I’m burning up.

“Stop talking damnit..put it in!!”

His hand reaching for me broke my concentration.

I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I didn’t want to. I pulled out my fingers and bit his neck tenderly. He arched his back and wiggled his ass subconsciously, moaning.

“You really ready?”

“Yes goddamnit!! Put it in..please!” He glanced towards me through his messy black hair, a look in his eyes that could make any guy lose control. Sexy would be a huge understatement.

I placed my throbbing cock at his entrance and put a hand on his back. Slow now, no mistakes. He has to enjoy this. I groaned while ridiculously slowly pushing forward. I meant to be gentle. Very gentle. Impatiently he started pushing back.

I popped through his first tight ring and he moaned. Pleasure? Pain? Stopping I leaned forward and caressed his back with my lips: kisses, bites. I would never let those marks fade. Again he pushed and I growled. He would pay for his teasing later. I bit down harder and at the same time digging my short fingernails slightly into his shoulders and now he growled lightly. With a content chuckle I pushed forward, now holding his hips with both hands to control his movements. I could sense my darling was not yet ready for the real fucking.

The panting increased, the heat radiating from his skin making me lose all my senses for a moment. I was halfway in and I could feel him writhing underneath me, his eyes tightly closed.

“You okay?”

“Don’t know. It feels weird. Hurts a little.” I made a grimace.

Reaching for his dick I held still to let him adjust to my size. Slowly, I started stroking him, running my thumb over the head and following down a thick vein, finally grabbing the base and adding pressure. As I felt the tension leave him I took a deep breath. Final shot.

I pushed forward, burying myself entirely in his depths. Again he arched his back and moaned loudly. When I shifted a little his head shot back, his mouth a perfect O, his eyes wide open, and a relieved grin spread on my lips. Probably not that hurtful anymore. Unhurriedly I pulled back and felt him move with me. I roared and stopped myself from immediately pushing back in.

He clenched down on my groin with his muscles as I changed the angle and hit his sweet spot. My lover moved uncontrollably for a few seconds from the pleasure, breathing hard. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back for long, I had been waiting for far too long already, so I slowed down the speed of my thrusts even more. He felt it and pushed back with much more force, obviously trying to make me enjoy this.

Angrily roaring I turned him around, my cock still buried deep inside of him.

With a sound of surprise he tried to hide his eyes with his hands. Calmly I pulled them of his beautiful face, revealing thin traces of tears on his cheeks. With a sigh I bent down and licked them off, then starting to kiss along his jaw line. I hovered above those beautiful lips, glancing into his eyes before softly connecting our mouths. With a gentle bite I pulled on his lower lip, then slid my tongue in-between and waited for him to let me enter his mouth. Finally he answered my pleadings and allowed me to wrestle with his tongue. Our kiss deepened even more. With pleasure I felt his muscles ease beneath me.

I started increasing the force that made my hips collide with his butt. Our bodies slammed together harder, faster. We enjoyed the feel of each other now and while forgetting all of our surroundings we only felt. Skin, heat, breath, lips, sweat. I was aware of his climax approaching soon after I continued hitting his sweet spot and pounded into him with increasing speed when he suddenly arched his back uncontrolled, clenching me inside and bucking while he found release. I was so near to the edge and wanted that same feeling he was experiencing right now. My heart raced and I could feel the pressure building up to an unendurable height. Then he lazily rotated his hips and I…

“.. I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones, Enough to make my systems grow…”

I opened my eyes, panting heavily, trying to find out where the hell I was and why I wasn’t sensing any feeling of release. I grimaced, shutting my eyes tightly. But the fucking noise finally succeeded in its attempt to bring me out of my dozing.

“..raise my flag and don my clothes, It’s a revolution I Travesti suppose, We’re painted red to fit right in..”

Damn. Another fucking dream. In more than one sense. I grabbed my phone and choked of the song set for my alarm. I slowly sat up, placing a hand on my forehead, masking my eyes to regain the luring darkness of the dream I just woke up from. The feel of his skin still lingered on my hands and lips. Agony.

Reluctantly I pushed my blanket off me and lumbered to the bathroom. I definitely would have to change my sheets when I got back. Damn dreams. Jake’s seducing had left me willing to go at any second. Unlucky as I was, this distance I was still somehow trying to keep seemed to stimulate my senses and he penetrated my thoughts even more frequently.

After getting rid of my shorts which were soaked and sticky I got into my shower, washing away the rest of my midnight fantasies. I lazily stroked my still tingling dick, trying to find the release that my mind refused to give me while asleep. Within seconds I shot my load and watched it flow down the drain. Huh. What a metaphor. I smiled to myself, shutting off the water and fumbling for a towel.

I needed a better plan. The first one was crap to begin with. But if “plan A” didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.


Ouch. I groaned as I got out of my car. I didn’t even want to think about the fact that it was Monday and I wasn’t lying in my bed like I would have preferred to. This beasty day always took away the sleep that I really needed after a weekend full of work. I stretched lazily and looked at my freshly bandaged foot that stuck out from underneath my pants. Sigh. It began to hurt again like a bitch after I’d walked through town all evening on Saturday. Oh yeah. That evening:

After I left Jake in the restroom I looked for Raphael and took my place next to him. He frowned and I smiled in reply. He knew me quite well and easily guessed what I’d been doing. I glanced at the door and saw my hottie leave in a rush: red cheeked, flustered, embarrassed. Oh damnit. Had I made it worse?

“Aww Gabriel. Did you have to tease that poor boy?” My co-worker chuckled.

I frowned. Yeah, I had to. My feelings for him were deeper than I had thought. I really wanted to have him by my side. But I’ve a nagging fear that he isn’t quite willing…

After those disturbing thoughts and the realization that I wanted him to overcome his fears to be with me, I finished my work. I still was a professional and so I earned my money the way I always do: that night I slept with an elderly man, who wanted to be dominated. Sigh. I was horny as hell after Jake’s little performance, so it was an easy job, but there was only one person on my mind. Now guess who. Haha.

Yeah…so that was it. Sleeping around, getting paid, and thinking of him. Useful weekend. Yippieh.

I looked around, waiting for the people to get in their classrooms. It was already late enough and I normally disliked being late, because that meant to have everybody staring at you when you enter the room. Bad idea. But I just needed to see him.

Unlucky as I am, he didn’t appear. Damnit. Frustrated I hobbled towards the entrance with my head down. What the hell was I going to do about him? After the weekend it was quite clear what I felt for him: I was smitten, head over heels…the complete idiot program. I just didn’t know what happened in that club. I mean, Jake was jealous because of his friend, he looked for me, he took the initiative and then let himself be used by me. Was it just the alcohol? Or maybe it was the start of his acceptance? THAT would be great. Just like all dreams are.

When I entered the building I took my time with getting to my classroom. Have I mentioned how unlucky I am on Mondays? So as I finally walked into the room my teacher freaked out about my being-late. Blah blah blah. When he finally shut up I snorted and took a seat, not listening a second to his oh so wonderful lesson. The horror went on for the next few hours and my mood was at its lowest when it was time for lunch.

I strolled to a table and waited for Amy. Maybe she could rescue the day. Improbable, but possible. She scolded me a lot lately. Well, she knew what was going on with Jake and I’m basically being the bad guy by tempting the innocent school boy. Uh, yeah. Sure. I chuckled. Amy still had a lot of fun because of the situation…being an insider and all that.

Again, I scanned my surroundings and finally I found something worth my attention. A smile spread on my lips. Jake was sitting there with his head resting on the table, facing away from anyone being near him. Strange. My beauty was rather the social type: even though he ended up with the wrong people (from my point of view at least) he was never isolated. He looked truly cute. But lonely. I felt the urge to go over to him. I would really like to, but I don’t think HE would like that. Shit. If the boy knew…if he just knew. I mean: I know I’m wearing İstanbul Travesti a disguise to cover up my real appearance, but my face is still the same and the height, too…Maybe it was because I was mostly sitting when he was around? Huh, no. Stop kidding yourself. It was rather because he never spared me a second glance before. Maybe I should help him a little? The ‘game’ was slightly unfair at the moment…However Jake still needed to prove that he wasn’t just a jock who never cared about anyone or anything but himself and his pseudo-friends.

“Hey there beauty.” Ahh. Amy. Finally.

“Oh honey. I told you so many times already: no stupid jokes on Mondays!”

I winked at her and she hit my head teasingly. I already started feeling better.

“Pah. You’re gorgeous. And you know that quite well.”

“If you say so.” I laughed and let her hug me. At least someone was willing to touch me.

“And now tell me: what’s up with your sweetheart?” She followed my gaze.

“I hope he’s thinking about me.”

“Of course he is. But why the hell is he looking so worked up? I mean…he should be busy looking for you.”

“Yeah. He should be. ” Once more my eyes rested on the face that never entirely left my thoughts. After a moment of silence she hit my head again.

“Oh. My. God. What the hell did you do this weekend?!”

And that’s why I love and hate her: she knows exactly when something’s going on. I slowly licked my lips and faced her with my half-assed grin. Amy simply blushed until she was red like a tomato. Yup. She knows me pretty well.

“You have to tell me every detail!! I’m so curious. Why didn’t you call me?!”

“Because you would have fainted?” I chuckled. She was such a fangirl sometimes.

“Yeah..I guess you’re right.” She joined my laughing and then gently pushed me of my seat.

“What are you doing honey?!”

“I’m pushing you towards your luck. Come on. Go talk to him.”

I sighed and got up. Fuck. She knew I wanted to sit down next to him and chat casually, but it hadn’t been too long ago when he despised me for being who I am. Lately the sport freaks didn’t try to fuck with me yet they all continued with their hateful attitude. Well, except for Jake. After I beat up his friends he wasn’t the same towards me. All right. He WILL get used to me. With another deep breath I walked to his table, approaching him from behind. When I saw the hickey and the bitemarks that I left on him I couldn’t resist whistling. I did a great job there. With a sudden movement he straightened up and turned around with a distracted look on his face.

“Whoa. Slow down.” I smiled sweetly. He only frowned and glanced around. After another sigh I continued.

“That’s quite a hickey you have there. Must be a very possessive person.”

Slowly I sat down beside him. This wasn’t going too well right now. When he finally decided that his reputation wasn’t threatened, he relaxed and rested his head back on the table but kept on facing me. He looked really tired. Did I really mess him up that bad?!

“Yeah..that person is difficult.”

Thank you for the flowers. I examined him carefully. Jake brushed back a strand of hair and watched me with awareness. He didn’t quite trust my behavior. I wouldn’t have either, I mean we had been ‘enemies’ just a little while ago. Still, my cutie at least didn’t seem to hate our little chat.

“You look exhausted. Are you feeling ill?”

“Nah…just didn’t get enough sleep I guess.” He smiled half-heartedly and my own heart beat wildly.

“Oho. Hard weekend.” I laughed and he joined in with a snort.

“It could have been easier. ” Jake pointed at his hickeys. “This person really made an impression on me.”

“Seems like it. A good one?”

Come on. I really wanna hear you say it. I saw him hesitate. Shit, he really wasn’t quite sure how to handle this situation. Jake was still afraid of what he was feeling. Don’t fail me now. My heart ached as I kept on watching him. This was really frustrating. When did I become so attached?? My mind wandered of slowly.

“Yeah. Yeah, I think so. It’s confusing…but this person is different. In a positive way. Mostly.”

Okay. I’m done. My heart literally skipped a beat. I had a chance, I really fucking had a chance. My bad mood vanished completely and a smile lightened up my face.

“That’s good to hear. So you’re really all right? You’re still looking pale.”

“Yeah yeah…I’m fine.” He yawned and closed his eyes for a second.

I was so close to him now that I could smell his sweet scent. My fingers itched to touch him or pull him into a hug. I clenched my teeth and slowly got up quietly, ignoring the pain in the hurt foot. If I stayed any longer so close to him, I would simply reveal myself and embarrass us both. Love sucks at times. Sigh. I should really find my manliness again. Being a lovesick idiot isn’t helpful at all.

“See ya Jake.”

“Oh, you’re leaving?” His questioning look of his Ankara Travesti reopened eyes sent shivers down my spine.

“Yes. It’s not like you enjoy my presence too much, is it? I was just worried about you.”

For a moment we both stayed silent. His green eyes were now more awake and eyed me up intensively. My heart still beat wildly and I had to put up a lot of effort to avoid a tender look in my eyes. Come on. Don’t be a jerk. Tell me to stay.

“Well…see you later then.”

Thanks a lot cutie. With a silent sigh I made my way back to Amy. She looked at me with concern until I sat back down, facing away from Jake.

“Looks like that wasn’t quite your best conversation.”

“Definitely not.” I murmured.

“So you’re gonna let him struggle until he’s found out what he wants?”

“Amy..I’m the one who’s struggling here.” She sighed heavily now and patted my head absent-mindedly.

“I hope he won’t take too long. Your mood swings are really driving me crazy.”

I chuckled and grabbed a curl of her long hair.

“Maybe I should simply go for you. No secrets, no playing. Just you and me.”

“Oh come on. As if I was what you want. And now…think of how to help him a little. Maybe your nerd outfit needs a makeover?”

Now that was a plan. I smiled to myself. Step one: get him more interested in the man that I am. I looked at Amy, grinning widely now.

“Oh damn. I know that face. Don’t you do something stupid”, she warned me.

I answered with a chuckle and got up, deliberately causing noise, hoping to get just the right person to watch me. Without turning around (even though I wished to see his face) I pulled the baggy sweatshirt slowly up and over my head, revealing a tight dark blue shirt, which crawled upwards with the sweatshirt for a bit. I heard some people whisper excitedly. At least someone noticed. I smiled to myself and sat down seemingly unimpressed. So much to my image.

“It’s just really warm today, isn’t it?” Amy laughed and I saw her eyes flicker to a certain someone behind me.

I raised an eyebrow until she focused me again and smiled encouragingly. My heart beat wildly. He was watching. Strike. I imagined him sitting there, his eyes set on me. He probably felt reminded of a young host that lately confused him more and more. I smiled to myself. Now I was really feeling hot. At the same time I felt the urge to kick myself in the balls. I didn’t like helping him on this term too much, because he was still too focused on his eyes. But I needed him in my arms before I’m grey and old, so this will have to do for now. I can still teach him. I knew he was worth it.

“Nathan, you need a better plan. I mean, with that little show just now you got attention…but more from the females. Which I don’t appreciate too much by the way.”

“I know I know.” I sighed. “Do you have an idea?”

She opened her pink lips as if she wanted to say something but suddenly stopped. Amy frowned and straightened up, looking over my head. That’s when I heard them. Such assholes. I slowly closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Love sucks. Would he handle that himself? Finally see how stupid his charade was? Yeah. Fucking charades. Costumes. I’m one to talk.

“Oh Jakey Jakey Jake. How was your little chat with the faggot? Joyful?”

The other of his ‘friends’, including the breastless school queens and the jocks, laughed with the first speaker. Another joined in.

“Haha!! He sure liked to see him undress! Did you see how he looked at him? How DISGUSTING!”

“Sure thing. And do you remember last time? Our oh so wonderful friend here just stood by and watched how he tried to beat us up.”

Yeah of course. I only tried. I should’ve kicked their asses until they couldn’t sit for a whole week. Let me see if I can try that. I clenched my hands into fists until the bones stood out in bright white as rage filled my veins. How could anyone be so dumb? Sometimes I really lost faith in our educational system. I heard their nagging going on and on, which didn’t exactly help me to regain composure.


I raised my eyes to meet Amy’s and she immediately shut up. My lips where clenched tightly and I felt every muscle in my body twitch from the tension. I saw the concern in her eyes and only then I realized that I had gotten up. Oh hello! Stupid old me is back in town. She slowly shook her head but I took a deep breath and turned around. Just what they had been waiting for.

My heart ached badly when I saw Jake standing there, trapped between his so called friends, being accused for something that they couldn’t know was more than true. Even he himself didn’t quite know yet. I wondered why he didn’t say anything, but he never was a violent person to begin with. I wasn’t either. Too bad my foot was still hurt. Guess I have to call in ill for some time after today…they’ll probably hit me harder now that they know I can actually take them on. I approached them with tensed muscles and a fake smile on my lips. The game is on.

“Now see who comes along to rescue our Jake.” Not yours. Mine.

“Shut up Mike.” Jake murmured, not looking up. He wasn’t really expecting any help from me. Sigh. A little more trust, darling. I’m not that bad either.

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