“Hey mister, you buy us some beer?”

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes I need an editor and no I do not want an editor. Yes it jumps around too much, yes there’s too many people to keep track of, yes it’s too long, yes it’s too short, yes it’s in the wrong category, yes this is stupid shit and yes I am barely legible, barely literate; I don’t know why I even bother.

For those of you that have not hit the backspace key, I hope you enjoy this flash tale.


Charles ‘Buddy’ Mechon was running to be the State Representative for District 78, as a Democrat. District 78 had not voted for a Democrat since John F. Kennedy was running for the Presidency and even then it had been an extremely narrow victory for the Democratic ticket.

But Buddy just knew he would be that fresh faced kid, that new voice for the district. He went on a whirlwind campaign, taking his message quite literally door to door, business to business, shaking hands, listening to the concerns of the people, telling them why they were wrong to have those concerns and how the state government would be better suited to take care of the concerns they should be having.

In the small town of DeGarde, Louisiana, Buddy was walking up and down the aisles of Early’s Grocery store, telling people how capitalistic greed and the use of fossil fuel and climate change had driven the prices of their groceries up, went he saw something that made him stop in mid-sentence.

A young woman was buying a fifth of St. Elizabeth’s Whiskey at the small liquor counter.

“Excuse me,” Buddy demanded of the young man behind the counter. “She didn’t show you any ID.”

“Didn’t need to,” the young man shrugged. “We went to school together; I know she’s nineteen.”

“Nineteen?” Buddy shrilled. “Uh, the drinking age is twenty one. That’s not just in the state of Louisiana, that’s nationwide!”

“Yes sir?” the young man politely asked, uncomprehending.

A few telephone calls to the bureaucrats in Baton Rouge and Early’s Grocery store, an icon, a landmark of DeGarde, Louisiana since the 1920s was shut down.

(On a side note, out of the 18783 available votes in District 78, Charles ‘Buddy’ Mechon received 143 total votes.)


“Fuck, this sucks,” Brandon Prejean whined.

“Already said that like fifty times,” Matt Lyons groused.

They looked up as a pickup truck parked close to where they were standing, leaning against the grocery carts outside of Super One Foods.

“I mean, shit, all the bitch had to do was let us have it,” Brandon said.

“Yeah, but after that dumb ass got Early’s shut down, ain’t nobody want to sell no one beer,” Matt said.

The man that got out of the truck was an older man, with graying hair and eyes with crow’s feet in the corners.

He was muscular; his pull over shirt strained over his biceps and chest. His waist was narrow in his snug black jeans.

He nodded to the two eighteen year old boys as he grabbed a buggy.

“Hey, mister, will you buy us some beer?” Brandon suddenly asked.

The man stopped and smiled at the two.

They were both short, scrawny boys. Both had short brown hair and one had a few freckles mixed in with his acne.

“Buy you… What’s in it for me?” the man asked in a deep voice.

“We’ll pay for it,” Matt offered.

“Well no shit; but what do I get out of it?” the man smiled. “I mean, I get caught buying you two beer, I’m looking at some serious time.”

“I uh, I mean,” Brandon stammered, all bravado gone.

“Well, what you want?” Matt asked, guessing that they probably wouldn’t be getting any beer.

“Tell you what,” Bobby Duvalier said, looking around. “Let me suck your cocks, I’ll get you the beer.”

“No way!” Matt screamed.

“We ain’t no faggots!” Brandon spat.

“All right, see you,” Bobby smiled and walked toward the store.

“Um,” Brandon said.

Bobby stopped and smiled at the two hotly blushing young men.

“Okay, I’ll let you suck my cock,” Brandon said.

“That’s eryaman escort you, what about you?” Bobby asked Matt.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll let you suck mine too,” Matt agreed.

Bobby hit the key fob for his truck.

“What kind?” he asked.

“St. Elizabeth’s,” Brandon said, digging out his four crumpled dollar bills.

“Lager,” Matt agreed. “Six pack.”

“All right, get in the truck; be back in a minute,” Bobby agreed.

“You really going let him suck your dick?” Matt whispered as they clambered into the truck.

“Fuck, I mean, doesn’t make us gay we let some old homo suck our dicks,” Brandon hotly argued.

“No, probably not,” Matt agreed.

He shifted in his seat, hard cock trapped in his jeans.

“I mean, shit, he sucks us off, then we just go to the park and get our party, right?” Brandon went on.

Inside of Super One Foods, Bobby pulled two six packs of beer from the cooler, picked up a fifth of inexpensive bourbon, and a two liter bottle of cola. He grabbed the few items he’d come for, then pushed his buggy to the counter.

He chatted pleasantly with the young Asian girl at the cash register, wished her a good night, and then left the store.

“Here he comes!” Brandon said excitedly.

“God, we alcoholics or what?” Matt giggled excitedly.

Bobby showed the two boys the beer as he slid into the large truck.

“Hey, uh, where we going?” Brandon asked as Bobby drove out of the parking lot.

“My apartment, unless you got some other place in mind,” Bobby said.

“Uh, we uh, we was just going to the park, drink there,” Mat admitted.

“My apartment doesn’t have the cops walking around,” Bobby pointed out.

“Shut up, dude,” Brandon hissed to Matt.

Inside of Bobby’s one room apartment, Brandon and Matt saw several cardboard boxes stacked up. The only furniture was a futon.

“Moving in?” Matt asked.

“Moving out; leaving first thing tomorrow morning,” Bobby said, holding out two cans of beer.

“Awesome!” Brandon enthused and popped the top of his can of beer.

“Hey, wait, uh, what you doing?” Brandon asked as Bobby pulled his pullover shirt off.

“We had a deal,” Bobby said calmly.

His chest was large, muscled; his arms were also quite heavily muscled. His abdomen was the six pack type that everyone claims to want, but few put in the actual effort to accomplish.

He unzipped his jeans after kicking his flip flops off and both Matt and Brandon almost giggled at Bobby’s lack of pubic hair.

Then his dangling cock and balls came into view and both young men goggled at the thick slab of meat.

His legs were also heavily muscled; he actually had trouble easing out of the tight denim material.

“Y’all go on, get undressed,” Bobby ordered as he began to slowly stroke his large cock.

Brandon put his empty can of beer on top of a cardboard box, and with shaking hands, pulled his sweater off, then his tee shirt.

Matt followed suit. Both young men hesitated for a long moment then kicked off their tennis shoes and unzipped their jeans.

“Nice, nice,” Bobby enthused as Matt’s slender erection popped into view.

Brandon’s own cock was a little shorter, but was a little thicker than his friend’s cock.

“Who’s ready for another beer?” Bobby asked, now sporting an impressive erection.

“Um, I am,” Matt agreed.

“Then come here,” Bobby smiled as he crouched down onto his knees.

Matt squeaked in excitement as Bobby’s mouth swallowed his cock. Bobby tickled the head of Matt’s cock with a lapping tongue, then he slithered the tongue down the length of Matt’s cock.

He inserted a finger into his mouth, then reached around and tickled Matt’s anus with the spittle wetted finger.

“Erk!” Matt grunted as the finger pushed into his rectum.

“Ugh, aw shit!” he cried out and began pumping his hips.

“Mm hmm,” Bobby agreed, swallowing Matt’s hot semen.

He fucked the finger in and out of Matt’s tight hole while his throat muscles milked sincan escort Matt’s cock for all his sperm.

When he was sure Matt had no more sperm to give him, Bobby released the young man and gave him a second can of beer.

Brandon eagerly stepped up, his five inch cock twitching and jerking.

Again, Bobby wet his finger in his mouth and pulled Brandon close.

“Awk!” Brandon cried out as Bobby’s finger none too gently drove into his rectum.

Bobby massaged Brandon’s prostate gland as he swallowed Brandon’s cock down to the tuft of pubic hair around the base.

“Ugh, aw shit, aw dude,” Brandon panted as his sperm came boiling up.

Both Brandon and Matt slumped on the futon and guzzled their beers. Bobby leisurely stroked his fat erection as he walked over to the bags of groceries.

“So uh, what y’all willing do for some of this, huh?” Bobby asked, producing the fifth of cheap bourbon.

“I’ll blow you,” Brandon offered after a long moment of silence.

“Dude!” Matt said.

“What?” Brandon asked, a hot blush on his face and throat.

“Then come on,” Bobby said, holding out his cock.

Brandon put down his empty beer can and walked over to where the man stood. He got down on his knees and reached out with shaking hands.

Matt’s cock stiffened immediately as he watched his best friend, his buddy, kneeling in front of the naked man.

Bobby almost blew his load as the innocent looking eighteen year old boy opened his mouth wide and began taking his cock into his mouth.

“Teeth, sweet meat, watch the teeth,” Bobby groaned as the boy’s hot mouth closed over his cockhead.

Bobby started thinking about his ninth grade teacher, Miss Abernathy, a shriveled up, hateful prune of a woman. The sperm that had been bubbling up receded and he was able to enjoy this boy’s clumsy cock sucking.

Brandon gagged as nearly half of Bobby’s large cock was in his mouth.

“Breathe through your nose,” Bobby counseled.

Brandon jacked the half of Bobby’s cock that couldn’t fit into his mouth.

Bobby tried thinking of Coach Schaeffer, the hateful son of a bitch that had turned him out. The fat tub of lard had given Bobby a failing grade in Health Class, then offered the frightened eighteen year old Bobby a choice. Suck his cock, or fail for the year.

“Here it comes sweet meat,” Bobby crooned as he began pumping his semen into Brandon’s mouth.

Brandon swallowed almost frantically, continuing to stroke Bobby’s cock.

Then Bobby fixed a stiff bourbon and cola for the boy.

The boy would not make eye contact with Bobby, or his friend. But his short, plump cock was rock hard, twitching as he sat down on the futon.

“I uh, I have one?” Matt asked.

“Need a minute to recover,” Bobby admitted.

To taunt Matt, and to buy himself a little time to recover, Bobby fixed himself a drink.

Looking at the two young men on the futon, delicious little cocks hard, one wearing an adorable little blush, Bobby’s cock did begin to stiffen.

“You uh, you want me suck it?” Matt asked.

“No, think I want tap that sweet ass,” Bobby said.

“What?” Matt almost screamed.

Bobby opened the small refrigerator, rummaged around, and found the stick of unsalted butter.

“Let me fuck that ass, y’all can have the whole bottle,” Bobby offered. “Then I’ll drop y’all off at the park or wherever.”

Matt’s cock bobbed and twitched as he stared at the man’s long, hard cock. Finally he nodded agreement.

“How uh, how you want do this?” he asked.

“Face down, ass up, that’s the way I like to fuck,” Bobby chanted, indicating a space on the carpeted floor.

Matt got down on the floor, heart hammering in his chest.

“And reach back here, spread them cheeks for me,” Bobby crooned as he rubbed his fingers over the cold stick of butter.

Brandon felt like masturbating as he watched his best friend put his shoulders to the floor, watched his best friend spread his ass cheeks apart.

“Ugh!” Matt etlik escort complained as a greasy finger was pressed against his tightly clenched anus.

“Ugh!” he cried out again as Bobby wormed the finger into the tight orifice.

Bobby fucked the finger in and out, wiggling from side to side.

Then Matt grunted again as a second thick finger was jammed in.

Bobby now wiggled and scissored the two fingers in the tight orifice.

His cock throbbed, drooling his excitement as he watched his two thick fingers fucking in and out of the boy’s greasy anus.

A third finger produced another grunt, but the eighteen year old was beginning to thrust backward to meet Bobby’s forward thrusts.

Bobby then smeared butter onto his cock and knelt behind the young man.

“Ugh!” Matt screamed as the bulbous head of Bobby’s cock pressed against his anus.

“Ugh, stop, stop, it fucking hurts,” Matt cried out.

Pain stabbed through his body, starting at his rectum and spiraling outward.

Bobby didn’t stop. He grabbed Matt’s hips and forced another inch of his cock into Matt’s protesting hole.

“Ugh, God, mother fucker, it fucking hurts!” Matt complained.

And still the old man kept shoving that fat monster into his aching rectum.

Brandon did begin to pull on his cock as he watched Bobby’s fat cock pushing into his buddy’s ass.

“Ugh, oh God,” Matt groaned as Bobby rocked from side to side, widening his raw hole.

Then a curious warmth began to replace the pain in Matt’s rectum.

“Fuck,” he cried out and spurted his load onto the carpet.

“Uh huh,” Bobby chuckled as he felt Matt’s anus clamp down on his cock.

“Fuck,” Matt sobbed in pleasure as Bobby began to fuck him, fuck him hard.

Brandon gave a strangled yelp as his own semen splattered onto his chest and belly.

“Want to be next?” Bobby asked Brandon as he began to pant.

Brandon froze for a second, then nodded his head.

“Get up, let your friend get here,” Bobby said, giving Matt’s ass a light slap.

Brandon squatted down and spread his ass cheeks wide.

The two then three fingers felt good. A little odd, but good.

Then Brandon screamed in agony as Bobby’s blunt cock head pressed against his anus.

Matt drank another beer as he watched his friend get sodomized.

Within minutes, Brandon was just crouched down, gurgling as Bobby pounded his stretched, raw anus.

“And, damn it, aw yeah,” Bobby groaned and emptied his balls into Brandon’s tight sheath.

He used a paper towel to wipe his cock clean. Then he urged the two teenagers to get dressed.

“So, Where to?” he said as they got into the truck.

“Park, I guess,” Brandon said as he clutched the precious bottle of bourbon.

“Uh huh; anyone asks you where you got the fifth, you don’t know, hear?” he said as he drove them to the small park.

They found a clump of bushes in a dark area of the park and got giggling, stumbling drunk.

Then, for the first time since they’d known each other, Matt and Brandon kissed.

Their asses were too stretched, too raw from Bobby’s forceful sodomizing, so the two just sucked each other’s cocks.

Then, still stumbling, giggling drunk, they walked home.


“This sucks, man, this fucking sucks,” Brandon complained as they stood outside of Super One Foods.

“What you want me do about it?” Matt asked.

They both shivered as a cold wind blew in from the Atchafalaya.

They perked up as a car parked close to the cart stand. A handsome young man got out and walked over to the row of buggies.

“Hey, how’s it going?” Albert Roberts asked, nodding to the two young men.

“Hey, mister, you buy us some beer?” Brandon asked.

“What? How old are you?” Albert asked.

“Eighteen,” the two teenagers admitted.

“We’ll blow you,” Matt offered.

“Yeah, sure; what y’all want?” Al responded, his own cock growing hard at the thought of getting a hot blow job from these two innocent looking men.


**Author’s Note: I write these stories for my pleasure; I post them here for your enjoyment. I do thank you for reading my stories.

I especially thank those that take the time to leave comments; those that take the time to rate my stories.

(Side Note: Albert Roberts is a character from my story ‘Al’s One Night.’

Have a buttery soft day.

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