Her Toy Ch. 1

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When I was 19 my parents got upset with me over a little incident with a car. I wrecked it and they felt that I should pay for it. I said I shouldn’t have to because it wasn’t my fault. They said that that’s not what the police said and they grounded me. Well I wanted to go to a party with my girl friend so I stole the other car and went. I got drunk wrecked the car and that brings us to the punishment they came up with. I am not allowed to be in the house alone. They even hired a babysitter from the local college to come and stay with me when they leave.

It was the worst punishment of my life until last week when they went out of town. The babysitter’s name was Brandi and she was a knock out. Deep green eyes, large breasts, good legs, a little short, full lips and an ass to die for. Brandi and I stayed out of each other’s way. I checked in with her and she kept track of me and got paid pretty well. This was OK for short runs but then my parents went out of town and every thing went to hell. My girlfriend Peggy went nuts. A beautiful girl living with me for a whole week and she couldn’t come over and I had to be home by 8.

Well Peggy broke up with me and I was pissed. Just when I was finally getting her to loosen up and do more than just dry hump me. Peggy though Brandi and I were fooling around and I was just making the whole thing up. I went home and flopped over the couch and turned on the TV Just then Brandi came into the room with a coke and some chips. She was wearing a familiar looking short midriff pink sweater and a knitted mini skirt that was slit up the side.

“What’s wrong Alex?” She asked.

“You are!” I said.

She asked me what I did so I told her about the fight with Peggy and why we broke up. She leaned over and patted me on the head and said she was sorry but she was just doing her job and I shouldn’t be pissed at her. As she did she gave me a perfect view down that sweater. I could see her impossibly sexy breast incased in a pink lace bra. I tried not to look but as she talked they swayed gently back and forth. My cock was hard instantly, and unfortunately I am blessed with a large cock. Nine and a half inches, it is difficult to hide when I am hard. Brandi went over to the easy chair and sat with one leg thrown over the arm of the chair. I wasn’t in front of her enough to see all the way up her skirt, but enough to see the tops of her stockings. I though my cock was going to explode out of my pants.

I turned my attention back to the TV but Brandi had the remote now and had chosen some very hot movie on HBO A lot of sex and women in underwear. When I couldn’t handle it any longer I got up and tried to sneak past to my room so that she wouldn’t see the bulge in my pants. Halfway to my room I realized where I had seen those cloths before. They belonged to my mom. They were things in her “Just for dad drawer” well that’s what I called it anyway. There was some very sexy stuff in that drawer, along with some pretty kinky toys as well. Looking back over my shoulder I tiptoed into moms and dads room to see if I was right and sure enough there on the floor was Brandi’s cloths and underwear. They were plain white cotton, and I wondered what Brandi’s pussy smelled like so careful closing the door I went and picked them up, raised them to my nose and inhaled. My hard cock began to ooze in my pants.

I could still hear the TV so I unzipped my fly and began to stroke my self. I kept Brandi’s panties up to my nose as I fucked myself, smelling her deeply every time I inhaled. I was getting close to cumming when I realized I couldn’t hear the TV any longer. Cock in hand I quickly went to the door. I could hear Brandi coming up the hall. I panicked and looked around. Mom’s and dads closet seemed the only place to hide so I quickly dove in there. I didn’t get the door shut all the way by the time Brandi walked in and I was terrified that she would see me through the crack in the door. Amazingly my cock was still hard and I was afraid the zipper would draw attention. Brandi came in and then I realized I still had her underwear! I was so dead. If I didn’t have my cock out I would have probably made an excuse and left the closet. Shit what was I going to do when Brandi wanted to get dressed?

Looking out through the crack in the door I realized that Brandi didn’t want to get back into her own cloths. In fact she was standing in front of a full-length mirror looking at her self. She turned this way and that and then rolled the sweater up even higher until it was only covering the top half of her Gaziantep Genç Escort tits. Suddenly she pulled the sweater off and undid her bra throwing it on the floor. Then she put the sweater back on again rolling it up to see how little it would cover without showing her nipples. They were now hard from rubbing up against the soft material and without realizing it I was masturbating again. When she had the sweater barely on she began to see how high she could wear the skirt with out coming high enough to see her pussy. When she had that set she sat down on the edge of my parents bed facing the mirror. The mirror also faced me so I could se every thing.

She had a funny look in her eye and she was rhythmically squeezing her thighs. Then she shyly spread her legs and I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties at all. Only a pair of hose and garter belt that matched the bra. Her clean shaven pussy seemed full and puffy and seemed to glisten from where I was. She opened and closed her legs and I came. I came hard. I came so hard that I lost all track of my self and when I came back to my senses the closet door was open and Brandi was standing there staring at me.

“You little prick!” she screamed and grabbed my balls and drug me from the closet. I had to crab crawl to avoid the pain. She let go and turned to sit on the bed. She just stared at me and I thought I was in deep shit. She was going to tell my parents and I would be gone. Dad had already threatened Military school. Brandi just stared at me. I tried not to stare but there she was in a sweater that barely covered her tits and a skirt that I kept looking up, or trying to at least. She sat there with her cum covered panties draped over a finger staring at me. Finally she spoke.

“Alex, I am very disappointed in you. I was considering fucking you out of pity tonight but I am not going to do that now. Now in fact you will be lucky to get out of this with out me telling your parents, unless you can make me happy. You want to try and make me happy Alex”

“Yes, please, I’ll do anything just please don’t tell my parents, PLEASE!! I don’t want to go to military school, Brandi I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” She asked.

“Yes!” I practically screamed.

“Ok then.” she said and spread her legs. I could see right up her skirt and I swear her pussy was dripping. “Here are the rules then.” She said and stood up. “You are my toy until I decide you are not. You will do WHAT ever I say without question. You will get three strikes and then your out and I tell, understand?”

“Yes, but what does…”

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my head back. “That’s strike one. Now stand up and get undressed you have a nice body and a beautiful cock.” As I stood up she sat back down on the edge of the bed. I began to get fully undressed as stared at me. Halfway through she began to talk again.

“Were going to play a little game Alex, were going to see if you’re a strong enough toy for little old me. Here are the rules of the game. I am going to tie you to that chair over there and then I am going to pull the vibrator your mom keeps in her drawer out and I am going to tie it to your cock and turn it on. Then I am going to pull out some very interesting plastic panties I found in that drawer and I am going to masturbate with them while the vibrator is tied to your dick. If I cum before you then you survive part one of the test. If you cum before I say OK then you fail and I tell. If you cock gets soft cause your thinking about anything other than what I’m doing and me. If you look away or try to distract yourself, then you loose and I tell. I want you to think about the fact that I was going to fuck you but now you’re my toy. Now go sit down.”

I did and she went to the drawer she described. She pulled out a vibrator and crossed back over to me. Raising one foot up and placing it between my legs she unrolled her left stocking, all the time giving me a clear view of that perfect pussy. When the stocking was off she repeated the process with the other one. Leaving the stockings by the chair she crossed over to the bed picked up, her bra, my T-shirt, and a pair of pants as well as her panties that I had cum all over. To pick them up she turned away from me and bent over at the waist letting me see her beautiful ass and pussy. My cock grew another inch and began to drip. I am never going to make it through this test I thought. Coming back over she knelt down in front of me and told me to spread my legs.

“My god, you have a beautiful cock Alex, I hope you pass my tests.” With that she tied my feet to the legs of the chair with the pants and my arms to the chair with the bra and shirt. Then she knelt down between my legs and began to blow gently on my cock while she ran the vibrator over her breasts absentmindedly. “I wonder how man times your mother has cum all over this thing Alex. I wonder if I can taste her?” and with that she put the vibrator in her mouth. Sliding it in and out. She began to moan quietly. I was going insane. Finally she took the vibrator out of her mouth and said. “Your mother must cum on it a lot Alex. The taste of pussy is all over it. Isn’t it funny that the same thing that makes your mother cum is going to try and make you cum too? I find that very sexy. Soon your cum will be all over this too. Maybe all lick it off.”

Then she began to tie the vibrator to my hard cock by wrapping the silk around both my cock and the vibrator. “How much harder do you think it’s going to get Alex?” she asked as she finished wrapping my cock. The she took her finger and ran it over the head of my cock, getting it wet with pre-cum. She smelled it and then stuck her finger in her mouth. My cock nearly exploded. “Yummy, Oh Alex you had better make it through my tests or I will make it very bad for you. You will make a yummy toy.”

Then she crossed to the drawer and pulled out a pair of black plastic panties. I had seen them before and they were on of the kinkier items my parents had. They were plastic and had a small 4′ plastic cock on the inside with a vibrating motor in them, so the cock would vibrate, making the whole panty vibrate. They came with a wireless remote control. Brandi then came back over to me and bent down close, “Time to start the show, Lets see who wins.” And she turned on the vibrator. I went nuts, and it took me a minute to get to a place where I could see again. My cock was streaming pre-cum. Brandi then began to strip allowing me to see every inch of her. She did it casually as if she were getting ready for bed. Then she put on the plastic panties and sat across from me on the bed. She looked at me and then smacked her head.

“I almost forgot, there is something I want you to suck on while you watch. She crossed over to me and leaned over me. Her nipples dangling inches away from my mouth.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth toy.” I did, thinking how lucky I was that she was going to let me suck those nipples. Then there was cloth in my mouth. It was her panties, the ones I had cum on. “There better not be any cum on those when you are done or you will regret it.” She went back to the bed sat down and turned the panties on with the remote. She must have accidentally set it on high cause she immediately threw her head back and screamed. Her nipples shot out hard and she flopped back on the bed. She grabbed her tits and began to roll about on the bed while pulling and pinching her tits. She was moaning and screaming telling me to fuck her, to cum in her ass. To make her cum. To fuck her hard.

The vibrator was torturing my cock and I knew at this rate I wouldn’t last long. I tried to distract myself by sucking on the panties but I kept looking at Brandi writhing on the bed. Even knowing it was my own cum on them didn’t help. They had still been between those legs. Brandi finally sat up and made eye contact with me. She stood up and crossed over telling me to keep sucking my cum out of her underwear, and didn’t it feel good to have my mothers vibrator on my cock. Her eyes were glazed over again and I was about to cum when she cried out and fell to her knees. Her whole body shaking as her orgasm wracked her. Her body shook again and again as she crawled to the remote that had fallen near my feet. Her body still quaking in multiple orgasms. Finally she reached the remote and shut it off. After a moment that felt like an eternity to me she raised her head and looked in my eyes. My cock almost between her tits.

“Alright toy, you passed test one, you may cum now.”

I did. All over her tits face and hair. Cum running down over her nipples, over her cheek, her lips, her throat. I just kept cumming, covering her in my cum. When I had finished I open my eyes and say her lovely face and body covered with my sperm and her face, not looking very happy.

“Well, you didn’t break a rule because I didn’t tell you not to cum on me, but I am very angry and there will be consequences, from now on you cum on your self or the floor unless I tell you otherwise. Got it?” I could only grunt with the underwear in my mouth. She smiled at me and then removed the underwear from my mouth. I don’t think I had gotten much of my cum out of them. Brandi still kneeling on the floor between my legs unwrapped my cock, untied one arm and then lay down on the floor in front of me.

“Untie yourself and then lick me clean.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I blurted. Brandi sat up on her elbows and looked at me.

“Strike two. It looks like some one is going to Military school. Now get down here and take care of the mess you made. I don’t want a spot of cum on me when you are done.”

I undid the restraints as fast as I could. Hell this was the wildest thing that ever happened to me. I didn’t want to fuck it up. I fell beside her and began to lick her, trying my best to avoid the places where my cum was. Then I felt her hand smack my ass.

“I said get that stuff off of me. Toy by the time I’m done with you you’ll beg me to eat your own cum. Now lick.”

I began to lick her clean in earnest. Licking over her face and throat. She began to moan softly and I heard the motor to the panties kick into a slow gear. She had closed her eyes and was rolling her head slowly side to side. Her back was arched slowly and her nipples were still hard. I slowly licked down her throat and up her breast to her nipple. I took her nipple in my mount and began to suck on it rhythmically. Her hand was now milking my cock like a cow’s utter. Up and down. I was so turned on that I began to lick her everywhere I could see. I licked up her sweat and mine. I licked up my cum and anything else that was on her skin. The panties had kicked up to a higher gear and Brandi was milking my cock hard now. I took a gasp of breath and I heard the panties stop.

“Am I all clean? Good, now lay on your back Alex.” I did and she stood and removed the plastic underwear. I heard it slip from between her wet lips and watched as her pussy tried to suck it back up inside her. She straddled my face and spread her legs giving me a view I won’t ever forget. Her pussy was so wet it dripped on my face.

“Sit up” she ordered and I did. Still straddling my body she knelt down with her knees on either side of my legs. She tucked my cock down between them and then pushed them together with her thighs. She then turned the plastic panties inside out and licked my face.

“I want you to fuck me with your face while you masturbate. I want to see what makes you cum. I want you to do all the things you would normally do when you beat off to make your self cum but stop when your close. I’ll give you a few seconds to clam then start again. Do not cum. I am going to put these panties on your head inside out so this neat little cock here points out and then you are going to fuck me with it while I make it vibrate. Understand?”

I could only nod. Then the world went blank. She had slipped the panties over my head. The backside of the vibrating unit was against my forehead. Then I felt her sit on my face, put the dildo in her and turn on the motor. My whole head began to shake. I remembered her orders and began to move my head back and forth. Her legs were on either side of my head; she was sitting on my face. I also remembered to take my cock in hand and begin to masturbate. I started by playing with my balls and head. Spreading my juices around, then I began to stroke up and down paying attention to all the most sensitive spots. As my masturbation became more frantic the motor on the panties moved faster. I was pumping my dick hard and I could feel her pussy and ass slapping up against my head as I fucked her with the dildo. Finally I felt her knees lock up around my head and her body shiver allover as she came, falling forward on me. Her mouth inches away from where I was masturbating. There was a pool of pre cum all over me as I kept pumping. Then the motor stopped but she didn’t get off or move her head. I heard her speak.

“You may cum but don’t get a drop on me or Ill make you sorry.”

That was all I needed. With my other hand I cupped the head of my dick and came hard. Cum oozed out of my fingers and all over my belly. When I was done she got off me and took the panties off my head.

“Good job, but you have a lot to learn to make me happy. Now rub that cum all over your face and body then we will go to sleep. You here on the floor wearing the panties you had in your mouth earlier and me in the bed. True to her word once I was covered in cum she went to sleep and I lay down beside the bed and went to sleep to. Unfortunately I didn’t wake up before her the next morning.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

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