Her Husband; Her Toilet. Ch. 07

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She had freed his right hand and given him the key. His sunburn was sore and had kept him from sleeping more than an hour or two at the time.

He was kneeling and she was peeing in his mouth.

“I will go to the pool. I want you to prepare our luggage for tomorrow. I will bring back some food for you so do not touch that phone.” Tracy told him.

He was surprised that she was granting him some liberty maybe she would go easier on him. As soon that she had left he had rushed to the toilet and taken his time. Then he enjoyed a long hot shower and dressed up.

He was finishing packing the luggage when he heard voices outside the door. She came in with two tall women.

“Here is Chloe and Janice they are Joan’s friends. She highly recommended you slave. Get naked and wait in the bathroom.” Tracy told him.

He did not wait for long before Chloe join him.

“On your back slave! We will start with some face sitting.”

She sat her plump ass on his face and blocked his breathing. His lungs were signaling him they needed air.

“Stick your tongue in my asshole.” Chloe ordered him.

He did stick his tongue out as far as it would go. He needed air. He was squirming trying to get her to lift herself and let him have a breath.

“I like having a slave squirming. You will breathe again maybe.” Chloe threaten him.

His lungs were starting to burn. His vision was tunneling. He moaned in her ass trying to communicate his panic.

“Ah! Slave a little bit longer and……” He heard Chloe say before passing out.

He came back feeling cold water on his face and someone was slapping him.

“Do not kill him I still need it. I promised my sister that she could enjoy him.” Tracy was saying to Chloe with a smile in her voice.

“Hey. I got carried away. I will be nicer to him.” Chloe said.

“You are back slave. On your knees.” Tracy said straddling his mouth to pee in him.

“Stay where you are.” Chloe said as she pushed her ass in his face.

When she felt his tongue in her she pushed a horrendous tasting stool in his mouth. He swallowed it gagging. He had to put up a fight to keep it down.

“Clean me.” Chloe ordered.

As she was opening the bathroom door he sank to his knees in front of the toilet and against his better judgment he threw up. Everybody in the suite heard his retching.

“Slave put your hands under the water tank. Now!”

Tracy ordered in a stern voice delighted that she would whip him again.

She cuffed him and put the gag in his mouth.

“I told you to keep everything you are being fed down. It is going to be ten lashes this time.” Tracy informed him.

He did not want this. He suspected Tracy to like it.

Whack! The pain blinded him and he screamed in the ball gag. Whack! He started crying the pain was running through him at the speed of light. Tracy was enjoying the whipping.

His muffled screams were delighting her and her guests. He started jerking forward after the fifth one like if he could escape the blow. She had broken his skin on the eight one. After the tenth and final one she told him;

“You should behave. Next time it will be fifteen.”Tracy said in a stern voice.

She took off his ball gag and freed his right hand.

“Free yourself and kiss my asshole to thank me for disciplining you.” Tracy ordered.

He turned around still sobbing on his knees, lowered her bathing suit bottom and kissed her sweaty asshole.

“Can I use him now?” Janice asked Tracy.

The laxative she had taken was kicking in.

“He is all yours.” Tracy said walking out of the bathroom.

He was on his knees being fed a third long stool when Janice ordered;

“Ah! Clean me slave.”

She wiped herself and fed him the paper then went to join the others.

He felt queasy and bloated again. His ass felt like raw meat and he put some disinfectant on that broken skin welt.

The girls had left and Tracy had change in a nice black mini skirt, black heels and white blouse. She was looking gorgeous.

She cuffed and gagged him.

“Slave you are to hold everything in. Remember that it will be fifteen blows the next time you screw up.” Tracy turned off the lights and left to have dinner with the girls.

He was awake when Tracy turned on the lights and gave him the key. The cramps in his bowels and the pain from his ass had prevented him from any dozing off.

“Use the toilet. I will be waiting by the couch.” Tracy told him.

He walked to her and knelt down in front of her.

“Kiss my feet.” Tracy ordered presenting her right shoe.

“Behave yourself slave. I was mad at you for the mess you made after serving Chloe and I do not like punishing you.” She lied to him.

“Permission to speak Mistress?” He asked.

“Granted.” She said.

“I am ashamed to have made a mess and ask for your forgiveness Mistress.” He said.

“I forgive you slave. Tina will not be as lenient as I am. Put your lips on mine I need to pee.”

“But Mistress…” The rest being muffled in her cunt.

“You alsancak escort will serve Tina as you serve me. You will stay home and take care of all the house chores.” Tracy informed him as he was cleaning her.

“But Mistress……” He started to say as she put her index on his lips.

“I decide. You obey. Now put your head on the couch it is the fun time hour.”Tracy said smiling.

He sat on his raw ass and put his head back. She lifted her skirt and sat on his face. She wiggled her ass to engulf his face and get his mouth under her asshole. She looked down and saw his erection. “Chew every bits.” She ordered.

He was excited by her ass on his face and the anticipation of her pleasure. He enjoyed pushing his tongue in her asshole as far as he could. Ah yes! There it was the first stool he thought when he felt it with the tip of his tongue and shivered. His stomach rumbled knowing that she would fill it.

Tina will love this. The feeling is so great. Pushing a stool in his mouth until it stopped at the back of his mouth. Then pinching it off. Then feeling his chewing jaws through his moving lips. When it was done there was the sensual cleaning with his tongue. Tracy was thinking.

She cuffed him and left him in front of the couch.

Going to bed after asking for a wakeup call.

They had been upgraded to first class by Colette.

“Hello Tracy would you like some champagne?” Colette offered her ignoring him.

“Yes please.” Tracy answered smiling.

“How was the honeymoon?” Colette asked serving her a glass.

“Great! I loved it so did my lobster here.” Tracy said pointing to his red skin.

He was squirming on his seat. His ass was so sore from yesterday.

“Why aren’t you keeping still?” Tracy asked him sternly.

“My ass his sensitive Ma’am.” He answered in a low voice.

He tried to sit sideways which was a small improvement but still painful.

“I had to discipline him yesterday.” Tracy said to answer Colette’s quizzical look.

“He is not performing as you wish?” Colette asked.

“Most of the time but he still needs some practice and discipline.” Tracy answered.

“Well, I missed him.” Colette said.

“You can use him if you wish.” Tracy said.

“I will thanks.” Colette said checking on the next row of passengers.

She took Tracy’s order for the meal and when every passenger was served she had him follow her to the toilet.

“On your knees. You have a special meal.” Colette said as she was pushing her ass in his face after lifting her dress.

He put his lips around her asshole and she fed him a soft stool.

“Chew it.” Colette ordered.

It was awful and it coated his mouth. He managed to swallow it and clean her ass without throwing up. He had that bad aftertaste in his mouth making him nauseous. She sent him back to his seat as she was straightening her uniform.

“Have you behave?” Tracy asked him.

“Yes Ma’am I did.” He answered fighting his gag reflex.

“You should wash your mouth. Your breath stink.” Tracy told him.

“Yes Ma’am.” He answered getting up to go to the toilet.

“Tina will be in a haste to get home and so will I. Tomorrow I will start this new job. I am so excited.” Tracy said to him when he returned to his seat.

“I can look for a job too.” He said hopefully.

“You will be kept busy at home believe me. Come with me.” She told him getting out of her seat.

He was kneeling in front of her practicing cunnilingus. She was responding to his talented tongue. After her climax he was drinking her abundant delicious juices. Happy to have given her some more pleasure.

The rest of the flight was uneventful. He had to drink from the stewardess in first class because Colette had offered his services.

They got their luggage and were walking toward the exit when Tracy started waving her hand. He looked in the crowd and saw Tina waving back. The sisters hugged each other. It was strange to look at them so identical.

Apart from their hairdo they looked the same. Tracy had a pony tail and Tina had let her hair float freely on her shoulders.

“How was the honeymoon?” Tina asked happily.

“Great! He should be ready for you.” Tracy answered laughing.

They were attracting looks from the crowd around them.

“So he is a full service toilet now?” Tina asked out loud.

“With all the women he had to service and the way I use him. He better be.” Tracy answered her sister looking at him.

He was already red face because of his sunburn but he turned a deeper shade of red. They were discussing him like if he was not with there.

He was following them staring at their beautiful asses. He was wondering he if would be able to satisfied them both?

At last they reached Tina’s new car. The sisters sat in the front and he was sitting in the small seat in the back for the ride home. His knees were bent and he could not stretch his arms.

“You got a nice car.” Tracy said.

“Thanks. I finally sold a phone application and money ayrancılar escort is starting to come in. ” Tina said.

“I am happy for you. Did you get what I ask for?” Tracy asked.

“I think I got every items on the list. They delivered the exercise bench yesterday.” Tina answered parking her car in her reserved space.

“Slave. Get naked and follow me.” Tina ordered as soon as they entered the apartment.

When he was naked Tracy ordered from the hallway;

“Get back here! You have to carry me over the threshold.

“On all four. Now!” Tracy ordered in a loud voice that echoed in the hall.

She sat on his back and slapped his sensitive left buttock.

Tina was looking at him walking in with her sister on his back amused. She closed the door behind them.

“Let me give you a tour.” Tina said joining Tracy on his back.

He managed for now with the weight of the two of them. He could not be whipped again. His ass was still feeling raw and his skin was not healed yet.

“Move to the door on the right slave.” Tina ordered.

The door was open and he walked in.

“This is my bed room. I got a good deal so your room as the same furniture.” Tina said.

Next to Tina’s room were the bathroom then the guest bedroom and finally their room.

He was tiring. His arm muscles were burning. Luckily for him they disembarked in the living room to go in the kitchen where a case of dog food cans was sitting on the counter. He noticed the dog bowl on the floor and wondered what kind of dog they would get.

“Slave, unpack that box.” Tina ordered.

“The pet shop clerk said that this brand is the best for a large dog that gets a little exercise. If he reacts badly to it we will try another brand.” Tina told Tracy.

“Excellent sis.” Tracy said waiting for him to finish his unpacking.

“How do I use him if I need to pee?” Tina was asking Tracy as she took off her panties.

“Simple. You straddle his mouth either standing up or sitting on his face. Have him stick his tongue out it will help you to position yourself over his mouth. He will make a seal with his lips on yours. Then you let go he will keep up with you.” Tracy told her.

“Slave on your knees. I will try this standing up.” Tina said giggling.

She was nervous on her first time with a human toilet. She did not understand why Tracy had married him.

“Relax. Let go. It is very enjoyable I promise.” Tracy said.

She concentrated on relaxing her muscles. His lips on her cunt were exciting her. She had been so busy in the past six months that she had not been with a man. Then her flow started slowly and pick up in speed. He was used to the routine and easily kept up with her.

“I am done.” Tina told Tracy.

“Slave lick her clean.” Tracy ordered.

He tasted her juices as he was cleaning her. He was getting her going when she backed off from his mouth.

“How was it?” Tracy asked smiling knowingly at her.

“It was good. I will enjoy having him around if only for that service. He was getting me going when he cleaned me.” Tina said.

“You should have sat on his face and enjoy the ride. I can leave you alone if you wish.” Tracy offered.

“Not now. Maybe later.” Tina answered.

“Do not be shy. You will find out that he really knows how to go down on a woman. I intended to share him with you since I found out about his wishes.” Tracy said.

“We should unpack your luggage. I want to see what toys you brought back.” Tina said.

“Good idea! Then we will get his meal out of the way.” Tracy said.

He thought that she meant that Tina would feed him. He looked around the kitchen. It was very well equipped he would make great meals in here.

“Slave come with me on all four.” Tracy ordered going to their bedroom followed by Tina.

She threw the laundry on the floor and got the cuffs, the ball gag, the cock ring and the whip out of the suitcase.

“Slave start the laundry and come back here.” Tracy ordered him.

“Pick up the clothes in my room.” Tina added.

Tina picked up the whip and asked;

“Did you tattooed his ass with this?”

“I did and I like punishing him. Mind you he is very docile so I do not have many occasions to use it on him. I will bring it in the kitchen for his meal in case he needs to be encouraged.” Tracy said.

“Are you sure that dog food will enough for him?” Tina asked.

“He practically ate nothing in the past week. I read that he should eat at least once a day he needs proteins with his vitamins he should stay reasonably healthy.” Tracy answered Tina.

“You are as mean as I am. Raw dog food that is quite imaginative.” Tina complimented her.

“Not really. Again the porn’s sites that he loved so much mentioned it often. Why waste good food on a slave?” Tracy told Tina.

He was entering the room as Tracy was saying that.

“Ah! Slave. Let’s go to the kitchen.” Tracy ordered pointing the way with the whip having a pair of cuffs in her other hand.

He dreaded that whip. balçova escort It meant unpleasant actions for him.

“Get the bowl on the floor and fill it with a can of dog food.” Tracy ordered.

He arched his back when he realized that it was for him.

“I think he just found out that this is his bowl.” Tina said laughing.

“Now put the bowl on the floor and kneel in front of it with your hands behind your back.” Tracy ordered.

She moved up to him and cuffed his hands.

“Slave you are on a new diet. You will eat a can of this every day. It is for your own good. Bend down and start eating.” Tracy ordered.

“But Mistress….” Whack! She hit him on his back.

“Start eating I said or I will whip you until the skin on your back is raw.” Tracy threatened him.

He brought his mouth to the bowl and took a bite. Raw meat was not in his list of palatable food. Dog food even less. He chewed a little and tasted beef. He forced it down his throat.

“Take another bite. I want this bowl spotless.” Tracy ordered in a stern voice pushing his head down with the whip.

He closed his eyes and breathed through his mouth to avoid smelling the raw meat. He gulped down bite after bite tasting it less and less.

“Lick that bowl clean.” Tracy said.

“He is docile. I am surprised that he ate it all.” Tina said.

“He is scared of the whip.” Tracy said to Tina smiling.

“Wash your mouth Slave.” Tracy ordered.

He rushed to the bathroom to clean his mouth with mouthwash. He hated that dog food taste.

“Well, slave did you like your meal?” Tracy asked him from the doorway.

“No Mistress I did not.” He answered.

“Too bad. It will be a can a day. On your knees. I will wash out that taste.” Tracy said pointing the floor.

“Go sit on the floor in front of the couch.” Tracy ordered as he was cleaning her.

She put the whip away and called Tina over to the couch.

“This is one of my favorite position. I will demonstrate and you will try it after.” Tracy said to Tina.

“Slave put your head on the couch.” Tracy ordered.

She lifted her dress and sat her bare ass on his face.

“Stick your tongue out.” Tracy ordered him.

“It is easier to find his mouth that way. When I have position my asshole on it I sit down and have him insert in.” Tracy explained to Tina.

Tina change place with Tracy and sat on his face. She felt his tongue on her asshole and sat down as instructed. He pushed to get his tongue in but she was nervous and it was clench tight.

“Relax Tina. Let him in that will feel very good.” Tracy said smiling.

His lips were making a seal around her anus. He started licking around it.

“Slave lick around her asshole.” Tracy ordered not knowing he had already begun to do it.

“His tongue feels nice.” Tina said starting to enjoy his ministrations.

She felt more at ease on his face and relaxed a little.

When he felt her relax a little he pushed his tongue against her asshole and he was rewarded with a little leeway. He pulled his tongue back in his mouth and used more saliva to lubricate the passage when he pushed it back in her. He was going in deeper with each thrust of his tongue.

“I was constipated for the last four days. I think I should use the bathroom first. I will be right back.” Tina said standing up because she had felt the need to take a dump.

“Sit down. He is a full service toilet slave. He will manage or assume the consequences.” Tracy told Tina.

She sat back down on his mouth and felt his lips around her asshole.

“How do I use him?” Tina asked Tracy.

“What do you think? Push until it moves in his mouth he will swallow to keep up with you. Why do you worry about a fucking toilet?” Tracy asked her smiling.

“You are right I worry too much.” Tina answered as she pushed her first stool in his mouth.

He was getting excited. It was not Tracy but maybe because she was seated beside them had an effect on him. She was pushing her stools slowly making it easier for him. He preferred that to the dog food.

“This is good. I love it.” Tina said to Tracy.

“Wait till he has given you a few orgasms. You will appreciate him even more.” Tracy said.

“You married him because of his mouth. Didn’t you?” Tina said still feeding him.

“Yes I did.” Tracy said.

“Now what is next for your couple?” Tina asked as he was cleaning her.

“I lived with him waiting to meet mister right. You know; tall, good looking and rich. Maybe he is the one. He is devoted to me. He does all my bidding. He desires me all the time. Soon he will ejaculate when I feed him.” Tracy told her.

“I loved it. The feeling his great when you feed him.” Tina said.

“I know. I had wanted to use a human toilet for a long time. He is ours.” Tracy said.

“Thanks for sharing him with me.” Tina said.

“I am not jealous so I will keep on lending him to friends. Who knows it might help me get promotions.” Tracy said.

“Would you like a beer?” Tina asked Tracy standing up.

“Sure.” Tracy answered as she had him lie down on the couch to sit on his belly.

Tina came back with two cold beers and sat on his face at the indication of Tracy.

“Tell me everything of your honeymoon. How did you train him so well? Did you have help? Where did you get all those ideas?” Tina asked Tracy haltingly.

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