Her Control

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Big Tits

You undress him, slowly, sit him back on the bed, and fit the restraints around his wrists. He tests them, and you are pleased to see they hold, leaving him helpless. You step back, and lean against the wall, running your eyes over him. He is smiling, watching your face, yet still slightly straining against his bonds. His cock is almost hard already, and you grin, knowing what is to come.

You step to him and bring you lips close to his, an almost kiss. He tries to bring his lips that fraction of an inch closer, to touch yours, but you planned far to long for that to happen. You run your nails over his bare flesh, trail your hair over his skin, watching him shiver. Your smile widens, as he is now full hard for you.

You return to your post by the wall, and slowly begin to undress, ignoring him. You have all the time the night has to offer, as you slip off your shirt, and toss it casually aside. You unhook your bra, and set it aside, watching his eyes on your breasts.

“Oh you want these, don’t you,” you taunt him.

You start to run your fingers over the soft flesh, enjoying not only the feel, but your power over your lover. You run your fingers back and forth over your breasts, watching your nipples harden. You gasp as your thumbs make kuşadası escort circles over your nipples. You slip one finger sensually into your mouth, then down to your nipple, and you shiver at the moistness.

You slowly walk back to him, and stand over him. You lean over, letting your breasts come within inches of his face. He opens his mouth, to try to take your nipple into his mouth, but you keep just out of reach. The heat of his eager breath makes you bite your lip. You step to his side, and he groans with frustration. You run your soft skin over his arms, then his chest. You tease his nipple with your own.

You smoothly drop to your knees in front of him. His cock his hard and ready. You tease him, running your nipple over the side of his cock, the head. The heat it gives off matches the growing fire between your thighs. You slip him between your breasts, and slowly slide up and down his shaft. You can feel his pulse pounding through the soft skin as you glide over his flesh.

With an effort, you break away from him, and step back against the wall. His breathing has quickened, and you can see lust burning in his eyes. You smile at him as you strip of your pants. His eyes flick back and forth, between your face, and your kuşadası escort bayan sex. You stand with your legs spread, and run your fingers over your silky panties, watching him strain against his bonds. You tease yourself through the thin material, your fingertips highlighting the sensitive flesh. The cloth quickly becomes soaked, and see through. With a sudden need, you yank them off and carelessly throw them aside.

You slowly slip down to your haunches, and let your hands delve between your thighs. Your eyes never leave his face. You run your fingertips over the lips of your pussy, and can’t suppress a moan of pleasure. His face is pure desire. You take a deep breath, to regain your control over the scene. You spread your pussy, letting him see your desire. With barely contained passion, you slip a single finger deep inside. You fuck yourself, watching him fight to touch you, fill you. Slowly you withdraw your finger, and bring it to your lips. You slip it into your mouth, and suck the rich flavor. He moans aloud.

You step back over to him, a slight tremor in your legs. You bring your sex close to his face, and sway your hips, teasing him, knowing how he loves to taste you. You start to work your clit, letting him escort kuşadası watch, knowing every sound that escapes your lips, every muscle movement will only excite him more.

With a soft cry, you drop to your knees. You take his cock in your hands. It is hot, swollen, throbbing. Your lower your head, and taste the tip, tasting his essence. You take him into your mouth, wanting to take him as deep as you can manage. He hits the back of your throat, and you taste the salty-sweetness that is him.

Your own need peaks, and without speaking you lean forward and release him. He surges forward, and you allow him to take you down to your back. His mouth crushes against yours, and your tongues dance together. He places his hands on your hips, and enters you with a single thrust, filling you. You scream into his mouth. He fucks you, all raw lust and passion, you work your hips in time, already cumming. You feel his cock throbbing and spasming inside you as you cum again and again, crying out, digging at the rug with your fingers. You hear him say your name again and again, seemingly endlessly as his hips grind into yours.

You have lost all track of time as he at last collapses on top of you. Your nose is filled with the scent of sex, and sweat. His heat from his gasping breaths make your body tremble with aftershocks. When he at last lifts his head, the two of you kiss lovingly. As he takes you into his arms, your sleepily think about how you need to do this again..with another woman, to tease him in ways he can’t even imagine..yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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