Helping Out My Best Friend’s Wife Pt. 02

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Against Wall

This story picks up in the instant after I fucked my best friend’s wife in their kitchen…


Todd. Damn. I had forgotten about him. My best friend. Passed out drunk a few feet from where I just fucked his wife.

My afterglow was immediately replaced by guilt. I pulled out of Julie and stepped back. My softening cock fell out of her pussy. A mixture of my cum and hers dropped off my tip and fell to the floor between Julie’s legs.

I retreated across the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen door frame. My heart was pounding in my chest. It was pounding equally from the exertion of fucking Julie and from the guilt of it.

Without my body pressed against Julie’s back and ass to help support her, she fell to her knees, again, onto the kitchen floor. Her arms were still on the countertop, but above her head now. Her cheek was pressed against a drawer. She was literally, in a heap on the kitchen floor. She was totally spent.

She was a sight. Her dress was still pulled up over her waist. She was breathing hard from more physical activity than I am sure she had had in months. My cum was dripping out of her pussy. Some had dropped to the floor and joined what had fallen from my dick. Some was running down her thigh.

I was still leaning against the door frame. My mind was running thru the events of the night. How had I just fucked Julie? How had I just done my best friend’s wife. Neither of us spoke for a while. My dick had gone soft. The last remnants of my cum had dripped out of me and pooled in my underwear still on the ground between my feet.

I bent over. Grabbed my jeans and underwear between my fingers and thumb and lifted them up. They brushed over my still sensitive cock and caused my body to shudder in reaction. I rebuttoned my jeans and redid my belt.

I spun around 180 degrees and left the kitchen. I walked out the swinging kitchen door and headed to the couch. I grabbed a beer from the bar as I went. I fell into the middle cushion where just 30 minutes earlier Julie had put her head on my shoulder and told me all about the troubles she and Todd were having.

I took a long swig from the beer bottle.

I looked up as Julie exited the kitchen. She had lowered the skirt of her dress, pulled the top up and rezipped. She hadn’t replaced her bra. Her big tits hung low under the top of her dress.

Julie had the same idea I did and needed more wine. She had a full glass in her hand as she walked over to me. She put the glass down on the end table and sat next to me. Then she surprised me. She laid over and rested her head in my lap. The lap she had just sucked on, deepthroated and then let fuck her from behind.

She spoke softly, “Thank you so much. I really needed to feel a man in me. I really needed to be wanted. You don’t know how good you just made me feel. I will never be able to repay you for this kindness.”

This was another side of her I had never seen. She was calm and appreciative. She seemed sincere. It made me almost like her.

“You don’t need to feel guilty about this,” she continued. “You proably saved our marriage. I know, again, that I am a woman and desired. The problem isn’t with me. I still love Todd. We can work this out. And I, WE, owe it all to you.”

In that instant, I felt better. Julie alleviated some, most, of my guilt.

We sat there like that for a bit. Her head in my lap. I must dozed off. We must have dozed off. The next thing I remember, Julie was raising her head from my lap and wiping some sleep from her eyes.

I looked at my watch. It was just after 5am. The sun hadn’t come up yet. But I had. My morning wood was in full effect. I was hard behind the zipper in my jeans. I was hard right where Julie’s head had been. I wondered if that was what woke her.

I blinked my eyes open trying to wake up.

Julie sat up next to me and asked if I had a nice nap. She hadn’t fallen asleep. There was too much going on her head. She spoke for a while. She can really open up when she feels supported. (Her words, not mine.) Anyway, the bottom line is that she felt good about what happened between the two of us. That she really did feel like it was going to save her marriage. She wasn’t going to tell Todd and that I shouldn’t either. It was a one night thing and that we would never do it again or speak of it. I agreed.

“But, before we close the history books and never speak of this again,” she said as she leaned in and kissed me. “I want to show you my appreciation.” She kissed me again, on the lips. But just lightly. No tongue. It was more intimate than a friendly kiss, but it wasn’t erotic, pers se.

Julie’s hands went to my belt. She struggled to pull it tighter to ultimately open it. The seated position I was in did not give her free access. I started to protest, but she kissed me again. A little more passionately but only with the goal of quieting me. I could taste wine on her. She had a bit of morning breath. I love morning sex, so it was a bit of a turn on.

I slid my hips forward and transformed from sitting to slouching. This gave Julie Cebeci Escort better access to my belt and she quickly undid it. The button at the top and the zipper where no barrier to her efforts. In no time at all, she had my jeans and underwear back down resting on my shoes.

Julie bent over and brought her face close to my dick. She supported her weight with her left arm, but still managed to get her hand on my shaft. She started to stroke it up and down. She was slow and deliberate. She jerked me slowly all the way from the base to the tip. At the top of my shaft, she ran her top two fingers over my head and together. It was a simple move that most women missed. The sensation duplicated pulling out of her pussy. Then she moved back down my shaft, she applied pressure with the same two fingers to duplicate the sensation of entering her pussy. It was simple and subtle. It was, literally, sensational.

Julie increased her pace. And like a pro, she sensed the increased discomfort from the friction. She lowered her head even closer to me. She let spill from her lips a veritable plethora of saliva. She had been gathering it in her mouth, anticipating its need, preparing to coat me.

Her spit cascaded over the tip of my cock as her fist rested against my trimmed bush. The lube from her mouth ran down my shaft. Julie opened her hand and replaced it on my cockhead. She massaged it in using her thumb while her fingers pulsed on the top of my shaft like a small, powerful sex toy.

Her right hand moved to my balls and slightly massaged them. She traced the seam with her fingernail. She tickled the little spot where my balls meet my ass. I squirmed and let out a deep sigh.

“You like being teased there! Huh? Well then…”

Julie rose from the couch next to me. She used her ass to push the coffee table out of the way and kneeled before me. She pulled my shoes off of my feet and followed them with my pants and boxers. She crawled between my legs. One hand on each knee, she spread me apart so that she could have access to my crotch. Her left hand went back to my shaft. Her right to my sack. She lowered her mouth until it was less than an inch from me. I could feel her hot breath on my erection as her hand moved up and down on me. She looked straight down my shaft like she lining up to drop a bomb. She stared at my hardness. Her hand on my balls felt so good. Her jacking my cock with her other hand felt so good. I remembered how her lips felt on my from a few hours ago. I wanted that again. I raised my hips in sync with her pistoning up and down me and met her lips. Instinctively, Julie opened her mouth and I passed into her hot, wet oral cavity. I held myself up with my hips as Julie swirled her tongue around the head of cock. She made circles around it with her tongue. She went quickly up the right side, dragged it across the top, quickly down the left side and then slowly across the bottom teasing my opening. The pressure from her tongue was immense. It felt more pleasurable than her fingers had provided minutes earlier.

She circled my head a few more times. I was becoming impatient. I raised my hips further to force more of me into her mouth. She obliged and pressed my head against the roof of her mouth. She took just under half of me in until I pressed against her soft palate. Her mouth retreated back up my shaft until her lips were on the surrounding just the outline of my head.

Her right hand kept working my balls. She played with each one rolling me in her palm. She continued jerking me with left hand. Despite having cum just a few hours earlier, I was hard as iron. My shaft was fully engorged and pulled tight and hard.

Julie’s blow job felt great. She was taking her time and providing me with deep, lustful sensations. But I wanted more. I wanted her take me into her throat and swallow me again. I wanted that feeling again. She started to lower her left hand on my shaft. Her lips and mouth followed. I encouraged her by lifting my hips again, shoving more of me into her. Her left hand found and pressed against my pubis. She applied more pressure. She wanted to control the tempo. She wanted to suck me off and not for me to fuck her face. I acquiesced and lowered my ass back to to couch. As a reward, she took more of me into her mouth. I pressed against the back of mouth and started down her throat. Being in control, she teased me and stopped there. I wanted to press further, but the pressure from her left hand held me in place.

Julie applied oral suction with me sitting in the edge of her throat. As she held her head in place, her right hand began to wander. It cradled both of my balls and pressed them against my underside. She slid it lower and made small circles with her middle finger against my taint. It was a new sensation for me. It felt great and I let out another sigh.

Julie was encouraged. She knew that her efforts were being well received. She applied more pressure with her lips and extracted my cock from her throat and fully out of her mouth. Again, the suction caused a loud pop Kolej Escort as my head evacuated from between her lips.

Julie’s right hand continued to work my taint and she licked up and down either side of my cock replicating what it must feel like to be a cob of corn. Up the right side. A suck on my head. Down the left side. Up the left side. Teasing my hole as she pressed my length against my torso. She licked down my length on the underside of my cock. She licked me from tip to base. She didn’t stop at the bottom. She continued on and pressed her tongue into my scrotum. She ceased playing with my gooch and instead used her right hand to pull out my nuts and offer them to her tongue. She worshiped them with her tongue. She covered every inch with her saliva, even the underside, by pressing them up and against my shaft. She took each one into her mouth and worshiped them. She sucked with enough pressure to feel good, but not enough to cause pain.

Her chore was stopped abruptly when she sat up from between my thighs. She looked me in the eyes and tugged at my knees. She slid me down until my ass was fully off the couch and I was resting on it’s edge on the small of my back. Still locked with my eyes, Julie gave a wry smile and winked at me.

With her hands still behind my knees, she pressed her palms up and at me. Before I knew it, I was laying cowboy style on my back with my ass exposed to Julie. Her eyes still locked on mine, she commanded, “Hold your legs here.”

I replaced her hands with mine and kept myself in the cowboy pose. Julie lowered her lips onto my head and swallowed all of me. I entered her throat and she swallowed once. She raised her head off of me with another pop. There was no hesitation and she took all of into her throat again and another swallow. I was lost in the intense sensation when I felt her fingers pressing on my taint again. Both sensations were intense and I moaned again. This was all the encouragement Julie needed. She popped me out out her mouth and started to lick me like an icecream cone…two inches down on my shaft and a long lick up and over the head followed by little nibbles down the left side.

As her mouth worked on my cock, her her right hand slid lower and applied pressure to my asshole. It was shocking and I tensed up. Naturally, I lowered my thighs a bit to protect myself and block her intrusion. Julie was discouraged. After a long, deep breath, she swallowed all of me into her throat again. This time the one swallow turned into a series of long, sustained swallows. The intense stimulation distracted me from the roaming her right hand was doing. She traced back down the perineum and pressed the pad of her middle finger against my one way door.

Despite the incredible feeling of her throat on my cock, I tensed up again. Julie changed her tactics. She coughed a bit and gasped for air as she removed my cock from her throat and then mouth. She licked down the underside of my shaft, again and made her way to my balls. She cupped them with her right hand and offered up their underside to her tongue. She continued her tongues migration south, not stopping at the end of my balls. Instead, she placed her hands on mine and pressed my thighs more into my chest giving her more free access to my ass.

Julie traced down the underside of my balls with the tip of her tongue. She ran her tongue across the no-mans-land of my taint. When I tensed thinking she was going to lick into my asshole, she stopped. She retracted her tongue and just held her mouth outside my anus. I could feel her breath. As her breath registered in my mind, she replaced her normal breathing with a deep inhale through her nose. She breathed in my stink and musk. She held in the breath for what felt like an eternity. Then she pursed her lips and blew her spent breath directly onto my asshole. Her hot breath on me was indescribable. The sensation was new and shot tingles thru every nerve in my body. I shivered and moaned. Julie took that as consent. She extended her tongue and very gently licked me down there.

An instant before I thought that there couldn’t be a better feeling. I was wrong. The sensitivity of my virgin ass with the heat and wetness of her tongue was fabulous, fantastic.

Her tongue passed over my rosebud very lightly. I moaned and pulled my legs tighter against my chest, but pressed out my knees to give Julie more and freer access to my ass. She responded with another lick. But this one lingered and pressed against my opening. I moaned again at the exquisite feeling. Julie was more encouraged and before I knew it, she was fully licking against me. I could feel the saliva from her mouth, from her excitement running down my crack. She changed from licking at my entrance to pushing against it with the tip of her tongue. Before long, she was trying to fuck my ass with her the tip of her tongue. I had stopped moaning. I was overwhelmed with the feelings that were flowing thru my body. Julie augmented her tongue’s motion with the middle finger of her right hand. She traced up my crack gathering Yenimahalle Escort her saliva that had run down it. She alternated heavy licks with small circles from her digit. The pleasure relaxed my sphincter and allowed her finger to find its way until just the tip was in. She withdrew it and replaced it with her tongue. Her tongue was replaced with her finger, again. This time she applied more pressure and her skinny finger trespassed until it was in to the knuckle.

Julie withdrew her mouth from my ass. I lifted my head from the couch cushion to inquire why she had stopped. Our eyes met. In a quick, loud outburst she demanded a throw pillow from next to me on the couch. I guess it made sense that he knees might hurt from the hard floor. I struggled to grab one but did and then handed it to her. Looking down at her for the first time, I saw that she had free one of her tits. Her left hand was working it like there was no tomorrow.

In a move of desperation, Julie stopped both of her hands, removing one from her tit and one from my asshole. She snatched the pillow out of my hands. But instead of placing it under her knees, she folded it in half into an upside down “V” and placed it between her legs. She sat down on it with her weight. Using her hands to adjust its position, she fidgeted with it until it was lined up with her slit and clit. She started to grind and hump the pillow. I knew that her tiny, worn thong was pushed to the side. Her juices would be flowing by now and coating the pillow.

As Julie grinded her pussy against the pillow, she went back to working on me. Her middle finger went back to circling my forbidden entry, forbidden no longer. Her mouth, ignored the area below my balls for my cock.

Julie fingered the sensitive area around my hole for a bit. She circled the outside for a long time, too long. I wanted her finger back in me. At the same time she enveloped the head of my cock with her lips. My head passed her teeth. She pressed me against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. She took me in deeper. She pressed me past her uvula and into her throat. She took all of me until her nose rested in bush. She swallowed and then released. She worked her way back up my cock until it “Popped” out. No break for her as she took all of me back into her mouth and throat. She stroked my head with her throat muscles. Again and again she worked my cock with her mouth. I watched her, eyes closed, from my back and thru my spread, prone legs.

As her speed increased on my shaft, so did the boldness of her middle finger. It went from circling my ass to pressed in. Julie was gentle. She went slowly allowing me to relax around her and she progressed deeper into my recutm. Finally, she was all the way in me. The entire length of her middle finger was pressed into my ass, filling it up. She rested it there. She made little rotations with it. She didn’t finger bang. She didn’t need to. The rotations were sending thrills up and down my body.

Julie was humping the pillow with abandon now. She moved her hand from her tit and started to work her clit. It was pinned, under her heft, to the pillow. As she swirled her finger in my ass, she worked my cock with her mouth and throat. My head was back, arching at the neck. I pulled my knees further back and down. I wanted her to have all access to all of me. She was moaning around my shaft. She had literally made the blowjob into a hummer. My mind was racing. It felt so good. I was getting close. I knew.

“I am getting close. Don’t stop. Your mouth and finger feel so good,” I exclaimed. This was all the encouragement that Julie needed. She switched her finger from a twirl to bend. She made a motion like, “come her” with her middle finger. She found my prostate with it and massaged it.

I let out a yelp and knew she had found the button inside me. That pushed her over the edge and she came.

Julie came in great waves on the pillow and on her hand and with her mouth around my cock. I felt her body tense and then convulse. But she never stopped her attention to me. She continued to press on my prostate. She rubbed it from inside me.

“I’m going to cum,” I warned.

Julie sucked my cock out of her mouth with another pop. She took a deep breath and buried her nose in my bush. She took all of me that she could in her throat. She swallowed hard and often. Her finger applied more pressure directly to my gland and that was it.

The building in my balls came quickly. Her ministrations prevented any long build up. The stimulation of my prostate expedited my orgasm.

My first shot of cum went straight down Julie’s throat. I arched my back and shifted half my weight onto my neck and shoulders as my second rope sped out of shaft. My quads ticked and trembled. I had a tightness in my chest as my orgasm sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. Julie was a champ and continued to swallow my third and fourth squirt. Then it was too much. She started to cough and gag around me. She raised her mouth off of me and took a deep breath right as my fifth shot was ejected. It honed right in on her face and splattered between her eyes and continued onto her forehead. She didn’t miss a beat. A quick, breath and she re-engulfed me with her mouth. She sucked the rest of my cum out of me as she teased my hole. She swirled her tongue around my sensitive head. Her middle finger decreased the pressure and then withdrew slowly and carefully.

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