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To be taken to the emergency room is not anyone’s idea of an exciting time at a point in his or her life but this experience was nothing like anything I had experienced before.

I was taken in one cold frost winter evening with breathing difficulties not being able to catch my breath; it was quite a scary feeling that sense of someone sitting on my chest making it nearly impossible to even take in a full breath.

It was beginning to make me feel so dis-orientated and light headed I knew that this is where I need to be at this precise moment in time in case this was a life-threatening condition, which it must have appeared as they rushed me straight into the resuscitation room.

The Intensive Care Unit consultants were called to keep an eye on me in case my condition deteriorated and I would require the immediate attention that they could offer me.

I was hooked up to a bag of fluids and with the antibiotics that were being pumped through my veins, there wasn’t much improvement showing and then with a mask full of medication being pushed into my lungs to try and help open them up I layed there and tried to breathe normally.

Hours passed and there was still not that much improvement, more blood work was taken and nurses constantly checking my vitals due to their erratic behavior I started to wonder if I was going to need that Intensive care bed that they were considering offering me.

More and more medication was tried to try and bring my symptoms under control but suddenly my breathing became more erratic and I started to become itchy all over and started to feel like my lungs and veins were burning from the inside out.

I had started to have an allergic reaction to the new medication that they had started to push through and had to react quickly to get this under control before I went into full respiratory failure.

The medication was counteracted and now was not poisoning my body and working out of my system and finally, a drug that started to make me feel the slightest bit better was coursing through my veins helping me stabilize.

I waited for a bed to become available but tonight was a busy night and I wasn’t sure how long it would be until I got one and it was getting very close to the sunrise bringing the next day ahead.

I tried to fall asleep but my symptoms were still not stable enough for this to happen as I began to start panicking and wondering how it may affect me if I so I fought the urge to sleep and stayed awake.

Short time later I was approached by one of the porters who told me that they had a bed available and that I was to be transferred up there immediately, this was now a relief to know that I wasn’t going to be sent to the ITU ward and that I was stable enough to be moved elsewhere.

I was moved to a bay with 3 other men around me and settled in by the new nurses on the ward, who ran some more tests and gave me more of the medications I needed and giving me my identity bracelets including a red labelled one for my allergies that had been disclosed to them.

The healthcare assistants who had just come onto shift for the day came in and introduced themselves to me, asked to take my blood pressure and asked me if I needed anything to which I replied “I was ok thank you” and would call them if I did need anything.

Throughout the day I watched by lying in bed as all the people passed my bed wondering if any of these medical staff would be coming round to check up on how I was doing but yet no one came until the late morning just after lunch.

Quite a few tall attractive foreign looking doctors that just caught my eye and I would sit there fantasising about them coming over to my bed and putting their stethoscope onto my chest and listening then placing their hands all over my body.

Being stranded in the hospital with no intimacy feeling so isolated wasn’t my idea of a great time even in my ill health state but I needed something to help me feel like I was a human being and feeling like I was having my needs met.

The day dragged on and every 4 hours the lovely young lady who was looking after me came smiling over and did her usual observations and then left, following from this the nurse would then come round with her medication trolley and gave me everything I needed including the antibiotics that ran through my veins.

I tried to go to sleep last that night but the surroundings were too unfamiliar to what I was used to and it wasn’t the home that I wanted to be in but I knew that this was where I needed to.

I lay there and tried to drift off to sleep trying to ignore all the noises that surrounded me, but as I did,

The next morning I awoke by an unfamiliar voice, this time was a male voice.

I opened my eyes and became reacquainted with my surroundings and looked around the room for this male’s voice but he was nowhere to be seen he had just seemed to disappear.

The breakfast trolley came around and I was presented with my meal and began to eat it sitting Antep Bayan Escort up in bed, my bare stubbly chest on display and wearing only a pair of boxer shorts with the sheet covering my midriff.

I struggled to get myself out of bed and walked across the corridor to the bathroom to try to freshen up and make myself feel a little better on the outside seeing as my insides were not at its optimum just as of yet.

I was sat in my chair with my tight T-shirt on and my tight joggers with my bulge fully on show and noticeable to everyone who came within close proximity to me. When a new nurse was pushing the medication trolley came round, stopped at the end of my bed and proceeded to check my drugs card and began to administer what was prescribed.

I sat there not looking and feeling attractive when suddenly this male healthcare assistant walked into the room and suddenly my eyes widened seeing this tall, hairy chested person walk in and he was starting to approach my bed and began to check through all my charts.

He presented me with a warm polite greeting and asked how I was feeling today and to which I just chuckled and said that I wasn’t great and if I was would I really be here. He looked at me and stared at me directly trying not to laugh.

Seeing him up close I could see that he had beautiful grey eyes, a full trimmed beard and chest hair coming through the open part of his uniform.

He informed me that he would need to come back soon and go through some questions with me and to record more detailed observations like my height and weight to which I agreed and smiled.

As I started to take my medication, I could see the assistant at the next bed doing his morning duties I proceeded to break the ice with and ask if he knew of any ways that would be easier to make taking the tablets easier as the taste was not appealing to my pallet.

I made a sexual innuendo about how I was used to things going into my mouth but they never tasted this bad. With that, he glanced over and smirked concealing his wish to laugh out loud at the comment I had just made.

From there on I was just making sexual innuendos wherever I could just to make him smile so I could watch his eyes just glisten and shine when he looked at me.

He walked into the room and my eyes just instantly caught him and he asked me to follow him so that he could measure my height.

I walked with him and did as he asked and then he walked me over to the scales and I asked him to look away while I found out my weight not wanting to feel embarrassed, unfortunately, he had to witness it as it had to be recorded.

After I stepped on and my weight was recorded I looked at him with a cheeky look on my face asked him to ensure that he takes some weight off as I was wearing clothes and he chuckled and agreed to this.

A short while later I started to have problems breathing again and a pain started to run across my chest, I called for the assistant and asked him if he could perform an Echo Cardio Gram on me as I was starting to feel this way and it wasn’t a great feeling.

He made a comment to be about how I was high maintenance and proceeded off to get the machine, returned and asked me to lay on the bed and proceeded to pull the curtains round to give me some privacy.

I layed on the bed removing my top as he had requested of me and I could feel his eyes as he scanned every inch of my chest, it almost appeared as if he had lust in his eyes and wanted to see me suffer more like this if it meant he could get more of an eyeful.

He placed all the electrodes onto my body and then placed the leads and began to run the test, his eyes glancing at the bulge in my trousers as the test ran and I layed there in pain.

I looked up at him and caught him but didn’t comment as I quite liked the attention he was giving me but decided to reciprocate but instead of looking at his bulge I looked at his badge as I had been flirting with a guy and didn’t even know his name.

The test results looked ok and were nothing serious but he advised me to rest, on the bed until I felt a little better and he left with the curtains still drawn, just before he left I gently whispered to him “Thanks, Richie”.

He looked back with a confused look on his face and I told him that I looked at his badge just because if I needed him then at least I could say his name and he chucked some more.

After a short while, the pain started to subside and the pain started to dissipate, Richie as I now knew his name to be, came in to check if I was feeling any better and I was.

I felt like I needed to have a shower but was concerned about my breathing to be going in alone so I eventually plucked up the courage and asked Richie what options I had if I wanted to have one but was concerned for myself.

He offered various options but saved the best until last, he offered to assist me and be in the room the other side of a curtain while I showered.

I think he knew what option I would be going for as soon as he said it as my face lit up and the excitement was hard to conceal on my face.

I took him up on his offer and he went and got more some towels and soap from the wards store cupboard and brought them to me.

He assisted me to the shower room and placed the towels on the side and placed the soap on top of the towels.

I began to remove my socks, my breathing becoming more shallow and rapid. I began to become dizzy and faint feeling as if I was going to collapse when I felt Richie push the chair behind me so that I could sit and recover.

The feeling passed and I continued to start taking off my other sock when Richie asked if I would like some help and I agreed.

He got down on his knees and sat on the heels of his feet situating himself at the bottom of my feet, slowly reached up my trouser leg and started to roll down my sock.

His eyes began following a trail up my leg to my bulge, to my waist, then my chest and finally, our eyes met and we just stared deep into each other’s eyes whilst simultaneously rolling down my socks exposing my barefoot and gently placing it on the ground.

Our eyes wouldn’t tear away from each other and Richie slowly started to get up off the floor placing his hands either side of my chair for support and slowly began to bring himself closer into me his face now just inches from mine.

He looked down at my lips breaking eye contact and stared at them licking his own as he just got lost in them.

I looked down at his trimmed beard and slowly reached out to touch his face and rub it feeling each hair between my fingers.

He welcomed my hand, closed his eyes and started rubbing his chin against it feeling this connection flowing through from both of our bodies into the other ones.

I reached around the back of his head and brought his face into mine pressing our lips tight together slowly opening up my mouth to slowly enter my tongue into his mouth which he welcomed and began to massage mine in return.

Once we got into a slow comfortable rhythm I placed my hands either side of his chin and began to stroke his beard some more.

It started getting more heated and I could slowly feel my erection starting to grow in my trousers and proceeded to stand up from my chair.

I got to my feet and Richie placed his hands around my waist and guided me back to the wall and continued to kiss me slowly lifting my T-shirt over my stomach and above my chest holding it just under my chin.

The cold wall pressed against my back made my hips thrust forward bringing it closer into his at least this way I could not feel the cold anymore but instead, he placed his warm soft hands around my back stroking it all the way up and down.

He pulled off my t-shirt over my head and let it fall to the floor leaving only a few seconds for me to catch my breath before kissing me again.

I reached my hands up, began slowly unbuttoning his tunic, and slowly began to unzip exposing his chest hair some more, then revealing his full chest and stomach which was covered in trimmed chest hair leading all the way down to his trousers.

I could feel Richie’s bulge getting ever so much larger as it began to press against mine and listened as he began to start groaning as I slowly removed his top and placed it onto the floor beside mine.

He suddenly flipped me over and pushed me up against the cold wall, pressed his chest into my back and proceeded to kiss my neck working his way from the top of my ears all the way down to my collarbone.

From here, he could reach around and grab my manhood squeezing it between his fingers and his palms and rubbing my full length feeling each of my involuntary throbs as

I began to become uncontrollable with excitement.

I tilted back my head letting out a groan of pure pleasure which made him more excited, and slowly he began to kiss across my back from one shoulder to the other not missing any part of my body from his soft lips.

His hands were reaching for my throat as he thrust my head back making my groans even louder the rougher he became but when my groaning become too loud he would reach across my mouth and cover it so that I wasn’t making too much noise to bring attention to anyone who was outside on the ward.

Enjoying hearing me moan once he covered my mouth he would kiss my earlobe and nibble on it ever so gently making my knees feel like they would give way and just making me collapse onto the floor below.

With another sudden flip, I was turned around and was back to being face level with him and just as I thought, he was going to lean in to kiss me some more he went and pressed his lips into my neck from the front, slowly working down from the top of my chest.

I arched my back again from the wall but this time not because it was cold but because the pleasure I was getting from him teasing my nipples between his teeth and the flickering of his tongue simultaneously.

I felt guilty that there I was getting all this attention but he was not getting much back in return so I lifted his head up by grabbing his chin and brought him to eye level.

Once he was caught in, my gaze pushed him onto another wall and proceeded to lick and tease his nipples the way he had mine.

When he then started to groan I would then imitate his actions and covered his mouth but instead of nibbling at his earlobes as if he did mine I would whisper into his ear “now is your time to scream for me!”

I could see just after I said that, that his eyes would roll back into his head with pure ecstasy and then I knew for sure that I was back in control of the situation.

I pulled away and walked over to the shower and began to turn it on getting the temperature just right leaving Richie to catch his breath from all the excitement.

Once it was set I walked, back over to him took his bottom lip in-between my teeth and gently tugged at it, again his eyes rolling into the back of his head with pure joy.

I gently pushed him back against the wall so I could gain access to his belt and roughly began to unhinge it from the hole it was secured into, removed it from the buckle and pulled hard so that the belt was un-looped from his trousers.

Once I had done this, I reached for his waistband, pulled both ends together, unclasped the button, and gently pulled down his zipper exposing his bugle and showing the elasticated waistband of his Abercrombie underwear.

We both began to pant a little harder with the endorphins that were surging through our bodies that he sat me down back into the chair and again dropped to his knees in front of me and began to remove slowly my joggers that I was wearing.

Once Richie had removed both my legs from them, he looked up with a cheeky half smile and pushed my legs far apart enough for him to be able to fit in between them.

He ran his tongue across my abdomen, down each side of my V-lines across the top of my Hollister underwear banding and tracing the outline of my bulging penis, down to the end of where my tight short boxers had ended.

From here, he grabbed each of my legs and kissed along the length of them each gentle kiss sending tingles all up my nerves and into my back.

One thing that we forgot to do was apply the brakes on this wheeling chair and so I began to slowly move backwards when suddenly I felt the hot water hit my face and cascade down my chest and begin to soak my white underwear revealing my throbbing cut erection.

Richie stood up and removed the majority of his remaining clothes except for his underwear, which for this moment we’re still dry except for the patch of precum that had turned his grey boxers an even darker shade of grey.

I continued to lie in the chair and watched Richie strip down to bare minimum clothing allowing the water to continue running and not caring what it was revealing.

Once stripped I beckoned Richie over to where I was sat and pushed him down into the position he was already in previously and anxiously waited for him to continue what he had started.

As he did, I lay my head back groaning and slowly reached for my aching boner to give it a squeeze but my hand was pushed away by Richie’s.

As I looked down at him, I see one of his eyebrows raised and his eyes squinting in a disapproving look.

Once he had reached the top of my thigh, he looked up, ran one hand across my chest and each of my nipples in turn and with the other slowly pulled down my soaking wet boxers revealing my full 8″ fully erect cut penis and my clean-shaven balls.

As he sat there looking at it watching it bounce from the blood pumping harder and harder through it he smiled and slowly pressed the precum soaked head against his moist soft lips coating each of his lips with a sample of my oozing precum.

He licked his lips tasting the sweet yet mildly salty cum enjoying and savouring the taste and began to lick slowly the whole of my head spreading the precum all across the tip and working his way down my shaft.

With each lick, I could feel myself pulsating and felt as if my cock hit his wet tongue with a slight tap.

Then I felt an overwhelming surge of ecstasy as he began to lick my balls taking them into his mouth one by one then both at the same time, his tongue working its magic on me was nothing like I had ever felt before in my entire life.

As he proceeded to suck every inch of my cock taking it all into the back of his throat, deep throating on it I could feel when he would groan as the vibration from the back of his throat would vibrate all along my shaft, down my testicles and towards my perineum.

The water still continues to run hot began to make the shower room become covered in a shroud of steam and we were only just beginning to get steamy ourselves.

I slowly pulled out my cock from his mouth and proceeded to stand up straight.

Moving the chair out from behind me, I brought Richie up from his knees, let my underwear fall to my ankles and turned to face the wall exposing to him my tight clean-shaven asshole.

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