Helen’s Desire Pt. 03

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Chapter5 Routine

What a way to start the day! It’s a dull day rainy morning and we started it with a “don’t waste the woody” sex. A nice slow cuddly fuck.

When we finished screwing Helen went to the bathroom, then returned, knelt beside the bed and presented me with ‘the basket’. It contains her pink velvet set. I swing my legs so I’m sitting on the edge of the bed with Helen kneeling in front of me. “Right hand.”

She holds her hand up to me and I kiss it and suck her beautiful manicured fingers before buckling on her cuff. Then we repeat with her left hand. “On the bed, feet on my lap.”

I lift and worship each beautiful foot, kissing and toe sucking before buckling on her ankle cuffs. What a day, haven’t had a coffee yet and already have my second woody. “Stand.” I attach two of the foot long sashes to her collar, then standing behind her wrap it around her neck and fasten it. I fasten her wrists to the sashes and with a short leash take her to the dressing room.

I select her red silk sarong with the silver and blue pattern, and pink slippers for Helen to wear, then send her to make breakfast.

Since ‘discipline time’ is just before bedtime Helen will have had all day to anticipate. On days when we have the ‘ceremony’ this early Helen will have herself so worked up she can hardly sit still before discipline. I now let her scream and cry when being disciplined. Turns out it’s a turn on for both of us.

I’ve modified a chair in both the kitchen and dining room set for my love. Their legs are two inches shorter, and they have rings to restrain Helen’s wrists at her side. As I was feeding Helen her toast and jam I asked if there were any plans for today.

“This afternoon is Frank and Betty’s BBQ.”

“Well my darling, I don’t think pearls are appropriate BBQ fashion, so you’ll just have to remember your place, and what’s ahead, won’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”

When it was time to go I gave Helen a good inspection. Her sarong revealed no whip marks on her skin. I gave her open toe flats to wear and took off her ankle cuffs but left her collar and wrist cuffs without the sashes. Just before we went out the door I said “Bend over darling and grab your ankles.”

“Yes Sir.”

Smack on her butt with my bare hand. “One.” Smack. “Two.” Smack. “Three.”

“Stand up.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“That’s so you remember how much I love you.” I said as I led her by the leash to the car.

A block from the party I pulled over and removed Helen’s collar and cuffs and put them into the console’s bin.

Frank and Betty were the only people we knew there, but we were soon included into the group. As things were winding down Betty said “Stay on for a bit.”

I chuckled to myself knowing how wound up Helen was for tonight’s session.

I hadn’t realized Frank wasn’t on the patio until Betty said “I’ll just go see what’s keeping Frank.”

“I’ll look after you soon.” I said quietly to Helen.

“Please Sir, soon.” said Helen

Then our world shifted sideways!

Betty returned with Frank, who was now wearing a black thong swim suit, and being lead on a leash attached to a silver studded black leather collar. Betty sat down and Frank knelt on the ground beside her chair. “We knew you’d understand,” said Betty “Those subtle tie downs like on the arms of the love seat in your living room, and it didn’t take too long to figure Helen was the sub. The rest of the folks here today are also masters and slaves, and this was so they could meet you and check you out. You ‘passed’ by the way. We have little get togethers where we’re open about it.”

I said we’d have to talk it over and I’d let Betty know within the week.

By the time we got home I’d barely shut the door before Helen dropped to her knees and started kissing my hand. “Please, Sir.”

“Tell me what you want Wife.”

“I want to be disciplined Sir, I’ve been bad. I deserve to be punished, Sir.”

“What then?”

“Then I should be fucked, Sir, Please.”

“How do you want me to fuck you, Wife?”

“Any way that pleases you sir. Mouth, ass, cunt, anything that pleases you, Sir.”

“Take off your shoes and dress, then crawl into the living room. Straddle the ottoman and wait there.”

“Yes Sir.”

I went to the bedroom and returned with the buggy whip Helen had given me as an Easter present. Without seeming too cocky, I’m quite good with it. I can lay down two inch marks with good accuracy. “The marks from the riding crop are starting to fade. Lets see what we can do about that.”

Snap. “One.” Snap “Two.” Snap “Three.” Whimper. Snap, “Four.” Whimper. Snap “Five.” Crying. Snap. “Six.” Sobbing. Snap. “Seven” Crying. Snap “Eight.” Sob.

“Crawl to the bedroom. Now.”

“Thhank yyou Sir.” Helen sobbed as she crawled away.

In the bedroom görükle escort I sat on the nursing rocking chair (no arms) that I’d had custom made to be extra strong, and after Helen had sucked and licked my cock had her sit on it facing me. Her wet pussy gripping my hard on as the rocking added it’s magic. I sucked Helen’s hard nipples and molested her beautiful breasts. Soon I was grunting trying to hold back and Helen was giggling and moaning at the same time.

Then we were in bed licking each other clean in the sixty nine position.

The next day at noon I was washing up from a morning of yard work when Helen presented me with ‘the basket.’ It contained the purple leather set. As I ‘dressed’ her in it she asked “Lunch is ready, will you feed me please, Sir?”

Mid afternoon I summoned Wife to the dressing room. I knew she’d be on edge as after lunch I’d short sashed her wrists to her collar so she couldn’t touch herself. She’d been wearing a blouse and jeans, so now I had her strip and put on red lace panties and a satin and lace half cup bra. No shoes.

I leashed her and led her to the living room where I attached her wrists to a short chain I pulled from behind the couch’s left front leg. This let me sit and read as I stroked her long silver hair, or rubbed her soft shoulders.

Then the door bell rang. I hadn’t told her I’d invited Betty and Frank over for ‘happy hour’ drinks.

They’re both about ten years younger than us, I’d guess. Lean and fit. Betty’s short blond hair always looks elegant, rather than ‘butch’. She’s wearing a grey skirt and a pink blouse. Obviously bra-less and excited. Her shoes are tan sandals.

Frank’s blond hair is starting to have a silver tint. He’s wearing a short sleeve button down shirt, shorts, sandals, and the same collar and cuff set. Betty orders him to remove his shirt and lay it on the bench then clips his wrists together to a short chain leash.

In the living room I motion them to the love seat opposite the couch. Betty sits and points to the carpet. Frank kneels beside her facing the couch where Helen is shackled.

“What can I get you to drink? Beer, wine, a G+T? I’m having a G+T.”

“Oh, a G+T would be lovely.” says Betty.

“What about Frank?”

“He’s fine.”

“Helen, go fetch two Gin and Tonics.”

As I release her she says “Yes Sir.”

When the drinks are served I pat my left thigh and Helen gets down on the carpet and wraps her right arm around my left leg so as I sit talking I can pet her without having to reach.

“I’ve decided I’d like to know more about your social group.” I said after Betty said ‘Cheers’ and we’d sipped our drinks.

What a nice happy hour, that blended into a delivered pizza supper, with Helen and Frank sitting with us at the kitchen table, Helen in her special chair and frank on a foot stool. After Betty explained more about their group we talked about discipline and ‘house rules.’ Frank for instance was always Betty’s slave at home. Betty thought our ‘Wife Ceremony’ was very romantic.

After seeing them to the door I said “Well Dearest, what time is it?”

“Discipline time, Sir.”

With an arm over Helen’s shoulder and my other hand holding her leash I led her to the bedroom. As I unlocked the toy cabinet I said “Since you’ve been a good obedient Wife today, I’m going to let you choose how you want your discipline served tonight Darling.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

She chose the riding crop, which I put into her mouth dog bone style and again with my arm over her shoulder led her to the dressing room doorway. There I clipped both her wrists to a short sash which I attached to the pad eye in the left top corner. Taking the riding crop out of her pretty mouth I used it to help prompt her to move back from the doorway and spread her legs until she was off balance, the sash on her wrists keeping her from falling forward.

I smoothed her long hair to one side and kissed her shoulders then nibbled her earlobes. Her ivory white back still showed the two inch vertical striped from last night’s whipping. I whispered in her ear as I ran my hand down her back and slid a finger down her ass crack, circling her hole before stroking the slit of her cunt, “Since you’ve been so good I think five is just about right for tonight’s discipline. What do you say to that Helen my love?”

“Yes Sir, give me five, Please. Sir”

With the riding crop I give Helen five horizontal red stripes which contrast so nicely with the short vertical whip marks that are starting to fade to pink. Several times I’ve discreetly watched Helen admire her discipline marks in the mirrors in the dressing room.

She thanks me for her discipline, then when prompted asks to be fucked. I release her and have her crawl to the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed I görükle escort bayan order her to blow me. She smiles up at me then gets to it.

One of her hands gently fondles my balls as the fore finger and thumb of the other hand grips the base of my member. She touches the tip of her tongue to my slit, then kisses my knob. She licks up and down, then with lots of tongue swirling she lowers her red lips over it, then slowly swallows the whole thing. Moving up and down, licking and kissing, her firm grip on the base of my cock drives me wild. Finally she swallows me all the way and releases her grip. As I cum she pulls back so I spatter all over her face. She knows for a short time I was her complete slave, that the situation was completely in her control.

Now I must take control back. I order Helen onto the bed, on her back. I take her right wrist and cuff it to a ring on the head board, then do the same with her left wrist. Now her wrists are restrained shoulder width apart just above her head. I start kissing her left hand, working along her arm to her shoulder, then neck, then up her chin. Now I’m kissing and licking my cum off her face and smearing her makeup. Out tongues dance together. My hands are stroking her long silver hair, caressing her cheeks. I kiss down her neck, then fondle her big beautiful breasts and suck her pencil hard nipples.

Moving down I lift each breast and lick the seam where it meets her torso. Down to her sweet ‘innie’ belly button. Helen is giggling and squealing. I bypass her pussy and kiss and lick down her legs to get to some foot worship. Slow sweet kissing and toe sucking. I’m glad I’ve been sending Helen for pedicures.

I kiss and caress my way back up to the opening to heaven. I spread her cunt lips and kiss, lick, and gently blow into her wet yummy treasure. When I tongue her clit she takes off, laughing, squealing, and bucking.

I move up and slip my cock into Helen. She’s kept her pussy muscles in shape, I can feel them gripping me.

When we finish I unshackle her. We drift off cuddled together, with me glad I’ve satisfied my obedient wife again.

Chapter 6 The Party

About a month later we got an invitation to a house party at one of the couples we met at Frank and Betty’s. I didn’t tell Helen about it, but I did ask Betty for details. The day of the party Helen presented the basket with her white satin set in it. Although rare, I wasn’t sure what I’d do if this was a day she didn’t want to be disciplined. I dressed her in the collar and cuffs and her terry robe and told her to get doing her house work while I did some office work in the den.

Since the party was to start at four, after lunch, which took until after two by the time I finger fed Helen, I left her bound in her special chair with no explanation.

Unknown to Helen Betty had come shopping with me to get an outfit for Helen’s ‘coming out’ party. It had a ‘too short for her age’ purple leather skirt with a wide white leather belt, and high heel white leather ‘come fuck me’ boots with brass rings at their ankles (perfect for restraints). The top was a mauve bikini top. The outfit accessorized with a white sequined purse with a long leather shoulder strap. In it I put several sashes and gags. How nice having Helen carry her own restraints.

Just before three Betty phoned from her car. “Where’s Helen?”

“I’ve got her tied up at the moment, why?”

“Good, be there in a minute, you owe me a hundred bucks.”

At a used clothing store Betty found a short slutty looking pink dyed fur jacket for Helen.

After she left I took Helen to the bathroom, sat her on the throne to pee, then had her strip and removed her ‘wife set’ and cuffing her wrists with a pair of vinyl cuffs. I took her to the shower and hooked her cuffs to the bar I’d installed across the top of the stall. Stripping myself I adjusted the water temperature and got into the shower and soaped and shampooed my beautiful wife until she was squeaky clean. I soaped and fingered her ass hole and cunt until she had a squealing laughing orgasm.

Sitting Helen at her dressing table I brushed her long beautiful hair until it shone. I’d told her to keep it long, and now it was almost down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. I told her to put on her makeup, to aim for a slightly slutty look. Then I showed her new outfit. “We’re going out tonight, so get dressed now.”

When I put her into her new pink fur jacket and clipped her cuffs together to her chain leash she looked very scared about being seen in public dressed like this.

The party was at a restored farm house set back from the road. I parked with a half dozen or so other cars. I opened Helen’s door and had her swing her feet out. Between the rings on her boots I attached a short sash. As I led her by the leash bursa escort on her wrists towards the door to the house it flew open. “Stan! You made it, come in, the party’s just starting. We’re all so glad you came. Tammy, show these folks where to put their coats.”

A cute little blond wearing a sexy ‘French Maid’ outfit and a ball gag showed us to a bedroom where coats were piled on a bed.

Back at the party our hostess, Didi, a tall redhead, re-introduced me to everyone, at least all the doms as those is servitude didn’t warrant naming.

Her husband was in the corner wearing only shorts and his wrists were shackled to a chain hanging from the ceiling to his hip level.

Betty came over with Frank in tow. He was wearing a pink skirt, pink slippers, and had pink fur cuffs and collar. He stayed one step behind and to the right of Betty when she stopped. I hadn’t noticed before that Frank had no body hair. “Turn her around for me?”

“Wife.” I said and Helen turned.

“Oh what beautiful marks. Isn’t very pale skin such a great medium for the whip?”

“Very. We both enjoy the effect, as well as the thrill of creativity.”

“I know just what you mean. Frankie, turn around Dear.”

His back was a Kris cross of red welts, and some scars. “Tonight I’m going to put on my big purple strap on cock and admire all my little sluts welts as I bugger her.” said Betty dreamily.

“Betty, you’re a cruel cruel mistress.” I laughed.

“Why Stan, are you flirting with me?” she laughed too.

There was lots of food and drink circulated by waiters and waitresses all in very risque’ costumes, all with ball gags. Feeding subs was quite varied. Some, like Helen, were finger fed. Some were allowed to take food and drink as it was offered. One Lesbian couple, who I’d completely miss judged after the BBQ as to which was which had a different feeding routine. The short slim trim one was the dom, The tall Rubenesque blond was the sub. The dom selected a plate full of food and set it at her feet. The sub, who was wearing a fur bikini top and a but plug with a long blond tail only, got down on the floor and ate from the plate without using her hands. The dom also put some wine in a bowl for her to lap up.

Over there two masters were talking. One master snapped his fingers and pointed at the other master, and his slave got down and unzipped that master he and began sucking him off. That master’s slave was holding onto his arm with both hands and biting her lip as her master was being blown by the other master’s slave.

“I could do that to some one if you want.” whispered Helen into my ear.

“Did I give you permission to speak?”

“No. Sir.”

I took the dog bone gag out of Helen’s purse, and as I made sure it’s strap was painfully tight said “That outburst just earned you ten.” She bowed her head.

Since I’d had a few drinks, and Helen, of course hadn’t since I’d been forced to gag her, I had her drive home.

As soon as we were in the house I secured her wrists behind her back and had her get down on her knees. I undid my pants and gave Helen a face fucking. Controlling her with a big hand full of her long silver hair, pulling out as I came to give her a facial. After I released her, had her take off her pink fur jacket and hang it up, I led her by the ring on her collar to the bedroom. Taking the wide leather strap out of the cabinet I asked Helen “Darling, do you deserve the strap tonight?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Why do you deserve it?”

“Because I spoke without permission, Sir.”

“That’s right. And why do I discipline you Helen?”

“Because you love me, Sir.”

“That’s right, now bend over and grab the foot of the bed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Smack on her ass. “One,” Smack again. “Two.” Smack across her shoulders. Scream. “Three.” Smack on her ass, scream. “Four.” Smack on the back of her thighs. Scream. “Ffive.” Smack on the small of her back. Crying. “Six.”

Smack on her ass. Crying. “Seven.” Smack on her shoulder. Scream. “Eight.” Smack on her thighs again. Crying. “Nine.” Smack on her ass. Sobbing. “Tttenn.”

“What do you say Dear?”

“Tthaank you Ssir.”

“Get the lube and a condom.”

“Yes, Sir.” Tears and cum smearing her slutty makeup.

When she’s licked and kissed my cock to hardness and put the condom onto it I have her climb onto the bed and get on her hands and knees. With sashes I tie her elbows to her knees so she is ass high with her face down on the red satin sheets. I finger lube around and into her sphincter, then ease my cock in. Slowly at first, then I start pounding her hard and fast.

When I finish I tell her not to move, then go have a shower. When I return I undo her bindings and tell her “Go get showered, I’ve left the nightie you’re to wear on your dressing table. Be prompt.”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.” in a quiet whimper.

Soon I’m cuddling Helen to sleep. She’s almost purring she’s so happy I’ve given her the kind of loving she craves. I wonder if she even knew how deep the need was when she first asked me to spank her.

The End

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