Hector Ch. 03

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Okay, just so everyone, straight, gay and in between, has fair warning — there is MM sex, MF sex, MFM sex. If any of those situations are distasteful to you, I’m sure you can find something more to your liking.

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoy.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Peace out.


Smiling, Prudence took me by the hand, offering Hector her other. She stepped down from the sofa, each of us holding her hand, looking like a queen alighting from a gilded carriage. Even naked, she would have not seemed out of place in such a scenario, not to me. And not to Hector. What I remember most clearly was my lack of fear.

I have had plenty of time to wonder about this. By nature, I’m cautious, very much a look-before-I-leap kind of guy. It’s possible I was so lost in lust and desire I was not rational enough to be afraid. Since that time, I’ve had moments when, even before I stopped ejaculating, I was kicking myself for being where I was. Not that day — not any day I spent with them. No, despite our short acquaintance, I trusted them. When I walked away from their small sofa, hand in hand, I trusted them as much as I’ve ever trusted anyone. Neither Hector nor Prudence led me anywhere. We walked together.


Prudence let go of our hands. In the small room, two steps brought her to a mattress resting on the floor. With deft efficiency she folded the thin blanket and set it on the dresser. She untucked the top sheet, folded it, and sat it atop the blanket. She propped the pillows up against the wall. Satisfied with the arrangement, she turned and embraced Hector, pressing her body against his, cupping his face and offering up her mouth. Their kiss was amazing, passionate yet gentle. I envied them. I wasn’t jealous. I didn’t begrudge them their connection. I did not feel ‘left out.’ I hoped, one day, to be a part of something equally beautiful, equally effortless. I wanted what they had. It occurred to me that Hector had been right: I was lucky to witness, much less be invited into, their specialness.

Releasing Hector, she opened her arms to me, an invitation I was happy to accept. Slipping her arms beneath mine, she pulled me close, face pressed against my chest. My cock was trapped between our bodies. I smelled her hair – rosemary and mint. I haven’t described her hair; I haven’t described her at all beyond her breasts. Two words: sexy librarian.

I know, another cliché, but, again, it’s the closest to the truth. She would have been perfect in that role. She wore her thick, light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail that brushed the nape of her neck, hair that smelled of rosemary and mint. Later, I would discover Aveda hair shampoo was one of the few indulgences she allowed herself.

My arms clenched around her back, I clung to her, breathing her in, swaying, lost in wonder. If I squeezed too tightly, she never let out a peep. I’m not very tall, five-ten. Prudence was five-three, maybe five-two. Her cheek fit right into the middle of my chest. Out of the corner of my eye, Hector moved. I tensed, worried he was irritated at the way I clung his wife. My worry melted away under his half-smile.

“Amazing, isn’t she?” he whispered as he put an arm around each of us. My answer was a nod and a brief increase in the pressure of my hug. Prudence pulled her arms free and put her hands on my cheeks. She guided my head to hers and we kissed. God, how I wanted to fuck her, to suck Hector, be sucked, maybe even be fucked. Despite my raging lust, despite the way our tongues teased each other, the kiss was sweet and gentle, almost chaste. It seemed to last an eternity while simultaneously feeling as if it had ended in the space of a single beat of my heart.

When she pulled her mouth from mine, she gave me a peck on the cheek and pulled back to smile at me. I guess I should tell you about her eyes. And her dimples. Despite her high cheekbones and slim face, Prudence had dimples. Her eyes were hazel, I think. Depending on the light, or the color of her shirt, you could argue they were green or brown. Regardless, they were flecked with gold. Gold that blazed when she smiled, which was most of the time.

“Hi, there,” she whispered.

“Hi,” I whispered back. “Thank you,” I added, turning my head slightly to include Hector in my thanks.

“I hope it’s our pleasure,” he whispered back in a voice low, hoarse and beyond sexy.

“Ditto,” I managed. “May I?” I asked, nodding toward the mattress. For a moment his devil-may-care grin returned to his face. “Uh, yeah, dude. That’s the idea, bro.” I nodded and knelt on the mattress. I put a hand on Prudence’s hip and urged her forward. With Hector, I was a little more direct. I wrapped his cock in my other hand and pulled him toward the mattress. I held his cock, moving my hand ever so slightly, but it was Prudence I turned my attention to.

She was small enough that even kneeling on the mattress my escort lips touched her belly north of her belly button. I pressed my lips there and drew in a long, slow breath, as her fingers entwined themselves in my hair. I caressed her skin with the tip of my tongue. I kept a tight rein on my desire and slowly kissed my way down to her navel. Did I mention it was pierced? I teased the piercing with my tongue, afraid I’d hurt her. Trailing downward from her belly button was the faintest line of white, translucent fuzz. I tried to feel it with my tongue, wondering if it would remind me of the skin of a peach but it was far too fine to impart a texture to her skin.

I sat back on my heels and kissed her mons. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed but she wasn’t shaved, thank God. With her smallish breasts, lithe figure, and petite stature, she’d have looked far too childlike. I forced myself to wait. I’d tasted her pussy. I’d taste it again, but not yet. I kissed the crease on either side of her pussy, where her thighs meet her torso. Shivering with desire, I planted a soft kiss atop her pussy, then turned and pressed my cheek against her. My hands went around her legs and I hugged her, cheek pressed against her wetness, as her fingers combed through my hair. Pulling back, I gave her pussy another brief kiss, telling it goodbye for a time, and turned to Hector with a heady combination of both regret and excitement.

I had continued to fondle his hardon as I’d kissed his wife’s belly and legs. My hand was slick with his precum. I stroked him, drawing the foreskin back and forth over the head. I tilted my body toward his and did what I’d dream of for the past day-and-a-half — I took him in my mouth.

My tongue cradled his cock and guided it deeper. The head touched the back of my throat and I paused, took a breath, waited for the urge to gag to pass, then pushed farther. When my nose touched his belly, the sound of his moan joined the scent of his crotch in a medley of sensations that pulled an answering groan from deep inside me. I remembered how he’d hummed with my cock in his throat. I kneaded the firm muscles of his ass, pulling him deeper as I hummed around him. His ass tightened, cheeks cupping beneath my grip. His hands found my head, holding me there with his cock buried in my throat. My mouth filled with spit. It ran out of my mouth, over my lip, where it clung for a brief moment, before falling to land on my naked thigh.

I moved my head back. His hands followed. “Fuck, dude, you’re a natural,” he hissed. Prudence stepped to my side. I tilted my head, careful to keep the head of his cock in my mouth, and gazed upward. They were kissing again with the same amazing combination of passion and gentleness. I began to swirl my tongue around his crown. Hector twitched. I pressed the tip of my tongue into his slit and slid his foreskin forward with my hand. I swirled my tongue between the foreskin and crown, causing Hector to moan into his wife’s mouth.

Prudence broke their kiss and knelt beside me on the mattress. She rested her cheek on Hector’s thigh and watched as I tongued his cock, a gentle smile on her lips. I did my best to watch her face as I took her husband’s cock deep into my throat. Her smile widened to a grin when I shook my head from side to side. I followed my mouth with my hand, twisting and sliding it over his cock until once again his foreskin was bunched around the tip of my tongue.

Prudence tilted her head and sucked one of Hector’s balls into her mouth. She tugged. He tensed and groaned. She kept pulling on his nut, her hand stroking the back of his leg, before easing the tension and letting it fall from her mouth. She brought her face close to mine. I took my mouth off Hector’s cock and touched my lips to hers. Her tongue darted forward, danced with mine for a moment and then retreated. Mine followed and I took my turn tasting the inside of her mouth. As sweet as she tasted, I found myself wishing it was filled with Hector’s cum. I broke the kiss and pushed Hector’s cock toward her. She smiled and reached for him.

She swallowed him in one fluid motion. Hector gasped, “Fuck,” and put a hand on her head. She pulled back, let him fall from her mouth, then slid her lips down the side of his shaft. I was about to fulfill one of my fantasies from earlier in the afternoon — I slid my lips down the other side of his cock, we locked eyes, moved in time back up his cock, and kissed again with his cockhead brushing against our cheeks.

I pulled Hector’s cock toward me. I eased his foreskin back and began to flick my tongue over the “V” in his crown. “Lovely,” Prudence sighed, and I felt her breath on my cheek. Lowering my head and, craning my neck, pressed my tongue to the base of his cock, where it joined his scrotum. I licked the underside of his shaft, pressing with both the tip of my nose and the flat of my tongue. When I reached the crown, I deep throated him, as smoothly, I hoped, as had Prudence.

We went back to caressing the side of his cock with our lips and tongues. We’d kiss when our mouths met at his crown. As greedy as I was, we took turns lapping up his precum. My respect for Hector’s intelligence had grown as we worked through the physics problems. My respect for his control grew as we played with his cock and he held back his orgasm. I would have nutted ages ago.

After one of Prudence’s kisses, I walked backward on my knees, toward the center of the mattress. I took Prudence by the hand and urged her forward. I was being presumptuous, taking the lead in their own bed, but she followed. I patted the bed and she laid down on her back. I moved to her side, tossed a glance at Hector standing beside the mattress staring at us, then bent over my knees to kiss her breast. Resting on the floor, there wasn’t much movement in the mattress, but I could tell Hector had joined us, even before I felt his hair brushing against mine as he kissed Prudence’s other breast.

She arched her back and pushed our heads away. “Too much, Jesus, too much,” she whimpered. I rolled back, resting on one elbow. Across her luscious body, Hector did the same. “Pillow, mia amor?” She nodded. Hector twisted and grabbed one of the pillows at the top of the mattress. “Put your hands above your head,” he whispered. Prudence did as he asked, and he placed the pillow atop her hands. Hector must have noted the confused look on my face. “The pillow is our version of a restraint,” he explained. “We don’t need cuffs and shit.” He darted his head forward and kissed Prudence. “Right, babe?” She nodded. “None of that safeword crap, neither. If she wants me to stop, she takes her hands from beneath the pillow and that’s it.”

I nodded. He leaned over Prudence and kissed me. I kissed him back. I told myself to pay attention to every sensation. I was young but not completely foolish. Even at nineteen I knew I was in the midst of an experience that would never be repeated. Not that there wasn’t the

chance that Prudence, Hector, and I would never have sex together again, I hoped that we would, but it would never again be the first time. The firsttime taking another man’s cock in my mouth. The firsttime kissing another man’s wife as he rubbed my shoulder.

I wonder if death is nothing more than running out of first times?

When Hector pulled away from the kiss, I scooted back and rested my face on Prudence’s tummy, facing her pussy. She began to twiddle with my hair. “Can I watch you make love to Prudence, Hector? Please?” I was shocked to hear tears in my voice. I felt his fingers in my hair. He turned my face upward, gently. His kiss was just as gentle.

“No need to say please, amigo.” With that he used one hand to pull Prudence’s left leg out as he crawled over it. “I am more than happy to fulfill your request, Jamie, but first…” He dropped his mouth to her pussy, eyes riveted to mine. Her back arched when he penetrated her with his tongue. My head was jostled as she panted. We watched each other, Hector and I, as he sucked and lapped at her pussy. He kissed his way toward me, cheeks glistening with her honey. His lips and tongue tasted of her when we kissed.

He sat back on his heels, hands under her butt as he pulled Prudence closer. “You want to put me inside her?” I rose up enough to hold his cock. I gently spread her lips with the fingers of my other hand. I ran Hector’s cock up and down her slit. Taking a chance, I gently slapped her clit with the head of his dick. Her back arched and Hector and I smiled at each other. I pushed his cock down, pressing it into her opening. The sight of her pussy enveloping the head of his cock was enticing. Too enticing. I leaned over her thigh and sucked her clit between my lips.

Hector’s belly bumped my head as he began to move. His strokes were slow, almost teasing. Prudence whimpered. I released her clit and lifted my head to watch his cock open her. God, it was beautiful. When he was pressed tightly, flesh to flesh, against her, I kissed and licked the base of his cock and her clit at the same time.

I began to shift position, to get a better angle, but Prudence locked her fingers in my hair. “No, don’t stop, Jamie. Fuck, don’t stop,” she gasped. I managed to twist my neck around enough to suck her clit between my lips. My cheek was pressed hard against Hector’s belly. I flicked her lady cock with the tip of my tongue, as fast and as hard as I could.

Prudence began to buck and twist, grinding herself against my mouth and onto Hector’s cock. She gasped, “Stop,” but when I tried to pull back, she shoved my head down with both hands and pushed herself so firmly against my mouth I was afraid I would hurt her. So much for the pillow restraint, not that I minded in the least.

Her ass came up off the mattress and stayed there. She jerked at my hair, slamming my mouth against her rigid body. Hector didn’t move, other than to follow her, keeping his cock jammed into her cunt.

One hand left my head. “Fffuuucckkkk,” Prudence began to scream but abruptly the scream turned to a muffled pant. Her back arched even higher. I couldn’t see, my mouth remained affixed to her clit, but I don’t know how anything except her heels and the back of her head remained on the bed. Hector followed her, rising up onto one knee.

She collapsed, falling limply back onto the mattress. Hector’s cock sprang free, grazing my cheek as she fell. I started to go for his cock but stopped when he went back on both knees. He lifted Prudence’s ass with one hand and guided his cock back into her pussy. Once inside, he hooked his arms beneath her knees and rolled her up into a ball. There was no way I could get my head in between their bodies.

I moved to kiss her as Hector began to pound into her. I put my lips to her, but she did nothing more than pant into my mouth. The small room echoed with the sounds of Hector’s body slamming into hers, mingled with his increasingly harsh grunts. “Come for me baby, come again, mia amor,” he gasped.

I gave up trying to kiss her and sat up, watching as her body stiffened. Her fists twisted in the sheet. Spasms shook her body as Hector roared, “Fuck!” so loudly I thought the walls shivered.

I knew what I needed to do — what I wanted to do.

I shuffled to kneel beside Hector as his own body stiffened. I could see his cock swell and relax, swell and relax, as he filled his wife with his seed. Their bodies were frozen, still as marble but far more lovely than any statue I’ve ever seen.

“Hector,” I whispered, kissing the back of his sweaty shoulder. “Move. Let me in, please.” I wasn’t sure he was capable of processing speech. He’d stressed the care they took when it came to keeping each other safe. “Not my cock, my mouth, Hector. Just my mouth. Please, let me in.”

He shuddered. A slow, rolling wave that ran from his head to his toes. He let her legs fall atop his. I wasn’t sure if he was aware of what I wanted or didn’t wish to accede to my request. Prudence was panting, wiggling her ass against the mattress, as if her orgasm had stalled and she was stuck in limbo. As I drew breath, ready to beg, he pulled his hips back. I watched her pussy surrender his cock. A cock, streaked with cum, glowing in the light from the bedroom window.

I lifted Prudence’s leg with one hand and shoved the other between their bodies, cupping it beneath her ass. I pushed my head under her leg, letting it drape across my shoulders. I was able to reach her clit with my tongue but no further, not with Hector still in the way.

The mattress shifted as he moved, heaving his body over her other leg to collapse at her side. I slid beneath her leg, occupying the space Hector had vacated. I stretched out, legs off the side of the mattress.

I dropped my head and engulfed her pussy with my mouth.

I drove my tongue into her. Tasting her. Tasting Hector’s cum. I pulled my tongue back and swallowed. My arm was twisted awkwardly beneath me, my right hand still cupped beneath her ass. I sucked as much of her pussy into my mouth as I could manage. I lapped at her over and over again, pulling their combined essence into my mouth, swallowing as greedily as a starving man suddenly offered a feast.

My nose nuzzled her clit. In my frenzy, I became aware that she was tugging my hair, urging me upward.

“God, Jamie. Suck my clit, baby. It feels like I’m still cumming. Make it stop. Finish it. I can’t stand this.”

I took her words as commandments, not that I found it hard to obey. Face smeared with pussy and cum, I sucked her clit between my lips and began to lash her clit with my tongue. I’d just watch Hector fuck her and fuck her hard. I did my best to recapitulate that fucking with the tip of my tongue.

The way she yanked at my hair when she came, I told myself I had.

I pulled my hand from under her pussy. It was filled with Hector, with Prudence. Prudence had her eyes closed. I turned my head, looking for Hector. Having caught his eye, I dipped my tongue into my palm. He came to me. His hands dropped onto my shoulders and jerked me forward. My cock brushed against Prudence’s leg; I nearly came.

He pulled my hand to his face and began to lick my palm. He moved to my face but he didn’t kiss me. He licked me. Long strokes of his tongue flowed over my chin, across my cheeks. He devoured himself, devoured his wife, off my face. I let him but when his frenzy began to wane, I pulled away. I bent and scooped up his nearly flaccid cock into my mouth, savoring their taste, now mostly Prudence, once more.

The feel of Prudence’s hand stroking my butt managed to penetrate the haze of desire fogging my mind. “Jamie, lie back. Come on. Lie down. It’s our turn to take care of you.” I turned to look at her, lost, confused. She smiled, nodded. “Go on, lie down.”

“Yeah, fool, give my cock a rest.” Hector laughed. “Never thought I fucking say that, bro.” He pushed at my shoulder, urging me to lie back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32