Heavy Air Ch. 01

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“Hey John, have you’ve seen my gym bag?” Christi asked her boyfriend.

“I put it in the closet when I was cleaning up earlier.” John replied from the living room while watching TV.

“Thanks sweetie.” John could hear her opening the closet door before she came walking hallway towards him. “I’ll be back from the gym at around eight.” She kissed him and began walking towards the door. As she walked out, John checked out her body: A tanned, toned 120 pound hourglass figure. A cute bubble butt, decent sized hips and perky breasts the size of grapefruits. She had a body most men would die for, but John was not most men.

Ever since John could remember, he had been obsessed with really large women, but he was always too scared of public reprisal to go after them. Then one day in the eighth grade, a couple move in across the street from him. It was well-to-do business man and his large Tahitian wife who, thanks to Tahiti’s admiration of larger women and her husband’s high salary, weighed over 400 pounds. As much as he loved to see her, the person he was really interested in was their daughter, Christi. A really shy girl that was around his age and took after her mother when it came to her figure.

John was enamored with her, but never could work up the courage to ask her. Then one day Shelli, the most popular girl at their school asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance and they continued to date throughout high school. Christi was part of Shelli clique of popular girls, but she rarely spoke and was clearly only there to make the other girls look good. However, this allowed John to watch her grow and gain weight all throughout high school and during the few conversations they John discovered he felt were really compatible and he was comfortable hanging out with her than Shelli, but it would be mad to dump the hottest girl in school for her fat friend.

After high school John and Shelli broke up and he went to college for a degree in human biology. Then, about two years, while he was eating lunch, a new transfer student came and sat down at the table he was sitting at. It was Christi but she was radically different. She had lost a lot of weight and spoke with a confidence that John could only wish that he had. She explained that she had always had a crush on him but she was too shy to admit Gaziantep Saatlik Escort it to him, but after graduation she was tired of feeling bad about herself and playing second fiddle to the prettier girls so she went out and lost all her extra weight. She then invited John to hang out with her later and he happily accepted and they’ve been together ever since.

John really couldn’t complain about his life. He had a loving girlfriend whom he planned to propose to really soon and they had a great sex life. He had a nice job working at a pharmaceutical research company and Christi started a restaurant that quickly become popular in town. However, he still wished that Christi would gain more weight. Now John would love Christi no matter what she looked like, but he could get over the fact that if he had been braver in high school, Christi would have never gone into her exercise craze. He could never stop wondering how big would she have gotten if she kept gaining weight, especially when he looked at her mother with her hugely ample figure and her happy, confident personality. But John could never tell Christi he preferred her plump, not after all the work she put into maintaining her figure. So his fantasy would have to stay just that, a fantasy.

A couple days later, John was at his job at the pharmaceutical research company working with his team on the final stages a new project: a serum that eliminates excess cholesterol and excess blood sugar, drastically reducing the chance of gaining diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. During his lunch break, John decided to visit his friend Randall. Today, his team was presenting a new weight loss serum that was ready for human testing. At Randall’s lab, he was busy presenting the project to their superiors.

“As you all know, when fat is burned, the mass is breathed out as carbon dioxide. What my team has been working is a serum that speeds up the process in order to make losing weight easier than ever.” Randall pointed towards a lab rat that was skinny as a rail. “Furthermore, we created another serum that slows down the metabolic process and increases a person’s appetite so that the fat remains and greatly accumulates, allowing athletes to bulk up for competitions faster.” Randall then presented a lab rat that was so overweight it could barely walk. This whole presentation had greatly gotten John’s interests and gave him an idea. While Randall and his team were talking to his superiors, John snuck over to where the projects notes and equations were and took pictures of them all with his phone.

Over the next couple of weeks he worked to combined Randall’s formula with his own to create a formula that would allow for quickened weight gain with minimum health problems. John then proceeded to go to the fridge and pull out Christi’s personal supply of her trademark sauce she had created for her restaurant. John wasn’t a big fan of it but she ate with almost all her meals. Before he poured the serum into the sauce, he hesitated. He remembered how shy she used to be and worried that she was happier as being thin and he was about to ruin it for her. He ultimately decided to pour the serum in, believing his girlfriend was a stronger person now and wouldn’t lose her confidence just because she gained weight and if it did affect her negatively, he could just sneak her the weight loss serum and everything would return to normal.

Later that night, after they ate dinner, John brought out a box of frosted sugar cookies he had bought.

“Hey babe, want to help me finish this?” he asked.

“No thanks, if I eat too many of those and I won’t be able to fit in my pants.”

“Don’t be so dramatic, living a little. Eating some cookies won’t make you obese.”

“Hmm… You’re right. I work out enough that splurging a little work make a difference.”

Christi grabbed a cookie and ate it and proceeded to eat another and another and another until, to John’s surprise, she had eaten them all without his help.

This continued for a while, John bringing home various high calorie goodies and talked Christi into taking a small break from her diet to eat them. All the while John notices that Christi was gaining weight fast despite her all her gym visits.

One day, John was playing video games in the bedroom when Christi came in to get her gym bag. she had gained at least 50 pounds since his experiment had began and her gym clothes now tight against her portly body. Her body had plumped up evenly all around, her breasts had gone up a cup or two and squeezed against her tank top and her belly had gotten so big that the tank top couldn’t cover her muffintop and instead of wearing her workout pants, she was wearing his swim shorts and even they look liked they were being stretched out.

“I’ve been shirking on my diet too much.” Christi said as she pulled her gym bag out of the closet along with two articles of clothing. She held up a pair of biggest jeans she had owned and it had the button missing.

“Yesterday, it took me almost 15 minutes to get these on yesterday and the button flew off while I was at the restaurant. I was just lucky I was in my office when it happened and no one saw it.” She the held up her gym pants that now had long tears down the back and sides off it. “And today, when I was getting ready to go to gym, I could barely breathe in these and when I bent over to tie my shoes, this happened! I’m gonna need to work out extra hard to lose all the weight I’ve put on.”

John listened to all this and looked at his girlfriends new body and thank his lucky stars that his shirt was long enough that it covered his crotch so Christi couldn’t his pants rising while she told her story. As usual, she came up to him to kiss him goodbye before she headed to the gym, except this time he hugged her close to him, extending the kiss and turning it into full fledged making out. He proceeded to feel up her enlarged breasts and her plump backside and she began to massage his groin. He then pulled her onto the bed with him and began pulling off her shorts while she proceeded unzip his jeans.

As soon as his cock was out, he plunged himself into his girlfriend’s awaiting pussy. He rammed himself in and out of Christi while she gripped the bed sheets and moaned in ecstasy. As John continued, he felt Christi pudgy body, watching her jiggle with each thrust and it was too much for him. He came into her hard and before he pulled out, he could feel Christi reach her climax.

Later, they laid on top of their bed naked, sweaty and exhausted. As John just discovered, her appetite for food wasn’t the only appetite that had increased.

“So, now that we’ve had our fun, are you gonna get ready to go to the gym?” he asked.

“Nah.” Christi replied. “I’ll go tomorrow. You’ve already given me a good workout today.”

She snuggled up to him and proceeded to fall asleep. John put his arm around her and began to doze off shortly after, wondering where how far his experiment would go from here.

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