Health Girl

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Sachi and I have now been together for eight years, but the relationship remains exciting. There are surely other factors, but a big part of what keeps things interesting is our tendency to play role-playing games. They usually end predictably enough, with lots of fucking, but they start out with Sachi being the doctor, nurse, teacher, student, masseuse or sex therapist. She prefers more professional roles, but occasionally she’ll be a porn star or a prostitute. These roles are a bit crass for her tastes, though. It usually needs to be a somewhat reserved kind of role, where eventually things get too hot and heavy and the teacher or doctor has to fuck her client.

Sachi worries that we play the same roles too often, and sometimes she has to try harder to come up with a variation on the theme. Last night was one of those occasions, when she invented a new role, this time a sort of variation on the sex therapist. But whereas the sex therapist role and other roles are designed to allow for eventual release of the sexual tension, this role had a special twist to it.

“Who are you tonight?” I asked her the familiar question that I always ask her when she comes to bed.

“I’m your Health Girl,” she replied. Usually she hesitates with this question, having to try to come up with something that she feels like being that night, but this time she had clearly already decided on her role earlier in the evening.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You rent me by the hour,” she explains. “I can do different things for you — massage, kissing, fellatio. You can tell me to take my clothes off if you want. But you can’t do anything sexual to me.”

I’m alaçatı escort kind of thinking she may need a little break from sex after the night before, and she’s come up with this role in order to have a break. The problem is, I know how turned on she is by the role-playing itself, and I wonder how long she’ll be able to maintain this facade.

I have a kink in my neck. I ask her to massage it, which she does. She is in her role now, and maintaining a professional calm that makes it immediately clear that this is no longer Sachi I’m lying there with, it’s Health Girl.

“Can I kiss you?” I ask. She kisses me dutifully, as if she’s trying to figure out what kind of kissing I like, scientifically.

“Will you eat me?” She goes directly to my penis, starts slowly, gingerly, and then more deeply, eating me with love and skill. I don’t know if Sachi is thinking I’ll accept the parameters of her Health Girl role without pushing the envelope, just come in her mouth and let her sleep, but as pleasant as that would be, I can’t let her off the hook so easily.

“Will you take your clothes off?” Normally Sachi would complain about the room not being warm enough, but Health Girl doesn’t do that. She removes each article of clothing efficiently and professionally, and then gets back to eating me.

I move my leg between her legs. “Can I ask you to move your pussy up and down on my leg?”

“Yes,” she replies, and she starts moving her pussy on my leg.

After a while, I ask another question. “Even if I’m not allowed to do anything sexual to you, can I ask you to play with yourself?”

“Yes,” alaybey escort she answers, and dutifully starts to touch her clit with one hand, while holding me with the other, pushing my penis deep into her mouth repeatedly.

“Can I eat you, too?” I know this is against the Health Girl rules, but I have to ask.

“No,” she replies. “You can’t do that.”

“Can you just move so I can look at your pussy without eating you?”

“Yes,” she answers, and she moves into position.

I look at her lovely pussy, which looks like it’s very much in need of attention, and I kiss everywhere nearby, without touching her pussy itself at all. She keeps eating me with enthusiasm.

“I’m not allowed to eat you?” Her pelvis is moving up and down involuntarily at this point. She’s not saying no this time, but she’s not saying yes. She just starts emitting a squeaky noise, like she’s trying to answer more definitively but can’t.

I start eating her a bit. Normally at this point Sachi would be pressing her clit into my mouth, wanting me to create some suction and lick her harder. But even though the rules are being broken now, I can feel Health Girl trying to assert herself, for she is holding her body calmly above me, not moving, except her head, up and down.

I stop eating her, and just watch her pussy quiver above me while she eats me. I move her off of me, and she continues to eat me like nothing has changed. If I did such a thing normally, Sachi would be complaining bitterly, but not Health Girl.

I pull her off of me, and she complains that she wants to keep eating aliağa escort me. Much as I’d like to come in Health Girl’s mouth, Sachi and I are trying to get pregnant. I enter her body more carefully than necessary, given how wet she is. I’m also waiting for Health Girl to tell me that this is not part of the program, but Sachi wants it too much to say anything at this point.

I get into a position where I know she doesn’t tend to come easily, and I start moving in and out of her lovely, tense body. She’s breathing quickly, but I can tell she’s still trying to maintain her role, in spite of having gotten into this compromised position. I want to see where she’s at with her profession at this point.

“Do you ever come with your clients?”

“No,” she responds, making an effort to keep her voice calm and even. “I never have orgasms on the job.”

As I fuck her, her breath rate increases, but she makes no effort to move me into a different position, such as one in which she might have an orgasm. I’m thinking that eventually I’ll move into a different position, one more to her body’s liking, but I figure I’ll make her wait for that.

She is still struggling, and succeeding, in maintaining her professional demeanor. Still nearly hyperventilating from repressed sexual desire, she says: “But you can come inside me.”

At which point I lose it, the invitation being too much for me. As I’m coming, I fuck her much harder, which oftentimes will make her come, too, but even then, she is somehow holding on to her role, and staying calm. No orgasm for Health Girl, true to form.

She’s tense. I feel guilty. “Can I make you come now?” I ask.

“No, I’m fine,” she lies, rolling over.

She did manage to get to sleep, as far as I could tell. The next day she was Health Girl again, but this Health Girl played by different rules, and was allowed to fuck her client sooner, which she did. And this time, Health Girl had an orgasm.

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