He Wants The Doctor

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Dr. Greg Phillips looked at his watch, it was 3:30pm on a Friday afternoon, and he only had one patient left, a young man named Jason Johnston. Dr Phillips was a 45-year-old psychiatrist, who thought of himself as a fairly decent looking man. At 5’10” and 190lbs, and a good build, he was a decent catch for anyone his age.

Dr. Phillips really wasn’t looking forward to this session; the younger patients usually tended to be boring and were just merely looking for some direction in life.

I took a big sigh, and got up and walked out into the waiting room. My first impression of Jason was a fairly young guy 21-24; he appeared to be athletic and well dressed.

“Hello there, (as he extended his hand) ” Jason Johnston I presume?” The young man in front of him stood up and shook the older mans hand.

“Nice to meet you, and Yes I am Jason.”

I then turned around and started back towards my office telling Jason to follow me. I told Jason to take a seat on the couch, relax, and that I would be right with him. I walked over to my desk grabbed my notebook and pen. I walked back over towards the couch that was occupied by the young man, and took a seat on the very first present I had received when I graduated and became a licensed Psychologist; I simply called it “The Chair.”

“So Jason, tell me why are you here today?” as I opened up my notebook and prepared to jot down some notes.

“Well, I am kind of embarrassed to talk about it, but it is driving me crazy so I have to get it out, I…I think that I am addicted to sex!” he said.

I took a moment, paused and replied, “What exactly do you mean by that Jason?”

“Well, Jason reluctantly replied, ” I think about it all the time!” Every time I see a good looking girl, or a sexy ad on TV, or anything remotely related to sex, I get all…you know…hot and bothered.” Jason’s cheeks slowly turned a deep red.

“Well, I replied, ” You are a young man, and that is not at all uncommon for an individual your age.

“I know that, but there is more.” As Jason slowly looked back towards the Dr. ” I masturbate all the time, I do it everywhere, and I just can’t stop.

I was immediately taken aback from the bluntness of Jason, but this was nothing that I couldn’t handle…or so I thought. I asked, “What exactly do you mean, you do it everywhere?”

Jason took a deep breath and replied, “Well, I masturbate at least 4 times a day, and I can’t control when I do it. When I feel the urge, I have to make myself cum or else I can’t concentrate and I get all tense inside.

“Jason”, I replied, ” What sorts of things make you feel the need to masturbate, gaziantep gay I mean…give me an idea of what we are talking about here.

Jason, who it seems was beginning to loosen up, gave him his first example. “One of my favorite things to jerk off to, are sex stories. There is this site on the Internet that has thousands of stories, stories that involve any kind of situation you could imagine. I visit that site daily and always find a good story to masturbate to.

I immediately picked up on one of the words he used “situations”. “Jason, what kinds of situations do you enjoy reading about?” I asked.

“Well, he replied, ” I actually have three favorites that I like to read about, Mind control, Lesbian sex, and…um…Gay male.” Jason’s red color returned to his face.

The last one took me by complete surprise. I would have never thought that his jock standing in front of me was gay, or bi…or at the least curious.

“Jason, what is your sexual preference?” I asked.

“Actually doc, I think that I am bi curious, I mean… I have love women, I love every aspect of women, but I love sex so much, that I want to try it all; I want to try to be with a man as well.

Hearing this actually started to make sense, after all most people who had an over-charged sex drive are bisexual.

“Jason are you attracted to all men?” I calmly asked.

“Actually, no, I have never found myself attracted to men of my age, they are always older than me, I always fantasize about being with older men, and don’t go getting all Freudian on me…saying that I like older men because my dad never held me enough or any of the Oedipus complex bull crap!”

Ok…so I couldn’t go there yet, but I would have to get back to it. I decided to take a completely different approach. “Jason, would you mind if I put you under hypnosis? I feel that it is the best way to get all of your feelings out, this way you are totally free and can just speak your mind with no worries.

Jason sat up, and looked right at me…he starred at me for a few seconds…than as quick as he got up, he laid back down. “Ok, I do not see any problems with that, lets do it.”

I inched my chair closer to Jason, and told him to be calm, and relax.

“Jason, I want you to relax, I want you to let go of all of your thoughts and just concentrate on my voice. Just close your eyes, and loosen up inside. Hear my voice, you are feeling calm now…very calm…almost like you are drifting off to sleep, but I don’t want you to sleep, I want you to clear your mind and imagine that you are all alone…laying on a cloud…just you and the cloud…no sound…no..worries…just you and the cloud…the cloud…and you…calm…silent…

Jason, seemed to just go completely limp, and I knew that he was now completely under.

“Jason, can you hear me?” I asked.

“Yes, I hear you Doctor.”

I realized that in order to get to the route of Jason’s darkest and deepest emotions, I had to find out what it is he really wanted.

“Jason, I want you to do me a favor, will you do me a favor?” “Yes” Jason replied.

“Jason, I want you to tell me your darkest and deepest fantasy, the one that gets you the most excited and scared at the same time, can you do that Jason?”

“Yes doctor, Jason replied. ” I can do that.”

“It starts off with me walking into a waiting room. I am very nervous because I know that I am not really there for the reason that I should be. My reason for being there is because I want to seduce my therapist. I want to make a powerful older man want me.

I was not quite sure what was going on inside me, but I started to feel a slight twinge between my legs. Jason was describing exactly why he came here today.

“I picture myself being lead, Jason continued, “Into his office where he tells me to lay on the couch. I than begin to tell the doctor that I love sex, all forms of sex. The couch is not facing the doctor so I can not see him; he is behind me over looking me. I tell the doctor that I play with my hard cock all the time…I fuck myself all the time, I always want sex. I tell him that I love women, but I am also curious about men. I know that this will get his attention.

The slight twinge that used to be between my legs now has lead to an enormous erection.

“What is going on, I think to myself, ” I am not gay, nor have I ever thought about being with a male before.” And yet there it is between my legs…trying to break its way through my boxers and my khaki pants.

Jason was still speaking about his fantasy, ” I tell the doctor that it is him that I think about when I masturbate. I picture myself on his couch when all of a sudden the doctor tells me to stand up and take my clothes off.”

“I completely shed all of my clothing and I am standing there naked in front of the doctor.” The doctor than tells me to get down on my knees and crawl up to him in his chair. The doctor slowly unzips his pants and frees his rock hard cock.

” I know that I should stop this”, the doctor thinks to himself, but he can’t. He is completely wrapped up in this fantasy he wants to know how it plays out. He looks over at Jason and sees a bulge in his pants, and notices that the bulge in his own pants is beginning to hurt, he has to release it..He has to get rid of it.

I can’t help it; I slowly unzip my pants and release my aching cock from its prison, and slowly start stroking it.

“I slowly crawl up to the doctor and his beautiful hard cock, Jason begins to rub himself through his pants.

“I stand up on my knees and bow my head down to the very tip of his anticipating cock, and lick the pre cum off the top of his cock”

Furiously stroking his own cock the doctor wants to cum badly…he wants to feel this young kids mouth around his cock.

” I than begin sucking the doctor’s cock. I bob my head up and down and stroke the bottom of the shaft as my lips move up and down on his rod. The doctor than slowly leans over to my ear and whispers ” Make me cum my little slut”. This is all I need; I begin to deep throat his monstrous cock, going up and down as fast as I can…

The doctor now can’t take anymore…he wants this kid. He needs this kid…he is so close to cumming…he needs to cum…that is all that is on his mind.

“As I slam my mouth up and down the doctors hard cock I feel him begin to tense up. I than take my free hand and reach underneath is balls down the crack of his ass, until I find his precious asshole…I insert my finger deep into his hole…and just as I do that the doctor lets out a load moan, and erupts into my eager mouth.

Just then the doctor feels his balls begin to thighten; he is going to cum…he stands up and blows his load into the air, and lets out a deep moaning experiencing the deepest organism he has ever had.

I quickly grab a towel, and erase any evidence of what just happened and weak at the knees, I slowly stumble my way back into my chair.

I decide that that his is enough for today. I have idea what came over me, but what scares me is that I liked it.

“Jason, I am going to count to 3 and you are going to wake up. You will not remember anything that we just talked about, and you will feel good and refreshed. 1…2…3!

I watch as Jason opens his eyes and sits up. He slowly looks down at his pants, and I know then that he came in his pants during our little exercise.

“Jason, I stated, ” The exercise went very well, and I think that we are making progress; I would like to meet with you again soon, how does next Monday sound?

“Sure doc, was Jason’s retort, “I’ll be here, same time same place.”

And with that he got up shook my hand and walked out of the room…

I wasn’t sure what I had planned for the next time, but I knew that it was going to be fun…

* * *

Please let me know if you like this story, and I would be very glad to continue, this is one of my very own personal fantasies…I hope you enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32