He Said, She Said

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He Said…

You are absolutely beautiful in your skirt suit – very, very classy and dignified. I would love to see you dressed in this outfit, and see you undressed from it. To see you with your blouse unbuttoned, your fuchsia lace bra caressing your beautiful, full breasts, your stiffening nipples visible through the lace. My eyes traveling down your incredibly sexy, desirable body as I gaze at you in your stockings and garter. I’d have to open my jeans and remove my rock hard cock and stroke it slowly as I revel in your sultry loveliness, Sara. You’d look at me and watch as I stroke myself, and smile, knowing that you are turning me on so very much.

You would then sit up on your desk, with your feet up, legs wide, and lightly begin rubbing your clit, never taking your eyes off of me. I’d be watching intently, my cock thicker and harder than I can recall it ever being as I look at you becoming hotter, your fingers moving more rapidly, your breathing coming in light gasps as your fingers begin rubbing your wet, warm pussy.

I’d then step to you, my cock still in my hand, my precum pooling at the head, and running over it as I take my cock and rub the head all over and around your hot, soft pussy. My precum would be smeared all over your vulva and I’d take my cock and very lightly spank it over your deliciously wet, puffy pussy. The tremors from this gentle spanking would surge through you, causing an orgasm within your depths. As you’re coming, I’d then ease my cock sooooooo slowly kartal escort into your waiting cunt, filling you, stretching you comfortably, as I bury myself in you in one long, agonizingly slow stroke. When you are filled to the hilt, I wrap you in my arms and kiss you lovingly, tenderly and passionately, making love to your mouth, as I am to your pussy. Your stocking clad legs are wrapped around my ass as we begin to move in sensuous rhythm, a dance of love and passion. Mmmmmm… I love you, sweetheart!

She Said…

When I chose this outfit this morning, I never dreamed that you’d surprise me at work. I had to wear the suit for a meeting. Image, after all, is everything. It’s just a plain black skirt suit. I guess what’s underneath shocked you a bit. You had no idea when I left this morning that I was wearing a garter belt and stockings under my skirt as opposed to my usual pantyhose. There’s just something so erotic and slightly naughty to me about going to a meeting looking very professional and conservative on the outside, yet wearing some of my racier lingerie beneath, known only to me.

I was sitting at my desk, dealing with the boring administrative part of my job when I heard a little knock on my office door. With a start I looked up, and there you were with a huge smile on your face and desire in your eyes. Since my office is in the back corner of our suite, I wasn’t overly concerned with decorum, and you’d noticed my skirt had ridden up a little, revealing a stretch cumhuriyet mahallesi escort of creamy white thigh over the top of my silky black stockings.

You leaned down over me, giving me a kiss of hello. I couldn’t help but smile throughout the whole kiss. Seeing you was such a surprise, and I love you so much! The kiss quickly heated up, and I wrapped my arms around your neck, holding you close as our tongues danced together. Your hands gently kneaded my shoulders, slipping down to tease the hint of skin exposed by the open collar of my blouse. Your fingers nimbly unbuttoned my blouse the rest of the way, opening it up to your lustful gaze. Under your scrutiny, my dark nipples hardened further under the fuchsia lace of my bra.

With a final kiss, you backed away, punctuated with a whimper of protest that I couldn’t prevent from escaping my lips. I could see the evidence of your desire tenting your jeans. As you walked across my office, you took a moment to close and lock my office door. I heard the rasp of your zipper as you undid your jeans, then to my ecstatic surprise, you pulled your hard cock out and started stroking it.

Seeing you this way and knowing that I was the cause of it excited me more than I would’ve guessed. I hopped up on my desk, hiking my skirt up as I did. I spread my legs wide, one foot propped on my chair, the other on the desk. You moaned as you noticed that I wasn’t wearing panties under my skirt. I yunus escort started rubbing my hard, throbbing clit while I watched you stroke your thick cock. My pussy was dripping wet.

Then you walked towards me, and my breath hitched, knowing I was going to get to feel your incredible cock deep inside my drenched cunt. I could see the precum pearling on the tip, and could feel myself getting even wetter. Instead of sliding it into my pussy, though, you gently spanked my clit with the head. It was too much for me, and I came instantly, my juices pooling on the desk beneath me. While the aftershocks were still coursing through me, you oh, so slowly guided your throbbing cock into my waiting hole. I wrapped my legs around your ass, and you could feel the contrast between my silky stockings and my even silkier thighs.

You grabbed my ass, holding me in place for your pounding. I grabbed your shoulders, feeling like I was hanging on for dear life. My head was back, exposing my neck to the onslaught of your mouth as you kissed and suckled my fragrant skin from my jaw to my breasts. I gasped as I felt the first tremors of another orgasm slither through me. You increased your pace, thrusting into me harder and faster. Your mouth came back to mine, seizing my lips in a passionate kiss, our mouths making love as our bodies were.

Your mouth captured my scream as a second, harder orgasm tore through me. The feel of my wet, tight cunt drawing on your cock was too much for you, and you yelled into my mouth as you exploded deep inside of me. Breathless, panting, we collapsed against each other, my head against your strong chest, your arms wrapped tight around me. You placed a tender kiss on my forehead, and I sighed as our hearts beat together, beating with the rhythm of our love.

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