He Made an Offer I Couldn’t Refuse Pt. 04

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Justine falls deeper into her new life and enjoys new experiences.

“You don’t have to wear them to work baby, “Daddy said handing me a small rectangle shaped box.

My heart fluttered. Daddy was always surprising me with gifts. With trembling hands, I opened the box to find pearls. A pearl choker and matching earrings.

“You like them?”

“Oh Daddy. I love them but you shouldn’t have.”

“I like making my girl happy baby. You should know that by now. Here, let me help you.”

I turned my back so Daddy could fasten the choker. I could feel his erection pressing against my backside. I reached behind me to grasp it. “Is this for me too Daddy,” I cooed.

“Only for you sweet heart. We’re going to have to get your ears pierced baby. I can’t wait to see you in those earrings.”

Daddy had indeed bought me stockings. Some were thigh-highs and other required a garter belt. If I wasn’t totally nude, he would have me in my panties and hose.

My transition to women’s lingerie had been a constant theme in Daddy’s training. Over and over he would tell me how beautiful I am and how sexy I looked in my panties and robe. But when I wore the stockings he bought for that first time, he insisted that when home I must look and act like a woman.

He took me that night. Leaving me only in my panties and hosiery, Daddy made love to me. First, he sent me to clean myself, inside and out. Then he had me wear my newest oyster shell colored, see-thru panties and thigh-high white stockings.

“Bring me a nice scotch baby,” he called from the bedroom.

I left the bathroom after making certain I had followed Daddy’s instructions to the letter. “I’ll be right back Daddy dearest,” I smiled as I went to get his cocktail.

He was propped up with pillows against the headboard of our way-oversized bed. Handing him the drink I lay down beside him, my head on his stomach. Pushing the sheet down I saw he was naked and erect. His cock beckoned me.

I reached for him and gently explored the object that had rocked my world. I spread his pre-cum leakage around the perfect head knowing I’d taste it shortly.

“That’s nice baby,” Daddy complimented me. “We need to have a talk Justine.”

“I turned to him, “Daddy, if I’ve misbehaved, I am very sorry. Please tell me what I did so I can learn.”

“No Şişli Escort baby. Not to worry. You’ve been a perfect little angel. This isn’t about you so much as its about me and what I expect from you.”

I listened intently. I didn’t want to miss a thing he tells me.

Although an extremely gentle man, Daddy can be quite ferocious when it comes to my behavior modification. Twice now, he’s asked me to fetch his belt which he used generously on my fat ass prompting an immediate improvement in my actions and demeanor.

“Yes Daddy,” I said quietly.

“It’s like this Justine. You’ve learned to suck my cock like a $200.00 whore and I’m proud of your efforts. Tonight I’m going to take that ass baby. I’m going to bring out the woman in you. I will not hurt you on purpose but it will probably be painful for you at first.”

I shivered.

“As far as we’ve come baby girl, we have only a little further to go. Understand?”

I nodded though not really knowing what he was talking about.

“You may be wondering why I’ve never reciprocated and made you cum. Well, that’s never going to happen. That’s not who I am baby.”

I had wondered about that, having been left to my own devices after sucking him off.

“You know I’d give you anything you want and more but I am not going to dirty my hands nor soil them with those fluids that pulse out of your pathetic little dick and tiny balls.”

He stroked my face and hair as he looked for my reaction. “I understand Daddy. I think I do anyway.”

“No sweet heart you don’t understand. You’re great at what you do and you’re doing a wonderful job of crunching our numbers and helping us recognize weak areas of our campaign. But that’s where it stops, your intelligence I mean.”

He took a pull from his glass content to let me wait to hear his reasoning.

You need to know a few things about my Daddy. As nice as he is to me, and he is so very nice, he also likes to toy with me and fuck with my emotions. Training sessions aside, he likes to brain fuck me for his amusement. He was doing that now.

“Hell Justine, before I came along to show you, you had no fucking clue that you were a sissy. I mean a grade A, first class, cock sucking bitch in men’s clothing, did you?”

“No sir. I didn’t but I have you to thank Şişli Escort Bayan for showing me who I really am Daddy.”

“Yeah, yeah I know. And you took to it like a duck takes to water. But as I explained to you early on in our relationship, I’m the man. I’m what counts baby, not you. Not your little dick, not your squealing little climaxes. And other than providing me pleasure I have no interest in your sexual gratification. I need you to grasp that and want you to live with that knowledge.”

Another long pull and he sent me back for freshen his scotch.

I think he did that to let his words sink in to my air headedness. Why wouldn’t I take him at face value? After all, he’d been right about everything thus far and I was most happy when I’d pleased him. There was no reason I shouldn’t believe him now.

I looked down at myself. Toe nails and finger nails polished to match, sexy little transparent panties and white hosiery. I liked what I saw and what I saw made me feel sexy.

I went back to the bedroom and resumed my position.

“Daddy,” I began open and honestly. “I believe you. I believe everything you tell me. I trust you Daddy. I know you’re the man. I’ve given up all pretense of trying be a man just as you told me I should. And I’m happy being a woman, your woman Daddy. If you never make me cum, I will never stop pleasing you and your cock. I promise Daddy.”

He set his drink down and took me in his strong arms. And to quote a line from the Righteous Brothers song “Ebb Tide”, “and now we’re face to face, and as we kiss through an embrace, I can tell, I can feel…”

Manipulating me easily, Daddy positioned me on my back, my head near the foot of the bed. Our mouths still together, our tongues probing, he pushed my panties aside and placed the head of his cock at my opening.

“Push out as I push in baby.”

It hurt bad. Let me tell you girls. Forget what you hear. It fucking hurts that first time.

Daddy kept his lips panted firmly on mine, more to silence me than in passion.

Later he’d tell me he was being gentle with me. Doesn’t matter. It hurt like hell.

When Daddy was fully in me, he pulled back slowly. Then back in and back out, repeated over and over, the tempo building, my pain easing, my dick spurting all over us. My legs Escort Şişli of their own accord circled his thighs, then his waist. I humped and fucked back. My head turned from side to side and I drooled. My tongue flopped out of my mouth and Daddy put his hand over my mouth to quiet my scream of ecstasy.

“My bitch likes a cock in her,” he said with a wolfish grin.

“Oh God yes Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck your bitch Daddy.”

And he did, plowing my ass with purpose until he stiffened and announced his orgasm. “Gonna fill that fat ass baby. Gonna fuck my cum up that sexy fat ass.”

Which he did. I could feel his cock grow and pulse his dominance over me in my love canal.

My legs lowered as he himself fell onto my chest breathing hard. I could feel the pressure subside as his cock softened inside of me.

He finally propped himself up, his hands flat on the bed, arms straight. We looked into each other’s eyes. I had both arms around his neck and no words were needed to for us to understand the new dynamic that had occurred between us.

I was now truly his woman.

“I love you Daddy,” I gushed.

“Get me a wash cloth baby.”

I felt his sperm run out of me and down my thighs as I hurried off to get him a wash cloth. I sat on the commode and pushed out as much as I could, using toilet paper to wipe myself.

I went to hand the wash cloth to him but was admonished, “You got me dirty, you clean it.”

The next morning Daddy heard me cussing as I readied myself for work.

“What’s going on baby?”

“There’s just no way I can wear the pearl choker you got me under the buttoned collar of my dress shirt Daddy.”

“I already said you don’t have to wear them to work baby.”

“But I want to Daddy,” I whined.

“Let me have a look.”

I went to him with my choker on and my collar opened. My tie hung down on both sides of my chest still untied.

“Leave it like that baby. In fact, open one more button and leave the tie home. Sexy cunt. Better get the fuck out of here before I fuck that fine ass of your again.”

I checked myself in the mirror. It did look nicer with one more button undone. “May as well let them know who I am,” I thought.

I went to Daddy and kissed his cheek. “See you this evening,?” It was more a question because I know he’s busy meeting with his candidate and others working on her re-election.

“I’ll call if I’m going to be late baby. Have a great day sweet heart.”

As the door closed behind me, I heard him say one last thing.

“I love you too Justine.”

More coming…

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