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Everyone in this story is 18+!!


I was so ecstatic when I finally made the cheer team. The captain, Natalie, called me personally to congratulate me and invite me to the first cheer party of the season. Natalie was the only girl on the team I knew, so I was excited to meet some of the other girls.

The party was on a Friday night at Natalie’s house. When I showed up, Nat greeted me with a huge hug and showed me around her house since I was the first one there. It was amazing. I’d never visited her house before because her dad was always working at home and hated being interrupted. It was awesome finally seeing it all. There were five bedrooms and all of them were lushly decorated. Her bedroom was covered head to toe in cut out magazine pictures of celebrities and photos of her and her cheer squad. She plopped down on her king size bed and invited me to join.

Laying next to me, she sighed, “So, are you nervous?”

I laughed. “About what?”

She giggled knowingly and booped me on the nose. “You’re cute. Do you drink?”

“Oh, um.. Well, not really, but I guess I-” she put a fruity wine cooler in my hand before I could even finish.

“Well if you don’t, you do now,” she said, sipping her Lime-a-Rita. “Everyone on the cheer team drinks. It’s no big deal, my mom doesn’t care.”

Not knowing what to say, I took a gulp of my drink. It didn’t taste half bad.


About four wine coolers later, some of the other cheer girls showed up at Natalie’s house. All of them were in their skimpy cheer outfits.

Natalie laughed as she could see I felt totally underdressed. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your uniform soon enough.”

I was introduced to Chelsea and Amber, “the twins”. They weren’t actually related but looked almost identical. They were both taller than me and super thin, with wavy brown hair, pale skin, and some of the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. I also met Violet, who was a cute, tiny Asian girl with long, dark hair that went all the way down to her hips. The only other girl there was Danielle, who had.. A reputation. She had dated almost everyone in our school; male, female, and all in between. Despite her name preceding her, I thought she was friendly and super gorgeous. She was tall and tan, with curly blonde hair. She wasn’t slender, but rather very curvy; in all the right places. We got along great.

As everyone filed in and started talking, Natalie clapped her hands. “Alright everyone! Almost everyone’s here.. Most of the other girls are away on vacation but lucky us, we’re the losers who have nowhere to go over Thanksgiving break.” Everyone laughed. “Now, why don’t we get started with tonight’s events?”

First on Nat’s agenda was ‘Never Have I Ever’. Being the newbie, I was first up. Holding all ten fingers out, I was blanking on what to say.

“Never have I ever.. Um… been kissed!”

A silence settled across the room, before all the girls burst into laughter and removed one finger from the game. I felt my cheeks turn red as I realized I was the only girl in the room who’d never been kissed.

Next up was Natalie. She first took a swig of her drink and then announced, “Never have I ever sucked cock.”

My eyes widened as everyone except Natalie and I hid their fingers. Even little Violet! I was amazed.

Chelsea orhangazi escort was next, and surprised everyone by saying, “Never have I ever taken it in the ass.”

Everyone except me and Natalie put their finger out! I was starting to get nervous and excused myself for a drink. I was starting to get a little woozy after drinking all those wine coolers. After finding nothing but tequila and vodka in the pantry, I settled for a cold beer. I figured the alcohol content was low enough for me to not get any more buzzed than I already was. Natalie joined me in the kitchen. I could tell she felt the same way I did.

Chuckling, she sidled next to me and whispered, “I know you must think they’re all sluts, but I promise, everyone’s cool. Most of them are making it up for sure.”

I leaned my head on her shoulder silently. Nat had been my best friend for ages. We’d known each other since elementary school, and we even planned on going to the same college next year. I’d trust her with my life.


After a few games of Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, and Cards Against Humanity, I was beginning to feel a little tired. Nat reassuringly told me I could go nap on her bed. I took advantage of that opportunity as soon as it came, hurrying upstairs and crawling into her comfy bed.

After just a few minutes, I heard the door open and shut. It was just Natalie. She crawled into bed with me. Laying in bed with her was a little strange as I had never so much as changed in the same room as her.

“Hey Rachel?”

“Yeah?” I whispered.

I heard Natalie chuckle and reply, “Good, you’re awake.”

I felt her arms reach out for me and I pulled her close. It was intimate, the way she held me. For a second, I never wanted to let her go. Then, I realized she was topless. I quickly pushed her back away.

She pouted. “What?”

“Y-you’re, like, naked!”

She laughed, “Silly. Who sleeps with a shirt on? It’s bad for your boobs, you know.”

Knowing it was nothing weird and sexual, I settled back into her bed and held her once more. I felt her small, perky breasts squish against mine and a twinge of warmth came through me. She was so close now. She tucked her chin against my shoulder and shivered a bit.

I could feel my eyes roll back in my head as her tongue lightly dabbled at my neck. But my mind couldn’t follow what my body wanted.

I squeaked, “Natalie, no..”

“I know you want this,” she purred in my ear. I could feel her rubbing her body against mine. Her hands traveled from around me to down to her waist as she slipped off her skirt. “Let me give you what you want.”

I was almost moaning as she continued to lick my neck up and down. Her soft tongue trailed from my collar bone to the base of my jaw. She sucked my skin tight to her lips, knowing she would leave her mark on me.

I gripped the sheets and protested, “Nat, please, no.. I’m a virgin.”

She quickly changed her position so that she was straddling me, over the blankets, in just her panties and put her hands on my shoulders. “By the end of the night, you won’t even remember what being a virgin was like.” She peeled back the blankets and revealed me in my clothes, my hands covering my sensitive area.

I couldn’t take my eyes nilüfer escort off her perfect breasts. Her nipples were hard and pink, and her breast was a perfect, petite globe. She slowly started to unbutton my shirt, exposing my red lace bra. She smiled and traced the outline of my cheeks. “Red lace for a virgin, huh?”

I continued to protest, but I knew it was a losing battle. “Please, please Natalie..”

She grabbed me by my jaw and kissed me, hard. I slowly opened and let her tongue penetrate my open mouth. I was seeing stars. She pulled away and smiled. I was ready for her.

I slipped off my shirt and laid before her in only my pants and my red lacy bra. She gently caressed my breasts outside of my bra, then slightly pulled my bra cups down so my nipples were exposed. I was blushing hard as she tweaked and sucked my virgin nipples. I whispered, “Oh, Nat..” She kept sucking on my left nipple, trailing her tongue around my areola.

She came back up for a kiss and seemed ravenous. “I want you right fucking now,” she whispered, sending a chill down my spine. She quickly unbuttoned my jeans and tore them off, taking my panties with them. I clutched my vulva, attempting to hide the last secret I had from her. She unhooked my bra, took me by the hand, and led me to her master bathroom. I assumed she wanted to shower or bathe with me, which at first didn’t seem like a bad idea..


As we opened the door to the bathroom, we were greeted by Chelsea, Amber, Violet, and Danielle, all sitting on the edge of the bathtub. Danielle held something that looked like a back massager in her hand.

“Natalie! Natalie I don’t know if this is-” I was trying to hide my breasts and vulva from the other girls as Natalie interrupted, “Welcome to the cheer team, Rachel.”

I was confused. “What’s going on?!”

She smiled and bit her lip. “This is the haze. C’mon.. Sit on the bathtub.”

“No! Natalie, I don’t-” Again I was interrupted, this time by the buzzing noise that the back massager Danielle was holding made. I turned to her and gasped.

“This, my friends, is the Hitachi. A vibrator.. Otherwise known as Rachel’s new best friend. Shall I demonstrate?”

Danielle slowly massaged the Hitachi from her neck, to her large, DD breasts, all the way down to her thighs. As she slowly opened her legs, I could feel myself becoming wet as I realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. And as I looked closer, I saw something shocking.. She had a clitoral hood piercing! I could definitely see why Danielle was so famous around school now…

Danielle massaged her outer labia with the Hitachi and started to moan. “Ohh.. Ohh!” Her voice took a higher pitchy as she raised her legs and started moving the Hitachi towards her clit and shiny diamond piercing. “Ohhh! Oh god! Fuck!” She was moaning louder and louder. Her head was leaned back and with one hand she massaged her visibly hard nipples through her shirt. The other girls looked on with amazement as suddenly, Danielle’s pussy tightened and let out a small stream of cum all over the floor. My knees were starting to get weak. I wanted to use that..

Danielle cleared her throat and rubbed her cum into her pussy. “And that, girls, is how it’s done.” She looked deep into my eyes and said in a dark, sultry türbanlı escort voice, “Now it’s our little slut’s turn.”

Natalie took me by my arm and laid me down onto the bathtub. I was completely naked, surrounded by the other girls who all seemed to have a lustful glint in their eyes. I felt so exposed, so vulnerable to them. I wanted them to use me..

Natalie stood before me and perfectly recited, “This is the pact of the Greenhaven girls’ cheer team. The newest cheerleader to be added to the varsity team must serve as the girls’ slut and/or slave for a total of three months. If she refuses, no penalties are to be given to her and no rendezvous is ever to be arranged with her. Rachel McGinty, do you accept the terms of this arrangement?”

Out of sheer lust, I quickly nodded and replied, “Yes!!”

Natalie smiled and continued, “Because the slut has agreed to the terms of this arrangement, she can now be used by any member of the team present at her initial hazing for any and all sexual services. She is to be referred to as “slut”, babygirl, kitten, or any other submissive title she chooses. Other members of the team present are only to be referred to as “mistress”. Let the haze commence.”

The girls crowded around me, examining me from top to bottom. Violet was the first to touch me. She simply trailed her index finger from my clit all the way up to my mouth. As I bit my lip in anticipation, she smiled and announced, “I think our slut wants to be played with.. What do you think, girls?” The other girls quickly agreed.

Natalie helped Violet tie down my arms and legs, so I was spread out in front of everyone. My aching pussy pulsated as I desperately wished for some attention to be paid to my clit. My wish was granted all too soon. Danielle turned on the Hitachi and slowly, achingly slowly, pulled apart my labia and forced the vibration directly onto my clit. I shrunk back in surprise at how strong it was. “Ahh, oh Dani-” Yet again, I was interrupted.

Danielle announced, “One crop for every name slip up. I am your mistress. You know no other name.” She sneakily pulled a black leather riding crop from behind the cabinet and felt it in her hands. “Let’s make our slut sing for us.” With whiplike speed, she snapped the crop onto my breast, making it jiggle and immediately tense up. I moaned in pain and pleasure. It felt amazing to be used and abused by all these gorgeous girls.

At the same time, they never took the vibration of off my clit. I was starting to feel weak. My legs were tensing up and my clit began to pulsate. “Ohh, ohh fuck!!” I rolled my head back in ecstasy as my orgasm rolled through my body in waves. The girls all clapped and I almost felt proud of myself. However, they almost immediately started untying me. I was so confused!

“What did I do wrong?” I asked with a pout. Natalie laughed.

“Oh honey, more like what did you do right!” She caressed my neck and gave me a tender kiss before pulling away again. “You can’t break in a slut in one night. Now we wait. We wait until you can’t stand us not calling you “slut” anymore, until you NEED us to use you again. Sure, you feel like that right now.. But it’s just your hormones. We usually give it about a week.. And if you’re still in, then awesome. If you’re not, it’s no big deal.. This kind of arrangement isn’t easy, slut. We have to be careful. Now come on, now’s the important part.”

I was intrigued. “What’s that, mistress?”

She opened the bathroom door to reveal everyone cuddling on her bed, with just enough room for two more. She smiled and replied, “Aftercare!”

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