Hawaii Ch. 02

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It’s the middle of the day. The Honolulu sun creeps its way past the tiny gaps in the curtain made by the gentle, warm, Hawaiian breeze as it blows into our room. It steals its way across the floor and onto the bed where we lay in each other’s arms. The light dances across your skin where the covers have slipped away during your slumber and reveals to me the soft, delicate curve of your body.

I’ve waited so long for this week with you, and we have all the time in the world to enjoy each other on the island and in the bedroom. I don’t want to wake you – the flight was long and the time change makes it even more grueling. The hot bath relaxed you enough to let you sleep deeply so that your body and mind will be ready for the days and nights ahead. I watch your chest slowly rise and fall with each unconscious breath your body takes. You’re dreaming… good dreams I hope. A soft moan escapes your lips and rings in my ears making me want to devour you on the spot.

I can’t wake you yet – it’s much too soon and you’re so tired. I push the covers off me while I watch for any sign of my movements disturbing your quiet rest. The air on my skin, and the knowledge that you’re finally next to me, gives me chills and goose bumps appear on my arms. I watch you as I reach down with escort kartal my left hand and slowly caress myself. I can’t take my eyes off your perfect nipples, tiny pebbles surrounded by soft pink skin. I push the covers down ever so slightly, just enough to see your tummy and the curve of your hip. I long to use my tongue to trace that profile along your side and down your leg, but sleep is more important now. I absentmindedly roll my balls in my hand, squeezing them and letting them go, relaxing and tugging gently on them.

I think back to our bath, and how you came in my arms. How your pussy was so wet – and not from the water. My cock begins to swell in my hand as I continue to gently massage myself. I let it fall to the side then pick it up again, squeezing and pulling. My right hand touches my stomach and moves down between my legs to make up for the lost attention on my balls. My face next to yours, watching you dream, wishing it was of me. I push the sheets that cover you farther down and reveal the cleft between your legs. My hand stops and my breath catches. I can’t help but stare. Mother always taught me that staring was rude, but so is stripping a girl when she sleeps. I stare.

I let my hand stray over your body – not touching – but almost touching… uğur mumcu escort over your lips, down your neck, circling each breast, across your smooth tummy, down to your pussy. I can feel the heat from you against my hand without even touching you. I put my hand back where it belongs for now… on my cock. Its hard now – rock hard. It pulses slightly as I squeeze it. Just a taste of wetness on the tip – my body won’t let me keep that cum inside me much longer.

I close my eyes and let my mind take me back to our bath. The feel of your silky wet skin against mine. The smell of flowers from water. The taste of salt on your neck as I gently kissed and bit your flesh. I let my hand work its own magic on me. I let the speed of my stroking increase as I remember your sighs in my ear. I pull on my balls and feel the muscles between my legs tighten as I stroke faster and remember the way your pussy looked as I watched you climb into the tub. Your soft inner lips visible as one leg at a time is raised over the side of the bath.

This memory is too much for me. My hand is now flying of its own accord. Faster, as I know it won’t be much longer, it rubs. My right hand tries to hold on to the sheets as it clenches them into my fist. My legs are spread and çavuşoğlu escort my cock is pointed to the ceiling, the hot feeling of release starting to build in my stomach. I’m so close. The wetness from the head of my cock starts to spread and makes slick, sticky noises and my hand continues its assault. I can’t hold back. I open my eyes so that I can see your naked body next to me when I come. Your eyes are locked onto mine. I don’t know how long you’ve been awake, but I know now you’ve been watching me. I can’t stop and a sigh escapes my lips. You see the desperation in my face as my eyes squeeze shut again and then I feel you push my hand from my cock and your lips engulf me. The hot wetness of your tongue and the stroking of your hand sends me over the edge. I can feel the cum in your mouth and on your hands as you continue to pump me dry. I feel like it will never end – I wish that it will never end. I wish that I could be here in your arms for the rest of my life, feeling your warm body and your loving eyes on me.

I open my eyes and you’ve never stopped looking at me. Cum dripping from your mouth… coating my cock…. Covering your hand. You swallow what’s in your mouth and kiss me, your mouth still sticky from my release. I don’t think twice about what’s covering your face – you’re kissing me and that’s all that matters. Your tongue is in my mouth and that’s all I need. I need you.

You put your head on my chest and listen to my heartbeat return to normal, my breathing slow and steady. Your eyes close and you dream.

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