Having Her Friend’s Father

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Big Tits

As stated in the previous story, everyone engaging in sexual activities are 18 years or older.

Part 2 and finale of Annie’s adventure.


Annie snuck back into the basement to thankfully find a still sleeping Stacy. Without even taking off her cheer outfit, she crawled into the guest bed and pulled the covers over her.

Her heart was beating practically outside her chest, and her hands trembling from what she had just done. She had masturbated before, out of curiosity even bought herself a secret dildo online, but she had never spied on anyone before.

The wrongness of it all was filling her with shame, but that was completely overshadowed by arousal. Annie had never felt this way before, but something had awakened in her, something almost primal.

The second orgasm she had felt before was still sitting heavy within her, but Annie didn’t want to relieve herself, she knew there was only one thing that could satisfy her, and it was not her own hands.

Deep inside her mind she knew she was thinking crazy. She just had to sleep it off and she’d be back to normal in the morning. Annie closed her eyes and fitfully drifted off to sleep.


In her dreams she walked into a hazy bedroom. Mr. Collins was sitting on the bed, shirtless in those worn jeans.

She appeared next to him and she felt his strong hands pull her shoulders close to him and he kissed her. His hand was on her leg as it crept up her skirt.

Annie moaned as she felt the firm hand explore her pussy, slipping up and down as he searched for his prize. She put her hands on the back of his head and pulled on his hair as the waves of arousal spread through her.

Annie gasped as he found her clitoris, and awoke with a start.

Her crotch was completely swollen and she could feel wetness drenching her underwear. Annie allowed the primal feeling to take complete control. She had to have Mr. Collins. Right now. She didn’t care what happened after.

Feeling like someone else was controlling her body she felt herself get out of the bed, remove the damp underwear, and head up the stairs.

Mr. Collins slept through the sound of his bedroom door being pushed open. With moonlight illuminating the room, Annie quietly moved towards the bed. Not knowing what was gonna happen, but knowing what she had to have.

Mr. Collins was bare chested on his back as he slept. Annie carefully peeled back his covers to reveal his fully erect member. It was even bigger up close, but not drastically bigger than the toy she had bought. Annie felt nothing but pure lust at this point. Her heart was pounding, but her hands were steady.

She placed one hand around it and felt its warmth engulf her hand. She bit her lip as she softly moved it up and down.


John moaned in his dream. Annie was fully naked on her knees stroking him.

It felt more real than any dream had ever felt before. He looked down and locked eyes with her as she grinned up at him.

John could feel himself being pulled from the dream into wakefulness, but the stroking sensation continued. His eyes slowly opened and he saw Annie, in her cheer uniform, looking down at his dick longingly as she inexpertly moved her hand back and forth.

An explosion of feelings hit John at once. Guilt, hunger, shame, lust, embarrassment, but they were all soundly crushed by the purely primal urge to conquer the girl before him.

He slowly reached down and put his hand on the back of on hers. He saw her start at the touch and she lookup up and met eyes with him. He cracked a small smile.

John pushed her fingers apart a bit to loosen her grip and then applied a small amount of pressure to her wrist. Taking the hint Annie stroked downward, and when they had reached his base, he pulled her hand back up to the tip.

John turned on his lamp, and continued the guidance up and down until she got the rhythm. On the next up stroke he held her hand at the top and guided her thumb softly over his tip before guiding her hand back down.

She was a quick learner, and her small soft hands were a wonderful change from his own hands. She flipped her thumb over the tip on her next stroke and a soft groan escaped from John.


Pulse racing as she handled Mr. Collins, Annie could hear a small voice in the back of her mind repeating, “I can’t believe this happening.” She wasn’t sure what his reaction would be when he awoke, but the knowing smile and helping hand he offered her had Annie dripping down her thighs.

She had to have him inside her. She couldn’t wait another moment.

Her hand still full of Mr. Collins, Annie got fully on the bed and swung her knee to the other side of his hip. She pulled up her skirt as she lowered her wet mound onto Mr. Collin’s throbbing member.

She closed her eyes as she rubbed the outside of her pussy up and down his dick, drenching it as she went. Mr. Collins moved Ankara travesti his hands to Annie’s hips giving her a slight pressure down increasing the friction between them.

It had to happen now. Annie pulled herself up and grabbed Mr. Collin’s dick and guided it inside her pussy. She felt the tip push past her folds and slip inside. She let out a small gasp as it began to fill her. It was bigger than her toy, but she had never been so wet. She took measured breaths as she slowly lowered herself, letting the penetration go deeper.


John was nearly seeing stars. His dick was diamond hard as it slid into the gorgeous cheerleader. She was tight, but she was so wet that the slow penetration moved smoothly. The small gasps that Annie let out as he went deeper were driving John insane. He wanted nothing more than to bend her over and pound away like he fantasized, but he had to control himself.

He didn’t want to hurt her, and he didn’t want to cum too soon.

John moved his hands under her skirt to help support her, and to get a handful of her ass, while she worked on taking him all in. Even though they were both providing tons of lubricant, Annie still had to relax more if she wanted to fit all of his dick.

John realized she needed help. He sat up and wrapped his arms around her. Lifting her easily he placed her on her back and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. Annie let her arms fall back as she looked at John with fire in her eyes. Now she could relax her leg muscles.

He pushed up Annie’s skirt giving him his first full view of her pussy. John grabbed his dick and gave it a few strokes as he expertly placed his fingers on Annie’s clitoris and gave it a similar flicking motion that he had taught her.

Annie moaned and shifted at the touch. John placed the head of his cock at her entrance and gave a slow push. She was still tight, but she took him in much easier. He placed his hands on her small waist as he slid in deeper. Annie gasped, but not as strained as before. This time there was a moan behind it.

John gave her only halfway strokes to give her a chance to get used to his size. To his surprise Annie wrapped her legs around his waist and tried pulling him in. She spoke for the first time, in an almost desperate voice, “Please. Deeper Mr. Collins.”


“Did I just say that?” asked a quiet voice in the back of Annie’s mind. She didn’t have time to answer as Mr. Collins answered her request by grabbing her hips and pulling all of him inside her. Annie could feel everything from her toes to her fingertips buzzing with sensation.

Mr. Collins began to pick up speed and Annie grabbed the sheets as he pushed in and out of her. He reached down and began rubbing her clitoris in rhythm with his pumps. Annie felt a moaning, “Fuck.” escape her lips, and in response. Mr. Collins’ strokes sped up, but then he slowed suddenly.

Annie gasped as she felt the fullness of Mr. Collins’ dick as he slowly pulled out. He leaned down and kissed her deeply, re-entering her slowly with the kiss. She felt his tongue play with hers, and his cock flexing inside her.

Annie scratched at his back as she kissed him back and met him tongue for tongue. It felt amazing, but she wanted the speed again. She wanted to see him orgasm like she had seen before.

“Faster.”, she heard herself beg

Standing back up he placed his left hand on her hip and the right reaching up under to her ass. Mr. Collins gripped Annie, lifted her slightly, and began pumping in earnest. The vaginal stimulus was amazing, but the spectacle of the grown man plowing into her was arousing beyond compare.

The bed creaked slightly underneath their passion, and they both began breathing heavier with lust. Annie could feel her breasts bouncing inside her top despite it being on the tighter side. She heard herself making wild noises somewhere between gasps and moans.

Annie noticed a change in Mr. Collins’ motions. Something she had seen him do before when she spied on him. “I’m close.” she heard him grunt.

Realizing what was about to happen she jumped off the bed and went to her knees, taking his swollen dick in her hands she did her best to stroke him, resuming the rhythm he had set in her. She opened her mouth and rested her tongue just under the tip of his dick.


This time John did see stars, but not before he saw himself explode into Annie’s mouth. He could feel his legs wanting to shake as she eagerly, but almost cruelly, continued stroking his pulsing shaft.

When he had nothing left to give he pulled his dick out of Annie’s hands.

For a moment, she seemed confused about what to do, but John answered that for her. Offering her a hand he picked her up and put her back onto the bed, and once again pulled her ass to edge.

John kissed her neck lightly as he grabbed the bottom of her top, and began pulling it over her head. Her ample Konya travesti breasts bounced once they fell free of the fabric, and her nipples were wonderfully hard. Kissing softly around the curvature of one tit, John let his fingers play lightly around the areola of the other. This was met with groans of approval.

John let his tongue flick a nipple, as he squeezed the other. Reading Annie’s heightening arousal he kissed down her stomach, giving her belly button a little attention.

He lowered himself onto his knees and pulled off her skirt completely. He started kissing up her thighs, and just before he got to her lower lips, he raised his head.

“Annie, before I get started, I’m going to need something from you.” he said.

“Anything.”, she replied breathlessly.

“I’ll need your help to get hard again after this. I’ve got to fuck you again.”

“Yes sir.”, she said as she nodded her head “Please, just don’t stop.”


The first thing Annie felt was Mr. Collins’ warm breath just before he began kissing around her pussy. His stubble tickled and scratched as his lips softly explored hers. Then came his tongue.

Annie moaned as she felt the warm tongue slowly climb the length of her vagina with a soft touch. To her delight Mr. Collins knew exactly what he was doing. He finished the lick by finding her clitoris and alternated between soft flicks, and sucking. He pulled her legs down and trapped them underneath his arms, giving him easy leverage and control. Annie reached down and put her hands on his strong forearms and gripped them tightly.

Mr. Collins broke his attention off of the clitoris intermittently to give soft, full length, licks of her pussy. Annie’s whole body was bursting with sensation and she began to feel something swell in her like she had never felt before. Seemingly sensing this, Mr. Collins brought his full attention to her button as he began a circular motion with his tongue.

Annie closed her eyes as she moaned in unparalleled pleasure. She moved her hands to the back of his head and grabbed his hair, and she heard herself gasp, “Right there, don’t stop.”

Mr. Collins obeyed completely and kept the same motion and rhythm. Annie began grinding her hips against him as she rode the wave swelling inside her. She almost yelled as her orgasm came crashing all over her. She gave out a breathless cry instead as every muscle, from her hands to her pussy, contracted forcibly.


John buried his face deep into Annie as she bucked with her orgasm. He held her legs fast and enjoyed her pulling his hair. He kept his tongue pressed against her clitoris, but let Annie move herself against it.

Once she seemed to be coming down John began to slowly lick her again. Annie responded immediately with a soft groan. John repeated the same motions as before and he let his hands travel up to her nipples. Giving them the same treatment as her clitoris, he mirrored the movements of his fingers with the motions of his tongue. Annie let out another “Fuck!”, and moaning cry as she found another pulsing orgasm.

John pulled himself out from between her legs and laid down next to her. He wrapped his arms around Annie and she cuddled up on him as she let the remaining waves of her orgasm shudder through her.

She was soft and warm. Both of them had light beads of sweat clinging to them from their heat.

After a minute of quiet respite, John felt Annie’s hands searching between his legs. She found her prize and started fondling it with teasing hands. Taking the hint, John stood up and Annie followed. She dropped to her knees and looked up at him while biting on her bottom lip.


“I’ve got to fuck you again.” Annie replayed those words Mr. Collins said in her head again. It was the hottest thing she had ever heard, and she was ready for him to take her again.

His dick was slightly swollen from her fondling, but it needed more work to bring it to attention. Annie kissed it and gave it light licks before putting it into her mouth. She did her best to hide her teeth as she let her tongue explore the sides and tip of his dick. Her efforts were rewarded as Mr. Collins slowly started swelling in her mouth.

She used her off hand to, as softly as she could, caress his balls. Annie got her second reward as she heard Mr. Collins let out his own quiet gasp of “Holy shit.” She had to suppress a smile.

His dick was getting harder by the second, hard enough for Annie to start bobbing her head up and down. She felt him grab her hand and place it along the exposed shaft and helped stroke it like before.

Annie let the dick fall out of her mouth, but continued stroking it as she kissed and licked his balls. His dick was now fully erect in her hand, so she stuffed him slowly back into her mouth.

She moaned against his dick and looked back up at Mr. Collins.


Her İzmir travesti moan vibrated pleasantly on his dick, and it prompted John to open his eyes. He looked down to see Annie’s big eyes looking at him as her ass was splayed out behind her, making a heart shape in tandem with her narrow waist.

She took her mouth off his dick and asked coyly, “Is this okay? I’ve never done this before.”

John put his hand on her cheek and with strained composure replied “You’re doing great. Almost too good. Are you ready to go again?”

She simply nodded and that was all that John needed. He helped her up and finally bent her over the bed like he had wanted for so long. He knelt down and ate her out for a moment, pointlessly for she was still dripping wet, but heard his effort appreciated.

John slapped his cock on each of her cheeks before he slid it between her legs. He rubbed against her lips first and heard noises of approval from Annie. With one hand on her waist, and the other on the base of his dick, John pushed himself into the now moaning teen.

Thankfully she wasn’t as tight as before, so John could give her long full strokes. He got a handful of each of her ass cheeks and used them as handles as he pushed deeper than he had yet.


Annie was in another world. Her body after her orgasms had a dull ache throughout, but once Mr. Collins picked her up and bent her over the bed the dullness was replaced with sparks again.

When Mr. Collins entered her, Annie took a breath to relax, and let out a moan as every nerve in her pussy reacted to the hard dick. His strokes were stretching her more than she thought possible, but he went slow. His hands on her ass were firm, but gentle.

Annie gripped the sheets as he fucked her smoothly. She felt one of hinds caress her back softly and travel back down to her ass. The soft touch made her crave more. “Harder.” she heard herself say.

“What?” Mr. Collins asked with the smallest hint of arrogance.

“Harder, please. I want to hear you.” She gasped out.

Mr. Collins picked her up and put her completely on the bed. On her hands and knees Annie turned around to watch a burly Mr. Collins climb up behind her, dick in hand, and felt the now familiar feeling of him filling her pussy.

He started slow again, but Annie could feel the excitement in his strokes. They were already getting faster. Both his hands on her hips Annie started to hear the slapping of her ass against his pelvis as he took deeper and faster strokes.

She heard Mr. Collins grunt in pleasure, causing Annie to respond without thinking with a rather loud “Mmm, yeah!”


John had left all attempts of gentleness behind after hearing Annie’s lustful response. He put one hand on her shoulder and pushed her down mostly off her hands. Now, most of his weight was leveraged over her. Her head buried in pillow, Annie moaned as John buried into her.

They had both sweated a bit since the first fuck, but John was now working her hard. The air of the bedroom was full of grunts, moans, and slapping as her ass collided with his pelvis. He slowed down for just a moment to kiss her neck and shoulders before sitting up straight and giving her ass a slap.

He was impressed with her endurance. Their first go had to have started thirty minutes ago, and she had been worked hard since, but Annie still thrust her ass in the air waiting for the next stroke, with pleasure written all over her face..

John could feel every inch of her pussy grip his dick and he knew he didn’t have long before he exploded again. He grabbed a fistful of her pony tail and pumped faster than ever. The slightly pained yelp from Annie when he pulled her hair stirred that primal feeling in John again.

He took in the full view as he approached climax. Her supple back, glistening with sweat. His hand on her narrow hips, with a thumb placed near one of the dimples above her ass. Her cheeks bouncing as they slammed against him.

He felt his release pass the point of no return, so he quickly pulled out and used his hand and her ass crack to stroke out his full orgasm. He shot a white rope of cum onto her back and ass, surprised at how much he still had in him.


Annie was panting for breath as Mr. Collins’ burst onto her back, and felt the wet cum streak across her. Annie had nothing left. She could hear Mr. Collins breathing heavy as well.

The first round was sensual and guiding sex. That second round could be called nothing else but a straight fuck.

The air was thick with their smell. She noticed Mr. Collins’ weight push down on the bed as he lay down beside her. Then she felt him clean off her back.

They cuddled together in silence for awhile. Neither knowing what to say, but still enjoying each other’s embrace. Eventually, Annie decided it was time to return to the basement. She sat up and silently got dressed.

Mr. Collins only watched, saying nothing.

Just as she approached the door to leave, she turned around and said, “Oh, Mr. Collins, I think I might have another project due next week. Would it be okay to stay again?” She gave a mischievous grin and left behind a smiling John.

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