Hardcore Holiday Ch. 03

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Big Tits

When I woke it wasn’t because light was streaming into the room, it was still fairly dark, it was because Jackson had my cock in his mouth and was gently sucking me as well as massaging my balls softly. I turned and looked at Mikey, to see him still sleeping soundly on his stomach next to me, before putting my hand on the back of Jackson’s head, and running my fingers through his hair. I had never been woken up in this way before yet his warm breath, delicate sucking and massaging had been more than enough to rouse me.

Lifting my head slightly I stared down at him as his head bobbed up and down slowly along the full length of my hard cock, and let out a low moan, causing him to look up at me and smile. He went to take his mouth from my cock, and say something, but I stopped him and held his head where it was.

“No don’t stop,” I moaned quietly, so as not to wake Mikey.

As much as I had enjoyed sucking and fucking Mikey the day before, the feeling from waking up with my cock in Jackson’s mouth was electric. The way his head bobbed slowly, the way he ran his tongue along my full length of my thick, hard shaft and over the swollen purple end, the lightness of his touch as he cupped and massaged my balls, everything he was doing brought me closer and closer to heaven and my orgasm.

Then just as I thought it couldn’t get any better Jackson slipped his hand underneath me, between my legs, and started to insert his middle finger into my ass. He only had it halfway in when I lost control completely. Although I tried to hold back, at least until his finger rubbed against my g-spot, I was unable to and my cock twitched in his mouth violently, before the first stream of my white, milky, liquid erupted from the end of my cock, hitting the back of Jackson’s throat.

Gripping my cock tightly Jackson continued to suck, and wank, me slowly, milking every drop of cum from my body and swallowing it greedily. Once he had drained my body completely he lifted his head from my cock, but kept his finger buried fully in my ass, moved up the bed to me and kissed me passionately. The smell of cum on his breath coupled with the slightly salty taste made me even hornier and I rolled him onto his back, straddled him, and responded to his kiss hard.

Our tongues clashed and entwined around each other’s and Jackson gripped my ass tightly, his hard cock pressing against me and I knew I needed him in me immediately.

I sat up on Jackson and reached behind, circling his cock with my hand and stroking him slowly. Getting up to fetch he lube risked Mikey waking up, but I knew trying to get him in my ass without would hurt like fuck, so I gritted my teeth and lowered myself gently, until I felt the swollen head of his cock against my tight hole.

Jackson spread my ass as I held his cock against me and, between us, his swollen head entered me. I bit my lip to stop myself from yelling out, the pain was excruciating, and continued to lower down, urging him quietly to get the whole of his cock in me.

Once the head of his cock was sarıyer escort in me I lowered myself faster, my desperation for him to fuck me overcoming my fear of the pain, until he was fully buried deep in my ass. Closing my eyes, in both agony and ecstasy, I began to rock my hips slowly back and forth, the pain slowly giving way to feelings of euphoria, when I felt a hand wrap itself around my thick hard shaft and begin stroking me slowly.

“Mmm that feels so good,” I said assuming that the hand around my cock belonged to Jackson.

“Thought you would like it.”

Shocked I opened my eyes to see Mikey, not Jackson, was the one wanking me slowly.

“Good morning Mikey,” I said thrusting my hips forward, fucking Mikey’s hand.

“Waking up to see you being fucked in the ass is such a gorgeous first view,” Mikey said.

As Jackson’s cock continued to slide in and out of my ass, the pain completely gone, he pulled Mikey’s head towards his and kissed him passionately on the lips, before nuzzling the side of his neck. Mikey moaned softly at the feel of Jackson’s breath against his skin and stroked my cock a little faster, before turning and resting his head on Jackson’s taut stomach.

“Go faster Dan,” Jackson moaned and as I did my cock went closer and closer to Mikey’s mouth.

With each thrust forward Mikey to start to flick his tongue out, and over the end of my cock, which was glistening with pre-cum. Jackson gripped my hips and raised his ass, driving his cock as far into me as he could, causing my cock to ram forward, and straight into Mikey’s open and eager mouth. If I didn’t know better I could have sworn that the two of them had set me up for this but I didn’t care, I was in heaven.

As Jackson began to fuck my ass harder, causing a little pain again, Mikey sucked, kissed and licked my cock expertly, and I soon felt myself reaching my orgasm.

“OH FUCK I’M GOING TO CUM,” I screamed out as my balls tightened.

“Yes Dan cum in Mikey’s mouth, Jackson said. “Make him swallow it all.”

I started to bounce quicker on Jackson’s cock as Mikey sucked me harder and faster.

“JESUS I’M CUMMING,” Jackson said and I felt his cock twitch in my ass.

“FUCK YES,” I gasped as Jackson rammed his cock hard into me.

Jackson’s cock continued to twitch, as he unloaded stream after stream of cum deep into me.

The feel of Jackson’s twitching cock caused my own to explode, cum erupting into Mikey’s mouth, as he continued to greedily suck and swallow every drop. Sweat was pouring from my head as I continued to bounce vigorously on Jackson’s cock, and shoot cum into Mikey’s eager mouth. Finally drained I collapsed onto Jackson’s stomach, Mikey only just getting out of the way in time.

With my ass full of cum I went to ease myself off Jackson’s cock, only for him to reach down and grab my ass, holding me where I was. Mikey smiled at me, a sliver of cum leaking from his mouth, and moved off the bed. I looked into Jackson’s eyes and bent my head, fındıkzade escort to kiss him, when I felt his strong hands part my ass cheeks. Cum started to leak from me when I felt Mikey’s hands on my ass as well.

In my eagerness to kiss Jackson I hadn’t realized that Mikey had moved behind me, and his hard cock started to probe my stretched, cum-filled, ass.

With Jackson’s large, still hard, cock, still inside me Mikey’s probing caused pain to shoot through my body again. I had never been double penetrated before, and with the way Mikey was struggling to get his cock in me next to Jackson’s, I didn’t think it was possible, but eventually the swollen head of his cock did enter me.

The pain that I felt when Jackson’s large cock entered me, without lube, was nothing to the searing pain I was feeling now, with two hard, thick cocks inside me, but I gritted my teeth and waited for Mikey to begin thrusting. Slowly and gently his thrusting began and, as it did, Jackson also started to thrust in and out of my ass well. As the two of them continued to pound my ass with their cocks, getting quicker and quicker, I buried my face into the pillow, wrapped my hand around my hard cock, and began to wank furiously.

Mikey grunted and rammed his cock even harder as he began to twitch, and cum, deep in my ass and as he did so Jackson did the same. Having two cocks buried as deep into my ass as they would go, filling me with more and more cum, I lost all control of and was quickly squirting thick, white cum all over the bed sheets. Slowly Jackson and Mikey removed their, still ejaculating, cocks and spraying my ass with the last of their cum before they both began to greedily lap at my ass cheeks, and leaking hole, drinking their combined juices.

Once they had finished the two of them moved up the bed, and held their slowly softening cocks next to my face, and I eagerly licked them both clean before, one by one, we went for a shower and got dressed. Once dressed, in just shorts, the three of us headed downstairs to the pool.

Although it was still early there were already a few people around the edge, sitting on recliners, and as the three of us went to the far end of the pool, where there were three empty ones, people stopped doing what they were doing and began to stare, whisper and point.

Everyone continued to stare, even after we had sat down and, to my embarrassment, I quickly realized that it was because most of them were around the pool the day before, when Mikey was fucking me on the balcony. I kept my head down as best as I could while Jackson went to get us all a beer, and eventually everyone stopped staring and went back to what they were doing before the three of us sat down.

We had been sitting around drinking and talking for no more than an hour when Mikey nudged me and, once I lifted my head to look at him, pointed out a new face on the opposite side of the pool. Following the direction of his finger I looked across the pool and saw him, my cock twitching istanbul escort instantly. Standing directly opposite was a massive black male in his about mid-twenties, standing at least six feet four inches tall and with the most muscular body I had ever seen.

The more I stared at him the harder my cock became in my shorts. A couple of times I had to drop my head, so he didn’t catch me looking, and I turned back to Mikey.

“Where the fuck has he been hiding?” I asked him.

“Fuck knows,” he replied. “Just imagine the size of his cock though.”

“Believe me I have been trying to.”

“I’ve never been with a black guy before,” Mikey said.

“Neither have I,” I said. “But there’s always a first time for everything.”

Mikey turned to Jackson, whispered something to him, and then got up and headed back i8nto the hotel.

“Where’s he gone?” I asked.

“To see if he can find out anything about the guy the pair of you are drooling over,” he replied.

“How is he going to do that?”

“Remember Franco?” Jackson said.

A chill ran through my veins, as he mentioned that name, as I remembered more what he had done rather than the name.

“How is that bastard going to be any use?” I asked angrily.

“Because,” he began, “after what he did to you I warned him that anything any of us wanted he would be giving us.”

“And he just agreed?”

“Let’s just say he wouldn’t dare not to and leave it at that.”

I was about to question him further when Mikey came running back to join us.

“What did you find out then?” Jackson asked.

“Franco is useless,” Mikey said. “He only knew his room number, nothing about him though.”

“Told you Jackson,” I said.

“Calm down Dan,” he replied. “The room is a good start.”

“How can it be?” I asked. “We can’t just knock on his door and ask if he wants to fuck three white guys.”

“True but his room is directly opposite yours,” Mikey said. “And with the right equipment we will find out what he prefers easily enough.”

“Me and Mikey will go in town and get what we need,” Jackson said. “You stay around and enjoy your holiday.”

With that the two of them emptied their glasses and headed off, leaving me sitting by the pool, conscious that people had begun to stare again now I was alone.

I sat there slowly drinking my beer getting more and more uncomfortable, as more and more people came and sat around the pool, until I couldn’t take it anymore, got up, took one last, lingering look at the black guy that had got the three of us so excited and headed back up to my room.

Making sure the door was locked I headed over to the balcony, and stared down to the pool. Black guy, I really needed to find out his name, was still down there surrounded by women his age, and older.

I turned my back on the pool and leant back on the railing, guessing that any chance of getting in his shorts was non-existent, and wondered how long Jackson and Mikey were going to be. Apart from those two I didn’t know anyone at the hotel and, after what everyone had seen, didn’t expect to make too many new friends either.

With not much to do, other than wait, I went walked back into my room. As I headed over to the bed I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder and, as I spun around to see who had got into my room, everything went dark.

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