Harassed by a Stranger at Work

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It was another day at work, and I usually take the stairs going up to my desk. The stairs are wide enough for 4 people to walk side by side going up or down, so there is plenty of room. Since I work on the top floor, I try to pace myself, so I don’t have to stop when going up. Today I was trudging along like normal, all the way to the right side, when I heard footsteps behind me. That’s not unusual as a lot of people who work on the 2nd and 3rd floors will take the stairs. They usually pass me as they only have a flight or two to go up. What was unusual is that the person behind me sped up to get close to me, but then stayed right on my tail. There was more than enough room for them to go around me and continue up the stairs. Maybe, they were stopping at the next floor. When that didn’t happen, I started to get nervous, my face becoming flush. What on earth was going on?

My floor is restricted, and you need badge access to gain entry. We are not supposed to let anyone else in with our badge. I got my floor and I knew the person behind me was stopping there as well as it’s the top floor. I swiped my badge and opened the door, and then waited to hear the stranger swipe their badge. When I didn’t hear a beep, I turned around to politely tell them they would have to visit security to get clearance. I was taken aback by what I saw: a large white male who had a menacing look. I panicked as the stairwells are not monitored and it was early in the day – not too many people would be at their desks yet. Before I could say anything, he looked me dead in the eye and said, “I’m going to own you, you just wait and see”, and with that he turned and went back down the stairs.

I stood there stunned before I realized I was finally safe. I scanned my badge, and pulled the door closed behind me. I was terrified as I had no idea who this guy was nor his name. As I got into my work day, I kept thinking about what he said and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Unfortunately, my girlfriends who I normally ate lunch with were at a seminar, so I headed down to the cafeteria on my own. Since I have a bad knee, I usually take the elevator going down. I was on my way when it stopped on the 3rd floor. When the door opened, there was the big, burly man who tailed me up the kartal escort stairs in the morning. I felt my cheeks get warm, and anxiety hit me like a freight train. If you there was ever a time you could see an Asian’s face flush with red, this would have been it. He smiled warmly and said hello, like we had never met. Thankfully, it was a very short ride down, and I darted out of the elevator as fast as I could.

I figured I’d grab my food and eat down at the cafeteria, so I could get a break from my desk. Plus, with so much chatter on my floor about the new company we acquired, it would be nice to have some time to myself. I found a nice spot by windows to enjoy the warmth from the radiant sun on a cold, harsh winter day. I was two bites into my sandwich, when I heard a voice asking if there was room for one more. I figured it was another table nearby, so I didn’t even look up. Then I heard the voice say, “You can’t tease me with that Asian ass so early in the morning, and then not let me have lunch with you”, and with that the person sat down. Of course, it was my stalker. Why couldn’t he just leave me the hell alone? I mumbled about needing to get back soon. I wished I had brought my laptop with, so I could have found something to work on. He sat and stared at me, his big green eyes piercing into me. He had that possessed look like he had this morning in the stairwell. “I’m going to say this one time, and one time only. Your sweet Asian body is going to be mine, and you’ll be thanking me.” Just like before, he left without another word. I was trying to figure out why someone would act so unprofessionally at work, and why on earth did I not try to get his name, so I could report him.

Thankfully, the rest of my day at work was uneventful. However, my mind was racing from the events that had unfolded. As I drove home, I was trying to figure out how to tell James. He can be a bit protective, and the last thing I wanted was for him to come to work and try to find the guy. We had talked a little about other guys looking at me, and he always became very jealous, but nothing like this had ever happened. To my horror, I felt myself getting wet thinking about the things this big man said to me today. Why would I be turned on by something like that? kartal otele gelen escort I felt ashamed.

I pulled in to the garage and saw his car was already home. That’s strange, I thought to myself, I’m always home before him. I had anticipated having time to take a bath and relax before I had to relay the encounters I had at work. I took a deep breath and walked in the house. My nose was flooded with the aroma of something delicious. James came to the door to meet me, and gave me a tender long kiss before taking my coat and laptop bag. What a wonderful, caring man he is. I walked into the kitchen to find he had made a lasagna and it was already in the oven. He said he got done with a project and did exceptionally well, so his boss let him go home early. He wanted to surprise me with a nice dinner. I stood there at the counter, still trying to find the courage to tell him about the harassment and that, strangely, it was turning me on. Before I could say anything, he came up behind me and gently pressed himself into me. I could feel his hardness pushing against my ass. He slowly started moving back and forth against me. I sighed with content. James knew how much I loved dry humping, and it was always welcome.

He reached his left hand around to cup my breast before it moved up. Gently, but firmly, he grasped my neck and kissed my ear. Feeling the heat of his breath and hearing him moan into my ear turned me on even more. But my mind kept wandering to work. I had to tell him. While he continued to fondle my tits, I blurted out that some guy followed me up the stairs and had me cornered. When I said those words, he moaned loudly and pressed into me even harder. It surprised me a little, but I continued and told him what the guy had said to me, “I’m going to own you, you just wait and see”. James spun me around and lifted me up onto the counter. I loved sitting on our counter as it was the perfect height for his cock to reach my pussy. He had this crazy look in his eye, similar to the guy at work. “I am the only one who owns you. This pussy belongs to me and you are my pet”, he growled.

It’s almost like he was a demon possessed. He pushed me back on the counter and pulled my pants open so hard the button kartal eve gelen escort flew off. He yanked them down as fast as he could, and then buried his face in my hairy pussy. I prefer to keep her trimmed, but James loves hairy Asian pussy, so I let it grow out. He traced the outline of my pussy with the tip of his tongue before he plowed it into my love hole and thumbed at my button. I was astonished at the voraciousness of his oral ministrations, but I wasn’t about to stop him. I sat up a little bit to look at him, and saw he had pulled his cock out of his pants and was furiously stroking it. I moaned at the sight of him. I pulled him by the hair and forced him to come up to kiss me. I’ve never really cared for tasting myself, but with James it was different. Maybe it was the fact that he loves eating pussy so much and I appreciate it, so I’ve gotten used to kissing him after. He yanked my hips to the edge of the counter and slid into me with a long sigh and a forceful thrust. I grabbed onto his strong arms, so I wouldn’t get flung back, and held on as best I could. He was like an animal, fucking me so hard and fast I was convinced he was going to give himself a heart attack.

James somehow fought off the urge to cum and pulled out, dropping his head to my pussy again. I was so worked up from all these events. I told James about what happened at lunch and that I was getting wet in the car ride home thinking of what my stalker did and said to me. He fucked my pussy even harder with his tongue and I felt his hot breath from his moan. I started to feel the wave building, and began squirming on the counter. James knew what was coming and pinned my hands on my stomach with one of his, while the other worked my button. I started to shake, and I felt my pussy contract on his tongue. I cried out his name while I pulled his head in with my legs. He is much bigger and stronger than I, and he pulled his head back and slid his cock back in my spasming hole. I was still feeling my orgasm while he wildly pumped in and out of my slick pussy. I felt his body go rigid and he his hips started jerking in small motions. He looked me in the eye and panted, “I’m coming in your pussy and I own you”. I felt his seed flood me, and he staked his claim. He stayed inside me for a while, kissing me and playing with my hair. He told me that he loved hearing how some other big and strong guy wants to own me, and now he needs to stay on top of his game to keep me satisfied so I don’t get stolen from him. As long as he keeps fucking me like that, I’m not going anywhere!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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