Happy Ending

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All the characters in this story are eighteen years old or older.

“Don’t do that Brad. I don’t wanna do it!” whined Elvira.

“You sure acted like you wanted to. What are you, a cockteaser?” Brad’s acerbic answer came.

“What made you think I wanted to do it, anyway?” Elvira harshly asked.

“Well, let’s see. It could have been the way you sucked my tongue down your throat. It could have been the fact that you opened your blouse and let me squeeze your tits. Or maybe it was they way you snuggled up next to me and grabbed my dick. I was convinced. So are you gonna get off it or what?”

“Oh Brad don’t be that way. I was just being friendly.”

“Yeah? Well if your parents weren’t asleep right down the hall, I’d rip your panties off and ram my cock into you right now!”

“Now Brad, don’t be a baby. Many girls let their boyfriends feel them up and they don’t lay for them.”

“Bullshit! You know that every one of those guys is getting his ration of pussy. I’m the only one I know that has a permanent hardon and a set of blue balls to go with it. You better rethink what you’re doing. You can only push a man so far!”

“Where are you going Brad?” she asked as she watched him retreat to the door.

“I’m going home. I need relief and it looks like I’ll have to do it myself again.”

The door banged shut behind him. She smiled and turned on the TV.

At breakfast the next morning her mother said, “I heard Brad leaving early last night. Didn’t your date go well?”

“It went well enough. Brad was upset because I wouldn’t let him do some things I didn’t want to do.”

Her father asked, “How old are you now?”

“Daddy, you know I’m twenty.”

“How long have you been going steady with Brad?”

“Oh, about eighteen months.”

“You know if you don’t deepen your relationship with him, he’ll dump you and move on.”

“No he won’t. He loves me.”

“Do you love him?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“What’s the problem? If you keep teasing him like this he may get rough with you or just go away and not return.”

Her mother said, “That virtuous stuff is alright for a while but you should be on your way to bigger and better things.”

“Mama! Are you pimping me out?”

“No I’m describing to you how men are built. Do you have your eyes on someone else?”

“There is no one for me but Brad. But he wants to go too fast!”

“Believe me honey, as men go, he’s crawling slowly along, waiting for you. But he won’t be there much longer. You can do what you want to do but I’m telling you that grim times are ahead. Well, we have to go to work. See you tonight baby girl.”

Elvira thought about Brad all day. When he hadn’t called her by the time her parents got home, she got worried. She sat and stared at the phone. It wouldn’t ring. Reluctantly she picked it up and dialed Brad’s number.

He answered, “Hello?”

“Hi, Brad. I’ve been waiting for you to call me. Why haven’t you?”

“I’m busy making plans for the weekend.”

“Well, you could have told me. I want to know about your plans.”

“You wouldn’t be interested. I’m going to the lake lodge for the weekend. It’s going to be kind of intimate, you know, the kind of things you aren’t interested in.”

“Could you at least come over so we can talk about it? I’ve missed you all day.”

“I don’t know if I can take another night of you. You seem to be headed in one direction and then you make a ninety degree turn. I’ll come over but I don’t hold out much hope for us at this point.

“I’ll try to do better, really, I will. Mom and dad went to the movies so it’ll be just you and me.”

A knock on the door signaled Brad’s arrival. Elvira was freshly showered and perfumed. She met him at the door with a smile. He walked right past her without their usual ‘hello’ kiss, walked over to the sofa and plopped down.

“Start Ankara Escort talking,” he tersely demanded.

“First, mom and dad think I’ve been too hard on you. I wanted to be friendly. We’ve been together a long time and I didn’t want to ruin our relationship. Why are you being so hard on me?”

“Elvira, for the last few months you have led me on. You have teased me beyond my ability to accept any more. I’m not giving you an ultimatum but I’m telling you I’m ready to move on. I can’t take another night of trying to make love to you and having you slam it in the door. You appear to have made up your mind to be an old maid. That’s not what I want. I can’t believe I was thinking about marrying you. I’m sure if I asked you, you’d just laugh at me and pull another of your childish jokes. I don’t want a child. I want a woman.”

A tear rolled down Elvira’s face and she started to cry. Brad stood up and headed for the door.

“Wait!’ she shouted.

She ran around in front of him and grabbed his neck. “I really do love you Brad. It’s just that I’m scared and I’m a virgin. I don’t know what to expect. Please don’t leave. Come sit by me.”

She held his hand and he reluctantly followed her back to the sofa, the site of many frustrations. She knew it was now or never. She was trembling as she entered unknown territory.

“Kiss me Brad,” she whispered.

Brad wasn’t sure where this was going but he knew he should give it one more chance. He lowered his lips to hers. She was still sobbing and now she was trembling. He could feel her fear as he pulled her body to him. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him as they deepened their kiss.

“I want you so badly!” he panted into her ear.

“I want you too, but I’m afraid.” Her hand slid up his leg and grasped his rock hard cock through his clothes. “I don’t even know what to do with it.” She felt his hand sliding up her leg. This time she didn’t stop him as he slipped his hand under her panties and pressed her warm pussy for the first time. He gently pulled on her hair and ran his finger up and down her slit. When he pulled his finger from her he licked it.

She groaned, “Let’s go to my room.”

Brad picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. She stood on the floor in front of him and unbuckled his pants.

“You’re really gonna do this, aren’t you?” he excitedly asked.

“Yes Brad. My days of teasing you are over. When you told me you were leaving me, my love overcame my fear. I am still afraid, but I love you so much, I’ll do anything you ask.”

He pulled her sweater off over her head and unsnapped her bra. She threw it on the floor and he gazed on her ample breasts. He fondled them and then squeezed them. He could feel her heart beating through the quivering flesh. His lips automatically homed in on her nipples and he sucked one into his mouth and rubbed it with his tongue.

“Oh Brad, that is so good. We should have done this a long time ago,” her voice was quavering but now more with excitement than fear.

She unzipped him while he was busy with her breasts and slid his pants to the floor. His shorts slipped over his hips and joined her bra. For the first time she felt a real live cock. She squeezed it and jacked it a little. Her trembling fingers found the little hole in the end and she briefly played with it. The longer she played with his cock, the harder it got.

“I didn’t know it was so beautiful. I always thought of it as a weapon but now I can see it is built for me,” she remarked as she rubbed it some more.

He stepped back and dropped her dress to the floor. She sat on the edge of the bed as he slowly dragged her panties down her legs.

“You have a beautiful pussy. I’m gonna eat it!” he told her.

“Anything you want lover.” She replied.

Her thighs were shaking as he lowered Balgat Escort his head toward her nether lips. She sighed softly as he kissed her wet pussy for the first time. It felt better than anything in her life! She could feel his tongue as he licked her slit. Unable to help herself, she grabbed his head and dragged him further into her. His lips were around her clit. He parted the little sheath and licked it directly.

She screamed, “Oh yes!” as he plundered her sex. Her hips bucked off the mattress and her pussy was quivering. “More, more!” she demanded.

Brad had his hands wrapped around her butt cheeks, pulling her to him. He savored her taste as he greedily gulped down her flowing juice. He jammed his tongue into her vagina as far as it would go. “Oh god!” she squealed. He played with her ass as he tongued her hot, wet snatch. Her legs slammed shut and her torso tightened as she came on his lips for the first time. “Oh, oh, oh,” was all she could manage to puff. He felt her pussy quivering on his lips and he knew the time had come. He reluctantly left her pussy and got into position. She felt his hot cock as it slid toward her entrance. The big bulbous head brushed her pussy hair. He tingled with excitement. They were really gonna do it! She rolled his balls in her hand.

“Help me,” He said. She grabbed his cock and guided him into her entrance. She was shaking with anticipation. Would it hurt? Would it feel good? Would he be gentle with her? A light sheen of perspiration coated her hot, young body.

“Put it in me,” she said with a whispering, urgent voice.

Brad immediately felt the evidence of her innocence as it tried to keep him out. He thrust a little harder; suddenly it popped and he entered her tight, hot, little pussy. It was so tight! So hot! Throbbing around him! She owned his soul. She felt a little pain when he popped her cherry but it was nothing like she had thought it would be. It was already feeling really good.

“Come on lover, do me. I can’t wait,” she hoarsely croaked.

Brad slid all the way into her until he felt his pubic bone crash into her mound. He had never felt this way before. Now he understood what it was that he had been missing and knew he wanted more of this forever. He held it still within her, luxuriating in the moment.

“Brad, honey that is so good. I feel so full. Pump me a little, please, please.”

He could feel her pussy pulsing around him. His cock slid in and out at an ever increasing rate. The longer he stroked the more intense her throbbing became.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh.” She grunted as his cock slammed into her. “Faster, hon, faster!” she cried. I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Aaahhh!!!”

Her pussy clenched around his cock, insisting, milking, quivering. Her juices were pouring like a river. He pumped her as hard as he could and soon he felt the heat rising in his nuts. His toes curled. His fists clenched the sheet and held on tight as his mind left him. He straightened out over Elvira and sank into her all the way. His butt wriggled as he shot her full of his semen. She could feel his cum as it ran up his cock and into her pussy. His cock was still quivering and she was enjoying the feeling of his hot cum coating her inside. My hand never felt that good! He thought as the last of his cum drained into her.

“Oh baby, that was the most intense experience of my life. I really do love you.” He grunted.

“I’m so sorry I teased you for so long. If only I had known that sex was this good I would have given it up a long time ago.”

“So what is your plan now?” he inquired.

“I’m gonna fuck you all weekend. I’ll try to earn your respect again. Oh Brad, I love you so fuckin’ much!”

They were sweating and holding each other tight.

“What about your parents?” he asked.

“They talked me into this. They’ll have Çankaya Escort to adjust. I’m not letting you get away.”

Overcome with lust, Brad started licking her body. He sucked on her armpits, moving then to her earlobes. She came again when he ran his tongue over the sole of her foot and sucked on her toes. Brad collapsed beside her. As he lay there exhausted, she wrapped her tiny fingers around his cock and squeezed it.

“Is it true that some girls suck on these things?” she asked.

“Yup, it’s true.”

“I wonder what it tastes like.”

“Right now, it’ll taste like you. I’ve got your juice all over it.”

“Eww! I’m gonna try it anyway!”

Elvira bent her head and slowly sucked his dick into her mouth. She played with it with her tongue. It started to swell up. Soon, she had a mouthful of cock.

“It’s hard again,” she observed. “It tastes pretty good. What do I do now?”

“Suck hard on it and bob your head up and down. Make believe it’s your pussy.”

“You won’t cum in my mouth, will you?”

“Not tonight. That’ll come later.”

Just as she started to suck him hard, she glanced at the clock on her headboard.

“We’ve just got time to fuck again before mom and dad get home. You’re hard and I’m horny. Let’s get it on!”

“You get on top this time. I’m about worn out.”

“Okay, what do I do?”

“Just squat over my cock and lower yourself onto it. I’m sure you’ll figure it out once I’m in you.”

She got on top of Brad and slowly lowered herself onto his waiting cock. This time it slipped easily into her. A big smile crossed her lips when she realized that Brad could play with her clit and her tits in this position. She bounced happily up and down on his rigid member. He rubbed her clit with his thumb, sending her over the edge.

“Oh damn, yes, do it some more!” she cried.

Brad humped up into her, reaching some new territory which caused her to cum again. They were both slippery from their juices and their sweat. She couldn’t get enough. She screamed her release as she came yet again. She felt Brad swelling within her.

“Gimme my cum now!” she demanded.

Brad had no control left. He humped high off of the mattress and squirted her full again. She fell on top of him, her tits pressing against his chest, her sweat mingling with his sweat.

“You’ve got to be mine and mine alone,” she averred. “I can’t live without your cock in me every day!”

“I’ll say this one time. Will you marry me?” Brad panted.

“Of course you silly man. How else am I going to be able to fuck you all the time?”

They heard the front door open and close.

“Wait right here honey,” she said as she got up, wiped up the dribble of cum running down her leg and donned her bathrobe. Her bare feet padded down the hall to the living room.

“Hi mom! Hi dad!” she greeted with a silly grin on her face.

“We saw Brad’s car in the driveway. Did you two make up?”

“Boy did we! I gave it up to him tonight! He’s waiting in my bedroom for an encore. You guys were right. I was stupid and vain, but no more! I love him and he loves me. He asked me to marry him and I said ‘yes’.”

“Do you mean to tell me that Brad is in your room, in your bed, waiting for you to come in and give him some more?” her mother asked, shocked.

“Well, yeah, all I did was take your advice. I love it! I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.”

“You stop right there!” she ordered as her daddy started up the hall. “You’re the one who practically pimped me out. I did exactly what you told me to do. I can’t give him up and I can’t kick him out. Maybe you want me to go with him.”

“No honey, you’re right. We did tell you to get off it. We really want you to be happy. Brad can stay here whenever he wants,” her daddy said.

Three weeks later Brad and Elvira were married and honeymooning at the lake. She had learned a bunch of interesting techniques to keep him ready all the time.

“You know, honey,” he said, “one of these days that wonderful pussy of yours is going to kill me!”

Sure enough sixty years later he died of an overdose of vitamin P. She died immediately of a broken heart. They were found still coupled, smiling and wet!

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