Happy Birthday, Jack

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“Happy birthday, Jack…” was the first thing he heard that morning, whispered gently into his ear. He responded only with a quiet groan and rolled over from his side to his back, just beginning to wake up that morning. Even though it was his birthday, it was still Friday, which meant he still had work to go to. He lay on his back with his eyes closed as Jane cuddled up next to him, her slim fingers gently tracing circles over his toned chest while her lips touched delicately against his neck and left cheek. She didn’t want him jolted out of sleep – just enough stimulation to slowly rouse him from his slumber was her goal. She was shorter than he was: only five foot four to his five foot eleven (and a half on good days), which meant that her forehead was about level with his strong jaw line where she lay next to him. Of course, she picked that spot in order to more or less maximize the range of the sensitive parts of his body that she could reach at her own leisure.

Her creamy white skin was very soft and very smooth, and felt good pressed against his slim but strong muscles. Her large, soft breasts were squished against him, but their impressive size meant that there was no other option in order to stay that close to him. She didn’t mind – she knew he rather liked having a pair of warm, soft breasts pressed firmly against his own torso and abs. Who wouldn’t, right? The only other thing he could feel on his skin was her long dark hair gently brushing against him as she caressed and kissed his body.

He opened his groggy eyes and looked at her adorable face. Bright eyes, plump, soft lips, spread into a cute smile. He looked at the subtle layer of freckles that he loved so much and pulled her face gently towards his own for a long, passionate kiss. Their kiss was long and warm, and Jane found herself pulled into a position on all fours over Jack, her butt in the air and her substantial breasts hanging down to brush against him, teasing her nipples until they became erect and then teasing Jack as her hard, pink nipples traced little lines and curves on his chest.

After a few moments, she broke the kiss off.

“I’m gonna need my mouth for the next part.”

Jack complied, laying his head back onto the pillow. He had a feeling that he was going to enjoy what was coming next. Part of that feeling was Jane’s soft, supple hands touching and massaging his shaft, head, and scrotum, and her lips kissing a slowly descending pattern from his neck down his torso, but he would have complied regardless. Her breasts felt warm, smoothly sliding slowly down his torso and abs as she crawled backwards to align her head with his swelling dick. Her tits passed down his body, and his cock twitched as it slipped between their smoothskinned, sexy mass, pressing her sternum and eliciting a bead of precum out of the tip. She lapped it up in one swirling motion of her tongue over and around the head of his now quite erect cock, finishing with a kiss and a lick from his balls up his shaft to the tip of his head. She spent a few more seconds massaging his balls and leaving warm saliva slicked trails up and down his shaft to make sure he was 100% hard.

“I hope you don’t mind this is only going to be a quick one this morning. I don’t want you to be late for work. Consider it a little preview of your real birthday present tonight.” She said with a wink.

Almost without warning he found himself four inches deep inside her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue and lips and warm wetness felt incredible. His cock twitched hard while inside and she hummed loudly on his dick before bobbing her head rapidly up and down his shaft. She was his expert little cock sucker, and she really meant it when she said it was going to be a quick one. He didn’t mind, of course. He was too busy trying not to moan too loudly in ecstasy as his cock was subjected to a little slice of oral heaven.

He loved the lewd, slurping wet noises her mouth made as it bobbed up and down his dick. It wasn’t long before her throat was relaxed enough to accommodate him to the hilt, and she used that to her advantage, advancing his orgasm along very quickly. “I’m gonna come soon baby…” was all he really could think to say, and she knew exactly what to do then. She slipped his dick out of her mouth with a sexy, wet slurping noise and he groaned loudly, arching his back to try and reenter the warm, wet hole he had been enjoying. kartal escort He wasn’t dissatisfied for long as she very deftly swung herself around into a 69 position, her big round butt hovering over his face before reinserting his wet, twitching rod in her mouth in a new angle, better for accommodating deepthroat action.

He started humping gently at her mouth, and she let him fuck her throat as he came, burying his face into her butt, a layer of cotton panties the only thing separating his face from her moistening pussy and round ass. Her upper lip and nose were pressed gently against his scrotum as he emptied his balls into her throat, jet after jet of cum splashing into her mouth and throat. She moaned loudly and swallowed his seed as it came out in waves, and she couldn’t help grinding her pussy on his face while his cum filled her mouth. She loved having her mouth used for pleasure so much. She couldn’t think about sex without her mouth watering. She reveled in having his dick in her mouth, alternating using and being used for sexual pleasure. Once he finished cumming, she slowly unsheathed his cock from her mouth and gave him a few final kisses on the balls and shaft.

“Time to get up, Jack. Get ready for work. Hopefully you’ll be able to focus without thinking about your real present all day.” Yeah, hopefully.

He sat up in bed to shake the rest of the sleepiness out of his head and caught an eyeful of Jane’s rear as she walked to the shower. Even though he was still in the afterglow of blowing a load into her throat, he couldn’t resist watching the way her cheeks and thighs wiggled and rubbed together as she walked. She was probably doing it on purpose, too. Her wide hips coupled with her large breasts combined to make a very pleasing hourglass shape. Speaking hourglasses, he was running low on time before work. Damn, tonight will be a good night, though.

Work was more or less the same as it always was, although they let Jack go home early, seeing as he couldn’t get the whole day off for his birthday. Not that he was able to get much done that day anyway. He spent most of it daydreaming about getting home and undressi- unwrapping his gift.

Jack unlocked the front door and let himself in when he got home. “Jane, I’m home.” He called out to her as he came in, kicking his shoes off and setting his briefcase down. “Hey, sweetie.” She replied. He heard her voice coming from the kitchen, so he went in there to greet her personally. He was loosening his tie as he turned the corner into the kitchen and stopped momentarily when he caught sight of her bent over, fidgeting with something in the oven. She was butt naked, except for an apron. He hummed happily to himself and strode up to her, grabbing her by the waist and pressing his crotch against her. He pressed tightly against her soft butt and she was only slightly surprised as his hands wrapped around her hips.

“Well, good afternoon, Jane.” He said to her, and she replied with a sexy “It is a good afternoon, isn’t it?” and wiggled her ass against him. She stood up and leaned backwards into him, turning her head to reach her lips upward and pucker for a kiss.

He hugged her close and kissed her, running his hands up her hips and waist, over her abdomen, and onto her breasts, cupping their fullness in his hands and subtly tracing circles with his fingers around her nipples. They began to swell in response, and she shuddered and broke off the kiss to say “Jack, if you do that I can’t finish dinne-“.

That was all she could get out before his teeth sunk softly into her neck, nibbling and leaving small bites in a meandering line up to her ear lobe. She gasped as he bit her, overwhelmed by the stimulation of her nipples and the warmth of his mouth on her neck.

She shuddered as little waves of heat passed up and down her body – up to give her goosebumps and make her cheeks flush and down to settle in a pleasant tingling between her thighs. He moved his kisses downward along her neck, then in a trail down her spine, over her butt, and finally ending midway down her thigh. As he stood back up, he ran his tongue very gently back up her butt and back, making just enough contact to send erotic electricity vibrating through her whole body. She almost lost her balance as her instincts to arch and hump kicked in. Jack caught her in his strong arms and when she was finished gasping and biting her lower cumhuriyet mahallesi escort lip, she turned around and playfully pushed his shoulder.

“Jack! That’s not fair!” she said with a smile.

“Were you expecting me to resist something you left out in the open just for me?” he said and kissed her again.

She kissed him, hard, and then returned to cooking dinner. “It’ll be ready soon, birthday boy.”

After dinner, they moved up to the bedroom to wind down for the night.

“So, when do I get to open my present?” Jack asked her. Jane was still wearing just her apron.

“What, this isn’t enough for you?” she said with a smile and stuck her tongue out, teasing him.

“You’d better be careful with that tongue, who knows what I might do with it.” Jack said to her and she giggled sexily.

“Okay, if you’re ready for your present, turn around. It’ll be ready in a second.”

He obliged and after a few moments of some rustling sounds, she grabbed his shoulders and turned him around. When he turned around, he saw Jane standing there now totally naked without her apron. He took a moment to soak up the visual. Big, soft tits with perky, pink nipples, wide hips, thick thighs, and just the top of her pussy visible, all shaven totally smooth just for him. Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail. He had seen this sight many times before, but it turned him on now just as much as the first time he laid eyes on it.

What he hadn’t seen before was the ribbon tied over her mouth, covering it. It read “For Jack: Don’t open until Birthday night!” with a few hearts drawn on it. He smiled and pulled her close to him. Her breasts pressed against his chest and he untied the ribbon. He kissed her deeply, tongues mingling, pushing and pulling against each other. After the kiss, he looked deeply into her eyes and smiled.

“So, tell me about my present.” He said to her.

“For tonight, consider me your little mouth maid. I’m here to service your every desire. Tonight, this mouth, this warm, wet hole is for your sexual pleasure.”

“I like the sound of that. Are there any conditions?” His cock was growing steadily, and he was about half-mast at this point. She could feel it easily from how close she was to him.

“Mmm… just one. You have to use me to satisfy any and every urge or desire feel. I’m your sexual outlet.”

“Just your mouth?” About 75% erect now.

“Of course not, silly, it IS your birthday after all. But I know you, and I know what you like. Of course all of me is yours tonight, but I think I know what you’ll use most.” She said to him coyly. “Sound good to you?”

“Mm… I think it does. But, seeing as it’s my birthday, I better get into my birthday suit.”

He stripped out of his clothes fairly quickly, exposing his naked body. His muscles weren’t enormous, but they were defined and strong. His skin was mostly smooth, with very few and subtle blemishes. His rock hard cock was now pointing straight out and slightly up, 7 inches of male glory. His scrotum hung down below his shaft, full, and ready to be emptied.

“So, what’ll it be, Jack?” she said to him, hands akimbo and eyebrow raised inquisitively.

“We’d better get you warmed up, shouldn’t we?” he said and grabbed her shoulders to push her down on her knees.

She descended readily, and on her knees his cock was about level with her full lips. She gave it a little kiss which turned into a big kiss which turned into long strokes of her tongue up and down the shaft and head. He used her ponytail as a handle to control her head and directed it in a sweeping motion up and down his twitching cock. She licked it obediently until he pressed the head against her lips, prompting her to open her mouth and let his now-saliva-slicked shaft into her salivating mouth. Her tongue was like a wet, sexy shoehorn as he slowly pushed his cock into her mouth as far as she could take it, then slowly out and back in, getting a bit deeper every time. Her mouth was warm, wet, soft, and her tongue wiggled and flexed against his shaft in obvious desire. She fidgeted slightly as he reveled in slowly fucking her mouth.

“I know you want to, so why don’t you touch yourself?” he said to her and she took advantage of this invitation readily.

Her hand moved from slowly caressing his muscular yunus escort butt to teasing and rubbing her clit. She moaned in erotic relief, closing her eyes and momentarily losing herself in the pleasure of touching and teasing her pussy while her lover fucked her mouth. After a few more moments, her throat was relaxed enough to take most of his dick down her throat while she knelt before him. He pulled out her mouth at this point and pulled her head to face upward at his handsome face. “You know what I’ve always wanted? A lipstick print in the shape of your lips around the base of my cock. Put on a thick layer of lipstick. Whatever color suits you.” She happily stood up and strode over to her makeup kit, bending over slightly as she rummaged through it for her lipstick. He took this as an invitation to grab her by the waist, press his hard, wet dick firmly between her buns and grind against her. She gasped slightly and her resulting horniness made her impatient and she picked a bright red color and put it on quickly and thickly. She turned back around and knelt down in front of him, licking his still hard shaft. “Ready? You’ve got to take me all the way to the hilt.” He said to her, and before he could say anything else she had already taken most of his cock into her mouth and was easily inching it down her throat.

She planted her lips around his cock and against his skin, impressing even herself with the ease she sucked his whole dick into her throat. She left a bright red lip print just where he asked her to and slowly let his cock back out. She looked up at him and smiled.

“So, what now?”

“Now, I suppose it’s time to really get some fun out of you. Lie on your back, with your head hanging off the edge of the bed. I want to fuck your throat.”

Eagerness washed over her and she quickly hopped on the bed on her back, spreading her legs and idly touching herself, her tongue sticking out, waiting. He loved the way gravity affected her breasts, spreading them out and sagging them slightly toward her face. He loved the way her thighs looked with a small sheen of wetness from her pussy. He especially loved the wanting look on her cute little freckled face as she stared as his cock, now hanging just above her lips as he stood in front of her. She licked it a few times, bouncing his boner up slightly each time.

“Ready?” he asked her.

She responded with a kiss on the underside of his cock. He slipped his dick back inside her mouth, gave her a few warm up thrusts, and resumed a slow but steady rhythm, fucking her throat. It turned him on so much to watch her tits bounce slightly and jiggle with each thrust. Her fingers touched and rubbed her pussy in desperate desire to maximize her pleasure. He teased her by playing with her nipples as he fucked her mouth, his cock sliding in and out along her tongue, her lips, his balls bumping her nose every few strokes.

After all this stimulation, he was getting very close to cumming, but decided that he wanted to enjoy it for a little bit longer. He pulled out and maneuvered on top of Jane, straddling her breasts as he played with her nipples. “Oh god Jack…” moaned at him as he grabbed a breast in each hand and squeezed her heaving tits against his cock, leaving a mix of saliva and precum all over them. He spent a few cycles alternating the titfucking with rubbing his cock up and down her face, spreading saliva and precum over her face as she desperately licked and kissed his shaft. He’d dip his balls in her mouth and let her suck and lick and kiss them for a few seconds before slipping his cock inside her mouth for a layer of saliva, then go back to fucking her tits. He was building up a nice slick sheen or lubricant between her sexy tits, and spreading out the pre-orgasm pleasure a bit more.

“Are you just gonna keep teasing me like this all night?” she said, almost out of breath as she touched and rubbed her pussy aggressively.

“Mmm, maybe. Did you want something?” he asked coyly while he fucked her breasts.

“I want… your… cum…!” she barely moaned out in between breaths.

This sent Jack over the edge and his cum out onto her face. He came hard, jets of thick semen splashing onto her breasts and onto her face. This was enough to send her over too, and the warmth of the orgasm she had from masturbating herself mixed with the warmth of his jizz coating her sexy, freckled face. They stayed in that position for a few moments as Jack surveyed the results. Two wet, warm tits, a satisfied cock, a beautiful face covered in sticky, wet cum, and an orgasmic afterglow as they panted for breath.

“You’re not done yet, are you Jack?”

“Of course not, it’s barely 8:30!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32