Happy Birthday!

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I hope you know how ready I am to take our mutual love of my shit to the next level and that this past weekend has given you some idea as to just how ready.

I had promised to write you a story for your birthday. Happy Birthday Baby! I’m hoping through this story to ensure we have a hot night of sex, not just tonight, in celebration of your day, but also to make it clear just how ready I am to blow your mind next week in celebration of our anniversary. So here goes.

There are better things to blow out on your birthday than candles!

By Your Anal Slut Wife

We’ve booked a few days at a vacation home in Maine to celebrate our anniversary and while I was already looking forward to it, this morning you surprised me with a wrapped present and card a week early. Was this a pre-anniversary present or a thank you for one of the hottest few nights of dirty sex, ever?

My bottom is still sore and full after the hurt you’ve put on it these last few nights and it throbs greedily as you place the card and wrapped gift in my outstretched hands. I smile as I open your card. In it, you’ve written “I got your message and I agree, you’re definitely ready!” My pussy is instantly wet.

I carefully unwrap the gift I’m holding to reveal the black rubber butt plug that we’ve fantasized about for a long time now. I swallow and look into your eyes. You smile back. That beautiful smile of yours, the one that reminds me of how lucky I feel to be your wife and how handsome you are. I love the crinkle that’s there around your eyes, now that you’re older. You don’t know it but you’re very sexy! Your eyes sparkle as you ask “When was the last time you took a shit?” Looking down, I answer. “Yesterday morning”, with a guilty look on my face.

At that, you frown and say, “Didn’t I tell you Saturday night that if you had to take a shit you were to tell me?” I can see you’re angry, but I still feel uncomfortable having you present when I’m taking a shit which is why I didn’t tell you. Shaking your head in disgust, you tell me to get on all fours.

I start to get in position on the bed when you tell me that only good girls get to be in your bed. Girls like me need to be punished. At that you instruct me to get on my hands and knees on the floor. I do as I’m told, facing away from you. You take the position behind me and begin whipping me with your belt.

I sense the change in you the moment you start. Generally, you’re apologetic if you hit me in an awkward way. Today, you care very little about my discomfort and, as ashamed as I am to admit it, it’s a total turn on. I spread my ass cheeks apart so you can gain better access and, as if on cue, you slap my puckered hole, making it swell instantly.

This takes me back to the Saturday before when we stopped in the adult book store and bought some dirty movies. At the pay counter there was an advertisement for some male-enhancing concoction whose slogan was “One to Wreck it. Two to Kill it.” I hadn’t been able to get that slogan off my mind. There have been several times since that I’ve wanted to beg you to “kill it”, never imagining that I could be so bold.

At that moment, without thinking, I moan out “I want you to kill my ass baby”. “I want you to train me to love my shit the way you do”. You immediately shove two fingers inside my shithole, reaming me out as I writhe in a mixture of pleasure and pain. You pull my shitter apart and shove the greased plug up my butthole stopping me up and giving me that full feeling you know I love.

You lean over and tell me that I while you want to believe that I am indeed ready for you to own my bowels, the proof is in the pudding. Afterall, you gave me one simple instruction to follow and while I seem to have understood it – and was eager to submit to it at the time – I clearly failed. You threaten that until I prove myself you’re through playing. Saying that you’re sick of my saying how turned on I’d be to give you full control of my bowels and that while it’s clear I love anal play, the idea of your being in charge is clearly just talk. What’s this? Are you calling my bluff?

I ask myself just how serioius I am. I don’t know if I can go through with this but it’s obviously time to put up shut if I want this shit play to continue. When I ask “What you need for proof?” You reply. “If this plug is still in place when we get to Maine, I promise to wreck your shithole til you beg me to cover you in it from head-to-toe.”

Fuck! So now the ball is in my court. It’s been three days and we are leaving for Maine tomorrow. I am full, uncomfortable and cranky, but also extremely horny and quivering with anticipation. The idea that you are also at work today with thirteen of the yappiest bitches you could put together on a team – each one more annoying than the next bornova escort – has me itching to see you.

You are always short tempered and quick to lash out when I show any signs of not being sweet to you on “hump” day, which begins your work week. You’ve spent far too much time with those whiney bitches by the days end and the last thing you need right now is for me to even come close to resembling one of those clucking hens. I’ll have to be careful not to push you too far. Just enough so you feel like a “man-in-charge”, but not so hard it spoils the mood. It will be important to show you my love and respect, while still poking you enough to try your patience, so you’ll enjoy putting me in my place.

I’m lucky enough to know just how far I can go and, as I said, I want you to kill my shithole tomorrow night when it’s good and packed; wrecking it for all eternity. You’re certainly man enough to do it and God knows I need it. I’ll definitely use those annoying cunts to my full advantage. I’m sure you’d be more than happy to put any one of those yappy bitches in there place, just to get them to shut the fuck up! If you ask me, they could all stand a good ass whooping.

It was hot, while fucking the other night, when our sex talk led to your describing (with my prodding) what you would like to do to them. I would especially love to watch you abuse Lyndsey and Jamie’s asses. Jamie is almost boyish and Lyndsey is so round and plump. I’m sure Lyndsey’s ass would be white and firm – more like mine. I imagine you positioned behind her , fucking her after you’ve lit her ass on fire, making it red and blistered. I’m sure she’d be a squealer, something you hate! You’d probably have to shove something in her mouth to keep her quiet and I visualize what she’d look like with our ball cock shoved down her throat, making her gag.

Jamie on the other hand is more petite and a little tough. I bet she likes it rough. She’d likely give you some fight and I imagine her a little bruised afterwards with her tight little butt hole ripped to shreds. The bitch Kim, who has a crush on you, would be mine to hurt though. She needs to be made to understand to keep her hands to herself. What I wouldn’t give to make her cry.

On the drive up the next morning, I behave especially bratty and I can tell you’re getting tired of it. A couple of times I could swear you wanted to slap me but restrained yourself.

You’ve been pleasant through dinner, being especially attentive and telling me how beautiful I look. We reminisce, as we always do on our anniversary, about how lucky we are to have been together as long as we have been, and our talk leads to the night we met – truly it was love at first sight and we were only kids in high school.

After we finish a delectable dinner and savory dessert you say, “That was very tasty.” “All that was missing was the taste of your fudge”. I smile and agree. At this, you pull your head away slightly and tell me how hot I am. I lean in to kiss you and remind you that I’ve kept my promise, and ask you if you’re ready to keep yours. You answer by picking up the house key and pulling my chair out for me, saying, I’m about to find out.

I take this moment to kiss you and whisper “If that’s true then that means you’re ready to make me love the taste and smell of my shit fudge the way you do.”

We go back to our place and you tell me to take off my clothes – but to leave my high heeled shoes on. You leave me to get my enema ready. While I’m undressing, you’re preparing the enema bag – olive oil with a touch of eucalyptus. You want me to feel every bit of the pain you intend to inflict tonight and you know the eucalyptus will make my bowels burn and tingle. It pleases you to know that the beating you’re going to give my bottom will be felt as much on the inside as it will be on the outside.

You call me to come to the bathroom where you have the bag wrapped around the shower curtain rod and a steaming bath that barely covers a quarter of the bathtub floor, waiting. You help me over to the toilet first and turn me to face the mirrored wall, pushing me into a seated position. I watch as you reach down and start tugging on the plug. You look at me in the mirror as you pull it slowly out and tell me to start shitting.

I start to push with no success. The strain evident on my face. I’m so impacted and so desirous of eliminating this monstrous shit that I beg you to help me get started. You reach down and tell me to beg for it some more. To tell you what I want you to do to me. I answer “I love how much you love the smell and taste of my fudge and that I want to love it that much too”.

Your fingers are expertly prying me open, churning the hard turds until they’re soft and creamy. Shoving them buca escort further up my hole, you grab a handful. At that, you rip your hand out of my ass and smear my dirty shit all over my tits, wiping your fingers before shoving them in my mouth and ordering me to lick them clean.

I suckle every finger as if they’re covered in chocolate and peanut butter and hungrily lick and suck them clean. They pop as you pull them out of my mouth, shoving them back in my hole pushing them even deeper into my bowels. Leaning down you smother me in a hot, wet and very dirty kiss. Exploring the taste of my shit with your tongue. Probing every wet and pungent pocket.

The visual in the mirror has us both excited. Me, straddling the toilet naked except for a hot pair of high heeled sandals, shit covering my tits, with a wild dirty look on my face, eager for more. You, standing behind me, locking eyes with me in the mirror, emanating lust.

Removing your fingers from my ass once again, you lead me to the bathtub and tell me to lie down on my belly. The water is warm and serves to help me relax. Easing the enema into my ass, you stroke my hair with your shit covered fingers. I love the nastiness of it all. The hot smell and the feel of it caked in my hair and dried on my skin. My mouth is hot and wet and tasting of shit. You tell me to open my eyes and ask me how well I think you’re doing thus far.

My belly is filling up with the solution and my ass is tingling, but I want more, so I egg you on. Boldly I gaze at you and shrugging my shoulders say, “Not bad, but I’ve had better” – giving you one of my dirtiest smiles. You squeeze the enema bag until I have taken every drop then pull me up out of the tub, re-inserting the plug in the process.

You’re furious now and tell me you’ve had just about enough out of me. You say that “while my acting like one those bitches you work with was something you were willing to tolerate, knowing that I was uncomfortable and very impacted, it’s not something you will excuse now that you’d given me some relief”.

The rebellious child in me screams in my head, Relief? What is he talking about? I knew in that moment that this was going to go very differently than other times. This time you were not going to take no for an answer.

Knowing it will rile you further, I say. “That’s clearly why you hate your job, because you can’t do anything a man would secretly like to do to any of the women you work with. Those bitches make you impotent.”

You look at me, enraged. I continue, saying, “Maybe you should abuse me the way you’d like to abuse them.” “Show me who’s boss by putting your subordinate in place.” Or maybe, for a change of pace you’d like me to dominate you instead? I ask you, “Would you like me to make you submit to me? “Would you like me to abuse your ass? I see that my question reminds you of how much pleasure it brought you when I ate your ass last weekend. It’s also clear that this is the furthest thing from your mind.

You grab me then, and shove me on the bed, removing your belt. Lying on the bed, I remember you saying that only good girls get to be in your bed. At this, I smile to myself. I like the comfort of your bed, so I tell myself that no matter what you give, I’ll not only take it, I’ll beg for more.

The first smack is hot and fast and the next few come in quick succession. God I love getting spanked. You obviously love it too. I don’t ever remember your being this turned on and I encourage you to beat me like you want to beat every woman who back-talks you. The oil from the enema is seeping down the back of my legs as I try to spread them farther so you can hit me in more places.

You pick me up and kiss me as you carry me to the toilet. The moment I sit down, I explode. Expelling the butt plug and releasing the acrid, hot smell which enters our nostrils at the same moment. Reaching down I grab a handful of my shit and bring my fingers up to our faces as we kiss – shoving my fingers between our lips so we can feast together on my tangy fudge. You were of course right, this was missing from our dessert – and I tell you so. At that moment, you shove your cock in my mouth and I devour it as if it’s been in my ass – wanting you to know how a good, willing, fuckable, girl behaves.

It’s then I tell you that I want you to kill my ass! I want you to wreck it and stretch it. To fuck it until it gapes wide enough for you to fuck it with that black schlong you brought with us. I beg you to rape my ass with it and get it coated with shit so you can shove it down my throat and gag me with it.

You slap me repeatedly across the face then and tell me to “shut the fuck up!”. “You don’t need me to tell you what a fucking slut needs.”

Grabbing me by the hair çeşme escort you drag and pull me to the bed. I see the leather whip, speculum and black strap on dildo for the first time and I wiggle my ass and tits in excitement, thinking it will please you. Instead you look at me and tell me that you always knew what a whore I was. You also tell me that every time you think about my having cheated on you that it infuriates you, which further fuels your desire to take control of me so that I’ll be unable to fuck anyone else, ever again.

At that, you bend me over and rub the mess that’s already back there – a combination of oil and shit – all over the two of us. You cover my face with your dirty hands and demand me to fill my lungs with my stench before commanding me to stick out my tongue. You reach down and insert your thumb in my butthole, scooping out a small amount of my shit. From behind me you pull me up.

Holding your thumb before my mouth you tell me to suck it like a baby. I gently open my mouth and wrap my hand around yours, pulling it towards me. I suck softly, savoring every drop – as if your finger were my mother’s nipple and I a hungry infant. I then move your hand until your fingers are around my nose and suck softly, completely pacified.

Mewling, I suck your thumb clean and then slowly and methodically lick each of your fingers until there is nothing left. Taking your hand I move it down my body and expertly shove three fingers into my pussy with a request for a kiss. Smiling you lean down and peck me on the lips, while I graze your nose with my teeth as a sign of protest. You pat me on the bottom and tell me to turn over. I flip on my belly and pull my butt cheeks apart.

Greasing the speculum you ease it into my bottom. You slowly turn it so that it begins to stretch my hole. Never easing up, no matter how much I complain I can’t take anymore, you open the speculum until it won’t go any further. You begin taking pictures of me – my hole gaping – my position vulnerable. Grabbing the whip you begin a steady, slow and torturous beating. At times you strike my breasts and the backs of my legs, occasionally grazing the speculum as it pulls and rips my shithole.

Positioning yourself at my head, you demand that I suck you off so you can shoot your load down my throat. Shoving your cock towards the back of my throat you choke me, until you start to cum. Your cock explodes and you grab the back of my head and make me swallow every drop – proving what a slut I am and justifying the ass fucking I’m about to receive.

Strapping that black cock on, you push me down on the bed and tell me to raise my ass in the air. You close the speculum, only slightly, before ripping it out of me and throwing it on the floor. My ass is on fire and the hole you just left gaping needs to be filled. I pull my cheeks apart and you plunge into me, hard, filling my ass with that fat, juicy, cock. You pound into me releasing all your frustration; stretching me wide, hoping to make my fudgehole gape – permanently. You want nothing more than to hurt me in this moment, show me who’s boss, take what rightfully belongs to you and obliterate all thoughts of other men from my mind.

Your need to punish me is fueled by all the lies I’ve told you. The years when you thought I had been with another woman only to discover that it was all a lie. Instead I had been with the male cousin of one of your best friends and he had been fucking my ass long before you were.

You scowl and say close to my ear, “I’ll show you who owns you, you dirty bitch in heat.” “If I ever catch you cheating again, I will shove my fist up your ass in front of your lover and rip his cum out of your bowels after thoroughly anihilating your hole. I cum picturing how hot that would be and collapse on the bed, thoroughly spent. I smile and you see instantly that I’m completely turned on by the thought of you fist fucking me; even if it means having to fuck someone else to get me to do it. You can’t believe it. It excites you think that this is even a remote possibility. It certainly hadn’t been up til now.

It is obvious by my expression that I love how abused I feel in this moment and that I’d likely do anything to get back to this place.

I love also that you, once again, place the ball back in my court. You’ve left it up to me to open that door.

Over breakfast the next day I look over and catch the eye of an attractive young man who smiles and winks at me. I smile coquetishly and blow him a kiss. Turning towards you I see you’ve haven’t missed a single moment of our exchange. “Is this what you really want?” I say. Pulling your arm up to check the time, so as not to appear obvious, you make a fist and say “Like I told you, only good girls sleep in my bed.” “You know it’s what I want. If you were a good girl, you wouldn’t need to ask.” You cock your head towards the young man and say, “I’ll be in the room waiting for you when you’re finished.” Rising you pinch one of my nipples and say “but only if you’re in the mood for a blow out.” To which I reply “Happy Anniversary Baby!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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