Happiest Family in the World Ch. 02

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Nisha asked Sunil to bring another wife home so that he could have kids. She also asked him if he wanted a divorce so that her presence did not disturb Sunils life with his new wife. Sunil felt very sad on hearing this and said he could not even think of letting Nisha go away just for having a kid. He will marry again only if Nisha lived with him as always otherwise he will cancel all his wedding plans. Nisha knew that deep in his heart he was yearning for a child which she could not provide him. So she agreed to stay in the same house with him and his new wife.

Today is Sunils wedding and Nisha was watching the procession of decorated cars with the bridegrooms party returning home with the new bride. She felt nothing. No sadness, no happiness nothing at all. She will take everything in her stride, Nisha thought. She had shifted all her personal belongings from the master bedroom, Sunils room to a smaller adjoining room. The room was large enough for her and there was a connecting door to the major bedroom. She arranged all her things when Sunil had gone to bring his new bride Jeena. Now the master bedroom will be occupied by the newly weds. She suddenly felt a lump in her throat. She wanted to run away somewhere. Nisha had nowhere to go because her parents had settled abroad with her brother and the family home was sold. Now Sunils home was her own.

She thought about Jeena. She had learnt from her mother in law that Jeena was an orphan living with her uncle and aunt who were very poor and they had no money to give the girl a good dowry. They had readily agreed for this second marriage with Sunil who was from an affluent family. Nisha felt sorry for Jeena. If she had not been a poor orphan she would never have wanted to be with an already married man. Nisha decided to be nice to Jeena.

The bridegrooms party with the bride reached the house and Nisha was summoned by her mother in law to the front of the house for welcoming the bride. Sunil first got out of the car and Nisha waited with baited breath to have her first glimpse of Jeena. A tall girl stepped down from the car. She was around 18,very fair unlike Nisha who was dark skinned. She was wearing an orange and gold silk saree with zari border. She had lovely hazel eyes and a beautiful smile showing even teeth. Her body was nubile with 36 c breasts a very thin waist and nice swaying hips around 36 inches. She was tall and walked with a lithe grace. Nisha felt an immediate liking for the young girl who was to be her sister wife. She hugged Jeena when she was introduced to her and felt a sudden connection.

Jeena looked in to the eyes of the older woman in front of her. She saw only a glint there. Was it liking or hatred for the woman who was going to share her husband. The woman was around 30 but very beautiful, she thought. Nisha was busy with the feast and the guests and had no opportunity to talk to Sunil or Jeena for a long time. In the midst of the festivities she once saw them at the balcony talking. She felt a sudden pang of jealousy which she dismissed at that very moment. It was around ten at night and all the guests had gone home. The large house was suddenly very silent. There was Sunil, Nisha, Jeena, Laila and two maids. Nisha retired early to türkçe altyazılı porno her room. She didn’t want to face Sunil and didn’t want him see how insecure she was feeling.

Sunil asked Laila, his mother about Nisha. She said Nisha was having a headache and has gone to bed. Sunil decided not to disturb her. He looked forward to his night with Jeena. For the last ten years he had remained faithful to Nisha and had not slept with anyone else. Jeena is his new wife. On the way home in the car she was seated close to him and he could feel the heat emanating from her young nubile body. Laila gave the glass of milk to Jeena and ushered her towards the master bed room.She felt shy while entering the large room with the king size bed and the tall man standing by the window. “Close the door” he said.

Nisha laid on the bed in her room. She suddenly felt very lonely. She could hear the door open and close in the adjoining room. After that there were muted sounds. Did she hear a moan or was it a giggle. She felt tears running down her cheeks at the thought of Sunil fucking another woman. She sobbed in to the pillow and tried to sleep. There was a knock at the door. Nisha at first decided to ignore whoever it was. The knocking continued and she wiped her tears and went to the door.

It was Laila. She walked in to the room and looked at Nisha who tried to avert her eyes.

“So you are crying all alone in here.”

“No mother” Nisha said. “Its just a headache.”

“I have decided to sleep here with you tonight. Hope you don’t mind.”

She was telling not asking by the tone of her voice. Laila closed the door and said “Come dear, lets go to bed.”

Nisha felt very strange. Her mother in law had never been close to her and always maintained a distance and never had any personal discussions with her except the matter of Sunils second marriage. Then also she had told her not asked her opinion.

Laila was a tall well built woman of around 55 in robust health. Widowed at a young age she had single handedly taken care of her son and the house. She had a commanding nature because of that and never showed others her true feelings. She had liked Nisha the moment she set eyes on her and felt jealous when her son demanded Nisha’s undivided attention. She also wanted Nisha like a man and wanted to feel those huge boobs and kiss those plump lips. When she saw that Nisha was not having a child she decided to get Sunil married again so that she could have the girl for herself once Sunil is busy with his new wife.

Nisha laid down on her side and sobbed in to the pillow again. She had heard another moan from Sunil’s room. She could imagine what he was doing to Jeena now. She had moaned thus too-a thousand times. She felt Laila move closer to her. She could feel the other womans breath now. Laila touched her shoulder and made Nisha face her. In the dim bedlight she could see Nisha’s tears.

“Don’t feel sad my darling I am here for you.” Saying this she hugged Nisha tight and the huge boobs crushed against her. Nisha felt some strange stirrings inside.

She said “mother-what are you saying.” She realized she sounded different. She was feeling secure now xnxx in Laila’s embrace. She had never imagined herself finding comfort in a womans hugs and kisses. This was a side of herself that Nisha had never known existed. It was not just comfort she felt, it was a strange excitement that sent quivers through her whole body. She wanted Laila to hug her tighter.

Laila kissed her lips tight with her own. When she had finished kissing Nisha felt she will faint.

“I will be your man for tonight Nisha, you are mine tonight. Let me take care of you. I want to see you properly first. Get rid of your clothes.”

Nisha felt as if she was in a trance. She was wearing a thin nighty which was wrapped and tied around her waist. She fumbled with the knot. Laila mde her stand up near the bed and untied the knot on the side. Now the nighty was open and Laila pulled the fabric apart on both sides and she could see that Nisha was wearing white panties and a bra underneath. Laila slipped the nighty slowly away from Nishas shoulders. The room was silent except for the heavy breathing sounds from the two women.

Nisha’s huge breasts rose and fell when she breathed. Laila couldn’t wait anymore. She unclasped the bra and let it fall down. The two huge 38 d cantaloupes were staring at Laila in the face. The dark areolae were like small saucers and the nipples jutted out of them around an inch in length. What she had yearned for the last ten years was within arms length tonight and she wanted to savour everything slowly. The panties came off next and Nisha was standing like a naked Goddess in the dim light of the bedside lamp. Laila loosened the hair which was tied back in a long plait. Her dark skin glistened and her perfume mingled with her sweat gave out a musky odour.

Nisha felt she was dreaming. Here she was standing stark naked in front of her mother in law who was now fondling her huge boobs with both hands. She tweaked the nipples lightly and Nisha moaned. Lailas hands went down to the soft belly and the deep navel which was now decorated with a diamond, a gift from Sunil on their first wedding anniversary. Nisha felt the hands now moving down her buttocks and thighs. She was excited and waited for her mother in law to touch the core of her womanhood. Laila had other plans.

She got up from the bed and removed her pajama top and bottom in a businesslike manner. Off came the bra and panty. Nisha felt shy and lowered her eyes.

“Nisha look at me,” said Laila. Nisha looked at the sturdy legs hairy and strong like a man. The hard and muscular thighs ended up in a bush of dark curly hair. Her belly was hard flat and hairy. The only thing feminine about Laila were her boobs which were small and stood firm on her rib cage. Her upper lips were hairy and thin. Her heavy lidded eyes looked at Nisha with a hunger she had never seen even in her husbands eyes. It was hypnotic and Nisha could no longer hold out. Her legs felt weak.

Laila led Nisha to the bed and made her lie down on her back and then she spread her legs wide. In front of her was Nishas hot and wet cunt. Her clitoris was peeping out of its hood. Laila pushed the skin over it back and licked it with the tip of her tongue. Nisha shivered porno izle and moaned. She continued the torment on Nishas clit until she was moaning aloud in abandon and then she folded her large tongue like a penis and entered Nishas cunt. The push and pull motion of her tongue in the wet cunt made Nisha jump up with a cry. Laila silenced Nisha by pinning her down with her weight and kissing her on the mouth. She bit on Nishas lower lip and sucked on it.

Then she asked Nisha.”Do you want me to be your man tonight?”

“Yes please. Be my man mother.”

Laila was waiting to hear these words and then there was no stopping her. She took each one of the large boobs in her hands and squeezed them.

“You have lovely boobs,my darling.” Saying this she tweaked and bit on the nipples driving Nisha crazy and thrashing on the bed.

“Are you ready Nisha? I am going to enter you now.”

She held a phallus made of ivory around twelve inches long. It was beautifully carved and polished. Nisha looked at it in awe. She wondered where Laila had hidden it till the moment. Laila let the tip enter her cunt slowly at first. Then she withdrew and again pushed in fiercely. Nisha cried in pain because the girth was around six inches. Laila slid it in halfway and then withdrew only to push it in again till the hilt. Nisha was speechless. Though Sunil had a large dick it was nothing compared to this magic wand. Laila continued her assault on Nishas cunt and then there was no pain anymore. The pleasure was overwhelming. She cried aloud to Laila to kill her with it.

“So you like my tool Nisha?”

“Yes mother, I love it”

Laila worked the ivory phallus in Nishas cunt with one hand and squeezed her huge boobs with the other. She bit on the nipples lightly which made Nisha moan louder.

“Do you like my fucking Nisha? Do you want to cum now?

“Yes please make me cum now.”

Laila increased the speed and pressure on Nisha’s cunt. With her other hand she pulled and stroked on Nishas clit which was now erect and peeping out of its hood. She lowered her head and took the sensitive nub in to her mouth and sucked on it. Nisha came with a loud cry.

“Are you happy my darling?”

“Yess…I have never cummed like this before.”

Laila let the ivory phallus rest in Nisha’s cunt for sometime and then began another round of assault. Now the tool moved in and out of the slick wet pussy more easily because of the juicy cum. Once more Nisha came with an explosion. The women laid down besides each other for some time in silence. Nisha turned towards Laila and lifted herself on an elbow. Laila had her eyes closed and a small smile lingered on her lips.

“Mother no one has ever made me feel like this, not even my husband. What can I do to make you feel good too. I was going to sleep with a heavy heart today. You changed my world all of a sudden. Now I feel liberated. Now I know that my happiness lies within myself not with someone else. I can be happy anywhere with anyone. I want to make you feel happy.”

“You have already done that my dear. Remember I am your man. I felt fulfilled the moment you came in my arms. Thats what I always wanted. To possess you. To enter you. To make you come like never before. Thats all I need for tonight baby. Come sleep in my arms. I want to hold you close.”

The women slept in each others arms that night not knowing what tomorrow had in store for them. In the adjoining room two naked bodies slept entwined.

to be continued…

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