Hanson House Ch. 10

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Rose had summoned two of the second year students to her office. Sara and Kayla, both eager and promising. Their academic results were very strong and both of them had shown good form in their “special classes” at Hanson House.

There was just one issue that had come to Rose’s attention. Following the recent “titfuck” lessons for the whole of the second year class, Rose had received a detailed report from her staff. It had been noted that these two students, in particular, had appeared uncomfortable at receiving cock juice on their skin – especially their faces. Where most of the young women had smiled and laughed at their reward, these two had been quiet and reserved. There was even a thought they may have shown distaste for it.

It wasn’t a grave failing. There was plenty of time for Sara and Kayla to improve their attitude and learn to graciously accept semen from men superior to them. They still had several more semesters of training to undertake at Hanson House. In addition, it was likely they would have some months after graduation before being assigned to their future Doms.

On the other hand, Rose was not the sort of instructor, or the type of Domme, who would allow such poor discipline to pass without challenge. She didn’t intend today’s activity as a punishment. It was important, however, that both young women be reminded of what was expected of them as future submissives.

The two young women stood before her desk, looking sheepish and very nervous. That was good. They expected a punishment of some sorts and were ready to accept that – even without knowing what transgression they had committed. The main reason for their nerves, however, was the presence of ten male students – third year trainee Dominants. Their leader was Jack. Rose had chosen him carefully to conduct this session and had briefed him fully on what was required.

Jack was that rare thing, a ready-made Dominant male. Despite his youth, Jack had a pleasing combination of charisma and confidence that made him a “natural”. Most Dominants, especially the men, required more time and training to grow into their roles. Young Jack was well ahead of the standard curve. He was handsome and self-assured and it was very possible that he’d be assigned straight after graduation.

In his case, the most likely applicant was an older woman. She was successful in business, a leader in her industry, the kind of client Hanson House liked to attract. She’d been interviewed once already by Rose and had seen Jack’s file. The client was eager and they seemed like a good match. The final decision would be for the board of governors but Jack’s progress had marked him as a star performer.

Rose watched with keen interest as Jack responded to her signal and began the “remedial activity” for the two female students.

“Mistress Rose ordered you here because you need a little help. We final year boys have been chosen to give that help.” Jack paused a moment. The two young women looked even more nervous as Jack indicated his colleagues. Rose recalled that their files showed these two were less eager than some pupils for group activities. That could have explained their poor performance in the “titfuck” class. It hardly mattered – they would learn soon enough that a mass of cocks deserved just as much respect and devotion as a single man.

“By now”, continued Jack, “you know that there are men who are superior to you. Men compared to whom you will always be lower and subservient. That’s true isn’t it?” The two young women nodded in agreement, their eyes fixed on Rose as they wondered what fate awaited them.

“And their cocks,” he went on. “You are lower than their cocks. Those cocks are powerful and superior to dirty little women like you and you know that when such a man gives you his cock you are grateful and unworthy. You know that too.”

Again the young women nodded their assent. There could be no argument. Each of them had a deep desire to serve, to submit. They’d known it and Hanson House had helped them to acknowledge it. What was more, in their present situation neither pupil wanted to object. Jack had a way that they just could not resist. Besides, Mistress Rose was watching.

Rose was especially impressed by Jack’s performance. He’d shown himself a strong student. The opportunity to degrade and punish two of his fellow pupils was bringing out his very best. She would make a note to that effect in his file later.

“And his cum,” said Jack with a renewed firmness. “You are lower than a man, lower than his cock. His cum, his issue, is special stuff that you as a woman should treasure. Am I right?”

“Yes Sir,” murmured Kayla. It wasn’t normal for a student to address another student in that way. Something about Jack forced it out of her. Kayla was nervous. She could see where this was going and she wasn’t sure she was ready. Compliance was sure to be the best strategy for them both.

Jack was pressing on. “The staff had you sophomores titfucked recently. It was an important lesson.” He paused until Kayla and görükle escort Sara both nodded in agreement. “You enjoyed it didn’t you?”

Both young women nodded in agreement. “You liked having all those cocks, didn’t you?” continued Jack. “You felt in your rightful place, didn’t you? On your knees and ready to serve those powerful cocks and receive their cum?”

Sara mumbled something in reply. Kayla felt more confident and she answered more strongly. “Yes Sir, I did Sir.”

She knew it was true. In the “titfuck” class Kayla had felt intimidated by the presence of so many men. As usual, she’d felt herself less worthy than her peers to be chosen to serve. Kayla suffered from a lack of confidence and she wished somehow that Hanson House would have some magic way of building her up.

And yet, somehow those doubts about her worthiness had made the “titfuck” class easier. Her lack of confidence meant Kayla needed to be “forced” to serve. She was too timid to offer. When surrounded by so many horny young men, and their eager cocks, she’d felt strangely calm and ready to do whatever was required. Her greatest fear was that she’d not measure up to the demands of these men. It was that fear, and not any reluctance, that was undermining her performance as a submissive.

“But you didn’t really like it, did you? The cocks yes, perhaps. However, it was seen that possibly you were not as grateful as the other second years to receive cockjuice from the men that day.”

Sara blushed with shame. Kayla looked as if she were about to protest but thought better of it. She knew she needed to do better. Some of the other students had been heard to actually thank the instructors and the male pupils for giving them their semen. She had enjoyed the experience of having men shoot their cum onto her skin. Silently, she was kicking herself for her lack of confidence.

On the other hand, poor Sara really did have a problem with cum. She was sure her talents lay elsewhere. One of the female instructors had been talking to her about “service” and to Sara that seemed more her calling. Perhaps they’d find her a sugar daddy – an older man, time-poor, an important executive who would select someone to take care of his personal needs. She would be his secretary and his whore. Still, Sara had been warned that first she’d have to complete all her training as a submissive.

Jack was still talking. Sara had not been listening closely enough. She’d been more caught up in her shame and her concern about what was going to be done to her. There were ten student Dominants in the room and it seemed clear enough all ten would be involved in this activity.

“Take your clothes off, please,” Jack was saying. “Its best that you are totally naked while you receive this little bit of correction.”

Kayla and Sara both threw a look of fear towards Mistress Rose. Neither of them hesitated, however. Silently the female students slipped off their shirts and the skirts, standing there buck naked in front of ten horny males. Rose noted their blushes and smiled to herself. If these novices were a little embarrassed by public nudity that was a further good a reason to give them over to Jack and his final year pals.

She inspected them, as did all the young men. The regime of regular physical activity was working and they both looked fit and healthy. Naturally the young men were more interested in gawking. They all noted the round, high breasts of Kayla and compared them with the smaller, pointier pair sported by Sara with her leaner body.

Jack pointed to the desk. “Brace position please,” he said softly but firmly. There was no question Jack was enjoying himself. Sara and Kayla moved to Rose’s desk and assumed the position – legs straight, feet wide, bent at ninety degrees from their waists and hands gripping the edge of the wooden desk.

The two young female faces turned darker red. From this position they knew their holes were on display to the older males. They couldn’t see the faces of the third year boys but they knew, they just knew, that the boys would be enjoying the view.

Rose didn’t mind it either. She saw how their young tits hung down from their bodies. Kayla, with some extra meat, was especially pleasing. Her young tits still held their shape well. Rose also couldn’t help but notice how Kayla’s nipples had grown hard. She wasn’t the only woman in that room starting to feel excitement. Rose knew she’d need a solid masturbation session after she’d dismissed this class.

“Open,” ordered Jack, and both women adjusted their positions. They shuffled forward to place their torsos on the desk. Spreading their thighs further, they reached back with both hands and parted their arse cheeks. Rose could see the furious blushes on both young faces. Yet, she could see, too, that their cunt lips were starting to swell. That was only right and proper. As was required, both Sara and Kayla were readily aroused by being forced to submit to orders from a Dominant male.

At that point Jack took a liberty. Rose görükle escort bayan was giving him some latitude in dealing with the two younger pupils. He knew, also, that he wanted to do a good job of humiliating and “correcting” the novices. So he reached out with both hands, one for each naked woman, and ran his hands through those two exposed slits.

Sara and Kayla could do nothing but hold their position as the third year boy ran his hands through their cunts, from their clit through their bare lips and right up to their rear holes. It was a minor humiliation. Yet, for all that, the female students were grateful to be touched by Jack. Like their peers, the curriculum at Hanson House had left them permanently aroused. They could not reject a sexual touch, even from a third year student. Both Jack and Rose noted the soft moans emitted by the two sophomores as he ran his fingers softly through their folds.

The boys were aroused as well. The sight of the two young women, fully exposed, was guaranteed to have that effect. Besides, the boys all knew they were there for a reason.

Jack was enjoying himself, heady with the knowledge he could indulge himself and abuse the two young novices at the same time. They were helpless, after all, and Rose had granted him considerable freedom to act as he chose.

So he stroked his fingers once more through the two cunts as the two female novices moaned and moved slightly in response. Jack enjoyed the warm dampness of their slits. He was sure one of them was actually on the verge of leaking.

Jack let his fingers pause once more on the two anuses before him. It was little more than a touch. There was no time for any real stimulation. Yet one of the little bitches gave an ever so slight buck of her hips. It was Kayla – she enjoyed the touch and was willing for more. Rose noticed it too. Perhaps Kayla had some real promise after all.

Later, in another life, Jack hoped to find himself in this sort of situation again. He wasn’t really aware of the promise he held. He knew, however, that it came naturally to him to want to control and sexually dominate certain women. Hanson House had helped to train him. More than that, Mistress Rose had arranged for him to indulge his growing skills on real women. Hanson House embraced the double standard that permitted the dominant boys to have sex while the submissive women had to remain virgins. Twice Jack had spent a night in a plush hotel room with different women, older sluts who’d trembled as they’d obeyed his every command and debased themselves in any way he’d wanted. Jack had distinguished himself both in the harsh spankings he’d administered and his youthful sexual prowess.

What Jack hadn’t known was that Hanson House gave some students experience in this way in return for a sizeable financial “donation” from curious housewives. Rose collected the donations and also reports on her students’ performance. Jack had been scored highly, both for his convincing performances as a Dominant and his vigorous fucking of the two grateful “donors”.

Jack would have loved to fuck these two second-year women as well. That, however, was not the purpose Rose had briefed him for. And above all, Jack took pride in his self-discipline.

“Open those cunts,” was his next order. He said it with a grin. He really was enjoying his task. The two females were beyond embarrassment now. How quickly since joining Hanson House they’d move from juvenile giggling about their limited sexual experiences to full acceptance of their fate. Its what Hanson House did to all its students. Sara and Kayla both had the choice of leaving, of course, yet they stayed happily and with ambitions of their own for a life of sexual servitude.

The young women still had no idea what was to be done to them and yet they were excited by it all the same. They did not want to be punished, if that’s what it was. On the other hand, they knew that at Hanson House punishment often involved some kind of sexual interaction. Their aroused state only helped them to follow Jack’s orders.

Sara quickly responded, shifting her grip to reach closer to her cunt. She pulled harder and parted her arse cheeks as wide as she could. In this way she successfully exposed to full view her moistening slit and her tight little anus. Kayla, with her meatier butt, instead slid one hand between her legs. With her fingers she was able to prise apart her cunt lips, giving a perfect view of glistening pinkness and her little clit.

It wasn’t only humiliation for the young women. Jack was deliberately trying to stir and arouse his colleagues. He wanted them ready to perform. It worked, too, and if the boys had been similarly naked no doubt Rose could have seen several of their young cocks twitch noticeably as the females bared their treasures.

Finally Jack ordered them off the desk and to a position in the middle of the room. “Down” was the simple order he gave and both women obeyed without a word, sinking to their knees in front of ten horny men, only bursa escort barely older than themselves.

Jack nodded to his colleagues and the other nine started to undo their pants. Sara had to stifle a gasp. Ten third year boys were pulling out their cocks. She could see that already they were erect. Kayla was only slightly calmer but felt a surge of relief. She’d heard of the implements Mistress Rose kept in the cabinet in her office.

“You need more practice with cock juice,” Jack was saying. “Hanson House cannot afford to have females who have a problem with men’s cum.” He looked at them as sternly as he could manage. Jack knew what was coming and he was almost as excited as his companions.

Rose had to resist the temptation to lick her lips. Few women ever got to enjoy such a sight. Ten virile young men, loaded with hormones, their young cocks standing almost vertical and straining for release, to be pleasured and to unload the contents of their balls. The word was “magnificent”.

The Mistress looked on as the five young men took position around the two women. There was no need for guessing any longer. The purpose of the activity was clear enough. The males stood in two tight semi-circles, holding their cocks and pointing them straight at the novice submissives.

Jack checked with Rose, a quick look to confirm she was happy for the scene to continue. She was still the head of Hanson House after all. It was Rose who’d devised this little lesson and Jack aimed to please her.

“Do you want some cockjuice?” he said firmly to the sophomores. Kayla nodded but Sara seemed frozen.

“Do you? Tell me. Out loud.”

“Yes Sir,” was the reply from Kayla. Sara almost stammered her response.

“Tell me you want it,” demanded Jack. He’d warmed up to his task now.

“Please Sir,” said Kayla. “Can we have some cockjuice?” Suddenly she felt stronger. The prospect of watching ten young men wank their cocks had stirred her passion as well. Not to mention the fact that Mistress Rose was right there, no doubt weighing up what marks to give the female students.

Sara followed her. “Please Sir,” she managed. Poor Sara so wanted to perform well. As before, the pressure of the situation had gotten the better of her.

Jack hardly minded. With a hint of a sneer he ordered them both to “hold up your tits for us”.

They obeyed, still on their knees and cupping their young breasts. It wasn’t so easy for the thinner Sara but she did her best, pushing up her scant tit flesh as she tried to please Jack. The chests of the two young women rose and fell with their breathing, heavier as a result of the excitement and fear that was coursing through their young bodies.

Sara wanted to look at Mistress Rose. She felt a need for reassurance. At Hanson House the students knew they always were safe. But she was faced with a gaggle of cocks and now fear wasn’t so much the problem as intimidation. Ten young, virile cocks stood at attention within easy reach. Sara, along with her friend, had been ordered to kneel, naked before those wonderful, frightening specimens. There was no choice but to receive more cum than she’d seen in her young life.

“Lets start,” said Jack with a firmness that masked his own thoughts. He loved the power Hanson House had given him, taught him to develop and to wield. He was content to have his colleagues follow his lead and grab their cocks. But, most of all, it thrilled him more than he’d known to know that in a few minutes these two young female faces would be coated liberally with semen.

It was an amazing scene as the ten young men started to stroke their cocks. Even Rose found it hard to contain herself. The Principal would never tire of the sight of so much male sexual power. Oh yes, she had used this method on her students before and she hoped she would have the chance to do so for many semesters to come. Rose understood that some women didn’t need cocks and certainly would never want so many. The Mistress, however, even with her “dominant” side, knew what it was like to worship the male and his cock.

Suddenly the power of the cock was on full display as the young men unleashed their sexual desires. In unison the ten boys began to stroke their hard, swollen shafts. The room was filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing. As trainee Dominants so often they were expected to show restraint. This time, however, their object was to teach the two young women a lesson – the sexual demands of the male were not to be resisted. The only rule for the young men was that every drop landed on either Kayla or Sara.

Kayla felt relief mixed with excitement. It could have been much worse than this, she knew. Kayla loved cocks as much as any woman. She never wanted to refuse a demand to pleasure a cock or its Dominant owner. Now, her fears of inadequacy were swept aside by the realisation that there was nothing she could do about having five young men shoot their semen all over her.

Besides, it was a magnificent sight. Kayla loved the raw energy of the younger guys. Even with her inexperience she had learned to joy of watching their erections quiver in their desperation for sexual release. Five young men stood next to her, stroking themselves, and she could see at least two already had tiny drops of silvery fluid at their tips.

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