Halloween Party

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I am Daniel. I just turned 18. Last week. I made a discovery, I will not forget.

Ten years ago, my mom passed away. Dad and me, we were devastated. It took quite some time to accept it. But Dad was worse. Only after two years his life started again. It was the day, he met Stacy. Dad is a professor at university and Stacy used to work as an assistant for one of the faculties.

Stacy is only 11 years my senior, but she and dad fell in love.

Another two years later, they got married. The same year my young sister was born, Eleanor.

I was happy for them and Stacy was the perfect step-mom. She was nice and easy to go with. I like her style and manners.

Obviously, there is a slight disagreement between Dad and Stacy when it comes to going-out and attending parties. Stacy loves to dine out and to enjoy some quality time with their friends. Dad prefers to stay home and read a book or sit in front of the fireplace.

I was trying to help Stacy in getting the lazy lad off the couch, so I volunteered in baby-sitting Eleanor, so they could go out together.

Over the last years it became a tradition for them to celebrate Halloween. Dad was never a fan of it and you could see his enthusiasm in his outfits. Stacy on the other hand loved to doll up and celebrate Halloween.

For this year, they decided to have dinner with friends first and then continue on in one of the clubs downtown.

Dad wore his usual outfit – the nutty professor. An old tweet jacket, some old trousers, cut too short and not-scary-at-all scars on his cheek.

Stacy spent quite some time getting ready. She chose a witches-outfit for the party. Her make-up was done all black. Her fiery red hair was nicely coiffured. Her fingernails painted black. She was wearing a short skirt torn in shreds, a frilly blouse and spiked black boots. When she walked you could see her black thigh highs and the attached garter. The blouse was cut low and so tight, her black lacy bra showed as well. I had to swallow, ’cause I recognized what a fox she is.

It was around ten when Stacy called: “Daniel, your father is a little sick.”

I knew, she was telling me, he was too drunk to stay any longer at the party.

“Would you mind picking him up?” She continued.

“But, Eleanor.” I replied.

“You’re right. Listen, I will get a cap and bring him home.”

Half an hour later they arrived. I went out to help her get Daddy into the house.

“Please wait.” Stacy told the driver.

We brought dad to bed. Stacy explained to me that she did not want this to spoil her party night. So, she wanted to catch up with the rest downtown. She looked at me seeking my permission. How could I not agree? And off she went.

It was like three in the morning I thought I heard a sound. I feared Eleanor might have woken up, so I went looking like the good brother I was. But, I could not find anything. I fell asleep again and about two hours later I woke up to another sound. When I looked this time, I met Stacy halfway up the stairs. She was staggering a bit and looked quite exhausted from a night of partying. She saw me standing on the landing, smiled at me, briefly touched my cheek and continued on to the bathroom.

When Eleanor woke up, she came knocking at my door and I let her in my bed for another few minutes.

It was already mid-morning before my dad showed up. Stacy took even longer to get up.

About four weeks later, I was serving the web. Sometimes, I am browsing porn sites and that night, I stumbled upon a site advertising Halloween Porn Parties. It caught my interest and I spent quite some time to look at some of the teasers. But, after five free ones, they wanted me to register and pay a fee. So, I went on, searching the net for similar sites. I found an amateur site, advertising that all scenes were real.

I clicked the first video and the stream started. A group of three were running through the streets. One was holding a camera and filming the other two. Obviously, they were looking for girls to pick up. For the first fifteen minutes of the movie, they documented their approaches and some pickups. Most of the girls were picked up on the streets, some in bars and others in shops.

The last girl was a pickup in a bar. A Halloween party was going on and they were looking around for their prey. They picked a witch and approached her. The light was diffuse and the noise was too loud to understand exactly what they were talking. The witch was wearing a mask, but obviously in flirt mode. She was laughing along with them and it didn’t take long for them to convince her to follow them. When the witch went out, I thought I recognized her. I shook my head. The girl looked like Stacy, but that couldn’t be her.

The next sequence was filmed at their house. All rooms were decorated for a Halloween party. There were five guys, the one who shot the movie and five girls. They all were wearing masks to conceal their faces. There was a slutty nurse, a witch, Catwoman, kartal escort a school girl and a vamp.

The five guys were only wearing shorts. Music was playing and everyone was drinking. The camera filmed their conversations. When Catwoman came into view, she was already heavily making out with one of the guys. Another guy was attending to the vamp and kneading her tits.

The camera panned further and the school girl came into view. She was kneeling in front of one of the guys attending to his immense bulge. She was stroking and kissing the still wrapped up penis.

In the next room, the nurse and the witch were dancing with two guys. While the nurse was still quite modest, the witch was letting go. She was dancing very close and let her hands roam over her partner’s torso. He on the other hand had his fingers nestling on her behind. The camera zoomed in on his wandering fingers that were sneaking under the witch’s short skirt. Slowly, he was pulling the skirt up, exposing her stocking tops and her thong panties. The guy cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her against him. His cock was pressed between their bodies and I could imagine how arousing it must have felt for him.

The camera zoomed out and re-focused on the nurse. She was stealing glances at the other couple and back to the camera. Suddenly, the guy cupped her breast and caught her attention. She forced a smile but let him continue. He fondled her breast and slowly opened her uniform. The camera guy filmed her getting slowly undressed. She was totally hot. All dressed in white underwear, bra, thong and thigh highs. Only her shoes were fierce red. Once her uniform was removed, the guy got down in front of her and started caressing her legs and pubic area.

The camera moved back into the other room. There the action had not stopped. The school girl had her breast exposed and was slurping on a fully erect cock. Also the vamp’s dress had fallen and she was stark naked and attended by the guy. He had one finger buried deep in her pussy while the other hand was squeezing her breasts.

The camera moved on, looking for Catwoman. In the next room, she was just strapping into a sex swing that was mounted over the door. The young guy helped her getting her feet placed in the slings. The camera caught her first attempts to get acquainted with the swinging sex toy. Once she was comfortably seated, the guy placed his hands on her crotch and tore the clinging material apart. Next he ripped her thong apart and had an unobstructed access to her pussy. He got down in front of her and pushed her slowly back in order to start a swing. Once she came back he lined his mouth with her spread pussy and pushed his lips over hers. She screamed joyfully. He sucked her for a while and pushed her back again. This went on for quite some time until she was moving her arms rapidly and experiencing her first orgasm of the night.

So far so god, back to the other couples:

The action had heated up and the vamp and the school girl were now royally fucked by their lovers. The school girl lay spread eagled on the floor. The guy was lying on top of her and sawing his cock in and out of her. The girl was squirming and without any doubt enjoying every single moment.

In the corner of the room the vamp was positioned on all fours while her guy was pounding her from behind. The camera zoomed in on her face and she looked ecstatic. When she felt the camera guy approaching, a smile spread across her face.

“It’s so good.” She told the camera.

The camera moved over her body. Her tits were swinging in unison with the pounding. Now the spectators were rewarded with a close up of the glistening cock disappearing between her folds. She looked very wet. When the guy came into view, he held his thumb up. He was grinning from ear to ear.

The camera guy left the action and moved back into the other room.

The nurse had lost her underwear. She was only clad in her stockings and high-heels. She was lying on a sofa, the guy between her legs, licking her pussy. Once the camera focused on them, the camera guy shouted: “Go for it! Fuck her crazy!”

Both were looking into the lens a little indecisive. But then the guy rose and positioned his cock at the entrance of her vagina. He looked down at her and she nodded her approval. Slowly he pushed into her. Both were overwhelmed by the sensation. The nurse begged him to go slow, but he was so aroused, he could not control himself. He broke into her and sank in balls deep.

“Oh shit!” The young girl was screaming. “You’re ripping me apart!”

“Fuck, this is incredible.” The guy was commenting and slowly started to withdraw.

He looked straight into the camera and slowly sank back in. The recorder stayed with them for a while until they had found a steady rhythm.

A panning shot brought the witch and her toy boy in sight. They were standing face to face kissing deeply. The witch’s bra and blouse were gone and she had her hands buried deep in the man’s shorts.

“Come kartal otele gelen escort on, let’s get started.”

“Ok, but go slow.” The witch answered.

He maneuvered her over to the table. He pushed her forward and knelt down behind her. He beckoned the camera and started to slowly peel the skirt up over her thighs. The camera zoomed in on her thigh highs and her garter straps. The young man caressed her thighs and played with the garments. He peeled the skirt higher exposing her ass cheeks and the black thong. Once the skirt was pushed over her ass and hips, he grabbed the thong and slowly pulled it down. Readily the witch stepped out of her panties, bent over the table and stuck her ass out.

The camera guy moved directly behind her and directly focused on her glistening pussy lips. Her soon to be fucker moved to the side to allow an unobstructed view for the spectators. He grabbed her left leg and slowly put it up on the table opening up her folds.

The camera zoomed in on the glistening cock that was about to enter her. Carefully it was placed between her folds. The witch sighed. Slowly, the guy dragged the glans through her pussy lips. She shivered. She was trying to engulf him, but he withdrew so slightly in order to increase her wantonness.

“Oh. You bastard!” She shouted.

In this instant, he slammed into her and pulled out immediately.

She screamed.

Slowly he pushed again into her. I could see her folds engulfing the spear. The women purred like a cat. It looked so erotic. The penis thrusting into her. Her glistening pussy framed by her stocking tops and garter straps. The camera guy swung to her face. The mask covered half her face, cheekbones, eyes and the top of her nose. Through big holes, her eyes could be seen. She had her mouth half opened and grunted with every thrust. Her eyes blinked to the camera and I could see pure lust in them. Her look seemed a little bit blurred, whether due to alcohol or the pounding she was receiving, I could not tell.

The camera zoomed out and I could take in the whole picture. She took hold of the table. Her breast swayed to the thrusting. Her left leg placed on the table to grant her intruder better access. Her fringed skirt hiked up over her hips. The young man holding onto her hips and thrusting his juvenile and glistening penis into her. He looked into the camera and pointed with a nod of his head to the other couple.

The camera swung around and focused on the nurse getting the shit fucked out of her. She was screaming and squirming. Her stocking-clad legs were entangled behind her lovers back. He was grunting and according to his look right about to explode. From all the pounding, her face mask had slipped out of place and her face could be clearly seen. She did not seem to care. Instead, she was urging him to make her cum. And he complied. Her toes curled and her whole body started to shiver. She tossed her head from left to right. And before she came down from her high, the guy exploded deeply embedded in her pussy.

They were panting and collapsing onto each other. Slowly he rolled off her leaving a puddle of mixed juices behind. Her pussy was wide opened and his semen was leaking out.

The camera guy left the scene and went back into the other room. Both couples here were fucking, but the guy was drawn towards the action going on in the sex swing. Catwoman’s costume was almost shredded into pieces. She hang onto the slings and rows for dear life while the guy was pounding her like crazy. Both were panting, grunting and moaning in full ecstasy.

Catwoman was about to explode. And cumming she did. Her legs flexed and stressed the slings to their limits. Her hand held onto the strings. The whole swing was in motion. For the spectator, it was clear, he wouldn’t last much longer. Suddenly, he withdrew, took hold of his rod and spurted all over her catsuit.

The guy stepped back and let the camera film the mess he had left behind. Catwoman was struggling a bit to get out of the slings. Once done, she looked up and smiled into the camera. She scooped up a bit of semen and showed it to the camera.

“Come here!” someone shouted from behind and the camera guy whirled around and went straight into the second room he just had left. One of the guys from the other room who had just finished fucking the vamp was standing by the door and watching the scene. Both couples had changed positions. The nurse was now kneeling on the couch and getting fucked from behind, while the witch and her lover had also switched roles. He was now sitting on the couch and she was riding him reverse style. She had removed her boots and her sexy, stocking-clad feet propped up on his thighs. She was leaning back, her knees bent and opened wide. With ultimate passion, she was moving up and down his pole. The guy held onto her hips supporting her. His rod almost slipped out of her pussy. The bulbous head bulged her vulva and then slipped back kartal eve gelen escort into the depth of her pleasure hole. She presented a neatly trimmed landing strip right above her clit.

Her stomach was flat and her muscles flexed. Her skirt had ridden up and was bunched right under her breasts. Her breasts were a good c-cup and her nipples stood proud and erect. These boobs swayed to the rhythm of her movements. Up in her face, the mask had shifted slightly and I could see some freckles underneath. Another clue this girl might be my step-mom.

The action suddenly heated up and the guy underneath her was panting heavily. He grabbed her knee pits and pulled her legs up. All the motion stopped and the camera zoomed in on his rod buried deep in her pussy. There was no doubt he was cumming. The camera captured his pulsing dick.

Slowly, he let go of her legs and lowered them to the floor. Both were panting. The witch stood up leaving a trail of their juices behind. She turned around, bent forward and kissed the guy. The camera guy knelt down and filmed through her legs. Her pussy lips were moist and drops of semen leaked out. She stood up and went out of vision. The guy left behind smiled and gave a double thumbs up to the camera.

Someone was tapping the camera guy on the shoulder. He filmed the witch leaving the room. Someone was whispering to him. I could not understand what they were talking about. The guy who had fucked the vamp appeared and followed the witch. The camera trailed them. Both looked back into the lens and the witch nodded. The guy led her to the love swing.

The witch took off her skirt and with the help of the guy got strapped into the swing. The camera guy stepped between her outstretched legs and began caressing her thighs. He filmed how she got comfortably strapped in. All the time, the semi-hard cock of the guy was bouncing around in front of her face. She smiled and suddenly grabbed it and stroked it for a while.

One hand on the camera and with the other he opened his trousers and freed his cock. When he panned down, his cock was already hard. The witch looked at him while still stroking the other guy’s cock. He moved closer to her. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy glistening from all the juices. It was obvious that it was now the camera man’s turn.

The swing started to sway and each time it moved towards him her vulva collided with his prick. She let go off the cock in her hand and started to moan. She put her hand on her pussy and caressed herself. One guy got behind her and laid his hands on her tits. His semi-erect cock was dangling right above her face. He tried to give it back to her and let her continue her fellatio, but she refused.

Instead, she beckoned the camera man to mount her. He stepped between her outstretched legs and pulled her close. His dick was even fully erect not half the size of the other guy, but the witch didn’t seem to care. Hungrily, she grabbed the shaft and pulled it towards her open snatch.

She moaned the instant he entered her. I could see his prick did not fill her the way the other guy did. But, she did not seem to care. She wanted to get fucked and obviously, the guy was man enough to do so. He held onto her inner thighs and developed a steady rhythm. In and out he plowed.

The hot witch let her head roll back. With a free hand, she seized the other guy’s cock, pulled him tight and took him in her mouth. She moaned in ecstasy and was ready to experience the climax of her life.

Both guys must have sensed that because they shoved their cocks in deeper and deeper with each stroke. The witch was grunting with one boner buried deep in her coochie and the other fat schlong deep in her throat. Her stocking-clad legs extended fully and her feet strained the slings to its max.

Suddenly her grunting was replaced by gurgling sounds. The camera guy quickly swiveled the lens to her head and caught the moment the guy erupted deep in her throat. A mix of her saliva and his cum was dribbling out of her mouth. She tried to swallow every drop but failed. Before she released the dick from her lips she sucked hard and cleaned the shaft.

She came back for air with a broad smile on her face. This must have been too much for the camera guy as well. He focused back on his prick sawing in and out of her pussy. He stopped all movements and just bucked his hips against her vulva. He grunted and shot his load into her.

He zoomed out and the unbelieving look of the witch showed.

“Oh shit! How much is in there!” She sighed and put a wicked smile on.

She leaned back and the camera guy jerked another three or four times before he pulled out. A big glob of cum followed and fell down on the floor. He laid his hand on her snatch and rubbed all the cream around. He coated her stomach and thighs with his juices.

The two guys helped her to get out of the sex swing. She swayed a little when she stood back down on her own feet. Slowly, she walked out of the room, the camera trailing her behind and slowly fading out.

I watched the video more than once. I still have no proof the witch in the stream is Stacy, but all indicators point at her.

So far, I have pounded my weenie quite often to the fantasy of Stacy being that slutty witch in the video.

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